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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Jan. 4


No justification to isolate unvaxxed

In reply to Barbara Raffan’s letter in the Dec. 27 Gazette (“Separate out all of the unvaccinated”) who suggests that the unvaccinated should be ‘confined’:
When any of us are sick with covid, we are already supposed to quarantine or confine ourselves, and that includes the vaccinated with covid.
Just because a person hasn’t been vaccinated doesn’t mean they have the covid virus. Is she suggesting that healthy individuals should be confined?
Is she suggesting barracks like for the Japanese citizens during Word War II or like rows of cabins behind our ‘betters’ houses?
Her suggestion comes off as un-American.
We already know from what happened recently on the cruise ships that just because everyone is vaccinated, it doesn’t stop the spread of this virus.
The vaccinated can carry about the same viral load of the virus as the unvaccinated. And because they don’t feel as symptomatic, they may still go in public and spread it.
We all should look to wash our hands, stay home when we are sick and build our immunity through good nutrition and already proven vitamins and supplements.
Deborah Kozlowski
Porter Corners

We must use our resources wisely

Professors, preachers and even priests can lead us down a wrong path with well-intentioned simplistic logic.
With critical thinking, we can better recognize political bias, brainwashing and propaganda.
Dr. Slezak wrote in a recentl letter, “after the end of the carbon footprint, then what?”
As a doctor, you know that green plants produce oxygen during one part of the day and carbon dioxide (CO2) in another.  That process will continue long after the human race has been roasted off our Earth’s surface.
Our challenge for all of us, rich and poor alike, is to use the millions of years of stored carbon as coal, oil and gas in a wiser, more balanced sustainable way.
We will always leave our carbon footprint. If we are to survive the next seven generations, we all will need to share with humor and compassion how we have tried, failed and learned how to care for our Mother Earth and her protective atmosphere, which is thinner than an apple’s skin compared to the diameter across.
My hope is that we will continue to listen with respect to each other’s best efforts as we cope with the changes in viruses in the air we breathe and the heat we dump into our atmosphere.
Andrew McPherson


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William Marincic

It’s 17° in Virginia and the traffic is backed up for dozens of miles due to the weather, officials don’t know when they will be able to unblock the road. I wonder how those drivers and electric vehicles are feeling right now? I am all for hybrid technology, my daughter drives a hybrid and gets between 40 and 60 miles per gallon. What I’m against is all electric vehicles, for one reason children are the ones mining the cobalt.

I guess it’s good you’ll be retired by 2035 when your company plans on only producing EV’s. Wouldn’t want the finance guy spouting off about how terrible EV’s are in front of customers.

Guy Varoma


I’m taking this loop off today …It’s just a broken needle skipping on the record. I truly believe they just want to show their willful ignorance just to be noticed.

William Marincic

So Guy, tell me what you will do if you were in an electric vehicle stuck on the highway for more than 24 hours in 17-degree weather. I’m sure you have an answer.


So William, Tell me what you would do if it were the early 1900s and you were driving a Model T that ran out of gas during a snowstorm and a man with a nice warm horse pulling a buggy went by?

Why don’t we see horses and buggies on the Northway these days?
I’ll tell you why it’s called science and technology. – The first you don’t believe in and the latter you don’t understand.

William Marincic

People in the early 1900s who went out in storms and got stuck probably walked back, most people didn’t venture more than 10 miles from home and those vehicles did not have heat anyway so they were dressed for the weather. But to understand that you need common sense which is something you don’t have.

Perhaps you should ask your sales guys how long the F-150 Lightning can run the heater for in a snowstorm. A Tesla has a 73kw motor and the heater consumes about 1-2 kw per hour. If you’re just running the heated seats which would keep you warm in a storm, it’s even less, about .5 kw per hour. So if you had half a “tank”, you could keep warm for at least 18 hours. Battery technology is also advancing quite rapidly; cobalt-free lithium ion, solid state lithium ion, aluminum air, lithium-sulfur, among others all have potential for greater energy density and less environmental impact. Problem here is, you’re making a lot of assumptions about electric vehicles, when you actually don’t really know what you’re talking about. That’s ok though, a little digging will get you to the right answers.

William Marincic

Matt, OK I don’t have a clue after almost 4 decades in the business, here you go.

Cold weather is an EV’s nemesis, being the most notorious range-killer. People often assume range loss in cold temperatures is due to reduced battery performance, but in fact, the real culprit is the auxiliary heater (and the air conditioner in the summer).

To understand how much outside temperature affects range, Geotab looked at anonymized data from thousands of EVs representing 102 different make/model/year combinations. The analysis showed that the average range peaks at 21.5 C (70 F) and drops above and below that temperature consistently across vehicle models.

At this optimal temperature, EVs are achieving 115% above their rated range, meaning most EV owners are exceeding the rated range of the vehicle in ideal temperature conditions. The farther above or below the temperature to the optimal 21.5 C / 70 F, the more range is lost.

At -15 C (5 F), EVs drop to 54% of their rated range, meaning a car that is rated for 250 miles (402 km) will only get on average 135 miles (217 km).

William Marincic

Actually it was facetious since I just proved that Matt has no clue of what he is talking about.

And so, that’s what we’re stuck with, I guess?
Never gonna do better than that. Battery technology will never get better. You’re the “expert” Marincic and that’s how you portray it. It’s a dead-end technology apparently.
Too bad.

You’re actually changing the subject. Your initial argument was that people in EV’s stuck in a snowstorm will freeze to death because the battery won’t be able to power the heater for hours on end. However, when that was debunked, you linked an article saying that the range for EV’s is drastically reduced in temperature extremes. The reason for the loss in range according to the article, isn’t the extreme temperature’s effects on the battery itself, but due to running the climate control system while simultaneously operating the vehicle. So if you’re just sitting on I-95 in a snowstorm with the motor off, the heater should still operate, according to the article, for the same length of time. Therefore, no one freezes to death. Why don’t you tell us all about the great benefits and advantages of steam engines over internal combustion engines now?


Harry Litman’s column in today’s Daily Gazette should be required reading, Some excerpts:

“…the constitution’s ‘take care’ clause–which instructs the president to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed’– gives rise to a legal duty to do more than just stand by as the Constitution is trampled and members of Congress and a peaceful transfer of power are endangered…

While Trump supporters raged and members of Congress cowered, the president’s closest advisers pleaded with him to call off the dogs–but he did nothing for more than three hours.

…by some accounts he was jubilant that the certification process had been at least interrupted.

He needled House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican: “I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.

…the more we find out about Trump’s inaction (and his actions) related to Jan. 6, the more his potential culpability becomes clear.

And could very likely lead to a criminal referral from Congress.”

Don’t forget included in Trump’s remarks to the mob, after 187 minutes of inaction included the words “Go home, we love you.”

And his message had to get taped repeatedly since he could barely tell them to stop!
If one hundred eighty seven minutes of inaction isn’t a dereliction of duty, then nothing is.
How can William, Fred, or anyone defend this disgraceful, traitorous behavior? And think that he should be president again?


The only point about Trump that I remember making is that he is yesterday and if we want a better tomorrow, we must deal we matters as they are not as they were

You wish!
But he’s your leader. Keep repeating that he’s “yesterday” but he’s literally written into the Republican plan for America. He’s officially your boat anchor!
Happy sailing!

Guy Varoma

I find it hilarious when they say Trump is “Yesterday”….Every word, comment and post is about Trump…Trump’s name might not be used but it is there when not even typed….God Bless America…

Like most of their wild, insane finger-pointing, TDS is far more pertinent to them.
In their hearts they desperately wish the Jan6 Meathead Alliance had succeeded, because in their hearts they KNOW Donald Trump really won.
Painting with a broad brush? Not in this case.


The man who just can’t shake his fear of someone somewhere being caught during a snowstorm in cold weather for 24 hours in an electric car w/o heat and the man who is only interested in what is happening today are the ones who make the Orange Monster relevant today. I think most of us would rather put him behind us; that does not mean ending the 1/6 investigation. Everyone involved should be indicted, tried, and if found guilty punished. I actually believe Trump will find himself in an orange jumpsuit ultimately. The evidence already released by the 1/6 committee is overwhelming and more public testimony is coming up.

But the aforementioned vociferous and misguided promoters of Trump want him to stay on as head of the now inappropriately named Republican Party. We would like to see him handled by the legal system; they want to make him president again and support all his distortions of reality. They are forcing him on us, not vice-versa.

Babbitt was shot by an officer as she led a group of rioters in an attempt to break into Congress to carry out their declared mission to kill Pelosi and Pence and stop the process of certifying the electoral vote. That is why Trump did nothing about it. He thought he could thwart the will of the people and remain on as Grifter-in-Chief. The officer was deemed to have committed no crime and his identity is being concealed to protect him from raging Trump supporters. But Trump lackeys and sycophants don’t have to worry about who was on the bullhorn. Much has come out and in time everything will.

William Marincic

I do and have always condemned anyone that went illegally into the Capital just like most Republicans has. There are lots of questions that need answering, like why was Ashlee Babbitt shot and why don’t we have the name of the shooter and a statement? Why did the FBI not arrest the guy with the Bullhorn telling people to breach the Capital, his name escapes me right now. Why are hundreds of hours of tapes not being released? All things that need answers but we will never get them, at least until next year.


Like most conservatives, you are delusional. All your questions have been answered repeatedly. One of your problems is that you get all your information from Fox and other right-wing media who want you to believe these are open issues.


William, here’s a sample of what your Trump friends are saying. I watched the reporter and his interviews of Trump supporters on CNN:

Donie O’Sullivan writes from DC: “Because of disinformation, denial and diversion, Americans do not have a shared understanding – a shared history – of what happened here on January 6 last year. In our Monday night report for ‘AC360,’ I spoke with Trump supporters about how they remember, and misremember, January 6. Many of the people I met who are genuinely convinced the 2020 election was rigged now seem to genuinely believe it wasn’t Trump supporters who were at the Capitol that day.” Here are a few of the memorable comments from Trump loyalists:

>> Lisa: “The Democrats were behind it all. They’re the ones that caused it all.”

>> Anita: “I think the whole reporting of it is a giant hoax.”

>> Marge: “We are very peaceful people. So, it was a total set-up. To me, it was the FBI had set it up.”

>> Jeanie: “Trump won the election. They’ve proven it over and over again.”

Donie adds: “There’s a very sophisticated infrastructure of disinformation by design — including both right-wing TV and social media rabbit holes — so if people want to live in this narrative, they can, very happily. But here’s what I see: Growing distrust in the integrity of American elections; a failure to acknowledge or learn from an attack on the Capitol; and an ongoing campaign to get election deniers to become election officials. None of it paints a pretty picture of what might come in the years ahead…”


“Why did the FBI not arrest the guy with the Bullhorn telling people to breach the Capital, his name escapes me right now.”

I’ll help you out with that William, you’re mistaken about the bullhorn, but his name was Donald Trump.


They never explain why Trump said he loved the people rioting on 1/6. How do you explain that fact and the ridiculous notion the attempted coup was a false flag actually promoted by Democrats?

Trump told them “to fight like Hell.” What do you think he was asking his supporters to fight like Hell for?

He said he was going to march with them to the Capitol. Maybe he temporarily had a delusion that he would march in with his supporters, stop the peaceful transfer of power, force Congress into submission and emerge as the Grand Emperor of Amerika (not misspelled) as the crowds screamed in delight proclaiming his everlasting grandeur and glory. His fear of harm to his sacred person was such that he furtively returned to the White House to watch the coup he fervently wished to succeed.

Instead he has been exposed as the Emperor with no clothes: a pathetic figure, sniveling and complaining and lying about how unfairly he’s been treated.

He should live long enough to read the books that will tell the sordid story of his role in history.

Occam’s Razor. What’s the simpler answer: A 60-year-old Marine and former president of the far-right anti-government militia group showed up on his own accord to the Capitol as did many other law enforcement and military types, and encouraged people to storm the Capitol, and was then listed as a person of interest by the FBI, but was never prosecuted because he never entered the Capitol himself? Or this guy was used as a tool by the FBI to entice folks to enter the Capitol so the FBI could then prosecute those same people, and then put out his photo as a person of interest to cover their tracks?

And if Raymond Epps WAS arrested for telling people to enter the Capitol, you’d be singing a different tune about how his freedom of speech is being violated because he didn’t actually commit any crime. The mental gymnastics you perform to not look critically at Donald Trump and his followers is truly staggering.

Guy Varoma

There always seems to be a “but” in their answers about Jan 6th and Trump ….I heard that word a lot during Trump’s 4 years ….” I don’t like what Trump did ( put in one of his policies) “but” he’s doing a good job………

Doug Hampton

The depths that he is going to defend this man has no limit. I would have more respect for his side if they simply said that Trump is a loser and should be in prison but we back all his political beliefs and positions and we now support (insert whomever) to carry on this movement against Democrats blah blah blah. No agreement on my part of course but at least some reasonable discourse. This defending of Trump is maddening and outrageous!!!


Ray Epps was president of the Oath Keepers in Arizona. As so many others have been sacrificed for a Trump dictatorship so has Epps. It is obvious he wasn’t a Democrat. Look up the most recent information on him.

But think critically. Considering the fact that he was President of the Arizona Oath Keepers, which stories seem truthful? It isn’t difficult to learn how to think critically but at times it is difficult to accept where such thinking leads.


Thanks. He probably thought that none of us would look up who Epps is to determine his credibility. Have you noticed their sources are unreputable right-wing nuts?

William Marincic

Yeah he was an Oathkeeper. WAS!!! He was most likely working for the FBI, he was telling people to breach the Capital. You act like the FBI isn’t corrupt now in the higher echelons. It always was


I can’t say why Epps hasn’t been arrested yet. But the investigation is ongoing and many arrests are yet to be made. Let’s not forget Trump hasn’t been arrested yet.

Also, Evidence suggests Epps did make some effort to control the mob he helped incite, did not enter the Capitol, and committed no acts of violence. Could the change of heart have resulted from the sudden realization of the true nature of this violent attack? possible.

Was he working for the FBI? If so, what was his assignment? Why did the FBI order him to do whatever the excuse makers for 1/6 say he was ordered to do?

Most important question: Do Trump defenders really believe this somehow provides a way to absolve Trump from guilt for 1/6? If so, please explain how?

Doug Hampton

Please explain the time gone by where there was nobody coming to save the day. Please explain the texts from Trump’s own kids saying that he has to stop the violence. Please explain why every Capitol policemen said that the insurrectionists all said to them that their President told them to come! Please explain why everyone from the right first blamed this on Antifa and only when that was refuted they started blaming the FBI and that it was an inside job. Please explain why the right has made one of their mottos “Back the Blue” but for some strange reason , it no longer applies to Jan 6th. There is more but this should keep you spinning!


William, the points you make are so relevant. – Really????? The Summer of Love, 1967. Hippies, Vietnam, music, drugs, free love. 100,000 people of which “A few were interested in politics”

What’s next? – Perhaps you believe John Lennon was a communist and therefore Trump had no influence over the “peaceful protesters” that attempted to overthrow the government on 1-6.

Guess what? What comes out of Trump’s big mouth is interpreted as flatulence rather than influence, that is, unless you are one of the Fox watching bleating sheep, believing, then regurgitating his insanity.

Guy Varoma

And when you call them out they look for a right wing website to try to back their claims like ‘Revolver’ an excerpt from Forbes magazine below on Revolver

On Wednesday, the right-wing news aggregation website published an “exclusive” article calling on law enforcement officials to open fire on protesters in Louisville and elsewhere. While many right-wing media outlets and commentators have echoed calls for “law and order,” what make the Revolver article of interest is the name of one of its biggest promoters…President Trump….

Hilarious to me is they think I won’t check their sources


William, I believe so many of us would just flat out stop responding to your posts but don’t because we are desperately attempting to save democracy in American. Our responding is an attempt to make you aware that you are a part of a hugely destructive force in America without even realizing it. – You’re not even shooting yourselves in the foot, it’s more like the head. Your promoting suicide by politics, and that’s ok, but the problem is you’re taking the rest of us with you.

William Marincic

FYI, a year later and schools are shutting down due to a variant like a light cold, hospitals are overwhelmed because they fired half of their staff. Biden said that Trump should lose his job due to not enough testing and a year later we don’t have enough tests. More people have died this year than last and we have three vaccines and a boatload of theurapudics. Inflation is through the roof, people are being fired for not taking a vaccine that still allows you to catch and pass on Covid to others yet Biden is blaming people unvaccinated, how does that work???? Should I go on? This administration is a dumpster fire and everything they touch they make worse. Welcome to a Democrat run country.

What’s clear is you’re in a panic because you can’t process it all and can’t be bothered with trying to.
So take the lazy way out: close your eyes, plug your ears and blame it all on who ever Trump tells you to. Anyone who’s been paying attention can see that.
I have never seen someone so desperate to hold onto a delusion.


Anthony, “You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop , the Twilight Zone!”


I loved “Twilight Zone” also, Louis, but never thought I’d live in a real life episode, but here we are!

Guy Varoma

Just imagine if Trump took the pandemic seriously in the beginning and onward how much better off we would be. You get no 2nd chances when a pandemic hits …all you see now had it birth because of the decisions Trump made in the beginning …From him saying it will go away in the warm weather ..him saying to drink bleach and shine blue ultraviolet lights inside your body…You defend the undependable when you mention Trump and the pandemic…Buy back your soul if you can


I try not to respond to William directly any longer. Below, I made several of the same points you did, only in my typical long-winded fashion; in many circumstances William’s tenacity would be admirable; in this one, it is beneath contempt.

Too late for soul-saving me thinks. But maybe he could regain some self-respect if he would finally acknowledge how terribly and dangerously wrong he is. He should read his own posts critically. He might see how stubborn, vindictive, foolish, unfounded, angry and downright panicky he seems to most other posters.

As seriously as the Democrats who said do not take Trump’s vaccine and then mandate you to get it a couple months later? As seriously as the Democrats who demand you wear a mask as then go to Florida so they can be maskless? And so it goes.

Doug Hampton

AOC was outside on both days. I am not even a fan of hers and could care less about her. I am interested in hypocrisy. I saw the restaurant photo (on patio) and then the next day at an outdoor concert (also a patio). Seek objectivity and fairness. FOX consistently espouses half truths….this is a good example.


Trump tried to overthrow the government of the United States and replace it with a personal dictatorship.

Your criticisms of the Biden administration were caused by 1) Trump’s inability to deal with the initial stages of the pandemic. 2) his decision to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic because he saw that as in his political interests. 3) his support for quacks and their quack remedies, notably Dr. Stella Immanuel, but including several others.4) his own crazy suggestions for how to handle a covid infection. 5)The failure to encourage measures to mitigate the pandemic: masking, shutdowns when necessary, and the mandating of masks in situations of high risk for contagion, and downplaying the importance of reaching the highest possible level of vaccinated people .6) his failure to listen carefully to immunologists and other medical experts.

In spite of this, Biden managed to get a bi-partisan infrastructure bill through, grow the economy more in his first year than any other president has in the last fifty years, reduce the level of unemployment to record lows, restored American respect on the international stage, and admirably fulfill his role as a comforter of people facing catastrophes caused by something Trump shows no interest in, climate change. Why would Trump care? He figures he’ll be dead before the rest of humanity faces the even greater climate catastrophes to come.

And Trump did make all the disparaging comments about American veterans that I attributed to him yesterday. I won’t do research for you. Type each quote in and find the truth yourself.


It’s been mentioned today and several times in the past but is the ratings on the links William has posted for his stories. Last link is to Media Research Center which is were these ratings are done for MOST any media source including the evil MSM. Good source to see where the information comes from

Overall, we rate American Family News Far-right biased and Questionable based on the promotion of Christian-right propaganda, conspiracy theories, numerous examples of false claims, and an abysmal record with support for the consensus of science.Detailed ReportQuestionable Reasoning: Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Numerous Failed Fact ChecksBias Rating: FAR RIGHTFactual Reporting: LOWCountry: USA (44/180 Press Freedom)Media Type: Organization/FoundationTraffic/Popularity: Medium TrafficMBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITYOverall,

We rate Revolver.News right biased and Questionable based on poor sourcing techniques and a complete lack of transparency.Detailed ReportQuestionable Reasoning: Poor Sourcing, Lack of Transparency, Conspiracy TheoriesBias Rating: RIGHTFactual Reporting: MIXEDCountry: UnknownMedia Type: WebsiteTraffic/Popularity: Medium TrafficMBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY

Well done, FL
How about those Villagers? They’re up to 9 Republican fraudulent votes, last I heard. At least 3 actually under arrest.
When we talk about election security and integrity, it’s pretty clear who we need to be looking at; the ones most in need of oversight.

Doug Hampton

Stay tuned folks. The committee apparently has several texts from Sean Hannity. I may even watch his show if I can get through it. Of course he will likely just blow the whole thing off. They are getting very close. I think the s…. is about to hit the fan!


Doug, I heard about this on Ari Melber. He isn’t a real journalist and should get a subpoena. The fact he tried to stop the actual events of 1/6 does not clear him of guilt for promulgating the Big Lie, which he knew to be a lie. I can’t remember who said it but I think it is a good point: Hannity was acting as Trump’s shadow Chief-of-Staff and shouldn’t be extended journalistic privileges.

Navarro appeared on the show touting his book, “In Trump Time”. He sounded like a deranged lunatic trying to justify his illegal plan to overthrow the election by sending the 6 swing state’s slates back to their legislatures on false claims of fraud. He ignored Ari’s points, dismissing the idea that the Sec.’s of State and courts determine fraud.

Y’all watch a repeat of today’s shoe if you get a chance.


If Hannity is considered a journalist, then I’m the Queen of England!

You may now bow and curtsy, and call me Your Majesty!


William, About your “Russian Hoax” Maybe more to come, who knows. Russian millionaire in custody of FBI vs home in Moscow, may want to talk some to get back to Moscow. Just speculation for now, but a start.
A excerpt.
Klyushin’s cybersecurity work and Kremlin ties could make him a useful source of information for U.S. officials, according to several people familiar with Russian intelligence matters. Most critically, these people said, if he chooses to cooperate, he could provide Americans with their closest view yet of 2016 election manipulation.

William Marincic

Is that anything like the $3 million check from the mayor of Moscow’s wife to Hunter Biden is that the Russian hoax you’re talking about, newsflash that’s true

OH NO!!!!!
It seems like Republicans might be embarrassed by their tRump….

Trump cancels Jan. 6 event amid GOP complaints

Republican senators said the press conference wasn’t a “good idea” hours before the former president canceled it.

Former President Donald Trump’s announcement Tuesday evening that he would cancel a previously planned press conference is good news for Senate Republicans, who earlier in the day openly fretted that he would pull their party back into debating his false election claims.

It also ensures that Republicans won’t have to keep one eye on the TV on the anniversary of the Capitol attack, nor will they face a deluge of questions about Trump in the immediate days.

This just in from the Utah desk, where they apparently think their god is named, “Joe Smith”….or something like that…

SALT LAKE CITY — The founder and chair of Entrata, a Silcon Slopes tech firm, has resigned his position after sending an email to a number of tech CEOs and Utah business and political leaders, claiming the COVID-19 vaccine is part of a plot by “the Jews” to exterminate people.

The remarks triggered condemnation throughout Utah’s tech community, and led to David Bateman’s resignation from the company’s board of directors after FOX 13 first reported on the email.

The email by Bateman, shared with FOX 13 by numerous sources Tuesday morning, begins with the subject line “Genocide.” Bateman confirmed to FOX 13 in text messages that he sent the email.

“I write this email knowing that many of you will think I’m crazy after reading it. I believe there is a sadistic effort underway to euthanize the American people. It’s obvious now. It’s undeniable, yet no one is doing anything. Everyone is discounting their own judgment, and dismissing their intuition,” Bateman wrote.

In the email, Bateman attacks the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and urged people not to get it. He also claims that criticism of the vaccine is being censored and international charges were going to be filed against Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“I believe the Jews are behind this. For 300 years the Jews have been trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church and place a Jew covertly at the top. It happened in 2013 with Pope Francis. I believe the pandemic and systematic extermination of billions of people will lead to an effort to consolidate all the countries in the world under a single flag with totalitarian rule. I know, it sounds bonkers. No one is reporting on it, but the Hasidic Jews in the US instituted a law for their people that they are not to be vaccinated for any reason,” he wrote in the email.

Jenna Ryan, fresh off her “Sorry, I have blonde hair, white skin, a great job, a great future, and I’m not going to jail,” comedy tour, got some more quality time with a camera, five days before she went to jail where she astutely observed:
“They have no idea who I am as a person, what my beliefs are, what I’ve been through, who I am. They see me as a one-dimensional caricature. They don’t see me as a human.”

Dress for success, Jenna!

Guy Varoma

It’s seems daily I’m reading stories about unvaccinated people dying in ICUs Young people in the primes of their lives Older Americans healthy Americans …A recent California DA that was anti vocal vaccine mandate person and many more ….As I read these stories I truly wonder went through their minds as they were dying. I feel sorry for the families they leave behind …all for what?

i also can’t help thinking of the hospital staff who had to attend to them for the weeks they occupied an ICU bed, comforting them in their final minutes, wrapping their body for the morgue, telling the family, and then moving on to the next “hero”.

William Marincic

I can’t help think of the depleted hospital staff that refused to get the Covid vaccine and was fired because of it yet you can still catch Covid if you had the vaccine and you had the booster.


Perhaps he’s 12 1/2 percent masochist and gets off on abuse.



William Marincic

It seems like every day that I hear about and know people that I’ve had two shots and a booster and they’re still getting Covid and passing it on to others.


And people wearing bulletproof vests still get killed by being shot in the head or neck, therefore, according to your irrational reasoning, bulletproof vests don’t work or save lives. Speaking of which, try getting one, and I don’t mean a vest.

Guy Varoma

You need to ask yourself why 73% of hospital beds are from the unvaccinated …also very few hospital staff have lost their jobs for being unvaccinated …and I think they should lose them being in a hospital setting…endangering others while there ..for what …Like the loyalty you have for Trump …for what ?


In the ‘minds’ of Trump supporters the truth of any statement, or evidence, or quote is whether or not it is supportive of Trump. If it is, it’s true; if not, it’s false. Their loyalty, fealty is to no country, no agenda, no platform, but only to one of history’s most depraved men.


William Marincic

But those same healthcare workers were OK to take care of Covid patients when there was no vaccine and no therapeutics and when it was actually really deadly. Gotcha

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