EDITORIAL: Thank you, readers, for sharing Your Voice


After the tumultuous presidential election year of 2020 and the outbreak of the first worldwide pandemic in 100 years, it might have been reasonable to assume that 2021 would represent a return to normalcy and that readers wouldn’t have much to write about.

That assumption — and that hope — was quickly proven to be wrong.

Not only has covid not faded into history, but it’s continued to cause sickness and death and it continues to overwhelm health care systems and threaten the economy.

The Trump administration didn’t end quietly after he lost the election, as many thought and hoped.

He pushed his “Big Lie” that he was robbed of victory, to the point where it led to an assault by his supporters on the U.S. Capitol just six days into the new year.

Oh, who on Earth could have predicted that in just a couple of short months, our powerful and popular governor, Andrew Cuomo — once America’s guiding light through the pandemic — would be brought down by a sexual harassment scandal compounded by his own errors and cover-up of his handling of the covid crisis?

As they say, that escalated quickly. Threats of impeachment led to his resignation in August and the elevation of his until-then largely unknown lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul.

Those were just the major news highlights of a year that once again prompted you to share your voice with fellow Gazette readers through our letters to the editor section.

While Trump and Biden and Cuomo and the coronavirus and the national economy made up a significant number of the letters we published in 2021, along the way you also wrote about issues very personal to you and your local communities.

You shared your thoughts on everything from local protests to police reform efforts to local elections to development issues.

You shared your voice about the columns and editorials we published.

You responded to your fellow letter writers, sometimes agreeing with them, sometimes not.

You offered information on cancer screening and public meetings on solar panel arrays and offered praise for helpful police officers, food drives and kind strangers.

Some of you criticized The Gazette. We welcome readers sharing your opinions about us, and we take those criticisms seriously.

And yes, we also continued to get a lot of letters about trucks hitting some railroad overpass in Glenville. What’s that all about?

In 2021, we published more than 1,700 letters from nearly 1,000 individual writers. That works out to be more than 140 opinions from our readers each month.

We’re grateful for every one of you for writing. We feel this forum is popular with our readers because it’s your forum. Your voice.

We encourage a vibrant, informative discussion. While we don’t hold readers to the same factual standards to which we hold our own journalists, we do step in when writers try to spread blatant misinformation and confirmed falsehoods.

Fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. Most letters are rejected because they exceed our 250-word limit for regular letters (200 words for election-related letters.)

We realize the limit doesn’t allow writers to say everything they want to say in one letter, but it’s enough space for most people to make their points.

Our goal is to publish as many letters as possible in a timely manner — we shoot for publishing your letter within a week to 10 days of being received, at the latest.

Given the sheer volume of letters we receive, if we didn’t have the word limit, we wouldn’t be able to get in as many letters as we do as quickly as we do.

We also limit writers to one letter every 30 days to ensure that every reader who wants to have a letter published has the opportunity, and that no writer dominates the conversation.

We never reject a letter because of a writer’s political point of view or the writer’s support for one political party or politician over another.

We feel it’s important that members of the community be exposed to alternative points of view and that they have the opportunity to demonstrate their support or criticism for those views by writing their own letters in response.

That’s what makes for a healthy forum.

Submitting letters is easy.

We prefer letters that are submitted via our website and email. That way, we don’t have to spend time retyping them, and it speeds up the verification process. But we still gladly accept letters sent by regular mail and even by fax.

Information on how to submit letters appears at the bottom of each day’s Opinion page.

The person you’ll likely encounter first when you submit a letter is Martha Melville. She does an incredible job coordinating and screening the letters, contacting the writers to verify their identities and making sure letters don’t get lost or delayed. When you speak or write to her, be nice. She’s just following the rules.

As we do each year, we use this space to thank each individual writer who contributed their voice to our letters section over the past year.

If you see your name below, we thank you and hope you’ll continue to write in the new year. If you don’t see your name, we hope you’ll submit a letter or two (or more) in 2022 so we can include you on next year’s list.

Thank you all again for sharing your views with your fellow Gazette readers.

We think it makes our paper better, and we’re grateful for your contributions.

— Mark Mahoney
Editorial Page Editor

If you have a question or concern about letters to the editor, feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]

Below is a list of all 997 individual writers to The Daily Gazette’s Your Voice section in 2021.

Vincent Aceto
Kay Ackerman
Jay Affinito
William Aiken
William Albers
Vince Alescio
Albert Alexander
Patricia Alexandre
Curt Alheim
Bridget Almas
Eric Almond
Janet Olin Altschuller
Jean Anderson
Scott Anderson
Stephen Anderson
Terry Anderson
Rich Angehr
John Angilletta
Mary Ann Arcesi
Thomas Armstrong
Lisa Aronson
Eleanor Aronstein
Philip Arony
Therese Assalian
Bruce Atkins
Bob Atkinson
Nicholas August, Jr.
Tina Bacon
Fred Bahr
Sheelagh Baily
Mary Baker
Brian Baldwin
Mickie Baldwin
Tim Ball
Bruce Ballan
Abbey Ballard
Winnie Balz
Renee Barchitta
Jason Bare
Tom Barkley
Dave Barnes
Diane Barney
Fred Barney
Alicia Barraza
Bruce Barringer, Sr.
Angie Bassi
Peter Bastien
Nancyjane Batten
Robin Battista
William Bechtel
Stephen Bedzis
Andy Beiniks
Vincent Belardo
Bob Belive
Dominick Belli
Thomas Bellick
Deborah Bender
Douglas Bennett
Susan Benoit
Kenneth Benson
Thomas Benson
Stephen Benton
John Beranek
Joseph Bezak
Judith Bianchine
Susan Biggs
Meghan Bigos
Michael Bishop
Rosemary Bishop
Don Blaha
Alvin Blake
Shannon Blanchard
Bobbi Blood
Raymond Bodensieck
Jerry Boehm
Michael Boehm
Mark Bohne
Sander Bonvell
Beverly Borgeest
Gus Boucher
David Bouck
Dorothy Bourbeau
Lyn Bouton
Mark Bowers
Gordon Boyd
Sharon Boyd
R. Michael Boyer
Amber Bradbury
Michael Brandi
Walter “Neal” Brazell
Denis Brennan
Jessica Brennan
Margaret Brennan
Cameron Breslin
Eloise Brière
Ron Briggs
Maxine Brisport
Kim Britton
Mark Brockbank
Jim Brodie
Bill Brooks
Caroline Brooks
Suzanne Brooksby
Despina Nicholas Brosnihan
George Brougham
Warella Browall
Dr. Dale Brown
Mary Ann Brown
Charles C. Browne
Lynne Bruning
Mary Ann Bruno
Eddie Brush
Cathy Bryson
Jerry Bubniak
Laura Buchanan
David Buchyn
Nicholas Buonanno
Bob Burgess
Bernard Burns
Donna Burton
Dr. Nellie Bush
Sandra Busino
Ryan Bussing
Helen Caldaro
James Calkins
Helena Calvano
Concetta Cannizzaro
Jane Capello
Angela Capullo
Ron Capullo
Francis Caraco
Edward Carangelo
James Carangelo
Vincent Carelli
Corinne Carey
Marcia Carlson
Ed Carmody
Florence Carnahan
Anthony Carota
Kelsey Carpe
Clay Carpenter
Ellen Carpenter
Livia Carroll
Ninki Carroll
Mike Caruso
Ray Catchen
James Catuccio
Jeff Caulfield
Rima Cerrone
Katie Chao
Jim Chatfield
Andrew Chestnut
Dave Chicoine
David Childs
Douglas Chilton
Nia Cholakis
Christina Cicardi
Frank Ciervo
James Cimino
Kelsi Clark
Art Clayman
Joyce M. Cockerham
John Coffenberg
Peter V. Coffey
Gayle Cole
Ellen Collins
Michael Colvin
Richard Colyer
Richard Colyer
Wanda Colyer
Wanda Colyer
Eileen Comley
Fred Como
Lora Como
Robert Connors
Ava Coogan
Timothy Coombs
Don Cooper
Christopher Corbett
Robert Corliss
Linda Cortese
Helen Costanzo
Sally Cote
Nick Coupas
John Courter
Bonnie Couture
Kevin Crampton
Sue Cridland
Denise Crisci
Michael Croce, Sr.
William Crowe
Michael Crowley
Ed Culhane, Jr.
Dick Curtis
Rob Curtiss
Rabbi Matthew Cutler
Vince Dacquisto
Peggy Dagostino
Zach Daniels
Dave Dankanich
Stephen Dansereau
Harry Darling
Gary Dashnaw
Michael Davi
Ellen Daviero
Josephine Davis
Scott Davis
Edmond Day
Bonnie Decker
Kevin Decker
Phyllis Decker
Don DeFilippo
Lynn deForest
Lisa DeGroff
Anne Deiber
Paul Deierlein
Arsyl DeJesus, MD
Virginia DelGallo
John Della Ratta
Robert DeLuke DDS,
David G. DeMarco
Christine DeMaria
Peter DeMasi, Sr.
Raymond DeMatteo
Esther Denham
Bill Denison
Chris DePoalo
Dave DeRosa
Bob DeSantis
Frank DeSantis
Joanna DeSilva
Lucille DeSimone
Domenico DiCaprio
Michela DiCaprio
Arthur DiCerbo
Gloria Dickinson
Rob Dickson
Richard DiCristofaro
Jennifer Dikeman
William Diman
Jacob Dobbs
Ken Dodd
Lois Dodge
Paul Dolhy
Michele Dollar
Carole Donahue
Paul Donahue
Frank Donegan
Christine Dooley
Jeremy Douglas
Ellen Downing
Jeff Downing
Darren Drabek
Karlyne Drimalas
Joe Druzba
Bill Duffy
Kevin Duffy
Robert Dufresne
Steve Dunham
Mark Dunlea
Marc Duquette
Eileen Durrer
Barbara Dworkin
Paul Dworkin
Myron Dytiuk
Mark Eamer
Mary J. Earley
Linda Eckstein
Dave Edwards
Mike Eisenberg
Rev. John A. Ekman
John Eldridge
Lewis Elia
Jack Ellis
Tom Ellis
Linda Elmer
George Elston
Lynell Engelmyer
Charles Errig
Jessica Hornik Evans
Maggie Evans
Richard Evans
Dominic Famularo
Laura Fantauzzi
Manuel Farfan
Palmer Fargnoli
Joseph Farina
Thomas Farnan
Louise Farnum
Darcey Anne Farrow
William Faubion
Nancy Faucher
Ray Faught
David Faulkner
Michael Fealey
Richard Felak
Frank Felts
Richard Ferro
Roger Feuerstein
Patricia Fialkowski
Monica Finch
Beth Finkel
Katie Finnegan
Paul Finnegan
Jerry Fiore
Blanche Fischer
Wanda Fischer
John Fisher
Claudia Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzpatrick
Richard Flanders
Sandra Flint
Ed Flouton
James Fogarty
Tim Fonda
William Stephen Foos
Andy Foster
Gary Fox
Michelle France
Carole Anne Frank
Joel Fuoco
David Furman, Jr.
Michael Fusco
Linda Gadus
John Gaetani
Brian Gain
Katelyn Galbraith
Tony Galea
David Gallup
Charles Gallvin
Cleta Galvez
Jeannine Garab
Jennifer Gardella
Laura Gardinier
Felice Gelman
John Gentile
James Geoghegan
David Gerhan
Laura Gerhard
William Gettman
David Giacalone
Althea Giaquinto
David Gibson
Joseph Gibson
Andrew Gill
William Gilmour
Kathleen Giminiani
Donna Gizzi
Meghan Glass
Robert Godlewski
Bill Goergen
Suzanne Gold
Shanna Goldman
Neil Golub
James Gonda
Lawrence Goodwin
Sid Gordon
Alessandra Grammatica
Virginia Graney
K. Natalia Granger
Roger Grasier
Alan Grattidge
Glenn Gray
Bishop Anthony Green
Richard Green
Alice Green, Ph.D.
Gary Greenberg
Martin Greenberg
Jann Gregg
Noney Grier
Norm Griffin
Debbie Griffith
Robert Grimm
Peter J. Grippo
Jerry Groom
Michael Gruner
Joseph Guidarelli
Marilyn B. Guidarelli
Shirley Guidarelli
William Haas
Suzanne Hagadorn
Alex Hallenstein
Aviva Hallenstein
Jack Ham
Douglas Hampton
Elizabeth Hanna
Pam Hansen
John Harper
Patricia Harrington
Doreen Harris
Raymond Harris
Stephanie Harris
Alan Hart
Donna Hart
Mary Hartshorne
Paul Hasbrouck
Ann Hatke
Gerard F. Havasy
George Hebert
Edward Hedlund
Galen Heins
Ted Helveston
Art Henningson
Carol Henry
Thomas Herrmann
John Hershey
Anne Heupel
Tracey Hildebrandt
Guy Hildreth
Karl Hillig
State Sen. Michelle Hinchey
Crystal Hoey
Margaret Hohenstein
Joanne Holland
Laurel Holland
Tom Holland
David Holodak
Diane Sanders Hombach
Marcia Hopple
Hayward Horton
Carol Pingelski Hotaling
Sarah Howes
Claire Hughes
Aaron Hull
Jack Hunter
Shelly Hutchison
Joanne Hwaszcz
Carol Hyde
Thomas Hyland
Martha Iacolucci
David Iovinella
Carlene Ireland
Marva Isaacs
Robert Iwan
Lance Jackson
Beth Jacobs
Peter Jacobs
Jay Janczak
Walter Janczak
Jerry Jasinski
Donald Jenner
Peter Johnson
Richard Johnson
Don Johnston
Larry Jordan
Joseph Kaczynski
Nikolas Kaiser
Gerard Kalemba
Robert Karandy
Farah Katadeen
Mimi Katz
Paul Kazee
David Keenan
Brendan Keller
Kay Keller
Joseph Kelly
Judy Kelly
Debra Kenfield
Bob Kennedy
Brendan Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy
Bahram Keramati
Jeremy Kergel
Kenneth Kimball
Frank King
James P. Kirby
Bruce Klion
Karen Klotz
Ray Knapik
Thomas Koch
Robin Vaughan Kolderie
John Kolwaite
Elizabeth Kormos
Terry Koskowski
Jay Kravitz
Geraldine Krawitz
Brian Kreis
Christine Krempa
Edward Kremzier
Tracy Krosky-Sangare
John Kucji
Diane Kutnicki
Mary Kuykendall
Paul Kuzia
Pamela Leffingwell LaBrake
Jennifer Laird-White
Mark LaJuene
Kim Lake
Carl LaMalfa
Paul Lamar
Dave Lambert
Annmarie Lanesey
Helene Langan
Peg Lapo
Peg Lapo
Ken Larsen
Joanna Lasher
Andy Lavigne
Gina LaViolette
Ryan Law
Daniel Lawry
Frances Lawyer
Erin Leary
James Lechowicz
Mieka LeClair
Sunny Lee
Nancy Leffingwell
Jon Lemelin
John Lennon
Jeanine Leo
Mabel Leon
Linda LeTendre
Dr. Bill Levering
Ruth Levinton
Keith Lewis
Larry Lewis
Linda Lewis
Ricki Lewis
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.
Daniel Lindsay
David Lindsay
Margie Litwin
Renee Litz-Taylor
Matthew Lofchie
Carmel Marie Loffredo
Christopher Longo
Peter Looker
Ottavio LoPiccolo
Nina Lowry
Wendy Lucas
Sheelah Lucier
Michele Lupe
Carol Lupo
Mary Lyford
Mary Lynch
Patsy Lynch
S. John Lynch
Brandon Lyon
Evan Mack
Nicole Mack
Cheryl MacNeil
Bill MacTiernan
Leo Madigan
Alvin Magid
Sally Magid
Debra Male
William Malec
Barbara Mancuso
Robert Mangino
Joanne Mann
Angela Marczewski
Joanne Marhafer
William Marincic
Allison Marinucci
Mark Markovitz
Gerald V. Marmuscak
Helen Martin
James Martin
Marcia Martin
Bruce Martindale
Albert Marvell
Theresa Mason
Phoenix Masters
John Mastriani
Joseph Mastroianni
John Matarazzo
Clyde Maughan
James Maxfield
Dakota Torales Maxwell
Thomas Mayer
Maria Mazzone
Dorie McArthur
Barbara McBride
Anne McCabe
Mary McClaine
William McColl
Tom McCrossan
Greg McDermott
Douglas McFadden
Angela McFarland
Thomas McGarry
Fred McGillicuddy
Michael McGlynn
Gale McGowan
Denise Murphy McGraw
Susan McGraw
Maureen McGuinness
Ellen McHale
Peggy McHale
Cathy McKeighan
Jenny McMillen
Robert McMorris
Michael McNally
Robert Means
John M. Medeiros
Virginia Mee
Pamela Menton
Kevin Mercoglan
Embarek Mesbahi
Ed Meskutovecz
Martha Meskutovecz
Meg Messitt
Dr. John Metallo
Robert Michaels
Nancy Michela
Vicki Michela
Angela Midgley
Jill Miglin
Robert Miglin
Corky Miller
Dan Miller
David Miller
Kurtis Miller
Norm Miller
Lois Mills
George Milner
Tom Minnick
John Mishanec
Alanna Mitchell
Andrea Mitola
Stacy Monforte
Andrew Montenaro
Lesley Montenaro
Richard Moody
Calvin Moore
Christine Moore
Kenneth Moore
Michael Moore
Nina Gasparello Moore
Jim Moorhead
Richard Moran
Wes More
John Morhous
Andrew Morris
Cynthia Morrison
Jason Moskowitz
Lewis Moskowitz
Frank Mueller
Shamus Mulderry
Jonathan Mullen
Bill Mullins
Victor Murdock
Jim Murphy
John Murphy
Jeffrey Murtagh
Brandon Myers
Frank Myers
James Myers
John Myers
William Myers
Jill Nadolski
Michael Nardacci
Sandra Natale
Rebecca Naylor-Tuckey
Janet Neary
Cheryl Nechamen
William Nechamen
Joel Nelson
Vaughn Nevin
John Newell, Jr.
Karol Newton
Virginia Newton
Siu Ng
Kathy Nichols
Ray Nichols
Robert Nicolella
Edward Nieters
George Nigriny
Jonathan North
David Nosek
Jim Novotny
Theresa Nowicki
Neil Nusbaum
Rudy Nydegger
Kristen O’Brien
Cynthia O’Bryan
David Ochse
Christopher Ognibene
Christopher O’Hara
Matt Oill
Bernard O’Neil
Timothy O’Neill
John Opar
Jeanie Orr
Nancy Ostapow
Jack Osterlitz
Adam Ostrander
Zoe Oxley
Art Pagano
John Pagoda
Patricia Palkovic
Andy Pallotta
Frank Palmeri
Dr. Michele Paludi, PhD
Wallace Paprocki
Moira Park
Dwayne Parsons
Vivian Parsons
Anita Paul
John Pautler
James Pavoldi
Jeffrey Pelky
Claire Pelletier-Hoblock
Vincent Pelliccia
Larry Penner
Sue Penny
Leesa Perazzo
Norman Perazzo
Melinda Perrin
Kathleen Petersen
Linda Peterson
Theresa Pettograsso
Forman Phillips
Forman & Zlata Phillips
Sandi Picciocca
Barbara Pidgeon
Pete Pidgeon
Chester Piecuch
Betty Pieper
Rachael Pietrocola
Chuck Piotrowski
Al Pirigyi
Gray Pitkin
Mary Pitt
Gerald Plante
Angela Plodoh
Susan Polsinelli
Bruce Pomeroy
Don Porter
Lois Porter
M. Thomas Porter
James Powell
Sara Mae Pratt
Mercy Premsagar
Kelly Prins
Kyle Pritz
Maureen Provost
Francis Pugliese
Chad Putman
Patricia Pytlovany
Dennis Quinn
John Quinn
John & Patricia Quinn
Lois Quinn-Ortiz
Barbara Raffan
Mark Rahn
James Ralston
Flora Ramonowski
Christopher Randolph
Arden Rauch
Bruce Raymer
Eva Raymer
Gabriel Recchio
Roseanne Rector
Jacob Reed
Renate Reeves-Ellington
Dina Refki
Kaleigh Reid
Michael Reilly
Jane Reisenger
Bruce Reisner
Linda Relyea
Allen R. Remaley
Tom Remington
James Renner
Louis Restifo, Sr.
Eric Retzlaff
Heather Reynolds
Brandy Richards
Dorothy Richards
Jennifer Richards
James Richmond
Steven Rider
Charles Rielly
Howard Riggert
Vince Riggi
Catherine Ritchey
Claude Rizzicone, Jr.
Linda Rizzo
Terri Roben
Wayne Roberge
Kathleen Roberts
Stephanie Roberts
Victor Roberts
Ethel Robinson
John Robitzek
Patricia Roeser
Sandy “Rogo” Roginski
Elizabeth Rose
Samuel Rose
Jonathan Rosen
Samuel Rosenberg
James Rossi
Joseph Rowny
Michael Rozdolski
Patricia Rush
Ellen Russo
Holly Russo
Mary Lou Russo
Carole Ryan
Colleen Ryan
Karen Sacchetti
Gus Sacerio
Aliya Saeed
Audrey Saltsman
Dr. Arthur Salvatore
Robert Sanders
Sandra Sankowski
Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara
Anthony J. Santo
Paul Santo
Paul Sator
Gina Sauter
Brendan Savage
Rick Savage
Molly Schaefer
Richard Schaeffer
Gordon Schaufelberg
Lynn Schnell
Becky Schroeder
Cynde Schwartz
Gillian Scott
Jeffrey Seeley
James Sefcik
Bonnie Sellers
Susan Senecal
Cathy Severino
Jim Severino
Marty Shanty
Bill Shaw
Jim Shear
Michael Sheedy
John Sheehan
Phil Sheehan
William Sheehan
Roger Sheffer
Kevin Sherry
Gail Shufelt
Kurt Siegel
Mary Siegel
JoAnn Sifo
Michael Silvestri
Jonathan Simms
Al Singer
Daniel Singer
John Sirtoli
Joseph Skumurski
Dr. Jane Slezak
Alex Smalto
Eric Smassanow
Maria Smirensky
Alice Smith
Bruce Smith
David Smith
Edward Smith
Rita Smith
Robert Smith
Sherrill Smith
Carl Snyder
Inga Solomos
Wayne Somers
Linda Spaulding
Earl Spencer
Nancy Spencer
Rick Splawnik
Robert Sponable
Matt Spring
Paul St. Onge
Doug Stahura
Judd Staley
Ray Stanton
Michele Stater
Joe Statile
Frances Staunton
Assemblymember Phil Steck
Don Steiner
Michael Stella
Sandy Steubing
Herb Stickney
Lynn St-Laurent
Deb Story
Stan Strauss
Frank B. Strauss, DMD
Carl Strock
Peter Struzzi
Robyn Stultz
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson
Cynthia Swanson
Rit Szczepanski
Helen Tatarek
Jean Taylor
TeAna Taylor
Kevin Teaney
Senator Jim Tedisco
Terry Tetlak
Barbara Thomas
Cynthia Thomas
Karen Thomas
Janice Evans Thompson
Norrine Thompson
Ted Thompson
Ted & Norrine Thompson
Glenn Thompson, MD
Michael Tibbetts
Sarah Tishler
Dominic Tom
Frank Toma
Gary Torrisi
Florence Townsend
Nina Trabona
Bruce Trachtenberg
Ken Truman
Sharon Trumpler
Bruce Tryon
Barbara Trypaluk
Kara Tubbs
Susan Tucci
Carl Tucker
Kimberly Tully
Patricia Tuz
Merlin Udho
Dennis Ulery
Frances Underhill
Jack Underwood, MD
Suzanne Unger
Edward Vacca
William Vacca
Leonard Van Buren
John Van Patten
Francis Van Staveren
Lorraine VanDerWerken
Sandra VanEtten
Mary Jo Venditti
Edward Vining
Terence Virga
Wayne Virkler
Joseph Viva
Joan Wagner
Linda Walczak-Ford
Kimberly Waldin
Ernest Walton
Janice Walz
Hsin-pang Wang
Lawrence Wareing
Jeffrey Warrick
Anthony Wassil
Louise Wasson
Peter Watrous
Gregory Way
Caryn Weaver
Konrad Weeber
Russ Wege
Ray Weidman
Jane Weihe
Matthew Weise
Roslyn Weiss
Jacqueline Wekszner
Dennis Wentraub
Rose Wertman
Vernon Wetmore
Donald Wharton
John White
Mike White
Michael Whitehouse
Frank Wicks
Don Wilcock
Justin Wilcox
Rod Wilday
William Wilday
Tom Williams
Ray Williamson
William Wills
Joan Wilmarth
James Wilson
Bob Winchester
Polly Windels
Catherine Winter
Mary Winters
Bernard Witkowski
Christine Witkowski
Lawrence Wittner
Donna Wojcik
Christine Wolfe
Katherine Wolfram
John D. Wood
Lester Wormuth
Walter Wouk
Connie Woytowich
Ann Wyles
Rachel Yattaw
Neil Yetwin
Kathleen Young
Colin Yunick
Matt Yunick
Steve Zahurak
Al Zanger
Mary Zawacki
Paul Zawistowski
Carl Zeilman

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ChuckD January 1, 2022
| |

Big thanks to you Mark, and the rest of the crew. It’s a noble and worthy profession that I know doesn’t usually bring the material rewards it deserves, and has earned, and the Daily Gazette has done it well. It is a labor of love first, and I and my family have enjoyed subscriptions for decades.

From the cheap seats, thanks for what you folks do and a happy and prosperous new year.