Glenville’s Mohawk Honda 10th among U.S. Honda dealers for certified used sales

The sales area at Mohawk Honda in Glenville is shown in January 2020.

The sales area at Mohawk Honda in Glenville is shown in January 2020.

GLENVILLE — Mohawk Honda has cracked the top 1% for certified used vehicle sales among the 1,100 Honda dealers in the United States.

The Route 50 dealership sold 1,353 such vehicles in 2021, the 10th-highest in the nation. Mohawk previously has had some near misses but never reached the top 10.

“We were close in 2020,” Assistant General Manager Greg Johnson said Tuesday.

Mohawk reached the rarified sales ranking among American Honda Motor Co. dealerships in the same year it marked a half century as a Honda dealer. The family-owned dealership was formed in 1919 and sold several other brands before it first put a Honda in the showroom in 1971.

Johnson said Mohawk’s sales are split almost evenly between new and used vehicles, and used sales are split almost evenly between certified and non-certified.

The best-seller, both new and used, remains the CR-V, the midsize sport utility vehicle in the Honda lineup.

Recent-year used vehicles that undergo a full cosmetic reconditioning and pass a 182-point inspection get the certified preowned label, which comes with a 12-month/12,000-mile comprehensive warranty and a 7-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

The quality measures backed up by the warranty are important selling points in a time where used car prices are higher, Johnson said.

Most used Hondas provide some cost savings over brand-new units of the same model, but more importantly in the time of limited new-car supply, they are available now. Johnson said 95% of all new vehicles are sold before they arrive at his dealership, and the rest are sold within a couple of days.

“Right now current wait times for new vehicles range anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks,” he said. “Honda, just like all manufacturers, is running into a [microchip] shortage.”

Mohawk Honda has a few other factors that have driven up its certified used sales, Johnson said.

One is its Xchange Program, in which it sells a new vehicle, maintains it and then pitches the owner on trading it for something newer. Mohawk can then market the used car as a known commodity that it has been involved with the entire time it has been on the road.

“It’s nice to be able to know that whole history of the car,” he said.

Other brands and other dealers have exchange programs, but Mohawk was an early adopter of the model and remains an enthusiastic promoter of it, to the point of sales staff asking drivers waiting at the service bay whether they are ready to trade up.

Another factor is the staff itself, and not just the salespeople.

“We wouldn’t be able to pull off this certified accolade without each and every department here,” Johnson said.

He said Mohawk’s workforce is holding steady amid the labor shortage that so many industries are seeing, though it is looking for mechanics and bodywork technicians.

“They’re getting tougher and tougher to find,” Johnson said.

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