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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 13


Stench from Cuomo scandals still lingers

Every so often, when things are discarded and left out in the open, a stench lifts off the tossed item and offends both nose and mind. Thoughts of decay are just as bad as the decomposition itself. All charges of wrongdoing (the nursing-home scandal, the 11 accusations from women who accused the former New York state governor of sexual harassment) have been dismissed and dropped by a judge and the Albany D.A., a Democrat. Hmm?
One of the governor’s accusers has been verbally skewered by the governor’s attorney, and the sheriff who supported the accuser’s complaint has been called, “a rogue sheriff.” OK, it’s over — this finger pointing. However, there is still a vile stink coming from the political basement in New York’s capitol. Things that foul have a tendency to linger.
Allen R. Remaley
Scottsdale, Ariz., and Saratoga Springs

Don’t encourage adults’ bad conduct

In the Jan. 6 Gazette article (“Town supervisor’s cryptocurrency protests against vaccine mandates”) Goldstein hopes that the name he created for his cryptocurrency strongly conveys his antipathy towards vaccine mandates, but to me the vulgarity wipes out not only the message but the credibility I could have extended to him as a town supervisor. We still require students to speak in civilized ways at school, without swearing. We want them to practice ways of saying what they need to say without using the most base, crude words available. Goldstein’s choice and The Gazette’s willingness to publish his digital protest coin name highlights and tacitly approves of poor behavior on the part of adults.
Amy David
Ballston Spa

What is motivating the unvaccinated?

While contemplating the state of the world, I am still grappling with the magical thinking of the unvaccinated hordes who continue to drive this pandemic into a fifth killer wave.
What would cause a 29-year-old mother of three to play games with her life by eschewing the covid vaccine and then, predictably, succumbing to it? Or a 46-year-old district attorney?
Or four conservative radio hosts who all died of covid because they were staunchly anti-vaccination? The answer, I think, lies in fear.
Smallpox killed hundreds of millions of people; covid has not even reached 10 million. People are simply not scared enough.
Covid doesn’t cause the gross disfiguring and sometimes blindness that smallpox did. Its fatality is overshadowed by its recovery rates. But we wiped out smallpox in a global vaccination effort that seems out of touch for us today.
Our hospitals are teeming with unvaccinated patients who have no business being there — they knew better and now that they are sick, they are sufficiently scared to get the medical help that they do not deserve.
Lora Como
Ballston Lake

Put on your mask to protect others

I was in a local Stewart’s store (I love their butter pecan ice cream way too much) and a man came in with no mask. The sign on all Stewart’s entry doors can’t be missed. I said, “Sir, you need a mask. See the sign?”
He yelled, very loudly, “I don’t need no mask, I’ve had every shot.” I said, “that’s not the point, you need a mask, just like everyone in the crowd that’s standing behind you.” He yelled “nope” he paid then stomped out.
I asked the Stewart’s employee why they didn’t say anything to him. He said they cannot confront customers (per management) who do not follow their simple safety rule.
My favorite Stewart’s shop is on upper Union Street in Schenectady. They do uphold the sign and require folks to go back and get their mask. Why is Stewart’s on Curry Road different?
To the unmasked customer — wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience compared to the consequences of this infection to the other customers, the staff at Stewart’s or you possibly bring the infection back to your own family or yourself. Just wear a mask, your life might be the one you save.
Diane Sanders Hombach


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The administration has blamed inflation on what they call supply glitches. What they have neglected to point out is that supply problems are the result of more expenditures than there are available goods. While this is true what has been neglected is the connection of the increase in expenditures to the Federal government’s use of printed money as a funding mechanism.

Doug Hampton

Agree with Joe. Everyone is keenly aware of the horrible inflation. We don’t need any reminders. Republicans will blame Joe Biden and Dem’s will blame COVID. I believe , like most things, that it is not just 1 factor….yes certainly COVID has interrupted the supply chain but all the free money that had been handed out didn’t help matters. That money wouldn’t have been given out if it wasn’t for COVID….so back to that. So I guess the question is….Should the gov’t have done as much with that as they did. Folks will go into their respective political corners with that question.


We’ll I allways been sayin what go up dew come down. Jus like when pa, smacked ma up side the head. Her teath flew up over the chicken coup, but they com back down. Mark what I’m speekin jes give it som time. An buy the way Mr. Hampton, I noe yer name aint mark er jes. Somtimes stuff like that gets confusein.
Gotta spunge off a bit, going to the denist to get my tooth fixed. See ya’ll later.


What is being ignored is that the budget could have been balanced by cutting less important expenditure than covid to fund CVID help. What the Democrats have chosen to do is hide the cost of their policies behind the printing of money. After all, if you want to be reelected it is better to proclaim the benefits of your polices while hiding their costs


One should note that there is a distinct difference between Biden rejectors and Trump supporters. Rather than talk of supporters and rejectors it will be more productive to deal in ideas that might be good for the country


Its amazing how selective people are when it comes to the”science”. Unless you have a face fitting N95 mask its practically worthless(thats science) The Omnicron is following the “science” and is immune to vaccine and the natural immunity from exposure to it will provide humans with immunities beyond the vaccinations. Vaccine might keep you out of the hospital but not from getting Omnicron. I am convinced there is a segment of society that wants to wear a mask and get vaccinated every three months ad nauseum.

Doug Hampton

And if you listen carefully , that’s exactly what they said the vaccine would do….. help people stay out of the hospital and prevent death and that’s exactly what it has delivered. Regarding your comment about folks wanting to wear masks and getting vaccinated every 3 months….just ludicrous…..don’t know a soul who “wants” those things.

I’m not only convinced, but the evidence stares this country in the face that a large segment of adults have listened to and followed a very foolish leader and spit in the face of public health measures and the science of this pandemic, and the people who are trying to resolve it. And, have added to the horrific death toll, most significantly of their very own.
That’s the segment we need to worry about.

William Marincic

See, when you believe it’s republicans it’s a problem but when a Democrat points out to you that it’s also Democrats your response is so what. You sound just like a partisan hack.

The numbers, the facts, prove Republicans are the bulk of the anti-vaxxers, and the bulk of who gave taken up residence in our hospitals and they bulk of the dead.
But you know that and you’re just looking for attention. So here you go.


Here’s a novel idea from our friends up north: One day after the Canadian province of Quebec announced it would financially penalize residents who are unvaccinated, the province’s health minister said Wednesday first-time appointments spiked in the hours following the announcement.

“It’s encouraging!” Quebec’s health minister, Christian Dube, tweeted, indicating that Tuesday’s first-dose appointments were the highest in several days.
The fine for the unvaccinated would not apply to those with a medical exemption, and no details have been announced, although officials said the amount to be levied would be “significant.”
The Quebec government says that while nearly 90% of eligible Quebecers have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, the unvaccinated remain a burden on the province’s public health system.

William Marincic

Diane don’t you find it ironic that in today’s paper we have an article about someone complaining about a Rotterdam board member not wearing a mask and then two stories down you have a union college story that says that cloth masks don’t work and you have to have a medical grade and 95 mask

Allen R. Remaley the biggest stink that is still lingering is Trump’s presidency, It’s still being fueled by his minions. Like a couple of people on this forum are doing. Them and the republican Politian’s. look for guidance on what to think and say from Trump still. That stink will never disappear until they wash their hands of the worst president in the history of the United States of America


Guy, “Trump’s supporters don’t care if he lies, commits treason, or destroys the USA. ~ They’ll Support trump because he hates the same people they hate.”

One way 45 was the worst president ever was just what you said. He only loved/loves the people who support him no matter how mean or criminal his behavior is.
Have you noticed how he’s now going after DeSantis because he wouldn’t say he was boosted? 45 also sees DeSantis as a threat since he refuses to say he’ll bow out of upcoming election if 45 runs. NO ONE is safe…just typical autocratic behavior!

William Marincic

You must mean how you treat Joe Vendetti when he doesn’t agree with your far left Bernie Bros ideas. That’s eating their own.


First paragraph of an article in today’s DG, front page:

“During a fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, on Tuesday night at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, former president Donald Trump showered Stefanik with praise and reportedly declared that she could be president in six years. “

I couldn’t finish my breakfast.

Doug Hampton

Stefanik is no different than that brown noser in the office looking to get ahead in the company. She sees where the power in the party lies and she praises and worships him just like he demands. It is disgusting to watch but she is getting everything she wants…power,leadership, and potentially much more.

Only a few points worse than Trump during the same period of his presidency, and we weren’t in the midst of a global pandemic lmao.

William Marincic

And Trump had a media attacking him nonstop, Trump also had democrats with their phony scandals nonstop. If the media was honest his polling numbers would have been great. They created what Trump became.

William Marincic

I’m only responsible for what I say not what you want to hear.

William Marincic

I can understand your lack of understanding, you are a democrat.

William, it’s true that Biden’s approval ratings are low right now. Even 45s have dropped 9 points with Republicans–probably because he’s been finally promoting the vaccine and booster (strange that he and Biden agree on something).

We have got to get over this pandemic which would help lower inflation, but it’s the UNvaccinated that are holding us back. We may not have even had Omicron if more than 62% of Americans were vaccinated. But Biden gets blamed.

Biden is struggling with voter rights, which is ridiculous since this was always a non-partisan issue. There is not ONE gop voting for either bill, but Biden gets blamed.

Biden said there are 50 “presidents” now. With a 50-50 Senate, any one of them can tank a bill, so this is very difficult…especially with a diverse democratic party and a partisan, obstructionist gop.

But still–I believe in Biden’s agenda and will support his efforts…the most important one to keep America from becoming an authoritative country. There is nothing more important than restoring the soul and ideal of this nation.

William Marincic

jclark, how can you say it’s unvaccinated people holding us back with a straight face? The vaccinated can still catch omicron and still pass it on.

Bill Wemple

Because the unvaccinated are filling up hospitals and tanking the healthcare system. Vaccinated people are catching it some, but 90+% them are recovering at home and recover in only a couple days. So keep telling everyone to just let it burn through and deal with it, and then wonder why a month later hospitals are closing doors, no elective or non-emergency procedures, ambulances pile up at the doors waiting for hours to admit patients, groceries and other goods aren’t available, teachers are out sick, buses, trains and airplanes don’t run, and employees can’t show up to work. How can you continue functioning in a modern society with your complete lack of reasoning? Must be you want everyone to live and die like medieval peasants while following some perverted sense of God’s will?

William Marincic

Wemple, tell me how many people in the US have died from Omicron, not people with underlying major health issues but just Omicron.

Exactly, Bill–thank you!
William, how in the hell would we know who exactly dies of Omicron since it’s ALL covid related. Even if it can be measured, who cares which variant it is?

I see you have NO good argument to what Bill & I said previously. We can’t get “back to normal” with only 63% of the population vaccinated–which allows new variants to form. So therefore, the UNvaccinated are holding us back.
As I said before, we may not have even seen Omicron if enough of us were vaccinated. The pandemic is negatively affecting so many things and the very people who blame Biden are mostly UNvaccinated. That’s the irony of Biden’s low poll numbers.

William Marincic

The CDC knows if someone has cancer and then comes in with Covid and dies. If the government didn’t pay extra for covid deaths we would have real numbers but someone who died in a car accident that had covid was listed as a covid death. The government skewed the real covid numbers and now we have this problem.

Bill Wemple

Holy S###, BM really does not have any reasoning skills at all and completely missed the point in first two sentences of my reply. I should’ve followed the advice of the others in this forum and stop wasting my time answering a braying ass.

William Marincic

I read what you said Wemple but the fact that someone is unvaccinated is a personal choice for many reasons, some are religious, some just don’t trust the government, some have friends that had adverse effects. If someone chooses not to get the vaccine and they die then that is obviously their own fault.


Bill, I can tell you one thing for sure, at least from my prospective. No longer attempting to do the impossible has been a satisfying relief. No longer trying to reason with the absolute unreasonable.


Stefanik, like McCarthy and so many other members of POT, will change their positions and attitudes, grovel, do anything to gain the favor of the most corrupt incompetent, and criminal president in our history, Trump.

Look at the facts. Shortly after the insurrection, McCarthy publicly castigated Trump for his role in it. He said he had to answer for it, calling for a censure vote. Apparently, he thought even Trump’s base would turn against him as the news revealing his illegal efforts to subvert the election culminated in an attempted coup, a coup he did nothing about for several hours, as people were seriously injured, including many members of law enforcement. As soon as it was clear the expected revolt against Trump would not materialize, McCarthy was back at Mara Lago, kissing the ring of the person whose support he would need to achieve his goal of attaining the Speaker’s gavel.

In May, when he was asked if he would appear to answer questions about the insurrection, he gave a one word answer “Sure.” Now he refuses to appear before the House committee investigating 1/6, justifying his refusal with specious arguments. We need to know what was said by both parties in the multiple, sometimes angry conversations, he had with Trump. We know in one Trump said something very strange to McCarthy, that apparently the insurrectionists were more upset about the election than he was. There is a lot more to learn about the implications of a statement that seems to indicate Trump supported the violent mob and their goal.

Similarly, in 2015 and 2016, Stefanik harshly criticized Trump and his policies, including his incendiary comments about women and Muslims, building the wall, calls for more cooperation with Russia, and attacks on NATO.

Today she is a slavish devotee of whatever foul BS comes out of the mouth of her idol. Both McCarthy and Stefanik, who clearly wants to be president someday, have put their political ambition ahead of everything else, including the future of our country as a democracy. Shame on her and him.

Doug Hampton

All very true. The bottom line is that the only reason why Trump is relevant is because people like William and others refuse to see what a dirtbag Trump really is. If anyone really believes that the R politicians like MM , Paul , McCarthy , and others truly admire Trump then you are delusional. Guys like DeSantis and others would love nothing more than to be done with Trump but they simply can’t say this publicly because Trump still has 35% or so hanging strong with him. They need that same 35% to continue to support him or her in the 2024 Presidential election. It’s simple math. If you think I am crazy , just look no further than KM’s comments back on 1/6 or Graham’s or MM neutral approach to Trump for confirmation. They themselves thought that the end of Trump was inevitable back then and were surprised that his base continued supporting him. It wasn’t till they realized that they better get back on the Trump train
or risk losing their own job. These guys know the truth about Trump but simply can’t speak up for fear of losing their own base. It’s not complicated people.

Doug Hampton

I think the politicians see through Trump but just can’t come clean because of the fear and risk of losing their job and power. I think guys like William have been filled with so much fear , anger , and hatred of Biden and all the “lefty’s” that they can rationalize the continuation of supporting Trump because the opposition is mentally deranged (to quote William) and in their eyes much worse. It’s pure rationalization based on fear , hate, and anger and it’s fed to them by their news outlets every day.I really believe that it’s that simple. Rush built the army , FOX developed it , and now Trump came along just when enough people had enough of politics as usual. Say what you will about him but he is a powerful persuader (I would say con artist but enough people think otherwise).


There is another important point to be made concerning the potential disaster facing the Republican party. It is true that to win primaries they have to cater to the base. 67% of the GOP currently support Trump and only 44% want him to run in ’24.
Meanwhile Trump is out badmouthing anyone, including DeSantis, who wavers in their support of anything emerging from his mouth via his seriously scrambled brain. Trump is now an outspoken advocate of full vaccination while DeSantis has continued to evade a direct statement encouraging vaccination. Trump called him ‘gutless’ for refusing to say directly whether or not he has received a booster shot.

Decisions as to whether or not to remain loyal to Trump, and that means absolute subservience to his will, are becoming more and more difficult to make. In sum, we have a minority party with serious divisions, heading into the fall elections. Senators K. Cramer (R,N.D.) and John Thune (R, S.D) are supporting senator Rounds (R, S.D.) in his assertion that Trump lost in 2020; cracks in upper echelon support for Trump are developing. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell when asked about Rounds statement said, “I agree”.

I think in the weeks ahead the Republican party will be further weakened over whether or not to follow Trump’s lead. Remember, though in many ways Trump is like Hitler, he totally lacks Hitler’s skill in political strategy. Instead of uniting the party behind him, his erratic speeches, positions and statements are contributing to the disintegration of the GOP. As the character Bea said in the Netflix prison drama “Wentworth”: “If you rule through chaos, you reap what you sow.”

The Republicans can win by cheating, which is clearly their plan: refusing to even debate HR1 and supporting the legislation in several states to make it more difficult to vote and potentially employ Republican state legislatures to overturn the will of the people. Or, they can win if Democrats and others wanting to stop the long nightmare imposed on the country by Trump do not overcome the obstacles to vote and turn out to defeat all Trump endorsed candidates. In getting Trump’s endorsement, I believe, Republican candidates enter the general election at a disadvantage.

Doug Hampton

Agreed. There is one thing that we can all agree on and that is simple math. The R party was already in the minority in terms of registered voters and then they decided to “clear house”. They got rid of all the moderates and centrists so their numbers went down even more. So it stands to reason that they just can’t win on pure numbers alone. They could risk running the old fashioned way and simply outcampaign the D candidate and hope that things are that bad in 24 and that D ‘s will vote for the R candidate or they could change the rules on how we vote aka cheating to help boost their chances. I don’t even think there is a sliver of a doubt here. If you can’t beat them , then change the rules.

The name “Donald Trump” is literally written and enshrined into the Republican platform, as I’ve linked to here in the past.
Anyone with a dog probably knows how skunks smell; now multiply that by millions. And some tomato juice ain’t gonna cure that.

William you were right all along …Mike Lindell the “my pillow guy” said that he has enough evidence to put away 300,000,000 people on Trump election fraud. I wish I bought one of his cheaply made pillows. Now I might go to jail. Nearly every person over the age of 5 is going to jail ! We should have listened to you.

William Marincic

If you want my honest opinion I would prefer Trump not run in 2024, I believe him winning again will be a repeat of the first time with the media and democrats attacking him every minute of the day. I want a President not bombarded by partisan clowns.
I would prefer that Ron Desantis run in 2024 with Kristi Noem of ND. A real winning combination. We will see.

Dems and media attacking him? How about his mean-spirited, divisive tweets constantly every day? How about his unpresidential and repulsive behaviors? He did it on purpose, yet you blame the media for reporting on it! Twisted thinking!

William Marincic

Why do I need to worry Diane, I listened to Mr. Science doctor Fauci and have had three Moderna jabs, I can’t wait till I can get my fourth and get 20% off my next hospital stay.

To Mr. Remaley, and the right-leaning pinheads who seem to think their ____ doesn’t stink, and pile on to Cuomo without much else to grab onto, be reminded it was a Democratic AG, Letitia James who ultimately forced him to resign. There has been no shortage of Democratic criticism against Cuomo and his brother, but some well remember a deep, visceral, and unwarranted hatred for his father with the predictable crazy talk of mafia links, etc. There’s surely been a hesitancy to join that group. The Dems can form their own opinion, and they did on Andrew, and he’s gone.

It will likely also be Letitia James who brings Trump and his swamp to justice by his creative use of property evaluations.
The irony of a Black woman playing such a large role in decimating the Republican Party of White Christian Racists will be that much sweeter.


I want to underscore the fact that Letitia James Democratic AG of NYS had no hesitation in going after Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo when the evidence warranted it. Belonging to the same party had no effect on her decision.

Al Franken, former outstanding democratic senator from Minnesota, was forced under pressure, including from dozens of Democrats, to resign after a story about an adolescent prank he was involved in years before, when he was a comedian, was made public. Look up what he did and you might agree with me that it was far less serious than Trump’s p—- grabbing statements or his bragging about how he walked into the locker room of the Miss Teen Universe Pageant because he owned it and,therefore, could.

Several Democrats voted for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and all denounced, rightly so, his behavior with Monica Lewinski. Rank and file Democrats denounced this behavior also, with many calling for his resignation or removal.

All this demonstrates how differently Democrats and Republicans respond to wayward members of their own party. In today’s Republican party, the only serious threat to members, is the ‘crime’ of not swearing fealty to Trump.

“In today’s Republican party, the only serious threat to members, is the ‘crime’ of not swearing fealty to Trump.”

Prove him wrong.

It’s now been confirmed that the Sleazebag…I mean… Republican Party coordinated at least 5 states to create and sign off on forged electoral certification letters that were actually submitted. They were created and submitted in anticipation that the Vice President Pence would be a good soldier and fall on his sword and somehow reject electoral counts and thereby open the door for these “alternative” electors (who all happened to support President Sleazebag …I mean… Trump.
At least one of the elector imposters, Arizona state Rep. Jake Hoffman, has openly admitted he signed telling a reporter, “in unprecedented times, unprecedented action does occur.”

This is forgery on an unprecedented scale of Federal documents.
By the party who want to “secure the elections”.

William why do you believe in poll numbers now? When people quoted Trump’s poll numbers you called it fake news as did Trump. Have you found religion when it comes to poll numbers now? Please tell me how you came to this epiphany ? Did an orange prophet speak to you and tell you that you shall believe in poll numbers now?

Doug Hampton

I know you already know the answer but just to be clear to William and anyone else not sure…..His citing of the polls “now” is the exact definition of cherry picking. He truly is a piece of work!


Jus wondren about them folks keep on sayin this TDS thing. Watts it all mean? I ain’t reel good with them breeveations, jus kinda tryin ta figer it out. I kinda jus think it meens the one what keep sayin it maybee admitten that they is To Dam Stewpid to reely noe watts goin on all the times, an that be there way of askin. I reely like that in a man. If they don’t noe suttum they admits it, then ask. Thems that say that TDS thing must be reel great folk, rite?

BREAKING: Leader of the Oath Keepers and 10 associates charged with seditious conspiracy.
Got that William? I know you were defending the rioters, indicating that this wasn’t an Insurrection since noone was charged with sedition.
Also, ChuckD posted above the Fraudulent Electoral Certification Letters that the traitors were going to use if Pence decided not to follow the Constitution.
45 and his minions are next.


Don’t forget, the Trump faction is always ready to fall back on the ‘false flag’ BS, that this was a mob of people peppered with left-wing agitators like antifa, who were egging them on to make Trump look bad. It is as ridiculous as it sounds to anyone who listened to Trump or Mo Brooks firing the crowd up, but remember they lie whenever they feel it will work to promote Trump, and their sycophantic, bootlicking, ignorant followers swallow it all, hook, line, and sinker.

William, this is about saving our democracy. Those issues are secondary. We all have to choose our democracy or the cult of trump. It’s that simple, and you’re on the wrong side of history.

William Marincic

I’ve said from day one anyone that breached the capital and everyone that breached the capital needs to be held accountable.

But you always brought race into it William …Everytime you added as long as BLM protesters were indicted too…You can’t seem to separate the two

William Marincic

What I said varoma was that they need to hold everyone accountable for those 400 or 500+ riots where dozens of police were killed or injured along with others. You had Kamala Harris supporting a bail fund for the rioters. And one of them got out and killed someone.

Like I said you need to say BLM to qualify your statement. Those two things shouldn’t ever be mashed up into one another.



The probe into the insurrection has dramatically escalated with the indictment of Stewart Rhoades, founder of The Oath Keepers, and ten others on charges of sedition.

Up until now, the arrests and convictions have been of the actual violent participants in the attack on the Capitol and the charges have been tantamount to ‘glorified trespassing’. The average sentence for these brain-dead robots has been 45 days.

Under federal law sedition is defined as “two or more persons…conspiring to overthrow… by force the government..or by force hinder the execution of any law of the United States.” Conviction can result in a twenty year prison sentence.

The indictment of Rhoades includes an attempt to “oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power by force.” Gee, I wonder where he got the idea that he was conspiring to achieve a patriotic goal, such as undoing a fraudulent election and restoring the LOSER to power?

Bottom line, I take back what I said yesterday about replacing AG Garland with a more aggressive AG. This is a huge move toward gathering evidence against those at the top rung of ringleaders. The threat of a twenty year sentence could result in the implication of individuals higher up in the conspiracy than Rhoades. Now whom might they be? Hmmmmmm.


The following quote, attributed to Rhoades, who was not at the Capitol on 1/6, is included in the indictment:

“We the people must do what the people of Serbia did when Milosevic stole their election— refuse to accept and march en-masse on the nation’s capitol.”

Of course, his inspiration, Donald Trump, didn’t get his hands dirty, watching the violence from a safe distance and doing nothing about it, though a word from him could have stopped it all.

Love Anthony’s educated, well-stated posts! In addition from Ari Melber…

“The Oath Keepers were re-energized after Obama was elected president…urged members to arm themselves and prepare for war.” Hmmm…wonder what that’s about.

Someone like 45 winning was a direct result of our first black (biracial) president.

Right on point…I told people this all the time…Trump won because of his racist views and people couldn’t stand having a Black President for the first time in our history. And the Republican Party was complicit in it starting with questioning his birth certificate


Just to let you know, I got all the information in the post on the Oath Keepers from Ari Melber’s show. There is a post below I also got from the show tonight. You probably heard the contradictory quotes from Graham about Trump. I wrote them all down and posted them below. Any doubters need only look at Ari,s show tonight. All the quotes are from live footage of Graham saying these things.

Don’t miss Lawrence O’Donnell tonight.


A walk down memory lane with a Trump idolater:

Senator Lindsey Graham today:

“If you want to be a Republican leader you have to have a working relationship with President Trump. Here’s the question, Can Senator McConnell effectively work with the leader of the Republican Party? I’m not going to vote for anybody who can’t have a working relationship with President Trump.”

Sen. Graham shortly after 1/6:

“All I can say is count me out. Enough is enough. It is over…Joe Biden won. He is the legitimate president of the United States.”

Graham before the 2016 nomination of Trump:

“We should have basically kicked him out of the party.”
“I think he’s a kook.”
“I think he’s crazy.”
“I think he is unfit for office.”
“I don’t think he’s a Republican. His policies are bad for the country.”
“He’s a jackass.”
“You know how to make America great again? Tell Trump to go to hell.”
“His foreign policy is a complete disaster. He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.”

I guess consistency isn’t Graham’s strong suit.

My goodness, 10 fake soldiers indicted on sedition (so far) and a passel of Republican fake electors now under scrutiny by the Feds for it least forgery of official documents and our favorite right wing chatterboxes are nowhere to be found, except to gripe about the liberals.
That’s a potent movement you have there, Retrumplicans. Wouldn’t it be great to have a leader who had your backs?

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