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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Jan. 12


Diversity a good sign in Schenectady

At last, public life in Schenectady is being imbued with diversity, equity and inclusiveness.
No longer are Schenectady’s City Council and Board of Education all or nearly all White. The seven-member City Council has a majority of color, three Blacks and a Guyanese. For the first time, its president is a Black woman, succeeding her Guyanese colleague. As well, the seven-member school board, unprecedentedly all women, has a nonWhite majority, four Blacks. One of them, a Latina, is positioned to become its next president, another first.
From the inception of public schools in Schenectady in 1854 until this school year, there had been 25 school superintendents, all White men. The new superintendent, a Latino, has moved swiftly to fill top positions in his administration with men and women of color alongside Whites.
Schenectady’s school district, with more than 9,300 students, 80% of them of color, is comprised of 803 teachers, 91% of them White. Keyed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusiveness, the district has formulated the Grow Your Own Program, in partnership with Schenectady SUNY, Cazenovia College, and Clarkson University. This initiative augurs important outcomes: Schenectady high school students will be able to pursue two-year, four-year and master’s degrees, and have the opportunity to become teachers in the district. The partnership is expected also to help increase the high school’s graduation rate.
Collectively the aforementioned considerations point up the likelihood of continuing advance on a wide front in Schenectady’s public life of ever more diversity, equity and inclusiveness.
Alvin Magid, Ph.D.
The writer is an emeritus professor of political science at the University at Albany SUNY and founder and executive director of the volunteer Reading Is Fun Program in Schenectady.

Stop putting paper in thin plastic bags

Sorry to beat this drum again, and I breathe a thank you every day to my Gazette carrier who delivers in all weather. But can The Gazette’s management please advise your carriers to avoid using those single-use, useless for anything else plastic bags? Despite what those bags say (Return them for recycling.), most end up in landfills and the ocean and the stomachs of dead sea turtles.
They break down into microplastics that last forever. Their manufacture uses lots of chemicals and energy and contributes to global warming.
The mantra we learned as kids were “reduce, reuse, recycle,” in that order. Newspaper thin-film plastic bags are not reused and are, mostly, not recycled. That leaves the first and best option: “Reduce” their use.
We can no longer use them to carry our groceries. Why do we need them to cover your newspaper? We don’t. Like many subscribers, I have a hard plastic newspaper delivery tube. For the most part, it already keeps out the rain and the snow. That is its purpose. So, my newspaper may be damp on occasion. Damp is better than more plastic dumped into our oceans.
Gazette, please advise your carriers to reduce or, better, end the use of thin film plastic bags. Put the newspaper in the plastic tube and consider your job well done.
And I will thank you even more fervently than usual.
David Gibson
Ballston Lake



Optimistic for the future of democracy

I remember how surprised I was last year by the events of Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C. The Capitol building had just been overrun by an angry mob determined to stop the certification of a presidential election. This was a sight I never imagined taking place in my lifetime.
A year later, I am still sad that such a tragic event took place in our country. I am also somewhat embarrassed by it because I consider our country to be a role model to other nations throughout the world advocating democracy and freedom.
That being said, I remain hopeful that our nation can heal.
I am confident that the majority of Americans will continue to rally behind our democracy.
Like me, I believe most Americans are grateful to live in the United States.
They are proud to live in a country that offers freedom of speech and religion and guarantees the right to vote.
And most importantly, I am sure they never want to see an act of domestic terrorism against our government again.
I hope 2022 is the year we begin working together to make our country the best it can be.
Raymond LeBel



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William Marincic

I really hope Stacey Abrams is recuperating from her Bidenitis. When her president is so toxic that you refuse to meet with him in public to discuss a piece of bad legislation that you are pushing that says a lot. And to have Biden and her both say it was a scheduling conflict is hilarious. Oh I’m sorry I can’t meet the President of the United States today to discuss my piece of legislation my dog has a bath appointment at that time.

Same thing Glenn Youngkin, during his run for Virginia Governor, said to the twice-impeached, one-term, ‘lost the presidency and both houses of Congress in four short years’, loser ex-president.

Matt, yes…many republicans do not want to be associated with 45. He is and will be a drag on the party except in Kool Aid red states.

Civil rights groups are upset with President Biden that his stance took too long. It’s not good for the party, but at least we are not in lock-step with a maniac, like the gop.

William, just imagine how 45 would treat someone if they were in Biden’s position. They would be attacked with childish tweets and name-calling. They’d get death threats and disgusting phone calls.
Biden can handle it.

Joseph Vendetti

It is great that we have a racially diverse City Council and Latino Superintendent at the HS but how does that improve poverty statistics in 12307 zip code? How will that improve the pitiful graduation rates at Schenectady High School? Or poor basic reading scores? Or math scores? Or one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in NYS?

First we need a system that stops rewarding single parenting, second we need to go back to real life skills (Reading, Writing, Balancing a check book, cooking, changing a tire, etc) in school, thirdly We need to get all of our youths drivers education and pay for them in-school to get a drivers license, & fourth promote career trades (plumbing, truck drivers, electrical, equipment operators, carpenters, etc).

We also need programs for the single parents that shows them the value of keeping their children in school learning & giving them skills of some sort. It is a proven fact that a parent that shows interest in developing their children, the child grows like a flower.

William Marincic

Everything you said Joe is right on and I’m with you 100%. Imagine that a Republican and a Democrat agreeing on an issue. It’s simple to agree on an issue when you have people that care more about the issue than their party. It’s simple for Republicans and Democrats to come together when you have moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans.

William Marincic

Leftist liberal Democrats like the ones that post to this paper daily according to reports and the articles I posted are. Moderate Democrats are normal.

Doug Hampton

But that’s not what you say repeatedly! Your reference is always “lefty” or just plain Democrats are mentally deranged. You should be careful with your usage of words. Say what you mean and mean what you say and stop categorizing everyone and everything! Based on your own words , you were mentally deranged up till 2001 and then a light went on and you became enlightened.

Agree that those and ALL plastic bags are awful. But everyone does not, or cannot have a newspaper delivery tube. Our HOA does not allow newspaper tubes. Our carrier leaves the paper in our driveway so it needs to be protected. We accumulate the bags and return them to a plastic bag return bin (many retailers have them eg. Price Chopper, Hannaford, Walmart, etc.) If more people were responsible and did likewise, there wouldn’t need to be laws outlawing plastic bags either. But many people are not responsible. The Gazette cannot control people’s actions. Can they come up with an alternative way to deliver the newspaper to keep it from being exposed to the elements besides tubes? Can you?

Bruce Martindale

If you have a dog, those bags are perfect for picking up waste. A lot of people have dogs in my area and I see no waste on the street. Since they took away the other grocery bags we used to use, the alternatives are $#1tty.

I want to learn more about the legislation, but Federal oversight of elections is appealing to me.

Expanding access to voting, instead of making it harder, seems like common sense. Restrictions that create obstacles for voters (GOP) and gerrymandering that favors one party winning (GOP, Dem) are out of control. I’m glad Biden and Abrams support voting rights and look forward to action.

If we focus on petty squabbles, we’re not seeing the forest for the trees. Nor are we seeing the parasitic vines crawling through the forest, strangling the trees, and destroying our Democracy right before our eyes.


Those who have stood for extending the right to vote through amendment and legislation have always emerged in the long term as heroes. Those who fought o limit the vote have always emerged as villains.

The people today who are trying in making it more difficult to vote, put elections into the hands of partisan interests, and give the 1% more power in elections than ordinary citizens, will go down in history as villains who did what they did to make our country an autocracy. Historically, party affiliation has been irrelevant. But in this situation all 50 “Republican” senators favor state laws making it more difficult to vote for the poor and minorities.

Vote Democrat, as so many former members of the GOP have said there is one democratic party and it is the Democratic party. The remnants of the GOP, the Trump party clearly favor autocracy.

William Marincic

Anthony it’s an insult to minorities to assume that they don’t have an opportunity to vote. It’s an insult to say that they don’t have an ID card or they don’t know their Social Security number. This is the same old same old. I was listening to Fox and friends this morning and there were two African-American ladies from Georgia that are promoting signing Black people up to vote, they were appalled at what Biden said. You might want to Google that interview around 645 this morning and watch it.



“The For the People Act, introduced as H.R. 1, is a bill in the United States Congress to expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, ban partisan gerrymandering, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders.”

Short of the r’s wanting to dramatically tilt the playing field to favor their “platform” which is to have autocracy prevail over democracy, there is absolutely no reason to oppose the general concept of what H.R. 1 is about.


” The new superintendent, a Latino, has moved swiftly to fill top positions in his administration with men and women of color alongside Whites.”

Now racial discrimination is acceptable to Democrats. Thanks Alvin Magid, Ph.D. for the info!

Joseph Vendetti

All my boys (2 African american & one Caucasian) went to, participated in multiple sports, multiple clubs, were in the GE program, and graduated. There was and continue to be fights in the halls then and now. I coached in the school district from 1997-2006. There were zero fights that were racially motivated- zero!!! Lots of fights, none racial.

Blood, Crip, Latin Kings – mostly, boy took girlfriend fights, girlfriend boyfriend fights, but as I said zero of my time there and my boys time there did I ever hear of some racially motivated fight.

William Marincic

What’s funny is Joe Biden used people in the past to compare them as racist like George Wallace, guess what, Wallace was a Democrats. What’s also funny is he’s in Georgia talking about Georgia voter laws and lying, he says there’s less drop boxes, that’s true there are less drop boxes than last year during the pandemic but what is also true is before last year there never were any drop boxes now there are. Another thing he says you can’t give food or water, that too is a lie if you’re more than 125 feet from where voting goes on you can have a barbecue set up by anyone Republican or Democrat, he also said there was no Sunday voting which is another lie there will be two Sundays set up before the election for Sunday voting. One final thing Biden has stronger election laws in his state of Delaware than they do in Georgia.

Doug Hampton

You see it’s comments like this that reveal your partisanship. Who cares what party George Wallace was with? The comparison was made because George Wallace was a huge racist ….period!!!….nobody should care what party he was with. Furthermore the South was virtually all Democratic back then and as I am sure you are aware has switched to a R majority today, so comments like yours have no relevance or validity.

William Marincic

Joe Biden eulogized George Wallace, Joe Biden was Joe Wallace’s friend. You act like Pardi doesn’t matter in situations like this yes it does. Harry Reid said it best today he doesn’t recognize the Joe Biden that he used to know on the podium yesterday.

Doug Hampton

Just because Biden eulogized a guy and he admired “some” of the things that Wallace said and did doesn’t change the fact that Wallace was a huge segregationist. That was the reference….inarguable. You are using your own twisted logic. And I still maintain that parties have nothing to do with it. Everything has changed…..Democrats do have a history of racism with the KKK formation and Senators like Strom Thurmond and Byrd but things have turned upside down , thus these types of comments have no relevance TODAY!

But he never, NEVER will address the problem with the Republican “Southern Strategy”.
We’re seeing brave Republicans who I never thought I’d agree with, now standing up to the scourge infecting their party, and predictably people like Marincic, and his mentor, Trump try to demonize and condemn them. A sure sign that Cheney et al are on the right path.


George Wallace reflected the will of those who elected him. Perhaps some effort should be exercised paced in understanding human behavior and less spent insulting each other. Need I point out that you cannot effectively deal with what you do not understand?

As for racism consider that the assertion that White people are so stupid as to plan and execute a gun less insurrection.

Doug Hampton

Playing the gunless card eh! That’s about the only card left to play. So if a criminal breaks into your house with a crowbar , say a knife , and other random tools but doesn’t use a gun , you are okay with it? Add in the fact that this was OUR HOUSE and the mantra was to hang Mike Pence makes it qualify as a violent take over , thus a political coup. Just because they were unsuccessful in doing so doesn’t make it any less awful. And if they weren’t there for that purpose , explain why you think they did what they did.


There is a difference between a protest, riot, and an insurrection.


You have the point about only racists think that white people are so stupid as to try to stage a gun less insurrection. When you get your racism in check get back to the readers

Doug Hampton

So which one is it in your eyes? You already said no to an insurrection , it was clearly far more than a protest because they are minimally guilty of breaking and entering. But you still didn’t answer the most important question….WHY DID THEY DO WHAT THEY DID? You conveniently didn’t address the most important point. Are you saying the chants of Hang Mike Pence were just meaningless threats and should be ignored.

Doug Hampton

Oh and to your last point. Last I heard , you don’t need a gun to hang someone! Fyi….cute response though…..

Joseph Vendetti


I am hoping that Sen Manchin compromise bill that Stacey Abrams backs gets bi-partisan support. It removes the federal over arching stretch that decides if an “ID” program is too strict. This country was formed to clearly separate the Federal from the States.

Manchin is for a fully funded national ID program that not only gives each US individual a photo, fingerprint and eye scan (exactly like the CLEAR traveler ID system). This way whether you are buying cigarettes, alcohol, going to a casino, air travel, voting, getting a car license etc – you will get a national ID. People that can only vote by mail will get a self-addressed envelope that has a tear away area, pressing thumb unto it, pressing thumb in box, you validate with your federal ID # (which is not your SS #). Fantastic system that has a hologram of your state and photo as well used for ID’s to open up utility accounts, purchase alcohol.

William Marincic

Joe how are you going to check millions of fingerprints with names. Just like we had poll watchers complaining in 2020 we will have elections that nobody believes. Absentee ballots requested are the best way, not mailing ballots out to everyone. Thats ripe for fraud and it’s also ripe for the crap we had in 2020. I wouldn’t believe Stacey Abrams if I saw her sitting on a block of ice and she told me her a$$ was cold

We have doubt about our election system only by Republicans, and only because Donald Trump invented it when he couldn’t accept that *he lost*. Then he was able to lasso millions of you simple people who only understand simple concepts into buying into it.
That is the truth and most of America (and a good part of the world) sees it.

So you can take your “crap we had in 2020” and flush it. No sensible person’s buying it. You’re a bunch of sore losers.

Joseph Vendetti


My wanting IDs for voting has nothing to do with Trump. My mom used to be a poll worker when I was a young boy so I got into the habit of voting. When I got the chance to cast my first vote I was and still am amazed that we are so trusting that no ID is needed.

As I said before – cigarettes, alcohol, boarding a plane, opening a credit account, opening a nimo account, a price chopper card, going to the dr & pharmacy all require a picture ID – but voting no ID is required. Just baffles me.


I’ve been an active unaffiliated voter since I was 18, 44 years ago. I’m very familiar with the process.
Please point to how voter fraud has affected our election. Any worries, ANY worries we now have are wholly invented by the losing party.

Maybe it is good insurance, I’ve been clear that I’m on the fence on the subject. But all the noise and carpet-chewing we now must endure has been invented and fomented by a losing party that is also now proving to be dishonest brokers, and bad actors and sore losers. That raises all kinds of red flags and it should for all of us.
I won’t feel any urgency about it until both sides can make a case for it. In the meantime we need the Federal government to step in and not dictate how elections be run, but to establish a baseline across the board that ensures voting is easy and accessible to everyone.

William you never answered on how HR1 is unconstitutional and how it will destroy the USA.?

I’m glad that something like Stacey Abrams not attending a Biden rally gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. It seems it’s all you have to excite you these days

Also maybe if you read something besides Fox News and Newsmax or Revolver you will find the factual information on Epps …Have a great day

William Marincic

I’ll give you just a few highlights, that Bill will allow votes to be counted up the 14 days after an election. That bill will allow people to cast ballots after the election. That bill well federalize elections which is not what was set up in the constitution. The bill will make it a one party country from here on out. It allows for absentee ballots for any possible reason with little verification of who is asking for it. It allows for ballot harvesting, it allows to have everyone registered to vote automatically it also allows mail in ballots for anyone for any reason. Guy, why don’t you tell me where the problem is right now with voting and tell me how anyone is not able to vote, please tell me the state. Please tell me how this HR one will change any of that.

Bill Wemple

I searched the text of that HR1 bill as well. Could not find anything that stated allowing voters to cast ballots 14 days after an election as one example. Stop being a Parrot of the far-right.

William what you are saying is false or half truths told to you by the republican machine, I’ve read HR1, have you? This is just another case of you repeating what someone told you on right wing media. Research is a friend that will not make you look ignorant ..try it sometime


For accurate information on HR 1 and Republican obstructionism please read in today’s Gazette:

“President urges Senate to OK voting rights legislation” p. A8:

“Joe Biden challenged senators Tuesday to ‘stand against voter suppression’ by changing Senate rules to pass voting rights legislation that Republicans are blocking from (DEBATE AND VOTES)”. The capitalization is mine to emphasize the fact that Republicans won’t allow the bill to be debated or voted on. Is this because they don’t want to be on record for allowing state laws that turn over the decision on elections to partisan legislatures, make it more difficult to to vote by limiting or restricting the number of drop-off ballot boxes, not allowing food or water to be brought to people waiting in long lines to vote due to inadequate polling places? Is there any other explanation to block DEBATE on this legislation?

On the Opinion page: “Insurrection was no secret to social media”:

“In the weeks before the 2020 election and subsequent Capitol insurrection podcasts and Facebook postings lit up with allegations of massive voting fraud and calls for violence to address the spreading MYTH (my capitals) of a stolen presidential election.” There is no need for laws making it more difficult to vote because as Chris Krebs, Trump appointee, and director of the CISA said, the election of 2020 resulted in accurate vote counts with no evidence of anything close to significant fraud. Subsequently any fraud detected was on the part of Trump supporters and in favor of Trump.

Opinion page: Protecting U.S. democracy will take more than laws”

Remember Trump said no Republican could win if voter turnout is high.

Those who support Trump and his efforts to overturn our democracy are metaphorically speaking, spitting on our flag and all it stands for. Let all who value American democracy rally behind the flag and root out the racist fascists who threaten our beloved country. True patriots, let’s unite to stop the subversion of American democracy.

William Marincic

Varoma I have a life and a job and a Home and friends and 100 other things going on in my world. I volunteer, I’m a board member. I don’t have all day to be on here arguing with a bunch of lefties, I don’t need the daily gazette version of the view in my life every minute of the day.

Bill Wemple

Uh, Probably none since it was not a Presidential election year (which draws the most voter turnout), plus no Pandemic where people simply did not want to go to polling places in person.

Doug Hampton

Well then stop coming on here with misinformation , half baked assertions , and in some cases outright lies. Nobody is learning a thing from you. We can turn on FOX and get the same garbage if we choose. You are flat out wrong in virtually everything you say. Pick one topic and research it by yourself and look at both sides…then come on here and bloviate. You are wasting your time and ours on a daily basis!

William Marincic

Then why do you all lie about Georgia’s voting laws, it’s easier to vote there than Biden’s Delaware.

William Marincic

Doug don’t come on here telling your leftist lies and half truths, I can turn on CNN and get the same lies.

William how about 1 drop box for a county of a million residents ….is that ok? Take you time I don’t want to take you away from your board meeting ! lmao


Those behind Trump and the confederate flag-carrying mob of insurrectionists, many wearing t-shirts supporting the holocaust, are no different than German neo-Nazis, who would no doubt, love to see a statue of Adolf Hitler, arm extended in the Nazi salute, towering over Adolf Hitler Boulevard.

William Marincic

Anthony, nazis are the people who want to remove other people. I’ve seen multiple posts and letters in this paper about putting the unvaccinated in camps and even killing the unvaccinated. Democrats have ordered people to lose their jobs and be fired because they won’t get a vaccine, they say if you don’t have a vaccine you will pass on Covid and it will not go away. How come people that are vaccinated, double vaccinated, and boosted are still getting Covid and passing it on? So why do they have to be vaccinated to have a job if they can still catch Covid while vaccinated? Nazis are all about control, control is what makes the Democrat party go round and around. Republicans, independence, and conservatives are all about freedom. Freedom to choose if we want to put a vaccine in our bodies, freedom to choose if we want to wear a mask, freedom to choose what we want our children to learn, and the list goes on and on. So when I think of Nazis I think of the Democrat party certainly not a Republican or conservative party.

Bill Wemple

People who are vaccinated and boosted are more than >90% likely not to end up hospitalized from COVID even after a breakthrough. Those ‘FreeDumbs’ to not be vaccinated are costing businesses and taxpayers billions of dollars in medical costs, life insurance payouts and who knows how much long-term care for after-effects of COVID. If I were a business owner I’d fire these anti-vaxxers too to save my company and not have to possibly lay off more even workers because of health care costs going through the roof.
Extremely hypocritical that the party that keeps ranting on about having personal freedoms to control what goes on with their bodies won’t give the same freedoms to women to control their own bodies.


Alvin Magid, great letter! Politicians at all levels from towns officials to United States Congressman and Senators should be proportionately diverse, in all aspects, as the differences apparent in the people they represent. As you also pointed out, a more balanced representation of ALL the people in other professions, especially so in education, should be addressed.
White privilege is real and has been status quo in America for far too long.

William Marincic

Here we go again with Lou and his racial comments. A guy who has no skin in the game. He just ignored Joe Vendetti’s post who absolutely has skin in the game. I have nieces, nephews and grandchildren that are biracial but accordingly the guy who is all about race, I’m a racist. Here is a newsflash to the guy who constantly screams racism. If I were a racist believe me when I tell you I would not have biracial grandchildren, if I were a racist I would not have biracial nieces and nephews. It would never have been able to get to that point if I or my brothers and sisters were racist. I’m the oldest and all of my family keep in contact and they all still come to their big brother when there is anything going on. Take it to the bank.

William Marincic

So now there is email proof that Biden‘s justice department requested a letter from the teachers union asking the justice department to go after parents who oppose school boards. Another scam, another sham, another liar, Merritt Garland lying in front of Congress. Here we have the Democrats again as usual attacking people that they don’t agree with. Does anybody remember the IRS going after conservatives. The Democrats the party of illegal actions. The party of rounding up the opposition like Putin. The party of power and control.


For any who who may not have read them, the following are two post that were put up late yesterday. They were written because of the frustration created by the hyper aggressive, intentionally irritating, biased posts put up by William Marincic, and I obviously feel they are worthy of being reposted:

January 11th, 2022
We all should do our best to ignore him and carry on an intelligent discussion about the many problems facing our world and country. I am going to ignore BM tomorrow and stick with exchanges with posters who make sense and are serious.
I think BM is like a robot trying to wear us down. The best way to unplug him is to ignore the vile nonsense he posts. I call on all who agree to make an effort. I know how difficult it is to ignore his irritating posts, but I am convinced that is the only way to deflate his ego. Let’s stop giving him the attention he so craves. I imagine he doesn’t have many friends.

January 12th, 2022
Tony, I understand what you’re saying and under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but these are not normal circumstances. One thing to consider is that you are a rational thinker, and this man is anything but rational. I don’t believe there is any unplugging him. We have tried in the past to ignore him, it never seems to work. I believe part of the problem is that when insults become very personal and attempt to strike the heart of a normal human being or democracy and America, it is very difficult to not defend. If one or two ignore, eventually someone will find it near impossible to not respond and the whole cycle starts over again.
I believe there are two options, either ignore, and that means ALL ignore, or ignore when possible and if a response must be made “get some help” is as good as any, but never try to reason, enlighten or argue. I believe one thing for sure, we should all be on the same page regarding a game plan. And obviously I don’t mind coming up with one right under his nose. I am open to any ideas or suggestions. Bottom line, if we don’t do something different things will remain status quo. Tomorrow is another day, let’s see how things play out. – Really glad you are on the forum, love your input.

I also understand this his is an open forum to all, and the right to voice opinions and respond to any comments as one pleases is paramount.
Am I trying to influence others, perhaps, but my honest bottom line regarding this situation is that I sincerely want all to respond to anyone, including me, as they see fit. That’s what this opinion forum is about.

Note, I put this up only after Mr. Marincic responded to a non-confrontational posts of mine. I will no longer get sucked into playing “whack-a-mole” with him.

William Marincic

So what your post is saying is that you don’t agree with what I say so because you don’t agree with what I say then you guys should do everything you can to get rid of me. Typical Democrats. It’s just like the smallest majority in history in the Senate and in Congress and they are trying to change the filibuster which protects the United States against a out of control president. If there is any argument for the filibuster this is it.

Bill Wemple

Well, I did not know filibusters were used to protect the US against out of control Presidents. I thought all these decades they were a tool for Congress only to stop legislation or judicial confirmations (most recently)? Please do tell us how you came up with this theory now? Actually, please don’t.

Willaim so you weren’t ok when Mitch McConnell changed the rule of the Filibuster when picking a Supreme Court Judge/ I recall you loved McConnell doing that !…

William Marincic

But who changed those filibuster rules, you democrats, then you complain that we are dusing those same rules that you changed. That’s Rich.

William, on Obama’s inauguration, McConnell and gop said they would block EVERYTHING…right out of the gate!
The dems had no choice because of all the partisan obstruction. At least the dems had a good reason.
The dems said from the beginning of 45s reign that they would work on common interests and were around the table with gop…until the crazy base threw a fit.

William Marincic

So you say but the bottom line is the democrats changed the rules to push their legislation through then complained that republicans used the same rules for their legislation. Fair is fair.


The Washing Post:
“Black activist demand action, not speeches, from Biden on voting rights.”

January 11 at 8:02 PM ET

“When President Biden and Vice President Harris delivered speeches billed as major voting rights addresses Tuesday in Atlanta, most of Georgia’s top voting rights activists were missing in action. Gubernatorial candidate and voting rights leader Stacey Abrams’s office said she had a scheduling conflict, but several other prominent activists boycotted the event in protest of Biden’s lack of action on the issue.

For many in this new voting rights movement, Biden’s speech amounted to politics as usual in the face of an onslaught of voting restrictions being passed by Republican lawmakers across the country that they say, together, pose an existential threat to America’s multiracial democracy. Since the 2020 election, and former president Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of widespread election fraud, 19 states have passed 34 laws enacting new restrictions on voting.

The time for pretty speeches has passed, said Nsé Ufot, chief executive of the New Georgia Project, one of the state’s largest voter engagement groups and one that was seen as key to Democrats winning the state for Biden and both Senate seats in 2020. Ufot said that instead of another speech about how past generations reached across the political aisle to secure voting rights for Black Americans, what’s needed from Biden now is a viable strategy for protecting those rights.”

“What we need is a plan,” Ufot said. “What we need are marching orders. How are we headed into the midterms? What posture will we have to adopt? And is it worth it to continue to seek federal protections for voting rights? Or do we need to acknowledge that the Republican crime caucus is so effective . . . that there‘s nothing that our president and vice president or Democrats in the Senate can do and we just need to focus on turnout?”…..

I believe he’s trying, but I agree there needs aggressive action.


Louis and all other concerned about our country’s future: I think Joe Biden should ask Merrick Garland to step down and replace him with a new and more aggressive AG. My suggestion would be Adam Schiff or Eric Swalwell. We need to indict the people who incited the riotous crowd of mindless fascists, racists, anti-Semites and Qanoners to attack the Capitol. What they did needs to be brought out in a trial after they have been charged with conspiring to subvert the 2020 election and American democracy by installing the LOSER of the 2020 election.

The list is far too long but includes, Trump, Mike Lindell (the pillow salesman), Rudy Giuliani (drunken fool), Bannon, Gosar, Brooks etc.

I know this could result in violent protests by Trump’s favorite supporters, racist groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. But, I think there will be far more violence if we allow Trump and his thugs to take over by cheating in upcoming elections. The government could prepare for violence by alerting Governors to be ready to send out the National Guard to restore and maintain order.


I just thought of another potentially great AG: LIZ CHENEY! She probably hates the Trump enablers, and those who conspired to try to illegally and violently keep him in office, more than Democrats.

After all, it was her Republican party that they twisted into a pro-dictatorship anti-voter monstrosity. She knows it and wants to rescue her party from the Trump idolaters.

Let’s ignore the ignorant “conservatives”; that is what they most fear.

Doug Hampton

I think it would be a mistake to make a change at this point. It’s like bringing in the closer in the 6th inning. Too soon but I do share your concern that MG isn’t as aggressive as many of us would like him to be. Patience is what we need right now.


The problem Doug, as I see it, is that the DOJ is moving too slowly; the November elections are only 10 months away. The Trump party is trying to insure their victory by cheating. We need to stop them, post haste.


Two Trump supporters were talking the other day about Winter Hoaxes (they love to apply hoax to everything):

I refuse to put on winter tires because:
• It’s my car, my choice, my freedom.
• The effectiveness of winter tires is not proven, except by studies carried out by the manufacturers (like I’m supposed to trust them).
• My neighbor Bob had an accident even after putting on winter tires.
• Some drivers are already on their 3rd set of tires, which proves their ineffectiveness.
• We do not know what the tires are made of.
• The tire manufacturers scare us with winter just to enrich themselves.
• In fact, I heard on Fox (I think it was Tucker Carlson) that the tire giants invented snow and spread it at night when you sleep.
• If I have winter tires, the government can track me in the snow.

Educate yourself, open your eyes, stop being sheep!

This year, I say no to winter tires!

*Just take summer air out of your regular tires and replace with winter air. This is just as effective as winter tires.


I gots stuff ta say two… Seatbelts don’t work nye either. I know a guy was wearing his and he got his ass killed in a car crash. Me an my kids ain’t never wearing them again! It’s my Rite! Rite? Can’t get no good breath with them chokin me ever time I turns to slap one of the kids or the old lady anyways. Rite? Makes cents.

Speed-o-meter my car goes up to 120, rite? Nobody’s gonna tell me I gotta do 30 just cuz some sign says so. Sign ain’t got no breins. I’ll drive the way I friggin want! It’s my car, ain’t nobody else’s bees wax. Rite? My rite! Or do it be write? I get them tuff uns mixed up.

Speaking bout cars, why do they sell booze in stores so close to the road anyway? If them dummies ain’t wantin want you to drink while you was driving they’d move the stores someplace else, Right? Duh. What a ya suppose ta do, walk home an drink..hell no you’ll be drunk by the time ya get home. If you drink whilst you’re driving you’ll be home lots quicker and you won’t be drunk. Too duhs this time rite? My wright!

Iffen ya wants me ta, maybee I’ll talk tu ya’s abuot them dump stewpid mask rules tomarro.


That is really funny and an excellent way of illustrating how ridiculous the “thinking” on the right is. Thanks Lou.

William Marincic

Or how about you guys believing CNN hired Guislain Maxwell. That was so funny and sad. The sad part was you all didn’t have a problem with CNN hiring a child abusing pedophile.

Doug Hampton

I am pretty sure that nobody bought that. I recall reading it and thought you had lost your mind. Was that a demonstration of your sense of humor? Bet you are a real card in the coffee room!

Joseph Vendetti


Technology – its amazing. 2.9 million ppl fly daily and their licenses/passports/precheck/CLEAR get screened every day.

We will definitely need to ramp up since 70 million ballots were cast via mail out of 161 million total ballots cast in 2020. 161 million was a US record.

>>>>>>>>>BREAKING NEWS!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell argued this week that "300 million" Americans belong in jail for election fraud.

Lindell's remarks on Real America's Voice were first reported by Right Wing Watch.

"Everything you're going to see over these next seven months to get rid of the [voting] machines," he said. "You're going to see the Supreme Court case coming out. All these great things, everybody."

Lindell insisted that he has the "pieces of the puzzle" to prove the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

"And you talk about evidence," Lindell added. "We have enough evidence to put everybody in prison for life, 300 and some million people. We have that all the way back to November and December."

Despite his claim, Lindell did not reveal evidence that could put all Americans in jail.


He has been talking about this same nonsense for a year. His followers have begun complaining, saying “why isn’t Trump back in the oval office yet?”.

This man, and so many of Trumps’s inner circle, are complete fools, as are Americans who still support the obvious LOSER.

Again, it is eerie that so many in Hitler’s inner circle were similar to the misfits that surround Trump: People like Himmler, Goering, Roehm, Hess, Bormann, von Below etc. were , with good reason, societal rejects, yet, by supporting a third rate clown like Hitler they rose to power. Of course, he killed many of them when it was in his interests. You know, he “threw them under the bus.” Like Trump.

William you are the very thing you fear. I own a home in Florida and cities on the east coast are still segregated. The east coast railroad separates blacks and whites. You know nothing about Florida it’s redneck central in the center of the State

William, Jim Crow was actually a real person. But he was a white actor playing a minstrel in black face. Thomas Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice was the white actor …Your 12 1/2 % DNA should have known that.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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