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Saratoga County History Center’s 2021 fundraising campaign ‘a success’


BALLSTON SPA — Trustees of the Saratoga County History Center said the organization’s 2021 fundraising campaign “Preserve the Porch!” was successful, yielding $20,720 in November and December, while an anonymous donor added $10,000, making the total amount raised $30,720.

The money will be used to replace storm windows and repair Brookside Museum’s iconic front porch.

The grand piazzi is in need of reconstruction. It was built in 1792 and remodeled in the 1830s in the popular “Greek Revival” style.

All the front steps and floor boards, which are ruined by rot and mold, need to be replaced, as well as the deck frame supporting the floor.

In addition, the entire portico needs to be rebuilt for proper drainage, and the earth beneath should be covered with plastic and pea stone to reduce future moisture.  The crisis concerns both safety and appearance.

“The response from the county and beyond has been astounding,” Field Horne, the organization’s president, said in a statement.  “We went hat-in-hand to our friends and neighbors, asking them to help us save this awe-inspiring façade and important piece of local history, and they rallied and responded well-beyond our expectations.”  

“Support for our ‘Preserve the Porch!’ campaign is a major win for the Saratoga County History Center,” said Sean Kelleher, vice president of membership and community engagement. “The ability to fund the restoration of the iconic porch and storm windows will provide stabilization for the Brookside Museum in the future, and will allow visitors to safely access the museum,  grounds and library for generations to come.  It would not have been possible without support from the community. We thank our community for its continued efforts to help preserve this treasure, which is an important part of Saratoga County’s history.”

“We are humbled by the generosity,” adds Jon Hallgren, who will oversee the restoration.  “We will make sure that Brookside stands bold and beautiful for another 200 years.”

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