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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Jan. 15


Officials should set example on masks

We see you in the papers and on the news. We see you not wearing a mask.
Maybe you have already had covid. Maybe you have had two shots plus a booster.
Maybe you’re counting on your supply of Ivermectin or maybe you’re one of those people who believe that the virus is just a hoax.
But if you are an elected or appointed official and out in public view, can you please wear a mask?
The advice from the medical community is that masks do help prevent the spread of disease.
The majority of infected people are unaware of their status, so wearing a mask becomes even more necessary to slow the spread.
Elected individuals, whether from Clifton Park or Rotterdam or anywhere else in the Capital District, are often in the public view.
We turn to these leaders to, well, lead.
Sometimes that leadership requires one to act for the betterment of the community and not for personal and political expediency.
No one likes to wear a mask, but refusing to wear one doesn’t make you a hero.
If you are out in the community, making a public statement or just having your picture taken for posterity, do the right thing.
Wear a mask because you may save someone from getting sick or dying. Set an example.
It’s really about the rest of humanity so show us some of yours. Lead the way.
Polly Windels
Ballston Spa


Article conclusions difficult to support

Mr. Cropley’s article (“On vaccination, and east-west divide”) published in the Sunday Jan. 9 Gazette tries to draw conclusions which are hard to support.
Looking broader, particularly over the last seven days it is hard to say from this regional look that vaccinations make a difference.
One example is Lewis County which has a 50% vaccination rate yet only 147 cases per 100K population compared to Schenectady County with a 76% vaccination rate and 237 cases per 100K.
Fulton County which is mentioned in this article has seen only 165 cases per 100K in the last seven days. Population-rich counties like Kings and Queens have both high vaccination rates (88% and 73%) and high case rates (436/100K and 508/100K) (source:
What is more important is the outcomes of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, and I think Mr. Cropley’s article should have been focused here.
From the state Department of Health vaccine effectiveness data as of this writing, 4.6/100K of the vaccinated were hospitalized whereas 58.3/100K of the unvaccinated were hospitalized.
That means that the vaccines are 92.3% effective in keeping you out of the hospital, and that’s what’s important (source: breakthrough data).
I am writing this opinion because I have seen so many cases of people refuting the conclusions of articles that draw valid conclusions but are based on statistics that are hard to defend.
In today’s environment, we must make ironclad cases to support the benefits of vaccinations and then let the individual decide.
Daniel Sexton

Maskless brazenly jeopardize our health

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.”
No, I am not happy, so I will not clap my hands today to the beat of this children’s classic.
In fact, I am furious, furious at the audacity of those who deliberately break the rules of today’s fragile society to the jeopardy, welfare and health of the rest of us.
“Where was such selfish behavior observed?” you ask. At an area Walmart where at least one-quarter of the shoppers wore no mask at all.
I was informed by a Walmart greeter that only the manager can enforce the mask mandate, so I asked to speak with the manager. After waiting more than 15 minutes, the greeter had not even gone to find him or her. Displeased, I went on my unmerry way.
So, to warn you, if you go shopping and observe maskless folks all around you, get out! By the way, each one appears brazen and walks with a swagger as if to say, “Confront me about going maskless and I will counter punch with words you really don’t want to hear.”
Virginia L. Mee

Consider helping a child as foster parent

While the holiday season and the new year are positive for most of us, that’s not always the case for children in foster care.
For a child removed from their home due to abuse, neglect or other safety reasons, the holidays and new year often bring up a lot of conflicting feelings and emotions.
Being a foster parent takes a lot of commitment, understanding, and requires plenty of support. Foster parent training helps equip prospective foster parents with tools to successfully foster.
At Northern Rivers Family of Services, our staff is on call 24/7/365 to serve our foster parents and children in care. We have a therapeutic foster care team prepared to assist with any crisis that may occur. We work with our families prior to them accepting a child to determine the type of child best suited to the experience, capabilities, talents, and interests of that family.
We’re especially grateful to the multiple foster families we get to work with in the Capital District area. Hopefully we’ll be able to add more families to our list.
If you’ve wondered about being a foster parent, we encourage you to contact us with any questions. Long-term and part-time foster parenting is needed in our community.
If interested in more information, you can call me at 518-257-2919, if in Schenectady County or Stephanie Klein at 518-223-3828, if in Rensselaer or Albany County.
You can visit our website and our Facebook page @northernriversfostercare for more information. If not you, then who?
Jenny McMillen
The writer is a Foster Care Home Finder for Northern Rivers Family of Services.

Biden and policies have been a failure

I read Francis Pugliese’s Dec. 5 letter (“Can’t blame Biden for price hikes, etc.”) and Charles Rielly’s Dec. 29 letter (“Base your views on Biden on facts”), and it’s clear facts no longer matter.
Pugliese claims prices have gone up forever. Under President Trump, inflation was non-existent. By paying people $300/week to sit home, Biden has created the supply chain crisis.
Instead of people being responsible and paying rent, they have been buying luxuries. With people sitting home, the factories and plants are understaffed and there is a shortage of products. It’s simple economics. But being a CNN viewer, I don’t expect you to know this.
As far as Biden’s character, Biden claims he was in the top half of his law school class. He was 76th out of 85. He claimed he graduated from undergrad with three degrees. He has one. His 1987-88 run for president ended when it was discovered he plagiarized two or three times.
Joe Biden is a liar.
Regarding the gaudy numbers, our economy is showing, we were closed for a year. When the economy opened up, it grew because it was closed, and unemployment numbers had to go down.
Biden has done more harm to this country than any president in my lifetime. He is a failure, period.
Dave Edwards

Remove the stigma from substance abuse

Accidental overdose deaths will continue to rise until we recognize this epidemic as a chronic treatable disease and not a moral failing or shortcoming.
In 2021, more than 100,000 overdose deaths occurred — the most ever recorded in a single year, a 30% increase.
SAMHSA estimates 40.3 million people living with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and 2.7 million with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), however, only 7% and 11% respectively, are receiving treatment. Why?
The answer is stigma. We’ve made strides recognizing SUD & OUD as chronic diseases. However, old stereotypes remain. As a result, many continue suffering in silence.
A recent survey on stigma showed 75% of people don’t believe addiction is a treatable chronic disease and 45% of providers think using medication to help treat addiction is swapping one addiction for another; 46% of those with addiction said they felt ashamed.
Treatment needs to change, like other chronic diseases. Success treating SUD & OUD is more than 12-step programs. They must include available FDA-approved medication assisted treatment (MAT), counseling and behavioral therapy, mental health monitoring and treatment, as well as support groups. In addition, novel therapies like FDA-authorized prescription digital therapies (PDT’s) which are 24/7 and improve retention and abstinence rates, currently are not widely used or covered by insurance or Medicaid.
It’s time we recognize this as a chronic disease. Stop blaming people afflicted as morally flawed or socially irresponsible and appropriately direct resources and reverse the number of lives lost.
Mark Kaplan

New Nisky board is off to a rough start

The Jan. 1 Gazette article (“Supervisor names deputy, assigns committees”) outlined Niskayuna Supervisor Jaime Lynn Puccioni’s committee assignments
Only one board member, a Republican, did not receive an assignment, despite receiving the most votes in the election. Puccioni claims partisanship was not an issue. Partisanship has its role during a campaign, but is inappropriate in government operations.
In Glenville, the supervisor gave his only Democrat three committees, citing respect for the voters. What a contrast between the two towns. I want our new town board to be successful, but if the partisanship game is replayed, our town government will not be successful.
Deputy Supervisor Jessica Brennan, stated she will be available when needed to fill in for the Supervisor. How can this be?
She is a full-time Niskayuna school district employee (social worker) who is being paid by the taxpayers to be a full-time employee. When Rosemarie Jaquith was a board member, I questioned her being on two boards — town and school. I was concerned with establishing a precedent, not with her qualifications (legal, budget, administrative expertise). Mixing school district with town politics is never good. Rosemarie stepped down as a school board member, but Jessica cannot step down as a full time employee. Politics and education do not promote a good educational situation.
We also need to re-establish a sound fiscal structure to the town budget. I don’t believe this can occur if the comptroller is living out of the state. This issue must be addressed. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the board to do so.
Linda Rizzo

Mobile sports betting will increase addiction

Many New Yorkers were excited to hear that they could place a sports wager on their mobile device as early as Jan. 8.
But for a number of others, the availability of Mobile sports betting could lead to a gambling problem.
When gambling opportunities expand, the increased availability leads to increased problems. Having access 24 hours a day with endless wagering possibilities makes an already-troubling issue worse. The combination of sports wagering and technology attracts a new, younger demographic of bettors and leaves young people more susceptible to developing a problem.
Mobile sports betting has been legal in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 2017 and 2018, respectively. Pennsylvania has seen a 285% increase in calls to their helpline. In New Jersey, about 50% of those in treatment for a gambling problem have a problem with sports betting. If New York sees a similar trend, which we expect to, we need additional funding beyond the 0.05% currently provided for problem gambling services and a more comprehensive counter-marketing, prevention, treatment and recovery plan to ensure anyone negatively impacted by gambling can get the help they need.
If you or someone you know is wagering more than they can afford, preoccupied by sports and gambling, neglecting responsibilities, or feeling stressed and anxious, the Northeast Problem Gambling Resource Center is here to help. Call 518-801-1491 or visit for local, confidential support.
You don’t have to struggle alone.
Brandy Richards
North Creek
The writer is a team leader at the Northeast Problem Gambling Resource Center.

Kudos to Gazette carrier for awareness

When awards are given out here’s the story of the year.
The Gazette paper delivery man who was so keenly aware of his surroundings that he noticed a customer might be in need of help. Her papers were not being brought inside and her lights were on. He did some checking and called authorities.
She had fallen and had been on the floor for two days – that could have been anyone of us.
My “Blue Ribbon” goes to him.
Peg Lapo

Expect better from political cartoonists

Another day, another political cartoon from Gary Varvel (editorial cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star) in the Jan. 10 Daily Gazette.
As far as I can tell, Mr. Varvel must binge watch Fox News 24/7, turning out cartoons that are occasionally racist (a Black man mugging a blonde woman), pro-insurrection and scientifically illiterate. Perhaps The Gazette should start running columns from Tucker Carson?
I’m not against the paper running conservative cartoons. There is plenty of legitimate criticism and good fun that can be heaped upon liberals.
And I find the cartoons of that mean-spirited liberal cartoonist – who draws so badly I can’t read their name – the paper also runs as also being ugly, dumb and offensive. At least Mr. Varvel can draw clearly and concisely.
But running these Varvel cartoons is equivalent to The Gazette in World War II running pro-Axis cartoons from Das Reich and the Asahi Shinbun. The same should apply to the medical disinformation and political divisiveness that Mr. Varvel peddles to the benefit of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Interviews with and letters from people who question pandemic restrictions are fine. That is the same as The Gazette in World War II running letters from American war opponents and quoting Axis officials in broader news articles full of context.
What I desire in a political cartoonist is some objectivity, self-reflection, good humor and artistic ability – but apparently that is too much to ask.
Benjamin Turon
Ballston Spa

Grateful to radiation oncology staff at Ellis

Thank you for printing many of my letters on the return of the statue replica of Lady Liberty to Gateway Park. I guess nothing is going to happen this winter.
I would like to write today about a group of people that I call “Angels of Compassion.”
These dedicated people are part of the Radiation Oncology staff at Ellis Hospital under the direction of Dr. Christopher Dolinsky and RN Susan.
Recently I received a series of radiation treatments for skin cancer.
The staff that includes Julie, Paul, Kathy, Hassan, Amy, Susan, Jessie, Chrissy, Kim and Banita made my treatments so pleasant that I didn’t even know that I was receiving them.
From the minute I arrived at the clinic for my appointed time there was nothing but smiles, greetings, and the deepest of concern for what I was there for.
My daily appointments scheduled Monday through Friday were always on time. First was the greeting, with a smile, and then an outstretched arm to lock in with mine to steady and direct me to the treatment. The conversation during that time was always calm, and instructive on what was going  on. All questions that I asked were answered immediately, and helpful.
I received a “Certificate of Completion” for the program and will see the staff in six weeks for a follow up. I truly can’t wait for the final words, but I also will be extra glad to see this great staff.
James A. Wilson

It’s deja vu all over again in Niskayuna

Happy New Year Niskayuna, an opportunity to start the year off fresh, clean the slate, and hopefully shed the dirt and embarrassment that has plagued the town for years.
That optimism was quickly diminished before the clock struck midnight, unfortunately.
First, we hear there were no swearing-in ceremonies on Jan. 1, as they are “…only symbolic” —maybe, but symbolism to highlight the changing of the guard, might be important to Niskayuna right now to send a message of integrity, transparency and positive change. Sounds like a convenient excuse, as the new supervisor was on a multi-week vacation in Hawaii.
Tough start, bad optics, move on. … The Gazette releases news that the supervisor-elect has appointed Jessica Brennan to be her deputy supervisor – this on the heels of Puccioni reassuring all that she will be a full-time supervisor.
“Brennan said as deputy supervisor, she will be able to step in on behalf of Puccioni…” Further in the same article, it’s announced that Brennan will chair the Public Safety Committee, as well as the Community Programs Committee.
The icing on the cake was that Jason Moskowitz, the top vote getter in all Niskayuna races, the lone Republican, was snubbed of any committee chair positions. He’s the same gentleman that has worked in public safety his entire career and could actually restore leadership to a police department that has endured its share of controversy.
So as the holiday festivities subside, so does the hope for anything other than business as usual in Niskayuna.
Steve Benton

Spa government not working effectively

After recent headlines about Saratoga Springs, readers must have been surprised to see the opinion of Connie Woytowich and Jane Weihe that “Spa commission government is working” in the Jan. 10 Gazette.
As a former member of the Saratoga Springs Police Reform Task Force, I have to disagree.
Implementation of the task force recommendations was seriously hindered by lack of cooperation between Mayor Meg Kelly and Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton, painfully evident in the video record of City Council meetings.
In response to Black Lives Matter protests about unfair policing, Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan headed in one direction, seeking mediation.
Meanwhile, the police department under the supervision of Commissioner Dalton headed in the opposite direction through actions that seemed intended to intimidate protesters. The effort at mediation stalled, while the police actions gave rise to a civil rights investigation by the state attorney general.
This is not the record of an effectively working government. The commission form is not the sole cause of the mess, but it is the pot in which the other factors came to a boil, and it certainly did nothing to turn down the heat.
Contrary to Woytowich’s and Weihe’s claim, I suspect that so many candidates ran in the last City Council election because the present government was obviously not working, and they thought they could do better.
It would surely be better if the successful candidates could lead us toward a replacement of the dysfunctional commission form of government.
Terry Diggory
Saratoga Springs

Think Trump was bad? Look at others

To you who are on Trump’s back:
As a businessman, he took all the tax credits and loopholes just like everyone else.
Why don’t you check Pelosi, Schumer, Gillibrand and the whole of Congress? Maybe you would see that he did no different than them.
I think it’s about time you check them out first instead of trying to hang Trump. One good thing he did was trying to build the wall.
The only reason the Democrats don’t want to stop them is because they want the votes. How many of them are criminals?
James Maxfield


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So true. We need curiosity and the drive to seek out facts from reputable sources, not what gets passed around the internet by those who peddle “alternative facts.”

christopher S.

Trump did start a wall. After jan 6th I wonder if it was meant to keep us in instead of others out. I think Bannon and his cronies stole most of the private money donated. Fascism isn’t pretty. Trump is simply a fascist.


Biden’s catch, release, and return in less than 60 days for immigration criminals has a 5return rate. The other 50% apparently found help in evading the law. This of course says nothing about the immigration criminals who were never caught!


James Maxfield writes “Why don’t you check Pelosi, Schumer, Gillibrand, and the whole of Congress? Maybe you will see he (Trump) did no different than them.”

1) So the defense of Trump’s tax evasion and insurance fraud is that MAYBE all the other members of Congress did the same thing? The worse defense possible is “I think the defendant should not be prosecuted because MAYBE everyone else is doing the same thing.” We don’t investigate people for crimes with no evidence. Especially when we plan to use anything we find in the defense of a man against whom we have a great deal of evidence.

2) I do agree that there is enough evidence to investigate and ultimately charge many of Trump’s supporters in Congress with a role in the seditious conspiracy to overthrow our democracy and incitement of the coup on 1/6. Mo Brooks, Josh, Hawley, and Ted “Cancun” Cruz might face charges. Also evidence exists that people like Giuliani, John Eastman, Peter Navarro, and Jefferey Clark conspired to illegally keep Trump in power. I don’t think you will find any evidence against Democrats showing they were involved this criminal activity.

3) “Stand back and stand by” were words Donald Trump spoke to the militant white supremacist group the Proud Boys as it became more and more likely that he would lose his campaign for a second term. Giluiani, Eastman, Stone and other Trump insiders were quartered at the Willard Hotel during the insurrection. The Willard was ‘command center’ for a peaceful but illegal plot to keep Trump in office by overthrowing the peoples’ will through a fantastical plan devised by Navarro to force a change in the electoral vote certified by the six swing states. When that plan failed the first wave of Trump fanatics who invaded the Capitol and completed their murderous plot, were to be followed by militants heavily armed, and trained in military tactics under the command of Stewart Rhodes, whose ex-wife says he is a sociopath. Had the mob taken control of the Capitol it seems evident Rhodes and his storm troopers thought they would have the military might to face down any opposition and after installing Trump as dictator for life he would control the American military and people.

William it’s funny you hit the nail on the head describing the Trump cult. They won’t accept the truth and want to remain ignorant …At that point they are willfully ignorant. Their reality is only what is inside the Trump bubble………. Peace & Love


We are not on Trump’s back. We have legitimate grievances against the most corrupt and lawless president in our history. I wish Trump would get off our backs and retire into relative obscurity. I know he won’t help build houses with an organization like Habitat for Humanity as President Carter did. But he could quietly devote himself to fighting the legal battles against the charges which will surely be brought against him.


Inflation is currently around 7% and some people are hurting in the short term. It has been reported that this rate is the highest in 40 years. So, I researched the inflation rate back then (when GOP darling Ronnie Reagan was president) and found the rate was even higher back then. For 1982, the rate was 8.39% in January, 7.06% in June and 3.83 in Dec. However, the unemployment rate now is a historic low of 3.9%, while the rates in 1982 were 8.6%, 9.6% and 10.8% for the Jan., June, Dec. months. That’s why economists today feel that the current inflation rate has the potential to drop this year and the comparison to the Reagan years will no longer be viable. I won’t rehash the impact of the worldwide pandemic and Americans higher wages causing a faster rate of spending vs. supplies. I just want to point out that things are not as bleak as republicans and the media are making it out to be. People can help the cause by simply spending less (remember consumer spending accounts for 70% of the GDP) and be better shoppers.

Doug Hampton

Excellent research Ray. I am glad that you brought up Reagan. I am fascinated by the fact that RR was the “darling ” of the R party for years as you say. You couldn’t watch a FOX show without his name mentioned. I thought that Hannity in particular was related to the guy. Then along came Trump and it was as if RR didn’t exist. All you heard from Trumpsters was “Trump being the best President since Lincoln”. It was as if RR never existed. Then , as Trump lost and his name became associated more as a loser , it seems as though RR has reemerged . It’s just so interesting how all these comparisons and associations with R history is referenced. And poor Dwight Eisenhower , who I thought did an admirable job, never gets any due!


I, a life-long Democrat, think Eisenhower was one of our best presidents. His farewell address was a gem. Compare it to the mess Trump is leaving in his wake.

Doug Hampton

I am reading Chris Matthews book on RFK so my mind has been on that era 50’s and 60’s. It makes JFK’s victory over Nixon even more amazing. Eisenhower was so popular back then. Great era for Presidents in general.


Crazy to think how someone like Sirhan Sirhan may have changed history. Wonder where we’d be had Robert Kennedy had become president. I always had great respect for RFK, I truly believed he cared about everyone.

He gave a commencement speech to the 1965 graduating class at Plattsburgh State. My sister was part of that class but wasn’t able to attend the ceremony because she was in the hospital strung up in traction as a result terrible auto accident. My mother, father, other sister and I were all in the hospital room celebrating my sister graduation, when someone knocked on the door and asked if we were ok with a special visitor. Well, 5 minutes later in walked Senator Kennedy.

I was 17 at the time and the 10 minutes he spent in the room are as impressive as any time in my life. He took the time to give some compassionate attention to my sister, and spoke to us all individually. We took a few photos, had them enlarged, sent them to his office requesting he sign them. My sister still has the signed returned photos. – No postage was necessary, just a rubber stamp identification and his signature where postal stamps normally go.


Frankly Fred, most of us find your comments routinely to be irrelevant.


And the cascade of corruption continues. From Joe.My.God:

“The New York Times reports: A newly disclosed memorandum citing ‘unprecedented’ meddling by the Trump administration in the 2020 census and circulated among top Census Bureau officials indicates how strongly they sought to resist efforts by the administration to manipulate the count for Republican political gain.” More details are in the article from the NYT on the Joe.My.God. site

It’s tough to keep up with the ongoing stories of the lawless, corrupt, and anti-American activities of Trump’s administration.


“It’s tough to keep up with the ongoing stories of the lawless, corrupt, and anti-American activities of Trump’s administration.”

Why bother? We have democrats pushing for criminal justice reform so as to make it harder to commit suicide by cop. I suggest the problem dealt with at its source I suggest that it be dealt with by institutionalizing those attempting to use law enforcement for suicide in a secure mental institution.

Funny it was Trump that signed the Criminal Justice Reform bill. The he he bragged about a lot…Have you conveniently forgotten?


You should comment on the idea of psychiatric Institutionalization of the self-destructive. I find it to be desirable to deal with problems at their source.

Instead of telling everyone who and what they should comment on, you should stick to the subject and direct your comment to it, as if you’re actually Replying.


If you think Trump is the real Republican, trying to unite the party, read this, from mediaite. It might cause you to doubt:

Former President Donald Trump ripped into outgoing Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on Friday after “hearing rumors” that Ducey may run for the U.S. Senate.

Trump wrote in a statement, “Rumors are that Doug Ducey, the weak RINO Governor from Arizona, is being pushed by Old Crow Mitch McConnell to run for the U.S. Senate. He will never have my endorsement or the support of MAGA Nation!”

The attack is the latest example of Trump’s willingness to divide the Republican Party over support for his unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election – which Trump claims is why he lost to Joe Biden.

Remember also, that when S.D. Republican senator Mike Rounds said the election
was fair. Trump said, the senator was “crazy or stupid”, and added “I will never endorse that jerk again. How presidential he sounds.

Also senator Graham’s comments during the 2016 presidential primaries must never be forgotten. Keep in mind that he expects all loyal Republicans to accept Trump as their leader even if it means threatening McConnell’s role as next Senate Majority leader if the Republican’s take back the Senate in 2022, in reference to Trump:

“We should basically have kicked him out if the party.”
“I think he’s a kook.” “I think he’s crazy.”
“I don’t think he is fit for office.”
“I don’t think he’s a Republican. His policies are bad for the country.”
“He’s a jackass.”
“You know how to make America great again? Tell Trump to go to hell.”
“His foreign policy is a complete disaster. He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bully.”

No one who still supports Trump now will change their minds about him.. Trump could defecate on their heads and they would thank him for the fertilizer.


I do believe your comment concerning a thankful reaction among most Trump followers to his ‘dumping’ on them is accurate. He has verbally ‘dumped’ on every Republican who has failed to back every lie he spouts and support him without question or hesitation.

He tweeted the following after Ben Carson began to overtake him in Iowa polls during the Republican primary caucuses: “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of America to believe this crap.” This was a reference to Carson’s story about the difficult path he took from a Black child of poverty to a famed pediatric neurosurgeon. Of course Carson should have stayed in medicine.

But Guy, I think there exist a small percentage of Trump cultists who might be freed of their obsession with him if bombarded with the facts. We need to thin the ranks of the Trump cult as much as possible. Of course, they are cooperating by looking for medical advice from the inestimable Carlson Tucker rather than their doctors.

I think most Trump voters Know what he is. They just will never admit making the wrong choice when they voted for him. I can excuse the first time they voted for him. But voting for trump twice like they did isn’t excusable. They voted for division and chaos for our Country, I truly believe those people hate the USA for many different reasons. They think Trump is their Messiah and will praise him to the end. I know people say it is extreme to compare Trump to Hitler, But I truly think they are acting like the German people did with Hitler. They both came from the same mold. When Germany was defeated and Hitler was dead most Germans threw up their hands and said we never knew what he did to the Jews. The same thing will happen to Trump voters one day if he gets reelected again and cause mayhem that can’t be repaired.


I’ve posted about similarities between Trump and Hitler, and how alike members of their inner circle were, misfits, eccentrics, madmen, and societal rejects. They both used the same tactics and played on the same human emotions.

Another similarity is they both became angry when their confidantes told them truths they did not want to hear. Toward the end of World War II, Hitler would only listen to those who claimed Germany could still win, though it was impossible. Many were willing to tell him that lie simply to stay in the good graces of a man they saw as the savior of Germany. So many more died because of that simple fact.

But the key, Guy, is, as you wrote “MOST Trump voters know what he is.” It is worth the effort to get some people who incredibly, are so out of touch that they don’t know who Trump and most of his devotees really are. It is those we must never stop trying to get to see the truth

William Marincic

Here is the democrat platform 2015. Donald Trump is bad.
Here is the democrat platform 2016. Donald Trump is bad.
Here is the democrat platform 2017. Donald Trump is bad.
Here is the democrat platform 2018. Donald Trump is bad.
Here is the democrat platform 2019. Donald Trump is bad.
Here is the democrat platform 2020. Donald Trump is bad.
Here is the democrat platform 2021. Donald Trump is bad.
Here is the democrat platform 2022. Donald Trump is bad.

Here are the democrats on the DG comment page every day for every post. Trump is bad.

William Marincic

Actually Guy my board meetings are once per month on a Tuesday night they usually run from 630 till around 9 PM. And it’s a volunteer position, and this is I believe my fifth year on the board. Do you have a problem with something like that?

William Marincic

Harris if someone somewhere thought that you had anything of value to add they may ask you to serve on a board as I was asked, but I wouldn’t count on it.

William Marincic

Here’s what I’m gonna say and I’m going to say it for the last time. I’m getting sick and tired of you Raymond Harris and Lou Restifo and the rest of you with your racist crap towards me. If it continues I may seek legal counsel. I’m tired of the slander and libel and trust me I will get into your pockets and the Gazettes pockets for allowing it to continue.

William Marincic

When the DG democrat commentators don’t speak about Donald Trump Bad, then they are telling those that don’t agree with them that they are stupid, traitors, speaking gibberish, listening to faux news, repeating Trump lies, supporting the insurgency, right-wing extremists, and the all-time favorite of everyone on the left, you are a racist. If I was in a coma and awoke a year from now and opened the comment section of the Gazette I would see the same thing as today…. Just for content proof, here are a few gems from a year ago.

February 20th, 2021
Are you high?

February 20th, 2021
That’s funny Chuck. I have not and will not respond to her incoherent or racist babble.

February 20th, 2021
My play time’s over for the day. Need to do errands/chores. They’ve devolved this (once again) into mindless muttering.

And I think they’re both stoned immaculate.

William have you ever questioned anything that Trump said the was a flat out lie? Or did you remain willfully ignorant because you didn’t want your leader Trump to look bad. I personally have never seen you say …Trump is wrong and I don’t agree with what he said or did.

William Marincic

The only true national emergency this country is facing is the urgency of removing Trump from office.
Louis Restifo Sr.
Jan, 18, 2019

Agent Orange fitting nickname for Trump

When someone continually attempts to belittle and degrade scores of people via chronic name calling solely on the basis that they’re not in line with his particular way of thinking, perhaps tagging that individual with an appropriate name of his own is in order.
Oct 15, 2019


“In addition to promoting voter-fraud claims and calling for Arizona to decertify Biden’s win, Finchem has expressed views linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory, which casts Trump as a savior figure and elite Democrats as a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles and cannibals.

Finchem was a featured speaker at the Jan. 5 ‘pre-rally’ in Washington, a warm-up for the bigger gathering at which Trump himself spoke. “When you steal something, that’s not really a win; that’s a fraud,” Finchem said.” from Reuters

In addition to the above insane comments, Mark Finchem who is running in the Republican primaries for nomination as their candidate for Arizona Secretary of State said, “If I was Secretary of State, I would have made sure that Donald Trump won.” That sounds like he would have “found” the necessary votes to have given Trump a win in Arizona rather than report honest results. How else could it be interpreted other than as a statement he would be willing to steal an election, while falsely claiming Democrats did that he 2020?

If you know people in Arizona, ask them to consider this, and perhaps vote for the Democratic nominee Reginald Bolding whose record and integrity are beyond reproach.

Of course, Trump has endorsed Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State.

William Marincic

Guy many times I have said publicly and privately that he should probably just shut up about certain things. I believe right now one of those things he should shut up about is the 2020 election, it’s over.

And he should go to jail.

But curiously you never mention all the Trump Assonates that were arrested and went to jail like Bannon who stole money from build that wall…Oh wait Trump pardoned him…Or his campaign manager Paul Manafort who was sent to prison for 5 counts of tax faud…oh wait Trump pardoned him too…There are many more but I think you know that but willingly remain ignorant of them

William Marincic

This is for all of you Democrats that say people should be banned or moderated for their comments. You people support Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the social media sites that bans free speech.

“Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance”

Laurie Halse Anderson

I’ve told you before your free speech hasn’t been taken away …You can scream Trump is th best thing since mayonnaise was invented, However those private platforms they can limit what you can say or post…Freedom of speech is not absolute as the Supreme Court has said many times. Yell fire in a movie theater as a prank …and you’ll be arrested and convicted ,,Call in a false bomb threat you will go to jail.. Stop using the 1st amendment as a tool for your misconceived ideas that you promote


Hang in there Tony, I can feel your frustration. Your posts are factual, ligical, and on topic. For the vast majority of bloggers you’re preaching to the choir. As far as the other few you’re preaching to deaf ears and closed minds.

Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

The 2nd layer was armed outside of DC ready to take over our govt by force if Pence had done what he was overwhelmingly pressured to do.
I hate trump because I love the USA.
Still the greatest threat to our democratic republic. I’m scared sh*tless.

William Marincic

President Trump never backed away from taking questions from the press, every day was a press conference with him. The truth doesn’t mind taking questions its lies that don’t like being challenged.
Maybe that’s why Biden will never take a question from the press, this press conference coming up will be just like his last press conference. He will have his preloaded journalists or so-called journalist that he will call on that will be kind to him.

William Marincic

Restifo, that sounds just like you, are you finally admitting that you’re a racist? I don’t have Black friends I have Black family members, as a matter of fact I’m picking up my African American granddaughter this morning to spend the day and we are going out to dinner later this evening. You might want to take a look at your own life buddy.


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