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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 6


Stefanik should reveal all she knew

It has been almost a year since some of our fellow citizens were duped into believing a myth portrayed on them that our elections were not legitimate.
These individuals led by then political leadership were encouraged to cause harm and damage on our Capitol and political leadership not aligned with the then-president.
I think it is time that we ask our political representative what she knew about this action and if she encouraged and supported any of these factions.
Releasing her text messages, emails and phone records would go a long way in assuring the NY21 district her honesty and integrity concerning this event.
I for one would welcome the release of these communications by Rep. Stefanik.
If Stefanik supported these individuals, she should be proud of her actions. If not, she should welcome the opportunity to exonerate her image. Doing nothing is just an action of a coward.
So I encourage everyone to request that our NY21 representative speak up and let us know where she stood.
Jim Novotny

Lawmakers must serve all the people

Our New York state lawmakers started their 58-day work year on Jan. 5. I would like to remind my Assemblyman Chris Tague that he actually represents all of the people of the 102nd District, not just those registered in his political party.
Hopefully during this 2022 legislative session, he and his colleagues can put the people first and their political parties second. This seems to be very hard for some, especially Assemblyman Tague, who also happens to be the county boss of his party.
So in 2022, which happens to be an election year for all of them, can we have at least one real accomplishment and much less of the political rhetoric.
In other words, earn some of that $110,000.
Jerry Fiore

Nisky off to bad start with bipartisanship

I am disappointed to see that the bipartisanship promised and hoped for after the last Niskayuna Town Board election is quickly unraveling.
Supervisor/Professor Jaime Puccioni is barely through Town Hall doors and is already shutting the door on lone Republican and top vote-getter, Councilman Jason Moskowitz, thwarting the will of the voters. No committee chairmanship for him, thereby breaking with tradition and all semblance of good, fair and representative government.
Supervisor/Professor Puccioni will not be at the Town Hall full time. She will be busy at UAlbany with “a class online this spring, another that is in-person and online, and practicums, in which times are arranged to meet with students.” She will have Jessica Brennan (a full-time social worker and staff member of the Niskayuna school district whose salary is funded by your tax dollars) fill in for her as town supervisor in her absence.
In addition, Councilwoman Brennan will also serve as chair of two committees — Public Safety and Community Programs. While governmental novices Puccioni and Brennan continue working their full-time jobs, Councilman Moskowitz is left out in the cold.
It’s not a wonder most voters felt they had very few choices for worthy and competent representatives this past November. They were correct.
Barbara Pidgeon
The writer is a retired Niskayuna Justice Court clerk.

Climate change effort must be reasonable

Dr. Slezak’s Dec. 29 letter (“Reducing carbon could backfire on us”), inquired about the implications of a carbon neutral industrial age.
Though her delivery was a bit cryptic, I believe her intent was to say that if we reduce our carbon dioxide production, plants and trees won’t thrive, and therefore oxygen availability will diminish.
While I agree that the complete elimination of all carbon dioxide on the planet would be detrimental, I am not aware of any climate policy seeking to eliminate all carbon dioxide from the planet.
Climatologists, environmentalists and policy makers understand that a balance must be struck.
As a result, my understanding is that any reasonable interpretation of climate policy to curb carbon dioxide emissions poses no threat to plant life (or the oxygen supply). I think complete elimination of carbon dioxide is virtually impossible, and at this stage of the game, the least of our worries.
Fred Bahr


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William Marincic

WASHINGTON (TND) — Amid claims of ballot harvesting, Georgia has opened an investigation into the state’s 2020 general election and subsequent U.S. Senate runoff.

Under Georgia law, it is illegal for any third party to pick up and drop off ballots for voters, also known as ballot harvesting. According to reports, at least 242 people made over 5,000 ballot drop-offs during the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

William–please answer this question if you dare…

If 45 wasn’t part of the plot to overthrow the PROVEN free and fair election, didn’t intend for violence to occur on Jan 6th, then why did it take him over THREE hours to make a statement–especially with members of his own family and party pleading with him?

Doug Hampton

I have asked him this at least twice. No reply. Reason is that there is no reasonable or even an unreasonable response. The best defense they have , which they currently are using, is that they didn’t use guns so that makes it okay to trespass and do the damage that they did. Glad u r trying though.

William Marincic

I don’t know that it did, do you? Do you know if he was calling people? His own son could not reach him, what was he doing? Maybe trying to end it, I don’t know and neither do you.

HAHAHAHA…nice try! There are reports of him watching television and liking it. We know that McCarthy was begging him and he replied, “Well I guess they care more about the election than you do.” This is what the Committee is hearing from witnesses.
So according to your reply, when we really do get confirmation that 45 was committing a dereliction of duty, then you will stop defending him, right???


Don’t forget he told the mob of lunatics that he loved them.

Fortunately there are still Republicans with integrity who are disclosing what was happening, and you’re once again looking like a fool sycophant, willing to say anything to provide cover.

This is the heart of the Republican game plan for victory and you know it, Marincic.

The more loopholes and hoops the electorate has to jump through to do what the Constitution entitles them to, vote, the more chance you and your cretin fellowship have to jam it up in the courts.

There is absolutely no reason for a law saying votes can’t be gathered by an individual, from a senior residents’ home, a church, a Lodge, an apartment complex for return to the polling place. And the “concerns” about securing the vote are as specious and suspicious as Stephanik’s diversion from the real problem on January 6th, 2021.

Praise Buddha that you people apparently aren’t very intelligent.







A more enlightening term than Trump supporter is Biden rejector. You can still buy gas for slightly under $3.50. When inflation is under control, I suspect that we will see fewer Biden rejectors.

Yes Anthony, for trumpsters there will never be enough recounts, audits, court cases, even Supreme Court cases that will change their partisan minds. It’s become a cult like dangerous drug use. Until each one can admit they have a problem, nothing will change. Unfortunately, people like William are baked in and there’s no going back to reasonable normalcy…no matter how much evidence to the contrary.

Is there any hope when the Committee airs hearings in prime time? Let’s hope we can get enough on the fence to land on the right side of democracy, and the right side of history.


jclark124, It is my fervent hope that testimony from, Bannon, Clark, Giuliani, Brooks, all the Trumps etc. will be aired on prime time and that this will convince Trump supporters with ANY objectivity, common sense, and fair-mindedness left to see the truth. There must be some out there.

In the meantime I will not even bother trying to disprove ridiculous attempts to show the election was fraudulent such as the one that opened the forum today.

Wouldn’t that be amazing to see them try to defend themselves in full display to the American people? They act like tough guys, but will probably refuse to show up!
What I believe will happen is the Committee will put forth all the tons of evidence against them, without the “kingpins”…so wondering if that will be enough to get thru those thick heads…we’ll see.

I’ve probably never used CNN as a source, unless it backs up other sources…since I know how trumpsters will respond.

How about going back to your bible verses. They’re more credible.
How about some time out for reflection? Right now you sound like a loon.

Guy Varoma

So and “investigation” in Georgia on ballot harvesting means to TrumpT’s that it’s a fact that it happened. Many investigations by Republicans are a nothing burger, But they continue to use the headline after it is proven false, Like Benghazi, Hillary’s emails. Uranium, the Ukraine server, The Durham report, The famous Nunes memo he flaunted coming out of the White House Obama wired taped Trump towers …all nothing burgers…All these things and many more are thrown out there for read meat for the Trumpt’s to chew on rabidly, Like I said doesn’t matter if they were all proven false they continue to use them as facts

William Marincic

That’s funny because Benghazi was real, Trump Towers wiretap was real as well, Hillary’s emails were real so was the fact that she acid washed hard drives and smashed phones with a hammer, just because a corrupt FBI refused to charge her does not mean none of it happened. We all know it did. The nothings are Adam Schiff and his multiple news conferences where he said he had absolute proof of Russian collusion, just like the two fake impeachments.

From the US Capitol one year after a deadly riot:
“I will stand in the breach. I will defend this nation. And I will allow no one to put a dagger to the throat of American democracy.”
President Biden

This is the seriousness of what is at stake so certain policies, inflation, the border, or the price of gas are all secondary issues. Nothing is more important right now than saving our democracy from the evil one who hijacked the gop.


You can save democracy by making it work. As long it is thought not to work voters will be open to alternatives. To make it appear to work I suggest that the midnight flights for illegals end – democracy requires informed voters!


Commenters to online letters who fail to follow rules against name-calling, profanity, threats, libel or other inappropriate language will have their comments removed and their commenting privileges withdrawn.

Beyond “name-calling, profanity, threats, libel or other inappropriate language” I believe commenters on this forum should have “their commenting privileges withdrawn” if their comments contain untruthful, lying, dangerous, crime inducing and or racist statements.

Social media sites have done it to Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Daily Gazette can and should do it to offenders.

Agreed! That was the point of my post yesterday. The repeated racist speech, lies and disinformation without being checked normalizes it. It desensitizes the reader who rightfully should be repulsed.


Our democracy is literally at stake. Regardless of how large or small a part any individual or entity may play, preventative action should be taken, and the Daily Gazette should not be an exception!


As for lies is Hooligans your name? Thanks for the example of being critical of deception while hiding behind a fake name!

Some of the world’s favorite authors have utilized pseudonyms throughout their writing careers:

The Brontë sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne picked gender-neutral names Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell, respectively, as they believed their writing would not be taken seriously as women.
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson—better known by his author’s name Lewis Carroll—was the English writer who penned famous children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, along with Through the Looking Glass.

Eric Arthur Blair, author of Nineteen Eighty-Four, is better known by his pen name George Orwell. He used a pen name to write his first book, Down and Out in Paris and London, so he would not embarrass his family as it is a memoir that reflects on his time living in poverty.
Isaac Asimov used the fictitious name of Paul French to publish a series of juvenile science fiction books.

Daniel Handler, the author of the A Series of Unfortunate Events novels, chose to write them under the name Lemony Snicket. He originally chose to use a pseudonym to receive funny and offensive material from organizations without having to use his own name. The pen name is a play on overly moral narrator Jiminy Cricket, who’s outlook is greatly contrasted to the themes in Handler’s own works.

Theodor Seuss Geisel went by infamous title Dr. Seuss as an homage to his parents—but his use of a pen name started much earlier when he was banned from writing for his school’s humor magazine after being caught drinking by the dean.

Mary Ann Evans published works under the pseudonym George Eliot to avoid being pigeonholed into writing light romances, and to also have her writing judged fairly and separately from her previous work as an editor and critic.

Stephen King published five novels as Richard Bachman in the 1970s and ‘80s to circumvent the old idea that authors should not publish more than one book per year.
Joanne Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and better known by her pen name J.K. Rowling—used another pseudonym, Robert Galbraith to publish crime fiction novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, a genre Rowling had always been a fan of, but could not write freely within due to the huge success of her hit fantasy series.

Samuel Clemens was a new journalist who also wrote scathing satires, many of which led to embarrassment. Although he would choose a few pen names during his time as a writer, Mark Twain became his nom de guerre of choice, which are words he gathered during his time as an apprentice steamboat pilot.


I fully understand why people posting against Trump use pseudonyms. Many Trump enthusiasts are angry gun-toters who regularly threaten the lives of public figures who are against Trump, pro-police reform, pro-immigrant, or someone who beat them to a parking place.

By the way, at times I can understand what you post, but most often it in literal gibberish. How do we know there isn’t more than one person using the pseudonym Fred Barney?


I made a general statement regarding what I believe should be forum protocol for all. No one specific individual’s name was mentioned, and you are the only person who defensively responded. That is quite revealing.

Short of XXXXX, expect very few, or more likely no responses to your comments from yours truly.


Choose one of your own. There are too many for me to select just one.

William Marincic

Because other than Fred, Annie, Bill, Terry, and Michael there really aren’t many others to hold the left accountable for alternative facts(lies).


Worth repeating one blogger’s take on the one year anniversary of 1/6/21:

William Marincic
January 5th, 2022
“Well if it was BLM that breached the capital that would mean that it’s an organized plot which is much different than what happened on January 6 as much as you people put your blinders on about it. Maybe a dozen people there about actually did anything inside the capital besides walk around and look inside the chamber. I’m not condoning that, everyone should be tried for whatever they did and pay a price. But those 450 riots during the summer of peace, those people should have to pay a price too”

“Maybe a dozen people there about actually did anything inside the capital besides walk around and look inside the chamber.” Pathetic lies!

January 6th, 2022
As far as I can tell, these are just the Washington, DC insurgents.
Suspects (Charged) – Total Count: 706
Of those…
Suspects (Indicted) – Total Count: 347
Suspects (Deceased) – Total Count: 2
Suspects (Dismissed) – Total Count: 1
Suspects (Convicted) – Total Count: 172
Suspects (Sentenced) – Total Count: 74

Marincic is once again engaging in deflection with his “whataboutism” and false equivalency. The Civil Unrest/Protests in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, ….. ( were not in any way an attempted Coup de Etat and a direct challenge to the constitution of this nation. They were an attempt to bring attention to the epidemic of police killings of POC and other disfavored minorities in this nation.


Brianna Taylor died because rather than turn in her drug dealer boyfriend she chose to live with him. As Mazikeen’s friend you should be able to tell us you are able to explain how white righters expected to take over the government with a gun less Coup de Etat.


a sudden, violent, and unlawful seizure of power from a government; a coup.
“a military coup d’état brought down the government”
seizure of power · coup · overthrow · takeover · ousting · deposition · regime change · bloodless coup · palace revolution · rebellion · revolt · insurrection · mutiny · revolution · insurgence · insurgency · rising · rioting · riot · jacquerie · putsch

William Marincic

Restifo, you posted that, how about the question that was asked of me? The question was from Guy Varoma. Here I will since you are trying to make me look like a racist.

Guy Varoma
January 5th, 2022
I wonder what they would call January 6th if it was Trump who won and the BLM breached the Capitol to stop the official tally of each States electoral votes. Which is in the constitutional obligation. Would they use the word insurrection and Treason ? Or would they still call it a protest ?

There now I posted the whole picture. Sorry to ruin your narrative Lou

It wouldn’t happen because Joe Biden wouldn’t have told people lies about the election being stolen and encouraging his voters to walk up to the Capitol and fight like hell. One thing I can guarantee, is that there wouldn’t be only two Democratic congress people willing to investigate it. Heck, Adam Schiff, Tammy Duckworth, and Elijah Cummings were all on the Benghazi Select Committee, and they weren’t even thrown out of their party for doing so!


Jim Novotny, thank you for your letter.
Stefanik is a self-serving individual who is part of the Trumpian, anti-democrat movement and should be exposed as the scumbag traitor she is. People like her are literally enemies of America and democracy and should be treated as such!

William Marincic

So what, I stated a fact about Stacey Abrams and when I wrote that there were still dozens of election lawsuits pending. Nobody knew if Biden would be elected on January 6. Just more of your typical lefty moves. Cherry-picking pieces of dozens of comments trying to fit a fake narrative. Fake News Bencic just like your fake name.

William–nobody knew if Biden would be elected on Jan 6???? Whenever in the past have we “wondered” if the candidate with the most electoral votes may or may not be elected? Even Al Gore did the patriotic thing over 500 lousy disputed votes, but the p*ssy grabber lost by 7 million and 74 electoral votes. Your statement is only true to you because you choose to believe a LIE!
Any Jan 6th in our history has only been the ceremonial count of the votes. Why do you keep making up new rules? It’s simply a formality tallying up the votes:

“As President Trump continues to claim falsely that he, and not Joe Biden, won the Nov. 3 presidential election, Congress will meet in a joint session Wednesday to formally count the votes of the Electoral College.
The states have already counted their own electors, and Biden won with 306 to 232 for Trump. Now it’s up to Congress to tally the votes as submitted by the states.”
At 1 p.m., lawmakers from the House and Senate will assemble in the House chamber, with Vice President Pence presiding in his role as president of the Senate.
Two wooden boxes containing the states’ certified results will be brought into the chamber. Pence will open the sealed certificates and hand them to tellers appointed from among the House and Senate members to read.”

In a tweet Tuesday, Trump falsely asserted that Pence “has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors.” 2021


How ignorant does someone have to be to claim that no one knew who won the presidential election on 1/6/21?

The question, of course is rhetorical, which means it is really a statement, a question so obvious it answers itself, in case some of the people on this forum who make the claim are confused.

William Marincic
January 1st, 2021

he has no clue what’s coming out of his mouth and trust me he will be remove as president and liberal Kamala Harris will take his place within the year. That’s if he even makes it to the presidency we still have January 6.

William Marincic

He hasn’t made it a year yet, but the writing is on the wall. If they had someone besides Kamala who is even worse than Biden (if that’s possible) he would have already been gone.


For the Williams, Fred,s and other deniers who read and post on here about 1/6.

Kevin D. Williamson the author is a rock hard Republican who writes for the National Review. Certainly no RINO or Liberal or pretty much any Democrat lover if you follow his writings.

A rating on National Review, his credentials and excerpt from the whole article with the link if you want to read the whole article.

Kevin Daniel Williamson is an American conservative political commentator. He is the roving correspondent for National Review.

Overall, we rate the National Review Right Biased based on story selection that always favors the right and Mostly Factual in reporting due to a few misleading claims and occasional use of poor sources, and one failed fact check.
Detailed Report
Bias Rating: RIGHT
Factual Reporting: MOSTLY FACTUAL
Country: USA (44/180 Press Freedom)
Media Type: Magazine
Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic

What happened was not a peaceful protest with a few rowdy elements. For a very detailed look at the violence itself and its relation to what was happening in the political sphere at the same time, you may consult any number of documentary sources; I found HBO’s Four Hours at the Capitol very useful as a play-by-play in which the insurgents are given the courtesy of being permitted to tell their own stories in their own words, to damning effect, and also recommend the New York Times’s 40-minute “Day of Rage” report. Of course, these will be rejected by the cultists who have convinced themselves that anything disagreeable to their own sentiments is “fake news” and fabrication. It is precisely this kind of delusional cult thinking — encouraged by the likes of Sean Hannity, whose recently revealed texts show that he knew at the time exactly what was happening and why, even if today he pretends not to have — that led to the sacking of the Capitol in the first place.

Describes a few of the posters we see every day on here that frustrates everyone so much.

Doug Hampton

I think the more apple to apple comparison would be if Democratic protesters were protesting say Barack Obama having lost in a close election. Take the exact situation and insert Barack and his supporters crashing the Capitol! Come on now….all objective parties just know that the outrage from the right would be far more crazy and intense than what we are seeing now! I can just hear the Three Stooges (Tucker, Hannity, Laura) go simply mad and their viewers just eating it up!


Doug, the proof is all around us: its called systemic racism; but those who want to whitewash American history choose to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Stefanik Statement on January 6
January 5, 2022
Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today released the following statement:

“On January 6, 2021, I strongly and clearly condemned the violence and destruction that occurred at the U.S. Capitol – just as I strongly condemned the entire year of violence and lawlessness that raged across our nation throughout 2020. Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to the U.S. Capitol Police for their bravery and heroism on that day and to those who sacrifice and serve in law enforcement every day across the country.
. . . .
(See here? The problem isn’t her party of traitors. It’s the Democrats…)
. . . .
“It is unacceptable that one year later the American people still do not have answers as to why the Capitol was left so vulnerable and how to ensure it never happens again. ”

“Rather than focusing on improving the security of the Capitol and adopting all the recommendations from the U.S. Capitol Police, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are instead using their illegitimate partisan sham of a committee to shred Constitutional precedent and punish their political opponents. It is unprecedented, and it is dangerous.”

She’s all in.
Lock her up!

William Marincic

Since the Democrats control Congress it should fall on them to answer why they left the Capital so vulnerable when they all knew there would be unrest. It’s almost like they wanted something to happen. Trump offered National Guard which was turned down.

They needed time to set up cameras in strategic spots to film everything. I have seen videos of people storming the Capitol and I’ve seen videos of police moving barricades so people could get in. Guess it depends on which one you watch.

Sorry, people setting up cameras NOT CCTV, you must have suvked at Clue.

Guy Varoma

See I told ya ..they all believe that Hillary was responsible for Benghazi even though she was cleared each time…….Oh William I forgot to add they believe Obama wasn’t born in the USA and is an Arab and a terrorists …They still are saying that because of Trump. ..I just don’t know how people can give up their dignity and intellect for Trump even to this day .


A blend of two great American presidential speeches that portray the reality of what today’s new Republican Party is about:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do”……”to put a dagger to the throat of American democracy.”


It seems apropos to point out that in 2020, in reference to high voter turn-out Trump said, “They had levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

Although stated in his clumsy style, the meaning is clear. If people are encouraged to vote, Republicans lose. That is why they eagerly pass legislation to make it tougher to register and vote.

Doug Hampton

Also keep in mind that the R party was already out numbered in terms of raw numbers even before the Trump take over of the party. Then when they decided to kick out all the moderates , centrists, etc they became even more out numbered. Obviously something had to give if they ever wanted to win another election , thus these new restrictive voting rules. They made their bed as it were so now they need to lie in it . So it goes.


That might have been Biden’s best and most powerful speech this morning. My favorite line referring to Trump was: “He is not only the former president, he is the defeated former president”.

Regarding Stefanik, she is just one of the hypocritical GOP “leaders”. Her lame comments about the insurrection failed to acknowledge how she and 145 other House republicans voted to overturn the election based on Trump’s lies.

I wonder how many tens of millions of dollars of State money was wasted by republican legislatures and governors attempting to prove voter fraud in 2020. Will voters hold them accountable for the waste of time and money? A real republican would.

William Marincic

A real democrat would scream from the rooftops to hold everyone accountable during the 450 riots during the democrat’s summer of love.


I guess who didn’t hear us because you cover your ears when we speak. Hundreds were jailed when some peaceful protests turned ugly. Don’t you think White cops enjoyed apprehending Black and (supportive) White protesters over police brutality? BTW – did you keep a log to account for the “450 riots”? We marvel how you pull out numbers from your you know where on your body. Is it a Fox exaggeration?

Cheez, that’s just not getting any traction, is it?
Like all your empty accusations, no traction anywhere. Spinning your wheels everywhere. You keep repeating them, ad nauseum, but can’t seem to do any more than squawk about it.
Wouldn’t that be the definition of insanity?
Kinda like 60+ courts rejecting your election fraud squawks.
Kinda like all the “BENGHAZI!” screeching.
Nothing burgers.

Can’t figure out why the world doesn’t take you people seriously, champ.


Ray, I definitely agree with your assessment of Biden’s speech. I will add, the sentence, “The Constitution, our constitution faced the gravest of threats.” can’t be said and acted upon enough.

The fragility and vulnerability of democracy was brought to the brink on 1/6/21. That day, as well as the events during the weeks and days leading up to it, perpetrating the big lie, must constantly remain fresh in our minds. As much as an attempted coup, complacency and taking democracy for granted can be it’s demise. The new Republicans fight hard to end it we must fight harder to preserve it.

Guy Varoma

A real Republican would stop making excuses for Trump and January 6th instead blaming BLM protesters for the riots ….There were people who broke the law and BLM and most people said to arrest them and let them have their day in court …Does it always have to be BLM did this or that therefore it’s ok for the Insurrectionists to do this or that …Judge each on what they did ….Not all people breached the barriers at the Capital but the ones who did should be arrested an let them have their dat in court ..You always using BLM for Trump’s digressions is pitiful

William Marincic

Nobody said that but if BLM or Antifa or anyone starts a riot they need to be accountable? Who is being held accountable for all of those deaths during the summer of 2020? Who?

Guy Varoma

William you should check each city where any riot was and check to see if arrests have been made in those cities I’m sure for the most part people were arrested …The Federal government isn’t responsible for those transgressions, However The Federal Government is responsible for the Insurrections at the Capitol….You should sweep all the cities websites to inquire if nothing was done before making a claim that no one got charged as you are implying ..Again you use BLM to try and justify Trump and his insurrectionists …

Guy Varoma

Then you should inquire each city what federal building were attacked and see if they let anyone off …Do some complete research before answering …Don’t just look at one city but look at all cities where federal building were attacked …and how many were not charged…Maybe use 12 1/2 % of your thought process on this

How about when a mostly White mob attacks a federal building with elected officials in it trying to do their jobs?
The federal building that came under siege were empty, after hours. That doesn’t make it right, but it sure makes it different.

And by the way, pay attention:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Portland police made nine arrests and federal officers made another in an overnight attack on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland that federal officials called a “significant escalation in violence.”

U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams announced Friday that a Portland man has been arrested for his role in an overnight attack on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

“The lawless and violent acts of extremists across the political spectrum cannot continue. Violence directed at federal, state, and local law enforcement and property destruction is inconsistent with the aims of social justice,” said U.S. Attorney Williams. “These are criminal acts and individuals who engage in them will be held accountable.”


Guy, there were well over 10,000 arrests. But the Trump worshipers will just shut their eyes an d say something totally irrelevant, or prove it etc.

Guy Varoma

Anthony, I know that … Just proving a point with William…He makes comments without facts….Most of the time they are things said by Trump or his minions that have no factual basis at all…They throw William red meat and he chews on it

ReTrumplican Tools:
When the original Darth Vader is against you, maybe you ought to reassess your position? Heh, not likely.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney condemned fellow Republicans on Thursday as he attended a Jan. 6 address by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Asked by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl why he was in attendance, Cheney replied, “It is an important historical event. You can’t overestimate how important it is.”

“He told me that he is ‘deeply disappointed in the Republican leadership,’” Karl said of his conversation with Cheney. “And he was specifically talking about how they have handled the events of January 6th and the aftermath, and what he described as a failure to defend the Constitution.”

He reportedly added, “It’s not leadership that resembles any of the folks I knew when I was here for 10 years.”

Guy Varoma

William try using your google fact checker for once ..The claim it was Antifa has been debunked ….Do you ever get anything right? Like I said …you Trumpt’s get a hold of a lie and never let go of it


The real RINOS are the Trump worshipers. The real Republicans are found in the ranks of the Lincoln project, fighting to restore the integrity of the once Grand Old Party. By the way, one of them was once Republican Party Chairman, the noble Michael Steele, who now appears regularly on MSNBC to denounce those who continue to corrupt the GOP by genuflecting before the altar of a Hitler wannabe
named Donald J. Trump.


Lest we forget. Quotes from Republican leaders in the immediate aftermath of the 1/6 insurrection:

“The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.” M. McConnell

“The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by the mob rioters.” K. McCarthy

“The president must understand that his actions were the problem not the solution. All I can say, is count me out. Enough is enough.” L. Graham

The full list is much longer. Can anyone, especially current Trump admirers, please explain these quotes and why the men who said these thing were quickly resumed kneeling at Trump’s altar in Mara Lago, I don’t get it.


My bet is, once again, no answers from the right. That, or something that is irrelevant and/or makes no sense. Don’t forget you don’t gain credibility by simultaneously downplaying the attempted insurrection and blaming Democrats, antifa, or whatever imagined villain you conjure up in your fevered brains.


Once in a while ya gotta do something to relieve the anxiety over what’s going on in our country. I was watching an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies and the following popped into my head:

Come listen to my story about a man name
Will 🎵
A poor mountaineer wanted all them dems be dead,
And then one day he’s saying something rude,
Boastin for a man that was being mighty crude 🎶

POTUS that is Black on Hold orange pee. 🎶

Well the first thing you know old Will’s just hot air,
The kinfolk said “Will move away from there” 🎼
Said “Washington is the place you ought to be” 🎵
So they loaded up the truck and they moved to DC.

Capital that is Swinging poles killing souls. 🎶

Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Will and all his kin. 🎵
And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly dropping in.
You’re all invited back next year to this locality, 🎶
To have a heaping helping of their hospital-ity.

Insurrection that is. Set a spell. Take off your shoes.
We’ll throw um all back now y-hear

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