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Queensbury school community mourns COVID death of student, 18


QUEENSBURY — The daily pandemic update in Warren County was a particularly sad one Thursday, as school and health officials announced the COVID death of a student who had just turned 18.

“It is with deep sadness that we inform you about a recent loss to our school community,” the Queensbury Central School District said Thursday. 

The young man had no known comorbidities and had not been vaccinated, Warren County Public Health said.

Deaths of teenagers have been extremely rare throughout the pandemic: Of the 47,361 COVID deaths in New York for which an age was reported, only 36 have been younger than 20 years old.

Before this latest death Wednesday, the youngest Warren County resident known to die of COVID was 36 years old.

But infections in the young have been on the rise.

“We’re seeing people we haven’t seen before,” county spokesman Don Lehman said Thursday. “We had a 12-year-old in the hospital for a while.”

A 24-year-old county resident was hospitalized for three weeks, most of it in critical condition, before recently being able to move to a rehab facility, he added.

“We’re trying to impress (on) people that this isn’t a disease that just makes the elderly and infirm ill,” Lehman said. “Vaccination helps tremendously.”

As of Wednesday, 14 Warren County residents were hospitalized with COVID and 11 of them are unvaccinated.

Meanwhile, Warren County Public Health reported, 45,675 of the county’s 65,737 residents are fully vaccinated against COVID, 8,310 have tested positive for the virus and 105 have died from it.

Warren and neighboring Washington counties had a major surge in COVID activity two to three weeks ago, recording some of the highest per-capita rates of new infections of any county in the state.

That has subsided significantly.

But the two counties still have the highest infection rates and positive test rates in the Capital Region and remain among the highest in the state.

The Queensbury school district offered counseling to students and their families.

“We offer our deepest sympathy to the family,” the district said in its announcement.

“Adam truly was a student who was loved by all and will be greatly missed. Tomorrow [Friday, Dec. 17] as a school community, we are wearing blue and gold to honor and remember Adam and to show support for his family.”

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