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Now that Santa brought me the shotgun I wanted for Christmas, the 20-gauge Savage Steven 320 Security Pump gauge shotgun, I will take it to Florida for my turkey hunting. I know I can get some shots at squirrels, rabbits and hopefully happen to run into a coyote down there.

Several years ago, I got both a rabbit and a coyote with just one shot. The rabbit was in the coyote’s mouth. Once I get settled in Florida, I will be sneaking around the Florida woods with Bill Henry, my Florida guide. Since we have been snowbirds for several years now, I will tell you how the fishing and hunting is going.

The Fallen Outdoors mission is to facilitate organized hunting and fishing adventures for service members past and present, young and old. This includes all branches of the military, from soldiers, and sailors, to airmen, marines and coasties.

These adventures allow a network to be built locally and nationally, but giving veterans the opportunity to help other veterans by connecting in the great outdoors. There motto is “Living Our Dreams Because They Gave Up Theirs.”

For more information on this group, go to thefallonoutdoors.com.

Interesting information I saw in the Hudson Valley News that 2021 gun sales in New York are the second-highest on record. By the end of November, New York State had a reported 425,778 firearm background checks for the year, surpassing the number of background checks of 2019. 2021 holds the record for the highest day and week for background checks nationally.

Gun sales in 2021 in New York are pacing to be the second highest on record, following last year’s record number of firearm purchases in the pandemic, as indicated by the volume of background checks reported by the FBI.

A fellow hunter and gun friend, Steve Zahurak of Schenectady, told me about all he wanted for Christmas was the Mantis Laser Training Academy System (MLATS).

I had never heard of it, but Steve got it and sent me a review of what he thought. He thought the system looked to be the answer to his prayers. The MLATS arrived just before the start of his pistol league, and he expected to be a more proficient shooter this season. He was able to follow suggested guided drills that provide feedback to his phone or tablet in real time and scores his efforts.

He said the simplicity and flexibility for when and where to practice is a major feature of the Mantis system. He said he could safely practice in his home and did not have to go to the club or range. There were three modes that he has used; Open Shooting, Guard/Low Ready, and Bullseye. The system is compatible with 99% of firearms.

For more information, go to mantisx.com.

Ryan Stevens, 15, of Cambridge told me he had gotten two deer this season. The last one he shot was a doe in Washington County with his 243 rifle. Nice to see youth participating in the outdoor activities.

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