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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Jan. 11


Vilify, don’t honor, Confederate leaders

The political right in America is usually very vociferous in their opposition to “participation trophies.”
I have to admit that I don’t much care for them either.
Every contest ends with a winner and a loser. The Confederate States of America was resoundingly defeated as a result of the Civil War.
All of the monuments erected to honor the leaders of that lost cause basically were “participation trophies.”
While the men who fought in the war are entitled to be honored for being good soldiers, the leaders that made the poor decision to waste lives and money should be vilified, not honored.
Yet many think that the removal of Confederate statues is “cancel culture.” I think of it as a course correction.
While we should honor every veteran, living or deceased, should we erect statues to honor Lyndon Johnson and Dean Rusk for the Vietnam debacle?
I hope not.
Thomas Benson

Writer draws false conclusion on Biden

In a letter published in The Daily Gazette on Jan. 5 (“Public has right to see Jan. 6 papers”) Paul Deierlein speculates that because President Biden has agreed to not release all the Trump Administration documents initially requested by the January 6 Select Committee, then President Biden was perhaps complicit in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Unfortunately, Mr. Deierlein does not present us with all the facts.
According to a story in the New York Times, the documents that President Biden has agreed to hold back “do not appear to bear on the White House’s preparations for or response to the events of Jan. 6, or on efforts to overturn the election or otherwise obstruct the peaceful transfer of power.”
An additional small set of documents is being held back due to national security or executive privilege concerns.
The documents that have been released are more than sufficient to establish the culpability of Donald Trump, members of his family and administration, and his supporters, in the horrific events of Jan. 6, 2021.
I, for one, have no concerns about the small number of documents not being released.
Any suggestion that President Biden was complicit in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol is ridiculous and flies in the face of the huge amount of evidence to the contrary that is in the public domain.
Victor Roberts
Burnt Hills

OK with ignoring pandemic’s effects

We started almost two years ago with 25 days to ‘flatten the curve.’
OK, I tried. But my kids all work in restaurants. So I never paid attention to covid and lived my life as normal. I still do. I’m not vaccinated. And I go to eat in restaurants.
If this scares you, please watch Jack Nicholson in the “Bucket List.” God Bless you all and have an amazing 2022.
Also, thank the veteran next to you. If you don’t know what’s going on in Eastern Europe or Australia, Google it.
Then shake the hand of the next veteran you meet and sincerely thank them for their service.
Angela Midgley

Outraged over separation idea

In response to Barbara Raffan’s Dec. 27 letter in The Gazette (“Separate out all of the unvaccinated.”) What is this, North Korea?
Better yet we could just take the unvaccinated out and shoot them for sport.
And they say people on the right are intolerant.
Ray Weidman


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Bill Wemple

What’s going on in Australia? I consider myself pretty up to date on the news in that part of world as I have multiple colleagues working there. Usually it’s the most quiet country in the world.

Bill Wemple

NO, they are arresting people who tried to ESCAPE Quarantine in Australia! To control outbreaks in that part of the country, Australia is requiring residents and travelers into the country to quarantine in these camps first before going any further into Australia. These people being arrested did not want to follow the quarantine rules and tried to escape. Most of these Quarantine ‘camps’ around Australia are in HOTELS actually. The camps in Darwin, NT typically receive a lot of refugees from New Guinea and other parts of Southeast Asia throughout the year even before COVID pandemic. Just like our Southern Border in the US…

William Marincic

They are still putting people in camps though arent they. How about all of the riots across Australia by people that want the right not to be vaccinated?

Bill Wemple

Australia lives by the concept that if you don’t like the rules, you are always free to leave. When you arrive in OZ now you are required to quarantine in these camps and I use that term loosely as most of these camps are HOTELS. You are not free to quarantine at a friend or family’s house or a place of your choice. Those are Australia’s rules. Don’t like them, don’t travel there. Their democracy is slightly different than ours, but I will say it’s one of the happiest and safest places on Earth because they don’t put up with a lot of the BS that goes on here and elsewhere in the name of ‘freedoms’.

William Marincic

I wish we had the same immigration laws. I remember the PM saying that they are a Christian country and that you can worship as you please but Australia won’t be changing.

How about you start using emojis or something to alert whether you’re serious or not, since your sense of humor and your sense of seriousness are lacking.

Bill Wemple

Australia is NOT putting their citizens in camps to quarantine unless they are travelling back into the country from abroad. I have several colleagues in Australia who got COVID and stayed in their homes to recover in place with no issues. If you break quarantine in Australia or New Zealand you face arrest and heavy fines, unlike the US which hands out executive orders by state regarding quarantine that are basically not enforced. ChuckD I’m not using a phone so no emojis. If you can’t comprehend what you’re reading from news sources, stop reposting your ‘alternative facts’.

I believe you’re confused as to who I was commenting on, Bill.
I agree with most of what you post and have no trouble understanding you.
My comment was specifically referring to Marincic’s little game yesterday.


Did you see that BM? Someone apologized for making a mistake. As difficult as it may be for you to believe, people actually do that.


Here is more evidence that Trump puts loyalty to himself ahead of the conservative agenda:

S.D. conservative R. Sen. Mike Rounds said, “The election was fair, as fair as we have seen. We simply did not win the election, as Republicans for the presidency.”

Our articulate and thoughtful former president responded that Sen. Rounds was “crazy or stupid.” and added “I will never endorse this jerk again.”

In other words, if you don’t support the lie that Trump won the presidency in 2020 your stand on the issues is irrelevant.

The tide is turning against Trump. Sen. Romney quickly offered his support to Sen. Rounds. Really Republicans, do you want your party to represent the will and insanity of one man or issues important to conservatives?

Doug Hampton

I watch George Stephanopolous every Sunday and I was literally rooting Rounds on in my living room. Finally a Republican Senator that tells the truth about the 2020 election! Trump , who endorsed Rounds in 2020 , predictably fired back as you mentioned in your post. The ironic thing is that the R party did very well overall in 2020 so why do they continue to say that just the Presidential election was bogus and not all the R victories! Sounds like cherry picking to me! Furthermore , why haven’t they concluded that just maybe they need a change at the top! too logical perhaps!


The GOP has no leadership but are willing to back Trump the loser. Brilliant, like his supporters who only represent 30-35%. Not a winning formula unless they cheat which is really their plan.


From a civil lawsuit brought by Capitol Police Officer Michael Moore:

“Defendant Trump agreed and conspired with his followers to stage an attack on the Capitol to prevent Congress and Vice President Mike Pence, by force, intimidation, or threat, from discharging their duties of certifying the winners of the 2020 election.”

Moore suffers from physical and emotional injuries inflicted on him by the insurrectionists on 1/6 as he tried to protect members of Congress and Pence from the surging mob of insurrectionists.

In reference to Trump’s 1/6 speech, Federal Judge Mehta asked of Trump’s lawyers:

“His last words were ‘Go to the Capitol’ and before that it was ‘show strength and fight.’ Why isn’t that a plausible invitation to do exactly what the rioters ended up doing?”

In further questioning Judge Mehta asked why Trump’s failure to do anything for hours after the insurrection started wasn’t an endorsement and support for their actions.


Great reprint of an editorial from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch giving Biden high praise for his excellent Jan. 6 speech last week calling out Trump for the insurrection. I hope his speech today in Georgia on voting rights is just as powerful calling out the GOP for their voting suppression laws. The Dems need to get energized this year and take the fight to the republicans and it all starts with Biden.


From today’s Daily Gazette editorial page: ‘Biden puts blame where it belongs — on Trump” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch):

“The ongoing efforts by Trump and GOP congressional leaders to avoid talking about the insurrection while presenting tortured rationalizations for Trump’s support of it demand daily reminders that, no, all is not well.
This nation’s democracy hangs by a thread because the GOP leadership refuses to prioritize defense of that democracy over their selfish partisan interests.
The insurrectionists Trump directed to the Capitol ‘weren’t looking to uphold the will of the people. They were looking to deny the will of the people.'(Biden)”


Dare we hope the walls are closing in on one of America’s most notorious monsters? Don’t forget, he is under criminal investigation in Georgia for attempting to interfere with election results through threats and intimidation. His phone call to Raffensperger is convincing evidence of the crime.

In New York, he is being investigated for tax and insurance fraud, supporting evidence includes wildly varying estimates of property he owned with the determinant being what was to his advantage. For assessing taxes the value of property was stated to be much lower than when that same property was offered as collateral for a loan.

One example is Trump’s property on 40 Wall Street in Manhattan. Its value has been estimated as high as 527 million dollars and as low as 16.7 million dollars by the Trump organization. Of course, the lowest estimate was for tax purposes. In effect, Trump stole from other NYC property holders.


I certainly hope the walls are closing in on evil orange and his cohorts. What makes me somewhat hopeful is that there are people in positions to nail his corrupt fat ass, that loathe him as much as much as we do.


I cannot keep track of all the civil lawsuits against Trump, don’t forget Swalwell’s and one of the Capitol Officers’ suits regarding the Jan. 6 insurrection that are moving along in the courts.


There are too many Angela Midgley’s out there who don’t deserve the luxuries of going wherever they want to at the expense of us who got fully vaccinated and wear a mask in crowds. Personally, I won’t take a flight or go to a restaurant because they don’t require vaccinations. I know many, many people who feel the same.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it reminds of when NYC outlawed smoking in bars. Bar owners complained that they would lose business. Just the opposite happened, and all the nonsmokers went into bars that they used to stay away from, and businesses strived. If restaurants and airline companies required vaccinations, their businesses would thrive too. The same is true of most other establishments. Missed opportunity. Mandates work.

Bill Nechamen

I’ve made the same comparisons about smoking bans way back when. I had previously avoided smoky bars and was so pleased to be able to attend newly busy bars when the smoke disappeared. Only took a few smokers to spoil the atmosphere! Also remember when the last half dozen rows of airlines were for smokers. That helped a lot when you were in the last row of the no smoking section! When I read Midgley’s letter this morning, my first response is that, unfortunately, that’s why I’m not going to any restaurants until this wave is in the rear view mirror.

William Marincic

We are now in an Endemic, not a pandemic, we have therapeutics and we have vaccines. Are we going to continue to cower or are we going to go back to life as normal? I know the Democrat-run states like NY want us to shut down and love the power but states like Florida, Texas, and N. Dakota have been open for business and are thriving. Is omicron more transmissible, yes, so is a common cold. It’s time to deal with this for what it is.


Well, if you call having disparaging opinion toward individuals displaying ignorance and arrogance biased, then I’m guilty.



William Marincic

Lou, you can yell in type all you want, you continue to call me a racist and I said many times that I believe you are the racist who is deflecting. I told you that I would compare Christmas photos and videos with you, I also told you that mine would be the ones with people of color in them and yours would be the all-White family. As a very happy and loving mixed family, I take offense to your continued attack on me as a racist and the only reason you continue must be to atone for your own sins as a racist or former racist. What other reason could there be. So by you yelling in type has zero affect on anything.


I would rather look at photos of Satan himself having a party than your “Christmas photos.”
BTW, I don’t have Christmas photos, I’m a Black Jew that celebrates Hanukkah.

William Marincic

So now you are Black, I know that as an absolute lie, I know who you, and you are not Black.


Bill, you obviously don’t care if Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths are breaking records everywhere. Texas and Florida stopped reporting or are not fully reporting their cases because it makes their governors look bad. Hospitals are approaching capacity and doctors and health care workers are exhausted. But as long as clowns like you make it sound like it’s no big deal, the PANDEMIC will continue. Cannot wait to hear that you get it or spread it to your family and friends at the white supremacy meetings you attend with Fred.

William Marincic

Because of Biden Hospitals had to fire half of their employees for God’s sake. Then you complain there are not enough staff. Then SCOTUS Sotameyer lies and says 100,000 kids are in hospitals with covid or some such thing when most are there for something else and they were tested for covid there. WOW.

Bill Wemple

Half their employees? Try less than 1%, but these hospitals were already short-staffed before pandemic even started. Houston Methodist, for one example, has over 26,000 employees of which only 153 were fired due to vaccine refusal. Of those 153, only 26 were nurses.

For the clueless and hysterical:

(On 12/1/2020 the Albany Med nurses went on strike claiming being short-staffed for over a year. That means there were staffing problems well before COVID. This took 8.2 seconds to find. But some would try to make a political point of it by twisting the truth.)

Nurses said they decided to strike due to concerns over patient safety, infection control and long-held staffing issues. Short staffing has fueled burnout and turnover for years, they claim, and the situation has only been compounded by the pandemic.

Mary-Elizabeth Moshier, a nurse in the operating room who has been with Albany Med for six years, said nurses are tired of having their concerns go ignored.

“We’ve been hemorrhaging nurses for years,” she said. “Everyone says, ‘Oh, go work somewhere else then.’ But how does that help the staff and the patients who would be left behind?”


Hopefully, some day soon, we will be able to deal with covid 19 as endemic, developing annual vaccines to deal with the developing and dominant variants. For the present it is a health crisis and should be dealt with as such. Using it as a political tool is absolutely disgusting and the cause of the prolonged public health emergency, but then what isn’t disgusting about Trump’s party?

William Marincic

We have vaccines according to President Fauci that will more than 90% stop you from dying, we have a pill by Phizer that will stop you from dying if you are at high risk amongst other therapeutics. So what do you need now? Democrats in democrat states are using it as a political tool.


Based on your comments today it is absolutely clear that, like your monstrous hero, disinformation is your tool of choice.

“We are now in an Endemic, not a pandemic, (further blather)”

No, despite what your bedroom full of talking plush toys whisper to you, we are not “in an Endemic”, nor can we be because the word is used to describe a mass viral infection. It’s an adjective. You don’t even understand what the word means.
We all know how much you people hate to be informed or educated, but here’s what they say about it at the Harvard School of Public Health for normal people’s benefit:

What will it be like when COVID-19 becomes endemic?
August 11, 2021 – Immunity conferred from natural infection and vaccines, patterns of social contact, and virus transmissibility will all play a role in what COVID-19 will look like as it continues to circulate in the months and years ahead, says Yonatan Grad, Melvin J. and Geraldine L. Glimcher Associate Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

Q: Many experts have said they expect COVID-19 to become an endemic disease. How does a disease go from being acute to endemic? What factors shape the transition to endemicity? What’s a likely timeline for COVID-19 to become endemic?

A: The expectation that COVID-19 will become endemic essentially means that the pandemic will not end with the virus disappearing; instead, the optimistic view is that enough people will gain immune protection from vaccination and from natural infection such that there will be less transmission and much less COVID-19-related hospitalization and death, even as the virus continues to circulate.


Let’s look at Republican duplicity:

Rep. Jim Jordan has acknowledged, albeit in very nervous, reluctant, and halting statements, that he did speak with Trump several times on 1/6. Yet, he refuses to testify before the 1/6 committee. If he, an enthusiastic promoter of Trump, knew his testimony would help exonerate the former president, wouldn’t he welcome the opportunity to clear the air? Instead, it looks like Congress will have to subpoena one of its own to get at the truth.

From “Scraping bottom, McCarthy manages to sink even lower” by Mark Z. Barabak, editorial page today’s Gazette:

“He (McCarthy) initially held Donald Trump to account, flatly stating, ‘The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters.’
That changed when the anticipated anti-Trump backlash failed to materialize among rank-and-file Republican voters.
Soon McCarthy was on a flight to Palm Beach, Fla., to grovel and beg forgiveness.”

William Marincic

No wrong, he said that he would not testify unless Nancy Pelosi and others who were in charge of Capital security were required to testify as well with the questions being asked of why the Capital was so vulnerable when they knew a hundred thousand protesters would be in DC.

Doug Hampton

The last time…..Jim Jordan either made a mistake or lied. I will be generous here. Nancy Pelosi was NOT in charge of security on Jan 6th. More social media memes but it serves the right’s interests so why not go with it!

William Marincic

She is the speaker, do you believe that the Sgt. Of Arms and the security detail did not ask her advice and involve her?

Do you agree that if the crowd wasn’t under the impression that they were doing Trump’s bidding by attacking the Capitol it’d be a non-issue?

Doug Hampton

Sounds like your back pedaling! That’s not even close to what Jim Jordan said! This is what you guys do….can’t believe you don’t see it. Throw out a lie , hope that it sticks , when it gets refuted as such , then plan B is to modify the original lie for those that see through it and hope that enough people retain only the original lie. They play you guys like a fiddle!


Capitol security is provided by the sergeants-at-arms for the House AND senate, in coordination with the Capitol Police. Both sergeants-at-arms resigned after the attempted coup.

Trump could have stopped the failed coup before the mob broke into the Capitol by telling them that trying to kill Pelosi, hang Mike Pence, and interfere with the certification of the election was not what he meant when he said they would have to fight like hell if they wanted to keep their country.

He could have called the National Guard in much earlier than he did. Instead he sent out a tweet, saying the protesters must have been more upset about the election than McCarthy.

Finally, your defense has nothing to do with my point. Regardless of whether or not Pelosi AND McConnell failed to prepare properly for Trump’s mob, Jordan should be eager to present exculpatory evidence for his hero, Trump.

Doug Hampton

Good clarification. I got what you meant but the right chooses to obfuscate. If Jordan’s testimony could clear Trump , of course he would testify. Throw out another lie and watch all the minions eat it up for more hatred towards the Dem’s!


The cause of the insurrection, Trump’s disinformation campaign, is the primary area of concern. Legislation designed to prevent and defend against future plots to overthrow democracy can be developed based on this fact gathering aspect of the investigation.

I believe all law enforcement failed to foresee the horror that an amoral ambitious Trump would unleash on this nation in attempt to retain power. I think that is understandable; no other occupant of the White House ever came near the total corruption and evil of Donald J. Trump.

Do not forget, as you attempt to shift blame to Pelosi or whoever, TRUMP COULD HAVE STOPPED THE VIOLENCE WHENEVER HE WANTED. The coward could have walked to the Capitol with his minions, as he said he would. He could have told them to stop the violence as soon as it began.

He didn’t because he wanted them to delay certification in the hopes of somehow retaining his power.

Please stop with the excuses and blame-shifting and help all decent Americans, conservatives and progressives, to re-establish a functioning democracy, based on a willingness to openly debate, compromise and seek consensus, not just obstruct until one party gains total power.

William, I thought we all knew that there would be a “Stop the Steal” rally (as 45 continued to try to steal it), but 45 told them to go to the Capitol. I’m not sure the lawmakers knew they would come to the Capitol.

Jim Jordan’s excuse is lame…it’s true that asking him to testify may be unprecedented, but certainly not inappropriate since he’s up 45s butt and talked to him during the riot.
You complain that Jordan was not allowed on the committee when we all know he was in on it!

Welp, the Select Committee has about all the txts and phone and email records they need. I guess we’ll see how honest Gymbo really is.
But based on his inability to hide his nervousness I’m pretty sure it doesn’t look good for him.
Then there’s Ohio State…

William Marincic

Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution states that lawmakers are “privileged from Arrest” during the execution of their official duties and “that shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

Bill Wemple

Which means that Members of Congress may not be arrested\detained for questioning, etc., going to\from their Houses of Legislature for official duties or while they are in session. Once their session is over they can be arrested like any other citizen while in office.


That would seem to make Trey Gowdy’s years long Ben Ghazi investigation and interrogation of former Senator Hillary Clinton totally unconstitutional.

On the other hand, one of Congress’ most critical duties is oversight of the executive branch, one of the checks and balances necessary to keep any one branch from becoming too powerful.

Certainly, they have a right to investigate alleged criminal activity on the part of members of the executive branch, including the president. Have you ever heard if Watergate and Nixon?

Isn’t it a fundamental principle of any democracy that no man is above the law? Maybe Trump was wrong when he said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it.

Let’s hope so.

Bill Wemple

Article 1 Section 6 is intended as a check against the Executive branch using its law enforcement powers to stop Congress from performing its official duties.

Marincic: Fomenting an insurrection or aiding and abetting such is not an official duty of a congressman. Jordan’s actions prior to and on January 6, 2020 are subject to scrutiny and therefore the select committee has the power and the duty to compel him to testify and turn over all documents/ evidence in whatever medium they be recorded. His weak deflection re: Nancy Pelosi is evidence of consciousness of guilt.


Angela Midgley, your way of thinking and behavior is a major driving force pushing the nightmare pandemic we are all living:

This past Sunday 17 people died in a Bronx apartment fire, its been a top news story since. Yes, 17 lives lost is a very sad and tragic event.

To put things in perspective, according to CDC statistics the current seven day COVID-19 death average in the United States is 1,246, that equates to 156 deaths per day. Why have so many become complacent and numb to grim statistics related this pandemic? Life is precious and the simple tasks of getting vaccinated and wearing a proper mask will save thousands of lives. I know many people are tired of hearing this, but it can’t be said enough because millions are still not complying with these simple steps that will save so many lives. I really don’t get it.

William Gym Jordan is a hypocrite ..He pushed for the Benghazi hearings and for Hillary to testify …She did twice without hesitation….

Now you claim Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution states that lawmakers are “privileged from Arrest” during the execution of their official duties and “that shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

So you are saying i it’s a republican they don’t have to testify only democrats do.

Your hypocrisy and his is hilarious.

Is talking to people planning an insurrection part of Gym Jordan’s official duties ?

Also you never answered me yesterday or the dat before how HR1 is unconstitutional and will ruin our Country…Peace and Love

Now you’re slamming Hillary for testifying for ELEVEN hours at one hearing, when the gop don’t even have the balls to come in?
Jordan is GUILTY and is hiding. 45 would melt in 2 minutes! Neither can hold a candle to HIllary. Boy, you’re always talking about our hatred of 45, what a hypocrite!

William Marincic

Varoma “you tell him girl” I already told you this isn’t a dating site. We get it, your thirsty, go back to Tinder.

William Marincic

Hillary lied to the committee, she said that most of her work was done in person, not by email. We know that’s a lie, we also know about the acid washing of hard drives and that she used hammers to smash the phones. What guilty person does that?


Says the man who continuously proves he can not recognize the difference between truth and lie.

And man, was she indicted or what!?!?
Oh right, nothing came of it.
Deep State!

Remember 45 claiming Hillary would be in jail if he won the election? (that’s what autocrats say). He asked for Biden to be jailed 2 weeks before the election, too. WHENEVER have we heard a candidate speak like that?
His administration threw everything at Hillary and once again came up with nothing.

For years, the gop was so threatened by this incredibly intelligent woman, they were successful in smearing her. She definitely made mistakes, but then look what those hypocrites turned a blind eye to with mango mussolini.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more disgusted with Republicans, Rand Paul is running his mouth at warp speed bringing nothing to efforts to help Americans but trying his damnedest to impugn a true American hero. As if he was in any position to question Anthony Fauci.
See: CNN

You Republicans continue to devolve more and more into cartoon characters. Tragic ones, at that.

Doug Hampton

Rand Paul is a disgrace and a disappointment. I actually used to like him as he had some libertarian views that I shared. Maybe I expected too much out of him because he is a Dr and I liked his father but he has completely sold out to the alt right and has been beyond disrespectful towards Dr Fauci. When he speaks , it’s usually with great bitterness. He and Ron Johnson and of course Ted Cruz are truly the 3 Stooges!


In reading today’s comments I can come to only one conclusion. The relentless efforts on the part of Trump’s party to put 1/6 behind us, refusing to cooperate with the House investigation and the obstruction, duplicity, and lies of Jordan and other Republicans demonstrates “consciousness of guilt”.

They have no defense. They’ve been caught as red-handed as Nixon but with far more than ‘one smoking gun’ aimed at them.

Their shameful actions will be recorded in history and if we continue to relentlessly push for the truth, history will see them for the cowards and enemies of America that they are.

William, who said that? Ted Cruz??!! He has about as much integrity as jello thrown at the wall.
Cruz’ claim got 2 pinocchios.

“I don’t think anyone has hurt science, has hurt the credibility of the CDC, has hurt the credibility of doctors, more than Dr. Fauci, because throughout this pandemic, he’s been dishonest.” Cruz… is projecting, since obviously this is to divert attention from 45s FAILURES–45 is the one that did all those things.

Doug Hampton

Also been refuted by fact checkers. William there is no reason to continue talking to you because you just don’t want to see or hear the truth. I have proven things to you over and over and it is clear that you only see one side of any story….yours and what FOX tells you. The truth is that you just don’t want to see the truth. And when you are cornered like a rat like you have been with me and others many times you simply stop posting. Quite sad actually.


“You can’t fix every fool. You can’t always get others to change themselves forthwith, either, especially the stubborn and the senseless ones. Sometimes you can only wait for the rain to pour and deplete them of denseness.” ~ Picazo Basha

William Marincic

Fact-checkers now that is rich…… Please tell me why it’s only republican content that gets fact-checked? Why wasn’t Soltimeyor fact-checked, I know Amy Comy-Barret would have been.


Doug, I have come to the same conclusion concerning BM’s obstinacy as you have. If you present factual information that refutes his case, he denies its validity with nonsense from an entertainment network called FOX, or far-right sites with ‘0’ credibility. I only continue to respond in the hopes that others reading these posts will see how frighteningly wrong he and others who literally worship Trump are.

At times, he apparently realizes how wrong he is and the impossibility of countering an evidence-backed argument. He then goes silent. Reading through daily posts will prove this to be true.He has never responded to Trump’s disparaging remarks about McCain’s imprisonment by the Viet Cong or to criminal investigations of Trump in the aftermath or to civil suits brought against Trump by victims of the attempted coup or to the current criminal investigations going on in NY for tax and insurance fraud etc.

Doug Hampton

Exactly right. When he gets cornered like a rat , you stop hearing from him. We have all experienced the same thing with him. I am tired of constantly having to show him that his information is wrong….not his opinion mind you, but that what he is using as viable information has already been debunked virtually all of the time. I have some friends that are Trumpsters that do the same thing but usually they eventually turn to policy , where you can at least have a healthy debate. As I tell them , just because I think Trump is an absolute disaster doesn’t mean that I love and/or endorse everything that Biden does. I was a big 3rd party guy for all too long and all it ever does is determine election outcomes. America will never have a 3rd party in my lifetime on the Presidential level so if we have to live with an imperfect 2 party system and the R party continues to conduct themselves as they appear to be , then to me it’s a no brainer as to who to support.


More BS from Marincic. No, Dr. Fauci didn’t lie to Congress. If you had bothered to verify your statement, you’d have found that he DID NOT LIE TO CONGRESS. LOOK IT UP!


More BS from Marincic. No, Dr. Fauci didn’t lie to Congress. If you had bothered to verify your statement, you’d have found what I did. LOOK IT UP!

William Marincic

He sure did he said that the NIH is not involved in a gain of function research and the NIH put out a letter stating they did do it.

An ongoing controversy over what constitutes virology research that is too dangerous to conduct—and whether the U.S government funded studies in China that violated a policy barring funding for such risky research—has taken a new turn. While denying once again it had helped create the virus that sparked the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed in a letter sent yesterday to Republicans in Congress that experiments it funded through a U.S.-based nonprofit in 2018 and 2019 at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China had the “unexpected result” of creating a coronavirus that was more infectious in mice.

Doug Hampton

This is old news. Also been refuted. I know that you refuse to look past what FOX and company tells you but you really are being fed constant lies. I am through trying to convince you. I know that I am wasting my time with you. Good Luck to you.

This took 5.75 seconds to find:
NIH says grantee failed to report experiment in Wuhan that created a bat virus that made mice sicker
EcoHealth Alliance violated terms of grant, according to letter to House Republicans

An ongoing controversy over what constitutes virology research that is too dangerous to conduct—and whether the U.S government funded studies in China that violated a policy barring funding for such risky research—has taken a new turn. While denying once again it had helped create the virus that sparked the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed in a letter sent yesterday to Republicans in Congress that experiments it funded through a U.S.-based nonprofit in 2018 and 2019 at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China had the “unexpected result” of creating a coronavirus that was more infectious in mice.

NIH says the organization holding the parent grant, the EcoHealth Alliance, failed to immediately report this result to the agency, as required. A newly released progress report on that grant also shows that EcoHealth and WIV conducted experiments changing the virus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which is raising additional questions.

NIH noted in its letter that when the agency reviewed the original EcoHealth grant proposal, it determined the proposed experiments—designed to determine whether certain bat coronaviruses might infect humans—did not meet its definition of so-called gain-of-function (GOF) experiments that can make pathogens more dangerous to humans.

Geez, Marincic, honesty is hard!

I only do it as public service. Imagine running in to Jonestown yelling, “don’t drink the Koolaid!”
Probably wouldn’t help.

(This was a response to another comment from …Doug? that seemed to oddly vaporize)


Just thought I throw in an interpretation of a vintage Black phrase for a little humor and change from all this tension:

As defined by Jonathon Green – “Often referred to as the English-speaking world’s leading lexicographer of slang”…

“The primary version of this originally black phrase is “The man with a paper a- -hole.” (It can also occur as man with a paper ass or paper rectum). Such a person is defined as a talkative fool – all talk and little or no action. The image seems to be that of paper which flaps uselessly in the wind. That wind my be the ‘hot air’ of empty speech, although there may be an underlying hint of farting.”

William Marincic

And you just described yourself to a T, but of course, it had to be a “vintage Black phrase” to convince people you are not a racist.

FYI, it didn’t work. I know what you are.


I’m getting tired of hearing someone who is an obvious racist continuously calling Louis, who is clearly not racist, a racist. Why don’t you knock off the CRAP, BM?

William Marincic

I’m obviously a racist? I will do the same with you, let’s compare Christmas pictures and videos. Why is Lou clearly not a racist, do you know him personally? Have you hung around with him, have you seen how he acts toward POC in person?


Denying the connection between centuries of discrimination against Blacks and disparities in income, treatment by police, net worth, rates of incarceration etc. seems likely a racist attitude. The only other explanation for the disparities seems to be the assumption of something inherent in Blacks. That is racism.


I have written a response twice and it didn’t post. I’ll make it shorter and post one at a time:

Claiming to be brought up white but not capable of being a racist because you have ‘Black blood’ sounds racist. There is no such thing as ‘Black blood’.


Trying to ‘whitewash’ American history and diminishing the suffering of Blacks sounds racist.

Thinking comparing Christmas videos and pictures will prove you are not racist smacks of racism, as in “I have Black friends” or Trump pointing to an African American at one of his rallies ans saying “there’s my African-American”.

If it is necessary to know Louis personally to determine whether or not he is racist, I must ask you the same questions: Have you “hung around with him”?

Doug Hampton

#1 Louis is not a racist based on his posts , don’t have to know him personally. It’s obvious to virtually anyone that can read and comprehend. # 2 When you have to claim that you are not a racist by comparing Christmas photos and declaring that your 12.5% Black “blood” exempts you from being a racist…..that type of comment makes one think that you are just that. I always thought that all blood was red but that’s just crazy me. By the way , I would never make fun of you for taking Jesus as your savior as that’s a perfectly fine thing to do. The problem is that many of your comments and your apparent thoughts are far from what Jesus preaches.

William Marincic

When a former smoker tells you you shouldn’t smoke because you’ll get cancer or you’ll get sick or you will die and you continually say it over and over and over again. It’s no different than his posts that are constantly about racism and you shouldn’t be a racist and you are a racist and this and that with racism it sounds to me like he’s a former racist just like a former smoker will continue to tell you about smoking. That’s my opinion right or wrong I have a right to my opinion.


Why do you praise Jesus, did you know him personally? Words say a lot, as do yours.

William Marincic

I praise Jesus because he is my Savior and to Anthony, I’m very consistent in all that I do.


Oh boy, now you’ve expose yourself to the wrath of a disciple of Jesus A God-fearing Evangelical Christian,who turns the other cheek, only in a direction to be able to better spit in your face.


This is the long version of “they see only and hear etc ” credit Louis I think.
So this was posted on “Political Discourse” on Next Door here. Conclusion there are WM and FB and fedsmiths everywhere and whether its Louis short version or this long one this is who we deal with in every part of the country. Sad the r’s have come to this is how they are defined. Which I totally agree with and Williams posts every day prove this.

Look you guys, this thing I know. No r will actually expose themselves to anything that does not support their insanity. I noticed it with the Mueller reports and learning more as I went along, they will not let themselves “see”. Just like ? not watching the hearings. They will not expose themselves to anything that does not support what they believe to be true. They are simply not able to put themselves in that position. That’s why they have zero credibility. I have zero tolerance for ignorance, so talking to them and showing evidence is meaningless, yet they fight to the tenth degree their beliefs. As I’ve said many times. The earth is not flat, and T is nothing less than a total liar and grifter. Let them continue to give their millions and fly those ridiculous T flags. It only screams the ignorance. So let them live in fantasy land. Apparently it’s the thing they need to do for themselves. One can not help those that do not want to help themselves. All the evidence is there and has been for …7 yrs now. It will never ever change and we are talking to a wall.


And the rest of your post is on the mark. I’ll add, the main difference in a dense wall and these guys is that the wall doesn’t talk back.


Louis, I’ll tell you and hope BM reads it. I would never want to meet or have any personal involvement with racists and those who would tear are democracy down to elevate one far less than mediocre man.


TYPO: “our democracy” sorry. Still waiting for some crappy response from BM to my points concerning what constitutes racism. Do you agree? disagree? Why?

A bit of housecleaning…

William Marincic
January 10th, 2022

“Al Pirigyi Share the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So when Merrick garland or the FBI’s Christopher Ray wants to release the information on Ray Epps then maybe will have more of a full story. But I don’t think that’ll be forthcoming because it seems that Ray apps was working for the FBI. Just my humble opinion.”
‘Sorry, crazies’: Jan. 6 committee debunks conspiracy theory that Ray Epps was an FBI informant
John Wright
January 11, 2022
(via RawStory, an admittedly left-leaning news aggregator, but with more mainstream links and direct quotes within)

The House committee investigating the Capitol insurrection on Tuesday formally debunked the right-wing conspiracy theory that Jan. 6 protester Ray Epps was an FBI informant, which had been pushed as recently as hours earlier by Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

“The Select Committee is aware of unsupported claims that Ray Epps was an FBI informant based on the fact that he was on the FBI Wanted list and then was removed from that list without being charged,” the committee wrote on Twitter. “The Committee has interviewed Epps. Epps informed us that he was not employed by, working with, or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on Jan 5th or 6th or at any other time, & that he has never been an informant for the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), a member of the committee, added: “One more @tedcruz conspiracy down. Ray Epps has cooperated and is nothing but a Jan 6 protest attendee, in his own words. Sorry crazies, it ain’t true.”

PolitiFact also recently addressed the claim that Epps was an FBI informant. Epps, a former president of the Arizona Oath Keepers, was seen on video on Jan. 5 and 6 urging others to enter the Capitol “peacefully.”

William Marincic

If Ray Epps was not working with the FBI then he should and will be arrested for inciting a riot and inciting the breach of the capital, if not then he definitely was working with the feds.


Fellow sane bloggers,

I’ve heard people say that with close friends and family they avoid talking politics or religion. I most certainly was at that point. Now, whenever possible, I not only avoid the subject of politics, I avoid the people, short of a few relatives, that have hard right leaning views. I believe them to be a threat to America and our future generations. I can’t get beyond that thought when around most of them. It repulses me.

I go about my daily business and can take mental showers of “diversion”to get relief from the trumpian insanity. I can read, work on my farm, socialize (now disappointing limited for obvious reason). I am grateful for the ability to have Internet group communication. I’ve got a 5 person ongoing texting line with high school buddies. There are other email and texting lines I am a part of. We’re various groups of like minded people. It’s fun, enlightening, easy and most importantly non-confrontational.

I feel a camaraderie, a friendship of sorts with so many of the smart, compassionate people on this forum, it gets stronger with time….And then there’s William. I truly take no issue with any of the other right leaning bloggers on this forum, everyone is entitled to their two, ten, or even twenty-five cents of opinion…. And then there’s William.

Now after being long winded, to my point; This post began with me talking about avoidance of strong apposing political views. With William’s unparalleled, incessant in your face derogatory comments and rebuttals, avoidance even for enough time to catch your breath is an impossibility. This is one man injecting his hate, that in actually is depriving us of so much insightful productive thought. Not unlike trump infecting America, William is infecting this forum. That’s what I think.


I’m black. I’ve known Lou Restifo since high school, MPHS class of 1966. Lou is not a racist.
William, you need help. All health insur covers mental health visits, thanks to ACA.

Diane Sanders Hombach


If only William would read your post and all the others which have examined his racist attitudes over the last several months, maybe, we can always hope, he would have a sudden insight, an epiphany, as to how he sounds to objective readers with any comprehensive knowledge of American history and racism.

William Marincic

Well Diane you have never answered the question that I posed to you dozens of times. Did you tell someone in the 80s get the flag was racist and it does not represent you?


Your comment is once again, though you don’t see it, racist. A Black person can legitimately question whether or not the flag has lived up to the best American values. Just like the racist Trump ‘loved’ insurrectionists, many carrying confederate flags, Blacks, due to the effects of persecution and discrimination, can understandably see the flag as racist, especially with people like you out there. Let’s make all Americans proud to be American by creating a country that values people equally regardless of color, national origins, religion or lack thereof, sexual preferences, ethnic origins etc.

Let’s condemn terrorist white nationalists groups like the Proud Boys and Oath keepers whose support Trump solicits and accepts.


Is there any greater way to disrespect the flag of our country than by supporting a mob of violent insurrectionists carrying confederate flags and seeking to overturn our democracy? If there is, BM, present your case.


I heard a better one:

This is the best, most interesting English lesson I have had this year.

Did you know “listen” and “silent” use the same letters? Do you know that the word “racecar” spelled backwards still spells “racecar”?
And that “eat” is the only word that if you take the first letter and move it to the last, it’s spells it’s past tense “ate”?

Have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in “Donald Trump,” and add just a few more letters it spells: “I am the most ignorant, dispassionate, arrogant, greedy, indifferent, stupid, self serving, grossly incompetent, hypocritical, detached, emotionless, callous, dispassionate, reckless, narcissistic sexist, irresponsible, thoughtless, inattentive, impetuous, Xenophobic, misogynistic racist man alive.

How weird is that?


The evidence of your deep-seated racism is truly disturbing. Your relentless twisting of the truth to support your hateful vision of an American dictatorship under Trump, and your refusal to see HR 1 as an attempt to undo Republican state laws making it more difficult for the poor and minorities to vote, tells all who read this page who you really are.

That stupid site you sent me to, which attempted to show HR 1 was unconstitutional, was 100% BS. Speech and money are not the same. I thought you “conservatives” were strict constructionists. But to keep the wealthy in control you say limits on political donations are the same as limits on speech?

The opposite is true. Allowing unlimited contributions to candidates would put them under the control of the uber wealthy and stifle the voices of ordinary American citizens.

I have to try to stop responding to you. I will never go to one of your fascist racist sites again to read the hate and lies they spew.


If you ask me Tony, I think either no response or a blanket response to BM by all would be the way to go. I really like what Diane said; “William, get some help”


We all should do our best to ignore him and carry on an intelligent discussion about the many problems facing our world and country. I am going to ignore BM tomorrow and stick with exchanges with posters who make sense and are serious.

I think BM is like a robot trying to wear us down. The best way to unplug him is to ignore the vile nonsense he posts. I call on all who agree to make an effort. I know how difficult it is to ignore his irritating posts, but I am convinced that is the only way to deflate his ego. Let’s stop giving him the attention he so craves. I imagine he doesn’t have many friends.


Tony, I understand what you’re saying and under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but these are not normal circumstances. One thing to consider is that you are a rational thinker, and this man is anything but rational. I don’t believe there is any unplugging him. We have tried in the past to ignore him, it never seems to work. I believe part of the problem is that when insults become very personal and attempt to strike the heart of a normal human being or democracy and America, it is very difficult to not defend. If one or two ignore, eventually someone will find it near impossible to not respond and the whole cycle starts over again.

I believe there are two options, either ignore, and that means ALL ignore, or ignore when possible and if a response must be made “get some help” is as good as any, but never try to reason, enlighten or argue. I believe one thing for sure, we should all be on the same page regarding a game plan. And obviously I don’t mind coming up with one right under his nose. I am open to any ideas or suggestions. Bottom line, if we don’t do something different things will remain status quo. Tomorrow is another day, let’s see how things play out. – Really glad you are on the forum, love your input.

Sorry, what do you believe she’s guilty of? And that overwarmed tale about her sister has been debunked.
She has gotten a large number of the Black community out to vote, and we do want all Americans to vote who are eligible, right?

William Marincic

If Ray Epps is arrested I will take back everything I said and I will publicly say you were right, if he is not arrested then I expect you to say that I was right publicly.

Is it ADHD that keeps you from reading a comment completely?

(From above)

“Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), a member of the committee, added: ‘One more @tedcruz conspiracy down. Ray Epps has cooperated and is nothing but a Jan 6 protest attendee, in his own words. Sorry crazies, it ain’t true.'”

Sleep well, America:
Glenn Kirschner, who spent 24 years as a prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, said he believes he’s had many meetings like the one between Trump’s lawyers and Georgia prosecutors (Monday, 1/10/22).

“What we do is, right before we take that final trip into the grand jury and ask them to vote on criminal charges and return an indictment, we invite the defense team in,” Kirschner said. “We say, ‘Listen, maybe we’re looking at this wrong. If you have any exculpatory evidence, if you have any evidence that could exonerate your client, if we’re barking up the wrong tree, maybe we didn’t hear what we heard on the recorded call with (Secretary of State) Brad Raffensperger — unlikely, but still — we are inviting you to provide that exonerating information. And then, you know what, we’ll look at it and we’ll assess it before we walk into the grand jury that one last time and ask them to indict Donald Trump.'”

“That likely happened, as we’ve now seen based on the reporting,” Kirschner added. “That’s what set Trump off. And it feels like the Georgia state prosecutors might be the first ones out of the blocks on the race for justice against Donald Trump.”

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