Gloversville Christmas Parade canceled due to snow forecast

The 2018 Christmas Parade proceeds along North Main Street in Gloversville.

The 2018 Christmas Parade proceeds along North Main Street in Gloversville.

GLOVERSVILLE — For the second year in a row, there will be no Christmas parade in Gloversville.

The downtown event had been scheduled for late Saturday afternoon, but organizers canceled it Friday afternoon because of predicted snowfall.

The 2020 parade simply didn’t happen, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 parade originally was originally scheduled for last Saturday, but had been postponed to this weekend because of impending high winds.

“This was our last hope,” Jordan Twardy, a parade organizer, said Friday afternoon. “To see it go away is kind of disappointing, and it’s heartbreaking for a lot of organizations.”

Three to 7 inches of snow is expected to fall on Gloversville Saturday. But it’s not just the snow itself that prompted the parade’s cancellation.

City trucks and city personnel were going to barricade the side streets along the route to prevent other vehicles from entering — a precaution because of the danger, however remote, of a deliberate attack such as the one in Waukesha, Wis., in November that left six people dead and scores injured.


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But the same trucks and personnel are needed to clear the streets of snow — and they can’t be used for both.

“The city tried everything to make staffing work,” Twardy said.

In a statement Friday, Mayor Vincent DeSantis said: “I know how important the Christmas Parade is to all of us, and how important this parade and other community events like it are to the life of the community. I sincerely apologize to all who have worked so hard on this project and also to all of you who were looking forward to enjoying the event.”

Sixty-seven organizations were signed up for the original Dec. 11 parade, after spending time and money creating floats, costumes and decorations. Most were still set to line up Saturday.

“This time around, we were going in with about 53,” Twardy said.

“We’re thankful for everyone who stuck it out to make this happen,” he said. 

“Weather is just not on our side this year.”

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