Gloversville Common Council set to consider rezoning referral for former Pine Brook Golf course


The Common Council is set to vote Tuesday to refer to the City Planning Board a rezoning request for a 1.46-acre piece of the former Pine Brook Golf course parcel.

John Antonucci, the owner of Antonucci’s Wholesale Produce & Seafood, said he would like the city to rezone the 1.46 acres from being zoned only for residential use to being zoned for commercial use, so he can expand his warehouse and cooler space.

The 1.46 acres is part of a controversial subdivision of the former Pine Brook Golf Course. The formerly 155-acre golf course is owned by a group of partners in a business entity of which Antonucci owns a 20% stake.

The subdivision of the property created multiple parcels including one big 91-acre parcel running along the outside of the original piece of land, a 2-acre parcel where the golf clubhouse is located and the 1.46-acre parcel that Antonucci now wants to add to his existing business.

The purpose of the subdivision was to enable solar farm developer Eden Renewables and its local corporation — Pine Brook Solar LLC — to build a solar farm capable of supplying energy to an estimated 1,250 homes. The solar project has been stymied in a protracted regulatory process with the City Zoning Board of Appeals that has not been resolved.

Unlike the Eden project, Antonucci’s request seems to have the backing of some members of the Common Council. Sixth Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski has sponsored the resolution to support the rezoning referral for Antonucci and Second Ward Councilman Arthur Simonds has seconded the resolution.

If approved by the council Tuesday night, the rezoning referral will be placed on the agenda of the next City Planning Board meeting.

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