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Letters to the Editor Friday, Jan. 14


Both sides need to respect freedoms

In her Dec. 16 column (“Jan. 6 hearings show how Trumpers undermine America”) in The Gazette, Trudy Rubin talks about the “Big Lie” and how it threatens democracy.
Yet, she never addresses what the Democrats and much of the media did to destroy the 2016 election of Donald Trump which, incidentally, was on the up and up.
They tried everything to make that election illegitimate and all who voted for him had to tolerate unending assaults for four years.
With that in mind, Rubin’s statement “that a bedrock principle of democracy — that losing candidates and their supporters accept the results” would be laughable if not so seriously hypocritical.
Then, referring to mail-in ballots, she said there was no fraud.
According to the 2005 bi-partisan commission on election reform, “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”
Considering this and some of the irregularities that did transpire on election night, it’s reasonable and justified, I think, to be skeptical of how the election was handled. After all, in terms of the electoral vote count, Biden won by a mere 43,000 votes.
When you’re talking about 155 million total votes cast, 43,000 isn’t much (.028 %). If just 22,000 of those votes had gone the other way, Trump would’ve won a second term.
Ms. Rubin concludes by insulting “Trumpers” suggesting that we, presumably all 75 million of us, by following Trump, would abandon our principles and freedoms along the way. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Maintaining our freedoms is a delicate balance as both sides need to be respected.
Art Pagano

Delta gene could be helpful in covid fight

Today I wrote a check for $199 to buy a DNA kit to learn whether I had two, one or no copies of the Delta 32 gene.
About 2% to 3% of the U.S. population has two copies and about 25% have one copy.
You have to have a European ancestor to have a copy. Today, this gene might be able to protect you from COVID-19, just as it did in 1350 when it protected people from the bubonic plague (Black Death).
At that time, one-third of the population of Europe and one-half the population of London died from the worst pandemic in history. To learn more about this gene, go online.
This gene can provide protection from viral infections such as HIV.
There was a little town in England in 1350 where many people didn’t get sick and recent investigations of their ancestors led to the discovery concerning the Delta 32 gene. I found this very interesting, which is why I am writing this letter to the editor.
Jack L. Underwood, M.D.



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Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by more than 7 million votes of the people, but only 43,000 votes in the Electoral College.

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by about 3 million votes of the people, but the Electoral College gave Mr. Trump the victory.

Al Gore beat George W. Bush by 540,000 votes of the people, but the Electoral College made Mr. Bush the winner.

Notice a pattern? The fact that the Electoral College can overrule the will of the voters makes a mockery of our supposedly Democratic system.

I agree with Mr. Pagano that “maintaining our freedoms is a delicate balance” but some things are just plain wrong. He makes an excellent case for abolishing the Electoral College.

Joseph Vendetti

Mr Pagano:

I really had to do some reading between the lines on this one to get to the “43,000” votes you claim President Trump lost the 2020 election by.

I think what you are saying is President Biden won GA by 12,670 votes (16 electoral votes), AZ by 10,457 votes (11 electoral votes), & WI by 20,563 votes (10 electoral votes).

Out of the 538 total electoral votes a candidate needs 270 of those to become President. President Biden won 306 and Former President Trump won 232.

Say Trump did carry those 3 states – he still only had 269 Electoral Votes then President Biden would have 269 Electoral Votes also.

If that scenario did occur and my memory from 7th or 8th grade social studies is correct the House of Representatives breaks the tie by casting 1 vote per US State. So while the Democrats control the US House of Representatives the Republicans have more singular US State votes – So this extremely unlikely scenario is your letter basis?

I’ll reiterate there was no evidence (none) of mail in voter fraud, ballot harvesting, or the mafia filling out ballots, etc . Each US State has a process – board of election, re-counts, certification that was performed. President Biden won. The Democratic party out flanked the Republicans in the States they needed to win.

I do think we need voter IDs (fingerprints, photos, etc) but that is only because I think there are benefits to having a national ID. Many people miss voting (a fundamental right) because they are traveling for work. That is why absentee ballots are important. But just think if the ease if you had a national voter ID card that you could go to a voter machine in OH if you were from NY but traveling for work in OH. You slide your debit like card into the machine, confirm that card with eye or fingerprint scan, and walah your NY ballot pops up on the screen and you can vote for your NY district candidates while being in OH. Double verified a poll worker checks that your face matches the ID to let you touch the machine. Then your fingerprint matches to cast votes. I explained the fingerprint mail in paper ballot with fold back blotter yesterday or day before.

Thanks for getting my brain some execise this morning by looking at 2020 vote totals to get to 43,000.

My suggestion – move on. If you are unhappy with results of 2020 work for your particular party, work phone banks, knock on doors, etc and get people to the polls or casting ballots.


Thank you Ornamental and Joe for saving me time typing. Just a couple more points:

Trump’s appointee as head of the CSIA, which monitors elections, Christopher Krebbs, said there were no significant irregularities in the 2020 race; that it was accurate and secure.

Trump’s AG, William Barr, agreed.

The phrase “potential fraud” in mail-in ballots does not mean there was fraud. The word “potential” refers to a possible future event.

I have no clue what Mr. Pagano means when he says: “Democrats and much of the media” destroyed the election of Donald Trump.”

There was ample evidence to justify Mueller’s probe into Russian involvement in the election, including meetings of Russian officials with significant members of the Trump campaign.

Mr. Pagano and people like him have to stop being poor losers and accept the election of Biden, as they did the election of Republicans in 2020 to Congress. There ‘sour grapes’ attitude is destroying this country and promoting autocracy, racism, and corruption.


Hey Tony, I’ll tell you exactly what Mr. Pagano means when he says; “what the Democrats and much of the media did to destroy the 2016 election of Donald Trump”

He means, I don’t care if Biden won the election. We trumpeters wanted Donald to be president, and truth, honesty and fairness don’t matter at all. What matters is is that we wanted him in the White House regardless of anything, so we’ll say or do anything (attempted coup) to put our guy where we want him, and the media, democrats and truth don’t matter.
That what means.

Key to any autocracy, as trump aspires to, is always looking for the I’m-a-victim angle, and inviting others and showing how they too are victims, and then drubbing anyone you perceive as vulnerable, or disagreeable.
Let’s review the outset of Trump’s 2016 campaign: First make yourself into a spectacle so you have all the media’s attention (and that includes MSNBC who couldn’t go 90 seconds without a “Donald Trump _____”). Then latch on to a hot button issue that the victimized can relate to. How about fixating on trying to make the first Black president into an illegal immigrant?

And bingo! You’ve got a campaign!

No Mr. Pagano, the media made your trump, far from destroying him. We all saw it and you should drop your BS.


I know, the last sentence should have started with “Their.” It is early morning and I hate to admit it, but letters like Mr. Pagano’s, the incredible ignorance, hatred, and inaccuracy of such views really upsets me. I honestly believe newspaper editors should include a warning about the flat-out inaccuracies in letters to the editor like this one. Free speech does not include “yelling fire in a crowded theater”. In today’s political atmosphere this letter to the editor isn’t far short of doing just that.

William Marincic

Anthony, you are a typical Democrat, you don’t like what someone posts in the paper yet you want them to be banned from posting in the paper. I wonder why Democrats are never fact checked? Let’s burn all the books that you don’t agree with. By the way, it looks like there won’t be any federal election law, HR1 is dead on delivery. Thank God.

William Marincic

Yeah Right!!! I’m glad you said that…

“On a personal note, she has inspired Black women like me to run for office,” Mosby told the newspaper. She said Harris had worked with her office for six hours after she was elected as state’s attorney.

“There would be no Marilyn Mosby without Kamala Harris. When I won state’s attorney, Kamala was my inspiration.”

If Mosby broke the law, then she should be held accountable. There’s no proof that Harris knew any of this, and isn’t Mosby considered innocent at this point.
I said Dems don’t CONSTANTLY lie…of course some dems lie!
You can’t see the difference of 45 on the record with over 30,000 lies just while in office? Another weak whataboutism.

Fred, as usual you have a ridiculous (stupid) comeback.
Whether I choose to protect myself from all the crazies 45 unleashed is my right and my business.
It has already been pointed out to you that many people use pseudonyms…as if that’s the same thing as LYING…
Don’t forget 45 faking a name and calling into broadcasts to promote HIMSELF, lmao!

William Marincic

jclark it is the democrats that are the crazies not the republicans.


Try to not let them get to you as much as they may. Agitation and aggravation is part of “their” game. I imagine most of us on this forum have had many more yesterday’s than tomorrow’s, me, for sure. Should be time to chill a bit and put our feet up. I guess some things are easier said than done, but we all have some options.

Yes, I’m done…faux entertainment (state run television) sheep aren’t worth it…(and there’s a LOT of them)! It’s like reasoning with a box of rocks. Members of a cult have to want to get out…much like a drug addict wants to get help.


I agree. Most times it’s just not worth it. Just think if we could all ignore them and post our own fact-based news and comments and let them go wild.

William Marincic

The year is 2040:
Daughter; Dad what were you doing in 2022 when the government took all of our rights away?

Dad; I’m sorry honey I didn’t do anything, I wore a mask I had all of my shots plus my three boosters and I believed that I was doing everything I was supposed to do and they took it little by little so I didn’t see it coming.

How about the freedom to peacefully protest in Lafayette Square and be hit with flash bangs, tear gas and rubber bullets? Ordered from your own president because he was embarrassed he was put in a bunker the day before and needed to feel “strong”???

William Marincic

jclark, OOPS wrong again!!!

June 9, 2021, 1:32 PM EDT
By Ken Dilanian
WASHINGTON — When federal police officers violently cleared protesters from the city’s Lafayette Square in June 2020, they did it so a contractor could install fencing — not to let President Donald Trump hold a photo opportunity at a nearby church, an investigation by the Interior Department’s inspector general has found.

Then why did he do it?! Listen to the Generals that got duped into being a part of that photo op. They were mortified and clarified what happened.
You listen and worship faux entertainment and support a lying, racist, sexist Insurrectionist so I will no longer respond to you.
If you can’t see how dangerous 45 still is after TONS of evidence, then YOU are the problem. Move to Russia, please. You are not worth it…too far gone in the trumpcult.

William Marincic

Faux entertainment, you mean Fox News the most-watched news and commentary on cable.

Bill Nechamen

The dad in 2040 is still alive then because he was triple vaxxed and wore his mask in public places. I feel sorry for people who think being urged or required to comply with sensible public health rules are taking liberties away. It is a twisted sense of “liberty.”


Further facts about the 2016 v. 2020 presidential elections:

In 2016 Clinton got 48.2 % of the popular vote and Trump got 46.1%. Trump won the electoral college vote 304 to 227. Clinton graciously accepted the results and a peaceful transfer of power followed.

In 2020 Biden got 51.3% of the popular vote and Trump got 46.9%. Biden won the electoral college vote 306 to 232. Ever since, we have been constantly confronted with lies about the election results and claims that the real winner was Trump. This has been disproved in numerous court cases and audits. But Trump, who has always been a loser, refuses to accept his defeat; he and his misguided misinformed followers continue to threaten the very fabric of the American political system and democracy as evidenced by the arrest of Stewart Rhodes and ten others in the Oath Keepers on charges of sedition.

The reason you can win the popular vote but lose the electoral college is easy to explain.

1) Each state gets a number of electoral votes equal to its representation in Congress. The least populated states get 2 senators, as do the most populous. Representation in the House reflects population so the the states with greater population get more members in the House. Some states, with the lowest populations, only get one Representative in the House.

2)Thus, California with a population of 39,613,493 gets 55 electoral votes while Wyoming with a population of 581,075 gets 3 votes.

3) This means that 193,692 Wyoming voters have the same influence on the electoral college vote as 720,245 California voters.

Does that sound democratic?

In any other functioning democracy Trump would have lost both election. So Trump supporters, wipe yours tears off, face reality, and let’s get back to normal. Please.

William Marincic

Clinton didn’t graciously except the results, to this day she is saying the election was stolen from her as do most of you Democrats, yet you wanna blast President Trump for saying the same thing. Hypocrite much?

Exactly, Matt. There was good reason to question his win since there were over 100 contacts with Russia. Manafort shared polling data, for one. (How 45 interacted with Putin supports his leaning against the US). 45 did everything he could to obstruct the investigation, with Barr skewing the results. He brings in people who will protect HIM, not the Constitution or our Republic.
Then losing by 3 million votes warrants scrutiny.
But Hillary put the country ahead of whatever happened, the very next day, because she is a true patriot, which 45 has never been.

William Marincic

She didn’t she did worse, she had her minions attack Trump non stop, she used her fake Russian disinformation report to tie up the government for three years and she had her minions do a phony impeachment, twice.

Bill Nechamen

You credit Hillary Clinton with far too much power. The day after the election, she was no longer managing the Democratic Party. The investigations during the Trump years were because there was a great deal to investigate. BTW when Hillary was brought before a GOP House committee to answer questions about Benghazi, she didn’t claim executive privilege. She didn’t refuse to appear. She appeared and responded to every question.

Art, the difference being, despite the intelligence reports that Russia meddled in our election, there was a broad acknowledgement of Trump’s victory and assurance of a peaceful transfer of power. Obama didn’t ghost the incoming president, refuse to accept the results of the election, continually talk about how the presidency was “stolen”, file 60 lawsuits in court challenging the results, call Secretaries of State to “find” votes, nor stage a protest that turned into a riot on the US Capitol. If you can’t see those differences, sorry can’t help you.

“Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power. And we don’t just respect that, we cherish it.” – Hillary Clinton.

“Last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. I hope that he will be a president for all our country.” – Hillary Clinton

“We are all now rooting for his success. The peaceful transfer of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. And over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world.” – Barack Obama

Joseph Vendetti


The electoral process has been serving us for 234 years. Changed slightly and cemented in 1804 by what has come to be true compromise. Something our politicians of today have lost.

The Electoral College ensures that that all parts (even small less populous rural areas) of the country are involved in selecting the President of the United States. If the election depended solely on the popular vote, then candidates could limit campaigning to heavily-populated areas (Chicago, NYC, Los Angles) or specific regions.

The Electoral College was created to protect the voices of the minority from being overwhelmed by the will of the majority. The Founding Fathers wanted to balance the will of the populace against the risk of “tyranny of the majority,”

The Electoral College can preclude calls for recounts or demands for run-off elections, giving certainty to presidential elections.
If the election were based on popular vote, it would be possible for a candidate to receive the highest number of popular votes without actually obtaining a majority – which happened in Kennedy vs Nixon.

The founders – I believe never anticipated the political party system would dominate our society like it does today.

Bill Nechamen

I’ve thought about the Electoral College a lot. I don’t like but accept the fact that it would take a constitutional amendment to change it and that ain’t gonna happen. But I do object to the fact that in most states, the votes really don’t mean anything because the result of that state’s vote is already accepted. New York hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Reagan. Yet there are many Republican areas in New York. Texas, likewise, has many Democratic areas, but their presidential votes don’t count. So wouldn’t it make more sense to not change the electoral votes by state, but to divvy them out in accordance with that state’s popular vote? In 2020, for example, NY’s 29 electoral votes would have gone 17.7 for Biden and 10.9 for Trump. That doesn’t add up to 29 because of minor party votes, so perhaps the electoral vote should only be divided among the top candidates who cumulatively get over, say, 90% of the vote. Texas, with 38 electoral votes, would instead give 19.8 to Trump and 17.7 to Biden. In this way, there would be a truly national election and there would be a reason for candidates to try to get out votes, and for people to vote, even in states that are solidly Republican or solidly Democratic.


Your suggestion is far more democratic and makes more sense than the current system. Most states have a ‘winner takes all’ system. It would take a constitutional amendment to change the current system; let’s push for it. If you agree call your senators and congressman.

Jclark William isn’t punking anyone. He really believes what he says. Or rather what he is told to say from Trump and his minions. I see people like him all over Facebook still claim election fraud. And like Mr. Pagano’s letter he uses whataboutism when confronted with facts they can’t dismiss. They continue to go back to the same story even after they have been debunked. These kind of people are really the threat to our Country. They are no better than the Confederate traitors of civil War

OK, but his writings are so absurd and easy to prove wrong, that it’s hard to believe.
After everything we’ve witnessed with our own eyes and ears, yet they refuse to believe just how dangerous he is.

Agreed that this segment of the population 30-35%? are very dangerous to losing this wonderful experiment that may not make it to 250 years. Yet he complains about losing his freedoms over an effing mask…smh.

Doug Hampton

I am all in with the idea of ignoring William. It’s not just that his posts are easy to refute , he isn’t interested in any meaningful dialogue. Once you have him cornered like a rat , he stops posting , calls you a lefty or another name (sound familiar) , or simply blames the left wing media. That’s not a conversation , that’s a rant full of anger and hate. Here is the thing , I do know some right wing folks that really know their issues and can give you some alternative opinions on immigration , abortion , economy etc. that I would love to see on this forum. I think there are 8 or 9 of us that post regularly but for the most part we agree on most issues. That’s nice but just not as interesting and we don’t learn a whole lot. But yes I am through with both Fred and William for reasons already given. They bring nothing to the table on a regular basis.


Bill Wemple
January 13th, 2022
Holy S###, BM really does not have any reasoning skills at all and completely missed the point in first two sentences of my reply. I should’ve followed the advice of the others in this forum and stop wasting my time answering a braying ass.

January 13th, 2022
Bill, I can tell you one thing for sure, at least from my prospective. No longer attempting to do the impossible has been a satisfying relief. No longer trying to reason with the absolute unreasonable.

Well now there are three, and if Bill Wemple follows there will be four.
Having said that I am copying pasting what I said Wednesday:

“I also understand this is an open forum to all, and the right to voice opinions and respond to any comments as one pleases is paramount. Am I trying to influence others, perhaps, but my honest bottom line regarding this situation is that I sincerely want all to respond to anyone, including me, as they see fit. That’s what this opinion forum is about.”

Bill Wemple

Toxic person. Not worth the stress and it’s unhealthy to continue trying to dialog with that type. Done.

William Marincic

jclark it is the democrats that are the crazies not the republicans.

William Marincic

Typical liberal, you forgot to post it all.

Bill Wemple
January 13th, 2022
Holy S###, BM really does not have any reasoning skills at all and completely missed the point in first two sentences of my reply. I should’ve followed the advice of the others in this forum and stop wasting my time answering a braying ass.

William Marincic
January 13th, 2022
I read what you said Wemple but the fact that someone is unvaccinated is a personal choice for many reasons, some are religious, some just don’t trust the government, some have friends that had adverse effects. If someone chooses not to get the vaccine and they die then that is obviously their own fault.

William Marincic

Doug Hampton, that’s funny. Anytime I refute your wrong comments or as I call them lies, I usually use a liberal website to do it. But please ignore me, like it matters to me.

William Marincic

Varoma, you got me, dog gonnit. Every morning either Trump or Rudy calls me and tells me what to tell you all. I got away with it for over a year. Regardless The Donald and I will continue to speak, I’ll let you know if he is going to run.

I was thinking Fox News Newsmax OAN and Revolver Trumps favorite news outlets ,,they seem to be your got too to spread lies and conspiracies’

William Marincic

Funny, but I have never watched, OAN, Newsmax, or Revolver and I really doubt that I posted from them, so more lies Varoma?

William funny , just the other day you posted a story from Revolver call it factual you deny it? LMAO

William Marincic

Post the link, something may have popped up in the search and if it did I assumed it was a liberal site because I always use liberal in my queries so you can’t say I’m cherry picking. Just like I used NBC to prove jclark wrong


Sorry Joe, but your one point is misleading: “If the election were based on the popular vote, it would be possible for a candidate to receive the highest number of popular votes without winning a majority.” Someone with the highest number of popular votes, may not have won a majority, but did win more than any other candidate. A better solution would be a follow up election between the two candidates with the highest vote counts.

Your point about the electoral college system encouraging candidates to consider the views of people in low population states is valid. I’m not sure that that outweighs the fact that one vote in Wyoming is worth three in California.

The voice of the majority should win elections in a democracy as long as the rights of the minority are protected by guarantees of freedom, particularly of speech and press, and peaceful assembly “for the redress of grievances”. I’m not so sure the freedom to dispense misinformation on social media should be allowed without some warning about the strong chance this information is misleading and potentially dangerous. There is no right to conspire to overthrow the government through illegal or violent means because you disagree with the results of an election.

Today, in America, with the very anti-democratic filibuster in the Senate, we are witnessing the consequences of the tyranny of the minority.

Joseph Vendetti


Doing away with filibusters (which I don’t care for but understand) when one side or the other has previously pontificated the need for is hypocrisy at its highest form. Which coming from Chuck Schumer who has absolutely zero compass doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve watched at least 10 video clips of him standing in front of a podium advocating for filibuster. Now because it suits him it should be abolished?

Trumps, Cuomos, Schumers don’t believe they should be held to any particular regulations or standards because they have proven ppl in power can manipulate and tell you what that standard should be and how or why it doesn’t apply to their particular situation.


Joe, my only response is that both sides have abused the filibuster. Democrats aren’t saints, but at this time they are the pro-democracy party and the former GOP is the Party of Trump and favors autocracy. The POT path to victory lies in sowing divisions and creating chaos. Both sides should acknowledge their abuse of the filibuster and it should be eliminated.


“While I continue to support these bills, I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country.”
Kyrsten Sinema

So rather than support division I guess her goal is to put us all on the same side that is pushing for an autocratic government. She and Joe Manchin are “ moderate democrats” my ass.

And BTW Art Pagano, “Maintaining our freedom is a delicate balance as both sides need to be respected.” Perhaps 10 years ago, but I now only respect one side, the one that is desperately attempting save democracy.


Louis, I can’t fathom the insistence of Manchin and Sinema that the filibuster be allowed to continue to threaten our democracy. The Republicans have carved out exceptions to get their way. An exception to the filibuster to pass MANCHIN’S version of HR1, the Freedom to Vote bill, designed to gain Republican votes, for example by requiring a national picture I.D. to vote, is absolutely necessary to save our democracy. Not one Republican has said he will vote for Manchin’s bill.

The filibuster is a Senate rule dating back to the early 1800’s and is not in the Constitution. I’m all for it as it was originally designed. Senator’s had to keep talking and debating; it was designed for the purpose of not limiting actual debate. Today it is used to eliminate debate and a vote on a bill.

It is real “tyranny of the minority.” In this case, the P.O.T.

William Marincic

When did the Senate get rid of the filibuster?

On November 21, 2013, Senate Democrats used the “nuclear option,” voting 52–48 — with all Republicans and three Democrats opposed — to eliminate the use of the filibuster on executive branch nominees and judicial nominees, except to the Supreme Court until 2017.

You reap what you sow!!!!!!


In addition to the Supreme Court agreeing with Biden’s health care mandate, the other good news yesterday was on the Jan. 6 domestic terrorism case:

Stewart Rhodes, the leader and founder of the far-right Oath Keepers militia, was arrested on Thursday and charged along with 10 others with seditious conspiracy over what prosecutors said was their wide-ranging plot to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year and disrupt the certification of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s electoral victory.

The arrest of Mr. Rhodes, 56, was a major development in the sprawling investigation of the Capitol attack. He and the other Oath Keepers are the first to be charged with sedition among the more than 700 people accused so far of taking part in the assault.

Mr. Rhodes was arrested shortly before 1 p.m. at his home in Granbury, Texas, his lawyer, Jonathon Moseley, said.

The Justice Department has brought a variety of charges in connection with the Capitol attack; it has prosecuted about 275 people for obstructing Congress’s duty to certify the 2020 presidential vote count, for example. But it had not previously brought a sedition charge, with the legal weight and political overtones it carries about an election in a highly polarized country.

As the circle of the investigation begins to close in the center (Trump), the charges are getting more serious. DOJ is being very deliberate as Garland said last week, but I wish they move a little quicker to charge the sedition organizers and Congressional republicans involved.

William Marincic

You mean the terrible Republican Supreme Court, that constantly sides with the three liberal judges. Do you mean that terrible Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts that did that?

My opinion on Senators ..(2 for each State) is absurd …California which has about 40 million people and Wyoming which has 579 thousand people both get 2 Senators each. Like house members the number of Senators for each State should be by population of each State.

William Marincic

That’s what Congress has. You democrats are always looking for ways to cheat. We are not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic.

Joseph Vendetti


The States were formed first and the founders wanted a Federal branch that would serve the States needs equally. Not based on which State had more people.


You are right Joe, but maybe it is time for a change. We are one country now. Modern communications and transportation systems have made the concept of states’ rights a divisive and non-productive modus operandi. We are interdependent for all kinds of goods and services. We travel quickly and freely from one state to another. It would require a constitutional amendment to make every citizen’s vote count equally in all states. Maybe it is time to, at least, consider the idea.

William Marincic

According to Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution, “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, chosen by the legislature thereof for six Years.” The framers believed that in electing senators, state legislatures would cement their ties with the national government.

William you need to take a reading comprehension class. Read below

Passed by Congress May 13, 1912, and ratified April 8, 1913, the 17th amendment modified Article I, section 3, of the Constitution by allowing voters to cast direct votes for U.S. Senators. Prior to its passage, Senators were chosen by state legislatures.

So what you posted was wrong ….Now you can post an off point comment or silence from you next as you usually do or claim you were in a board meeting and don’t have time to answer 🤣

William Marincic

The point was two Senators per state, I could care less how they were elected at the time. Your complaint was that there were only two Senators per state. Stay on task.

Then why did you post an incorrect law? I never disputed that there were 2 senators for each state …I disputed that representation was not balanced by population size for each state …Like I said you need to take a reading comprehension class. Or do you like looking ignorant for the attention?


Posters, You say it pretty much every day, you will stop responding to certain posts from certain posters. Yet you do every day. At least let’s give them a different identifying “mark of the beast” so to speak. FG (former guy) refers to you know who on the Political Discourse site here. Nick names so at least they won’t see there names continually on here, which I think triggers them for more ridiculous and outrages posts. A few interchangeable names maybe to confuse them as to who your post was directed to.
Sanctimonious, Irrelevant, Old News, (ON) Always Wrong(AW)


It has been two days since I stopped responding to, as you say, “certain posters.” I honestly believe not even reading them is best. I don’t. They are a waste of time.


Say folks, ima thinkin I figered sutum out. The prblem is tite undies, yep, tite undies. When I were jus a little wipper snappin rug cockaroach grannie started gettin reel earatable like. But only daytime. Weerd rite? Nitetime after the skivies was off she were sweet as the rhubarb pie she use ta make. Well ma figered it out. Grannie was eaten to much, an her caboose was getting kinda big, an yep, bet you’s gessed it agin. Them tite bloomers was a gettin all wadded up, if ya noes what I mean, don’t wanna get inta to much detail about grannies detail, ha, ha, rite? Get it? She’d smack me up side the head if she herd me now. Rite? Good thing she dead. Rite? Anyways wen ma got grannie the rite size undies everthin were wunderfull. we got are sweet ol grannie back. Now ya musbee sayin wye is he tellin us that storie. Rite?

Well i’ll tell ya wye. Cuz seems ta me sumon round here on this here talkin site sownds mitey nasty an earatable, jes like grannie used ta. This hear fella alwaes startin argumints with nice fokes. Always anserin nasty ta people, rite? Ya’ll notiss that? One thing I don’t get thow be why he don’t like them Yankees. Whitey Ford and lefty Gomez, duh, was both lefties and he keeps talkin bad on them. Must be he likes them Red Sox. Still ain’t no reason to get so onree all the time. Rite? Anyhoo, I’m figuring it’s cawezed by tite skivies workin there way up whare they ain’t suppos ta be. So my sugjessin is ta get that growin butt a his in the rite size fruit a the looms an maybee no more frutie loon stuff common outta him. Get it, ha, ha. Duh. Rite?

William Marincic

Yeah, so you should stop posting Lou. You don’t have much to say except insults, there is no debate here because you all would rather call names than debate.

William Marincic

I responded to each of your lies today and as soon as I did each of you went and hid and started posting about something else. Way to deflect, who taught you that? I bet you all learned from watching Little Red Lying Hood also known as Jen Psaki.

William Marincic

In addition to the fizzling legislation and court defeat, polling shows the public’s approval of Biden’s job performance continues to crater as COVID surges despite his promise to “shut down” coronavirus – and the media has taken notice of the president’s struggles.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar spoke Friday after the network ran a graphic that labeled it a “week from hell” for the president.

“Biden has had a very tough week with setbacks for his agenda, COVID complications, and the Supreme Court blocking his vaccine mandate, inflation and international turmoil just to name a few,” Keilar said.

CNN’s John Berman then admitted the president is “on a very big losing streak,” and the liberal network’s chief national correspondent John King agreed.

“I’m reminded of an old saying, John McCain used to mangle this quote from Chairman Mao, he used to say, ‘It’s darkest before it turns completely black.’ That’s where Joe Biden is right now,” King said Friday. “Schools are closing, people around the country have COVID exhaustion, here in Washington the president is disappointing his own base … It is black. It is very dark for him right now.”

You responded to what….which were lies? You need better reading comprehension and stop crying like a kid on the playground that it wasn’t fair because you cheated ..That;s what the “big lie” is boiled down to ..


The article in today’s DG about the recently deceased Paulie DiCocco certainly brought back some memories. I, for years, spent many lunch hours enjoying delicious food at DiCocco’s Luncheonette. “Pasta Anna!” and “sangwidge” are words I still so clearly recollect Duilio ‘Jake’ DiCocco belting out while standing behind the cash register at the counter next to the door. I also, more than a few times remember playing cards in the “back room”.

I knew “Paulie” from the time we were kids. He was a great stand up kind of guy. Never said anything negative about anyone. Saddened to learn if his death.

I want to add that I believe it wasn’t necessary or appropriate for Bill Buell to say; “The son of a notorious Schenectady racketeer Paul “Legs”DiCocco.” In all of my experience, they we’re a great family who treated all respectfully. Saying that seemed to, in a back door way, undermine what a great guy Paulie was.

Joe, I know you were close with the family, some great memories, eh?

Joseph Vendetti


Correct you are sir!!! The City and Northside particular was extremely safe back in those days. Great family and thought it was unnecessary color to add to article of two people no longer with us.

Just spent some time in Jr in WPB two Aprils ago.



Louis and Joe, I never knew Paulie but I remember the Luncheonette and the food was great. I believe you should never disparage people because they are related to a “racketeer” or for any other reason the relative was deemed ‘notorious’, especially in an article about someone’s death. It was inappropriate.

George Bernard Shaw
Never wrestle with a pig. You will get dirty and besides, the pig likes it.

Hard lesson, but I’m learning!

You are correct ..he craves the attention . Then he cries to the editor when he gets his feeling hurt lol….He claims we are picking on him when we show him the factual information. And also claims we insult him when he is right about something ..Which 99 % od the time he posts BS from far right wing sites…Also when I say you’re beautiful and gets jealous ! lol

William Marincic

Nobody’s crying but I’ve disputed iand disproved every one of your posts above as either outright lies or mistruths or half truths.


It’s been posted before, but perhaps appropriately worth repeating:

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ~ Mark Twain

William Marincic

Yeah, I know, I have to go home and read a book to replenish my brain cells after debating the clowns on here all day.

His claims of proving us wrong is said just to make himself feel better. He just lied and said he didn’t read revolver website….he posted it just the other day …It was at best laughable. He thinks by saying he “owns the libs” it actually true in his mind. The only things he owns is his dilutions of what Trump is ad not based in any kind of reality. He claims to love the USA but his comments say otherwise, He truly hates the USA and wants his white privilege he thinks he has to stay intact while claiming to be “12 1/2 % black” He will claim he was pulling our legs when he was proven wrong. But you are right in the end Jclark he should be ignored.

William Marincic

Varoma, I don’t read revolver, if I posted something from there show it to me and I will tell you how I got it. As I said, I always look for liberal websites to prove you wrong, and if I used it the site must have popped up in a search and I assumed it was a liberal site. I don’t need to lie, I’m no longer a democrat so now I tell the truth.

William Marincic

Really? jclark, then dispute the NBC or the Fox report that I used to show you that you were wrong. Tell me how they are wrong…


The true nature of today’s Party of Trump is revealed in an article on p. A2 of today’s Gazette: “RNC threatens to boycott commission’s debates” Please read. Some excerpts:


“…years of tension between the RNC and the NONPROFIT… was exacerbated by former President Donald Trump who repeatedly accused the commission of unfair treatment. Trump ultimately REFUSED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SECOND 2020 DEBATE BECAUSE HE OBJECTED TO IT BEING HELD VIRTUALLY BECAUSE OF THE PANDEMIC.”

It almost puts me at a loss for words but not quite:

1) Gee Trump, what a lousy reason to cancel an in person debate: a little pandemic that had already killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

2) And why would a virtual debate put Trump at a disadvantage? Does he think his appearance with that phony head of hair would work for him regardless of his incompetence in the first debate?

3) Is the real reason for Trump’s refusal and the absurd ‘pledge not to debate’ demanded by the GOP because what the Republicans are for would disadvantage the vast majority of Americans? The Democratic accomplishments and proposals including the infrastructure bill, the successful distribution of vaccines, build back better, and HR1 would all be strong points in a face to face debate.

4) Is it because the GOP literally does not have a platform other than the will of a proven incompetent and cheat, Trump.

What a bunch of sore-loser crybabies. Truly unbelievable.


In other words what the RNC is saying is: We do not want non-partisan debate structure and moderators. We only want those who understand that in order for the “democratic process” to proceed, acceptance with open arms of a corrupt republican advantage is the right approach, and therefore is a must when structuring any political debating platforms.

William Marincic

Well if the democrats didn’t cheat it would not be a problem. For instance, Hillary Clinton was given debate questions ahead of time.

Steve Scully asked Anthony Scaramucci if he should respond to Trump.

Yeah, a fair debate!!!!!


Anthony, One plus not having Republican in the debate, the Democrat will be safe from what ever disease the Republican might have. Remember FG had the covid in last debate and “speculation” was he knew hoped and maybe Joe would catch it.
Reporting according to “AW News”.


Unfortunately, it wouldn’t protect the country from the mental problems that are so obvious in many Trump enthusiasts.


Per Raymond’s post about the OAF Keepers being indicted. Seems he FBI has done there homework. A little hard to believe no one was armed who was in this group. A short excerpt of what is in the indictment. Wonder who financed all this?
Kinda remember a certain poster on here claiming it wasn’t a insurrection on 1/6 because no one was armed. Hummm

According to the DOJ press release, the indicted Oath Keepers conspired in:

“organizing into teams that were prepared and willing to use force and to transport firearms and ammunition into Washington, D.C.” and bringing “paramilitary gear, weapons and supplies—including knives, batons, camouflaged combat uniforms, tactical vests with plates, helmets, eye protection and radio equipment—to the Capitol grounds”;
“organizing training’s to teach and learn paramilitary combat tactics”;
“breaching and attempting to take control” of the Capitol, and then “using force against law enforcement officers while inside the Capitol,” all in an effort “to prevent, hinder and delay the certification of the electoral college vote”; and
“continuing to plot” after Jan. 6th on ways “to oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power.”

The indictment also includes stunning details about Rhodes’s weapons cache. Here’s a summary of what prosecutors say he bought in the days before Jan. 6th:

Two night-vision devices and a weapon sight, costing approximately $7,000 on December 30. Investigators say he shipped them to an individual in Virginia “near Washington D.C.” The package arrived on January 4.

$5,000 worth of firearms and related equipment on January 1 and 2 that included a “shotgun, scope, magazines, sights, optics, a bipod, a mount, a case of ammunition, and gun-cleaning supplies.”

While en route from Texas to Washington, D.C. on January 3, Rhodes spent approximately $6,000 on “an AR-platform rifle and firearms equipment, including sights, mount, triggers, slings, and additional firearms attachments.” The next day, while still en route, he spent another $4,500 on similar purchases.

* Keep in mind, this was the weaponry brought to Washington by one man.

After the riot, the Oath Keepers remained committed to action. One member messaged Rhodes on January 12 and said, “We are excited to learn next steps and would like to know what we should be doing right now.”

Rhodes, for his part, kept buying weapons. According to the indictment, he spent $17,500 between Jan. 10 and 14 on scopes, magazines, firearm parts, ammunition, and related equipment.


You just can’t convince members of the Trump worshiping cult about the truth of anything that goes against whatever crap Trump is spouting at the time. But, thanks for posting the information which puts to rest any nonsense concerning the lack of firearms on the part of the initial wave of brutal thugs attacking the Capitol. Had they succeeded in their murderous plot, they would have been followed by the well-armed private army of Rhodes and other right wing Nazi worshiping jerks. They meant to install the idiot Trump as dictator for life. Who knows where it would have gone from there?

I think it is critical that we keep on telling it like it is. If we wake up any of the cultists it is a step toward preserving America as we know it.

Bad night for young Hannity tonight as a real economist takes him to school in US energy and the right’s bizarro Biden problem.
Don’t debate energy economics with Austan Goolsbee.

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