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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Jan. 22


Better off without Manchin and Trump

One thing is evident, the Democratic Party would be much better off without Joe Manchin.
Is he a Democratic Republican or just a pimple on the path of progress?
He comes from a poor state, which could benefit from issues he votes against; the child tax care credit is one and coal mining including strip mining is another one. Strip mining happens to be West Virginia’s largest source of employment.
Additionally, Manchin is against clean energy like wind and solar. Ergo, black lung disease is rampant in West Virginia.
The Republican Party is to be pitied if Trump is all they have to offer as a candidate in 2024.
Surely there are more honest, intelligent and moral persons to select. There has to be less arrogant and devious candidates to choose from.
As a centenarian and a registered Republican, I am disgusted with the GOP. Why do they appear to be afraid of Trump and by doing so, ruin their reputation?
Jane Reisenger

Pope has strong message on covid

Regarding both the Associated Press article (“Pope on COVID vaccines says health care a ‘moral obligation’”) in the Jan. 11 Gazette and on, this excerpt is of interest to your readers.
“Pope Francis came out in support of COVID-19 vaccines on Monday in some of his strongest language yet, suggesting that getting vaccinated was a “moral obligation.” He also criticized people who spread misinformation about the coronavirus.
In the annual speech to Vatican ambassadors about the church’s foreign policy, the Pope said people should take care of themselves “and this translates into respect for the health of those around us.
Healthcare is a moral obligation,” The Associated Press reported.
Francis has previously avoided using such strong language about the vaccine, The Associated Press said.
In a message last August, Francis had said that getting a vaccination was “an act of love,” as was helping other people do the same.
On Monday, he also criticized the politicization of vaccinations and the spread of misinformation.”
I bet the pontiff would likely say the same things about masks.
Tom Barkley
Saratoga Springs


Biden has room for improvement

A piece on President Biden’s first year on CBS Sunday Morning rated his performance as a “Meh.” I tend to agree.
However I would take this any day over the previous administration. I don’t miss the tweeting of misinformation, the overall confusion and bullying style of our 45th president.
Let’s hope the president can learn from his first year and truly bring the country closer together. He certainly has his work cut out for him. The GOP congressmen/women are quite united in blocking proposed bills. Have to hand that to that party. However, us everyday citizens are hoping for Congress to get things done.
I would give Congress a much worse rating than a “Meh” this past year.
Peter Butryn


GOP is using covid for own political gain

It is time to state the obvious. Republicans in Washington have used COVID-19 as a weapon in an attempt to discredit political foes as a prop for political gain.
Millions of people have died from this viral scourge; over 800,000 of them right here in the United States.
The actions of these Washington leaders have dangerously created confusion and distrust among Americans.
We all hate wearing masks. We miss going to plays, live concerts, and trips to the movies.
Everyone wants to get back to work and to send their kids back to school.
The U.S. economy is in shambles. Our country is spending billions to help those affected by this virus that could not survive without government help.
Doctors who study viruses have offered us a way out of this life stalling event, yet these Republican leaders feel that it is best to vilify these health professionals instead of giving their recommendations a try.
They argue that our rights are being violated by being forced to protect each other with masks.
There is no consideration for the right to return to school and work without fear of catching the virus.
Anyone can point out faults in an admittedly imperfect system, but pointing out problems without offering an alternative solution helps no one.
Republicans have not offered a way back to normal life.
This is my question to the Washington Republicans, and it is the only question that matters: How do you propose we end the virus?
Bud Vincent


Plastic newspaper bags can be reused

I had to respond to David Gibson’s letter to the editor (“Stop putting paper in thin plastic bags”) in the Jan. 12 Gazette.
I absolutely agree with his reminder to “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Every attempt, however small it seems, will help.
I do have to disagree that the bags aren’t reusable. They are the perfect size for shoe covers and for bags to organize toiletries, jewelry, socks, and underwear in a travel bag. In addition, I save them (after making sure they are dry), along with the elastic bands on the papers, and periodically return them to my carrier to reuse.
Mr. Gibson and other subscribers should speak to their carriers as to that possibility. He also could subscribe to the paper online only, saving bags, elastic bands, paper, etc., though there is something about holding the paper in your hands that is lost in the online version (plus it’s a lot harder to do all the puzzles!) Finally, I too am very thankful for my Gazette carriers, who faithfully brave all the elements to deliver my paper each morning on my front porch.
Marg Schwab

Grateful to store for well-stocked shelves

In the midst of reports of shortages and empty grocery store shelves, I want to commend the Price Chopper for what must be a daunting task of securing and stocking products.
I have not seen empty shelves and have been able to find everything on my list. In one case my customary brand was unavailable but was replaced by one that I found to be just as good. Thank you, Market 32!
Lois Mills

Seeking answers to some questions

I have a number of questions that are bothering me. Can someone please answer them with reason and logic not ego or arrogance?
1) Why should I care what happens to Ukraine as a country? Ukraine has no value to me or any other regular taxpayer. It’s just another possible U.S. tax sinkhole of a problem. (Can you say Afghanistan or Vietnam?)
2) Why does Alec Baldwin get one month to turnover evidence in a felony investigation? Is it because he wanted his lawyers and other consultants to explain or sanitize possible questionable results?
Would Alec Baldwin the construction worker instead of the Hollywood personality get the same acceptance by police evidence seekers? Is it because of his “woe is me” one-on-one interview with ABC News that has affected the “it’s an accident storyline?”
3) How did Andrew Cuomo get out of a misdemeanor harassment charge? After all the “Me Too” noise, someone needs to explain why our former governor isn’t on the Sex Offender Registry.
So many men have lost jobs and even civil court cases with less evidence showing poor behavior, yet he escaped prosecution with an official stating the claims of abuse are credible. So does “I scratch your back” statement apply in this case?
4) Can someone explain a stock tip (friendly advice) verses insider trading (federal crime) when it involves a federal government official?
My go-to official is Nancy Pelosi and her stock trader millionaire husband for this question.
Scott Davis

Keep baggies around for many home uses

I would like to comment on those “pesky” plastic bags for newspapers that David Gibson commented on (“Stop putting paper in thin plastic bags”) in the Jan. 12 Gazette.
First, many subscribers do not have those plastic cubbies for newspapers, since they don’t have rural mailboxes and live in the city. So, yes, they are necessary in inclement weather to keep their newspapers dry.
Second, I am not an advocate of plastic bags, but I do have a bit of a solution. Here’s my simple way of dealing with occasional newspaper coverings. They are reusable!
I can give you about a hundred ways to reuse them. Their shape is great for many items. You can use them in the kitchen and drop peelings, etc. into them.
You can wrap shoes and small garments in the bags to keep them clean. I wrap delicate and seasonal items in them to keep them safe.
Sort and keep yarn in them. Clean your gardening tools and place them in a bag to keep clean over the winter. Flour your meat or veggies in a bag keeping your hands clean. Double wrap freezer items.
Well, I could go on and on, but you get an idea. I keep most of them out of the landfill although some do have to be discarded at some point but at least they had a life beyond just delivering the newspaper.
Reduce, reclaim, reuse and recycle. That has always been my motto.
Hope it is yours as well.
Ann Parillo

Marijuana has long been misunderstood

Regarding Tom Winterstein’s Jan. 17 letter (“Smoking marijuana has consequences.”) Advocates have a history of legality on their side, and none actually condone impaired driving.
Yes, for too long, a lack of research has been the norm.
The problem is that solid majorities of politicians, bureaucrats and even physicians apparently want cannabis plants to be misunderstood.
Congress passed its first prohibitive law 85 years ago, when doctors nationwide were frequently prescribing strong liquid extracts of female cannabis flowers. Lawmakers ended the practice by calling them “marihuana.”
A lone spokesman for the American Medical Association did publicly oppose that law’s swift approval.
Fast forward to 1988, when a new era of scientific research into seedless cannabis flowers was possible.
That September, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s own judge ruled decisively in favor of their medical use.
Judge Francis Young concluded, “In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume.” He said move the term to Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act.
By now, if President Ronald Reagan (of “Just Say No” infamy) and his DEA chief had instituted Young’s ruling, chances are high that doctors in every state would be as eager to embrace medical cannabis as they were so long ago.
Lawrence Goodwin
Ballston Spa



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Joseph Vendetti January 23, 2022
| |

Republicans and Democrats are like two unfit parents fighting in a custody battle over the American Citizens.

Unfortunately we don’t have CPS to step in and save us.

Togaboga January 23, 2022
| |

Re: Better off without Manchin and Trump: I do not blame Joe Manchin because West Virigiana is too red state for him. It is hard for him to please for his red voters to win next Senator election upcoming. He is more centrist than his fellow democrats. It is not easy for him between progressive democrats and his WV red voters as tug of war himself. Joe Manchin does hate D JT all along and he is really stuck himself from DJT WV red state voters. That is my words.

Florida2015 January 22, 2022
| |

“we must learn to live with Covid in the same way we live with flu”. Said the Prime Minister who partied hardy thru out the lock downs while the Queen sat alone with the deceased Prince.

ChuckD January 22, 2022
| |

Arizona Democratic Party:
“I want to be clear, the Arizona Democratic Party is a diverse coalition with plenty of room for policy disagreements, however on the matter of the filibuster and the urgency to protect voting rights, we have been crystal clear. In the choice between an archaic legislative norm and protecting Arizonans’ right to vote, we choose the latter, and we always will. On the heels of their sham ‘audit,’ Arizona Republicans are already trying to push restrictive legislation to eliminate our popular and long-standing vote-by-mail system, jail election workers, and put Cyber Ninjas in charge of our elections. But this is not just about Arizona. Last year, Republicans in 19 states passed 33 different laws that will make it harder for people to vote.

“As a party, our job is to support our Democratic candidates, and we appreciate Senator Sinema’s leadership in passing the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. However, we are also here to advocate for our constituents and the ramifications of failing to pass federal legislation that protects their right to vote are too large and far-reaching. While we take no pleasure in this announcement, the ADP Executive Board has decided to formally censure Senator Sinema as a result of her failure to do whatever it takes to ensure the health of our democracy.”

ANTHONY J SANTO January 22, 2022
| |

Food for thought from “How Democracies Die” p. 67:

“Collective abdication — the transfer of authority to a leader who threatens democracy — usually flows from one of two sources. The first is the misguided belief that an authoritarian can be controlled or contained. The second is what sociologist Ivan Emarkoff calls ‘ideological collusion,’ in which the authoritarian’s agenda overlaps sufficiently with that of mainstream politicians that abdication is desirable, or at least preferable to the alternatives. But when faced with a would-be authoritarian, establishment politicians must unambiguously reject him or her and do everything possible to defend democratic institutions — even if that means temporarily joining forces with bitter rivals.”

ANTHONY J SANTO January 22, 2022
| |

One of the oddest things about the Christian evangelical religious movement in America today is how completely they disregard Christ’s admonition: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:21)

They ignore this biblical based call for separation of Church and state. They have created a fusion between the Bible and the Constitution, the flag and the cross that does not exist. From this melange has come the fanaticism that renders all onto Trump (Caesar) and nothing to God. They worship an angry, divisive, spiteful man and ignore the compassionate, moral and humble words of Jesus. They should all memorize the 8 beatitudes and do what Jesus would do: Tear down the golden idol they have made of a man and give their hearts to the loving God, Jesus.

LOUIS RESTIFO January 22, 2022
| |

“I have a number of questions that are bothering me. Can someone please answer them with reason and logic not ego or arrogance?”

Scott Davis, you forgot the number one question: Why isn’t 45 in Jail?

RAYMOND HARRIS January 22, 2022
| |

Katie Porter, progressive congressmember who is known for holding big business CEOs feet to the fire on issues impacting the general public, gave her tradition whiteboard explanation of where we stand on the economy on Thursday. Unfortunately, people pay more attention right-wing lies and misinformation, and the regular media doesn’t fully report the truth when we need it. Here’s an excerpt of Porter’s explanation of where we are on the economy at the end of Biden’s first year and the need to pass BBB:

“I think it’s important to remember where we were one year ago when President Biden was sworn in,” Katie Porter said. Families were struggling to put food on the table. We were still continuing to have a lot of job losses. You know many schools were closed.”

She then pointed out where we are today, a much-improved situation all around.

“We are in a much much better situation today,” Porter continued. “In fact, where our economy is today is quite remarkable. And we now have, in fact, the fastest growing economy in this country that we’ve had in decades. So, the American Rescue Plan which Congress passed into law very quickly upon President Biden’s election actually has resulted in really fast economic growth. So, the United States today is experiencing about 5.5% growth in GDP now. When you compare this to other nations the G-7, the 7 most advanced economies in the world, our global competitors, none of them are even yet having positive GDP growth, a measure of our economy. We’re seeing the same story with unemployment. Unemployment today is down to 3.9% unemployment.”

Katie then talked in term that the average American can understand. How did Biden help you?

“We’ve hit this 3.9 percent unemployment number two years faster than if we had not elected President Biden and we had not passed the big bill.

,” Katie Porter said. “And most directly, most immediately for families, they have more money to spend each month. The average American family has 354 more dollars each month accounting for inflation. So even taking it taking into account the global disruption in the supply chain, the fact that some big corporations are price gouging consumers, even adjusting for inflation the average American has an extra 354 dollars a month and I’ll tell you that money makes a real difference to American family.”

After given a lot more numbers that all can understand, Porter described the cost of inaction.

“I want to talk about what the costs are of not acting,” Porter said. “What the cost is of having Joe Manchin or others block action in the Senate. For example, if we do not pass legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, we are losing eight billion dollars a year. This is what it costs taxpayers because Medicare cannot negotiate drug prices. We have to pass this legislation (Build Back Better) to get this done. This is a problem even in the strongest economy because essentially, we allow drug companies to hold American taxpayer’s hostage. Similarly on climate, if we do not pass meaningful legislation to address climate change, we are spending right now 145 billion dollars a year. Cleaning up and dealing with the consequences of climate-related disasters, wildfires floods, 145 billion dollars. This price tag, the price tag of not acting makes the cost of passing this legislation look cheap. And this one is my favorite. One trillion dollars. This is the cost of not fully funding the IRS. This is the lost money”

William Marincic January 22, 2022
| |

You just have to shake your head at these democrats who come on here indignant and complaining because someone like Stefanic used a rule that the democrats put in place for their own benefit just like they were complaining about the nuclear option. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Pelosi; We are going to make a proxy rule so you don’t have to show up to vote.

Republicans; That’s illegal

Pelosi; so what?

Republicans; we will sue.

Pelosi; ha ha you lost

Republicans; We will use the proxi vote to our advantage

Democrats; You’re hypocrites!!!

LOUIS RESTIFO January 22, 2022
| |

My daughter is 52 years old and first had COVID symptoms on Jan. 5th. – Very bad sore throat and achy. She improved to the point of being close to 100 percent this past Tuesday the 17th. Talk to her this morning and she is now back to square one. Didn’t sleep and has a sore throat, headache and achy.

I don’t believe we would be in this situation if 45 had dispelled all false information and professed the importance of getting vaccinated and wearing masks from the start. – Yes I blame that evil traitor to his country for the vast majority of the political insanity we are now living. I loathe the sub-human blob of wasted protein.

William Marincic January 22, 2022
| |

But, he said, this should not be seen as the “finish line” because the virus and future variants cannot be eradicated – instead “we must learn to live with Covid in the same way we live with flu”.

William Marincic January 22, 2022
| |

England’s Plan B measures are to end from next Thursday, with mandatory face coverings in public places and Covid passports both dropped, Boris Johnson has announced.

The prime minister also said the government would immediately drop its advice for people to work from home.

The PM said England was reverting to “Plan A” due to boosters and how people had followed Plan B measures.

He told MPs scientists believed the Omicron wave had peaked nationally.

ANTHONY J SANTO January 22, 2022
| |

The Congresswoman phony Stefanik is at it again. She is against proxy voting in the House but that didn’t stop her from proxy voting; in a letter to the Clerk of the House she wrote, concerning a vote on 1/11, “I’m unable to physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

And where was the esteemed Congresswoman at that time? On the day of the vote “she appeared at an in-person fundraiser with former president Donald Trump in Florida…” (Daily Gazette p. C1)

At Mar-a Lago where the event was held Trump said “She’s always been a friend and people would say she’s upwardly mobile. She goes to Washington as a beautiful young woman who took over and all of a sudden she becomes a rocket ship, she’s the boss. She’s been great…”

Another Trump lie. At the beginning of Trump’s bid fro president Stefanik was a vocal critic. Apparently she is happy to put her ambition over the country’s future. She has sacrificed her integrity and honor in her slavish worship of an incompetent autocrat who says she’s likely to be president in 2028. Shame on her.

Guy Varoma January 22, 2022
| |

I think it’s time to turn the page on covid. Let the unvaccinated be and live their life how they want, forever how long that will be. At this point hose who are unvaccinated will never change their minds. They good of the individual takes precedent over the good of the Country these days. Republicans taught people to be selfish. These republicans don’t realize the good of the Country is how we became so great. Democrats are at fault too. The “woke” sometimes take things too far. The weeks between November 2024 and January 2025 will define what our country will be. I’m afraid at that time our democracy will fail because of the selfishness of the people that remain willfully ignorant. All for a man who could care less about them.

William Marincic January 22, 2022
| |

“I want to thank you and acknowledge the work you have done to be immediate in your response,” Newsom told Trump in September of that year, during a meeting in Sacramento on wildfires. He added that the help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency had been “profoundly significant.”

jclark124 January 22, 2022
| |

Manchin is the best democrats can do coming from W VA where 45 won about 70% support. He seems more like an Independent and if he gets voted out, I believe we’d get far worse since it’s a “red” state.
I can respect Jane Reisenger as a Republican who knows her party has been hijacked by a thug.

ANTHONY J SANTO January 22, 2022
| |

The anti-choice crowd of people whose brains have been thoroughly washed by a version of Christianity devoid of Christ’s lessons on compassion, humility, and morality marched on Washington, jubilant over the likely end to a woman’s right to abortion. Interestingly some posted on Facebook “that they would not attend because of COVID-19 vaccine mandates for people going to restaurants and other places in the District of Columbia.” (Daily Gazette p. 2)

They gathered in front of the Supreme Court and chanted “We love babies, yes we do, how bout you?” They belittle their own insincere concern for life by acting and chanting like high school students at a football game instead of serious protesters with a deep concern for babies.

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in their supposed concern for babies, really fetuses, and their opposition to vaccine mandates, their lack of concern for desperate women who will seek dangerous abortions from illegal providers, their opposition to virtually every program aimed at helping single mothers and low income families, and their light-hearted, jubilant behavior at the march?

Joseph Vendetti January 22, 2022
| |


Term limits and/or electorate determine who holds office. Voters of WV don’t think your correct