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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Dec. 5


Let locals pay for own infrastructure

I live in a village, and this year my village’s taxes paid for six village streets to be milled and paved.
My town roads are rebuilt or repaved with my town taxes. My county taxes pay for 20 miles of county roads that are rebuilt or repaved. My state tax, motor vehicle fees and state gas tax pay for repair/replacement of state roads and bridges.
Federal taxes, user fees and federal gas tax pay for construction/repair of interstate and federal roads/bridges.
Any authority like the Thruway is funded by the tolls you pay. The so-called bipartisan House infrastructure bill was passed by all the Democratic members (226) and 19 of 213 Republican members (9%). This was hardly bipartisan.
Here are some facts about two of the 19 house Republicans that voted in favor of the infrastructure bill and what they received for their districts.
All 19 representatives were basically bought off by the Democratic Party with large amounts of your money to fix problems that should be funded by their own local/state taxpayers.
The New York City members are receiving $27 billion for water/sewer line replacement, bridge, tunnels, subway and ferry lines.
Alaska members are receiving $3.5 billion to build new roads and highways where there were none, $250 billion to build new harbors and $ 73 billion to build new ferries.
These are just two of them. Trump was right; it is a swamp.
Jay Janczak
Ballston Spa

Democracy needs stronger protections

The Jan. 6 insurrection fomented by former President Trump almost ended America’s democracy.
In order to prevent such events and abuses of power from happening again, in September, the House of Representatives introduced the Protecting Our Democracy Act.
This legislation takes bold steps to stop future abuses of presidential power and restore balance across our government.
If approved, this is what it will do.
1. Ensure that no president is above the law and will be prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing by suspending the statute of limitations for any federal offense committed by a sitting president (before or during their term).
2. Prohibit self-pardons and prevent political interference at the Department of Justice by requiring transparency of communications between the department and the White House.
3. Strengthen other critical checks on the president, by expediting enforcement of congressional subpoenas and enhance protections for whistleblowers.
4. Crack down on blatant corruption and stop presidents from profiting from public office.
5. Enable Congress to enforce the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits a president from accepting bribes, or payment of any kind, from foreign and domestic governments. (Trump did it frequently.).
6. Protect our elections from foreign interference and interference by a sitting president.
7. Make it a crime to accept information from foreign actors for political advantage. (Trump did it many times.)
8. Stop interference after Election Day and depoliticize presidential transitions.
9. Require the General Service Administration to begin the transition process within five days of the presidential election.
Ottavio Lo Piccolo

Can’t blame Biden for price hikes, etc.

I wish people would stop blaming the president for prices. Prices have been going up and down for as long as there have been prices.
It’s supply and demand. It’s lots of things. One thing you can’t blame this president for is having a lack of character. Of being selfish. Of being indecent. Of being a liar. Of making fun of handicapped. Of delaying a reply to a deadly virus by calling it a hoax. Of causing an attack on our Capitol. Of creating a political party with a total lack of character. And the list goes on and on.
Sorry folks. Wake up and stop believing all the lies.
Francis Pugliese



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In other words what you’re saying is that a woman should able to do as she pleases with her body without government interference. Thank you!


I didn’t say that genius. What I am against is stupidity and ignorance when it comes to denying science. In other words I’m a apposed to your way of thinking.


Then a woman can do with her body according to state opposed restrictions. We are in agreement.

Because, you think your god said so, and we should call obey your god. Have i got that right? Because that’s the message you all are sending out.

William Marincic

Ottavio Lo Piccolo Stop presidents from profiting from public office, you mean like Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his brother James?


No mention of agent orange or his families’ profiting from public office. – You loose all credibility.

Only what you want to hear, only what you want to see, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

William Marincic

Trump lost close to a Billion dollars according to some reports. He never took a paycheck and he lost almost $1 billion if that’s profiting from being a president I’d hate to see what your idea of losing while being a president is.

You don’t want to mention that his resorts pulled in the big bucks for government purposes though, right? Maybe you should take a closer look at what happened in Scotland. If you dare.
Oh, right. That was the Trump organization and of course he didn’t benefit from that at all.
No matter, we’ll soon see how beneficent he really was.

Marincic: Last time I checked there has never been a President Hunter Biden or James Biden. So a huge fail on your weak “whataboutism”.


Let’s not forget the Trump clan profiteering off daddy, if he wants to play that stupid gain. Nail Trump and be done with it.


William, the reason I say this is your responses are wild, frenzied, desperate, disconnected from reality, irrelevant and seemingly from the thinking of a cornered man who simply cannot recognize his mistakes and is too proud to acknowledge them.


Anthony, the probable reason for what you just described:

“Dunning-Kruger Effect.” ~ A type of cognitive bias, where people with little expertise or ability assume they have superior expertise or ability. This over estimation occurs as a result of the fact they don’t have enough knowledge to know they don’t have enough knowledge.


For more evidence of what you have written, read William’s nonsensical responses to my questions which appear below. And thanks for introducing me to the “Dunning-Kruger Effect”.


Jay Janczak, my suggestion to you for your next road trip vacation would be to find a nice street with a cul-de-sac in Ballston Spa, then drive around in circles for a few days. Hopefully the town owns the island of land encircled by the road and would permit you to camp out.
Regarding “Trump was right ; it is a swamp.” What you don’t seem to realize is that Trump was the swamp warlock.


Re; Let locals pay for own infrastructure

Whay is going on is that the Feds are paying with printed money what the locals do not find important enough to spend their money on. This way of funding expenditure helps explain the general inflation.


Just reading yesterdays posts and can’t let this one from William pass as of the usuall posters attached to reality didn’t. Just the first line is all I will reprint as I’m sure you all read it a few times trying to understand it.
Per William”Let’s start with the first fact, China has videos of Hunter Biden with underage girls having sex and smoking cocaine or should I say crack cocaine”
William after much prodding we finally got you to posts links to some of your less that credible sources and to fair a few good ones to support some of your rebuttals. So having said that please provide us with your links to all these stories. I would love to read all the juicy details you only briefly outlined.
Finally in today’s world of twitter, fb, podcasts, cable news, print news who report literately everything including when President Biden might have passed gas when in Europe. Where is your CREDIBLE sources for all the things you reported as fact in your post. I’ll wait.

How liberating it must be to feel free to go out in public and just spew whatever crosses your mind, or seems to jibe with your perception of reality. And never have to prove it!
Normal mortals like us are chained to reality and must assume some responsibility for our words. But not William(s) or Fred(s)!

“We speak English too! And we’ll decide what the words mean!”
“We’re Americans too! And we’ll decide the best laws for all of us!”

Jan Janczak,
You need to provide evidence in support of this statement:

“All 19 representatives were basically bought off by the Democratic Party with large amounts of your money to fix problems that should be funded by their own local/state taxpayers.”

You and all the rest of the butt-hurt ReTrumplicans ought to stop your whining about the other party doing what politicians are elected to do, ensuring the well-being of their constituents. Even if it’s your own that you won’t.

William quoting Ronald Reagan while trying to make excuses for Trump is the acme of hypocrisy. Even I a lifelong democrat who voted for Reagan. I would have rather they dug up good old Ron and stand him up at a podium to say and do nothing like a corpse I would have voted for him over Trump ..Reagan would have told you he was a threat to all we know and love. By they way William Happy Holidays …May Jesus help you lose the “T”


Reagan was a racist since his days in California. Like Trump, denying Blacks and Latinos the right to fair housing, for example. Before Trump, Reagan was one of the biggest phonies ever to become, dare I say it, president.


Racism is socially acceptable as long as it is done in the name of diversity. It is not acceptable when the excluded complain

Do you understand that when you twist the meaning of words so blatantly, like “racism”, you lose credibility?
Do you care about your own credibility?
Do you not have any self-respect?


I think that policies based on parentage are racist. Why do you not share your view?


Thanks ChuckD for correcting Jan Janczak’s statement. The voters in the district of those 19 Republicans I’m pretty sure would disagree with that partisan view. Which included from NY. Goes to what’s wrong with our politics.
As Republican controlled as this state is, The State, Counties, and cities are all planning on how to spend the money to benefit everyone,


For you William A link to a factual story about Hunter and your number one source for “factual” information Tucker.

For General Consumption.

A sputtering Donald Trump, furious about what he baselessly claims was presidential election fraud, ended up including himself among the “very stupid” — or “very corrupt” — in the mangled syntax of a message he shared Saturday.

Trump used a double negative in a sentence posted by his paid aide Liz Harrington on her Twitter account, twisting the message into something likely the opposite of what he intended to say.

“Anybody that doesn’t think there wasn’t massive Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election is either very stupid, or very corrupt!” his message read.

I’d just like to point out how those two Retrumplican boogy-men, CNN and the Democratic Party, have effectively been cleaning the swamp by dropping the Cuomo boys. It does pain me a bit because I’ve defended Cuomo the Elder for his leadership during the initial stages of the pandemic, and I still do. Where there was 0 national leadership, and even chaos, he stepped up and daily provided comfort which I witnessed first hand. The younger, meh, sounded like a good lawyer, and a good little brother. And I never understood the hate for Mario.

Meanwhile, those cwazy Retwumplicans are working overtime to keep their swamp thriving by catering to the cwaziest of their base, pushing The Big Lie, condoning their members’ incitement of violence as a solution to …just about anything. Well done, Red Team! Tell us, what good things you’re planning for us. Tell us why we should give you our votes!
Oh right, bringing your god to everyone, like it or not!

William Marincic

Hunter Biden is like the third rail of the New York City subway system. He’s untouchable by the main stream media. Open your horizons I know you’re small minded individuals but open your horizons and read newspapers from England and Germany and other countries around Europe and see what they have to say about Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family. I won’t do your work for you find yourself which is the same thing you people tell me..


There isn’t anything much more small-minded and bigoted than trying to “corner” someone into (this is apparently your thinking) “admitting” they never dated people of color and inquiring repeatedly whether or not they have Black relatives. Also, I haven’t read an explanation as to why you cited an article that had nothing to do with the argument you claimed it supported. The article was about the dangers of gmo crops with particular emphasis on their negative impact on India and you cited it as support for a letter expressing concern about Chinese seeds sold in America. I await your explanation or “methinks thou hath not read it” as you would say.

William Marincic

I want to know about Lou and Chuck and I asked those questions because that’s all I hear out of their mouth is racism racism racism. So my question was a simple one have you dated or do you have close family members that are people of color. By knowing that then maybe there’s a reason that they’re screaming racism racism racism, otherwise they’re just screaming it because they hear that on CNN

And I asked you, how many do you have? You need to have a certain number of minorities around before you can be immune to racism.
I don’t think you have enough. I bet Lou and I have more than you!


William, I won’t ask again to spare you more embarrassment than I assume you have already suffered today, but please explain the discrepancy noted above. If you don’t, I will assume in this case, as in so many others, you make things up and don’t have a clue.

William Marincic

Anthony no it wasn’t, the main thrust of the article was genetically modified seeds. Responding to the letter written in today’s paper was about the Chinese buying up all the seed companies. China will genetically modify seeds with what we don’t know. What’s the long-term impact on genetically modified foods? We see today more autism, ADHD, And a host of other diseases in our children one and five children have something whether it’s autism and ADHD or a number of other diseases. Why did that happen, is it because of the foods we are eating, is it because of the plastics we are using, what is it from, we don’t know. I would rather not take my chances with genetically modified seeds that are growing our plants that we eat because as I said, the long term affects could be disastrous for our children and grandchildren. And not for nothing China could care less about their own people let alone anyone else. As we saw when they hid the Covid virus from the world causing millions of deaths.


You are so out of touch with reality that I won’t even expound on how absurd what you have written is. But I am going to continue critiquing whatever new nonsense you post in hopes of either enlightening you or, failing that, annoying you, because I actually believe you are intelligent enough to know how fatuous you seem to people better informed and more reasonable.

Can’t blame Biden for price hikes, etc.: Yay, right on Francis! Lot of people do not understand economy how to work, but not president fault and it is fault by COVID pandemic. Lot of people are so stupid who refused or delay their COVID vax and won’t wear Mask for indoor public events, therefore, they did not pay attention on the good sources of truth on COVID media, but not president fault either.


Re: Can’t blame Biden for price hikes

Perhaps paying people so they can afford noy work, and financing government with printed money has something to do with general inflation.


So your telling us William your beloved Fox,OAN, Newsmax, Bannon’s war room podcasts, Charlie Kirk, National Review and literately all RW screamers are ignoring all this Hunter and Biden family scandal?
And the European media is covering it and it doesn’t show up here? You do know the Murdoch’s own many outlets in Europe and the UK right? Quite a stretch they wouldn’t have there outlets here all over it.
And aren’t some of the media outlets they and someone like Salem Broadcasting (very Conservative RW) own, like WRGB considered mainstream? Lot’s of questions William. I’ll wait.

William Marincic

All of you lefties here on the Gazette forum have such a hatred for President Trump that it’s palpable. In the same breath you have such willful ignorance for the Biden crime family and the Absolute dumpster fire that he is that’s palpable as well. It looks like again his numbers went down even further, Kamala Harris her whole team is jumping ship faster than a bunch of rats. Here’s what I know, if President Trump decides to run in 2024 he will be number 45 and number 47. And that’ll be great for you all because you can continue your hatred for a man that has done nothing but work for America. I’ll take mean tweets and a strong America any day over what we have today.

It must really be frustrating “knowing” all those terrible things about those nefarious, evil, no good Bidens, but not being able to show a speck of evidence. But you’re so sure it has to be true!

Meanwhile the criminal investigations into Donald Trump and his family and …ahem…associates pile up, and there’s even court records to support it! It HAS to be fake! They’re all just jealous of Mr. Trump!

William Marincic

Santos I’ve had enough of your insults I’m done talking to you. I should’ve known better my grandson‘s father‘s last name is Santos. He’s a deadbeat dad that has never seen his child after he was one month old he owes my daughter about $100,,000 or more by now in back child support, I’m surprised he’s not in jail but then again it’s Washington state the liberal armpit of America.

Wait Bill. Is that the Black one? Gosh I hope not. Maybe they’re more Native American?
Whatever man, hope it works out.


I guess you could not make out my name. It is Santo with no ‘s’. And I am going to continue commenting on your posts whether you respond or not since we who see you as you are, are enjoying your angry responses. Thanks Bill; You just gave me more insight into your nature: Do you always judge people by their last names?

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