Some Rotterdam residents to get higher water bill in June


Rotterdam residents with homes in Consolidated Water District 5 should expect to see a higher bill in June than what they typically get.

“They’re used to getting just a $75 bill in June and that will not be the case this year,” said Deputy Supervisor Jack Dodson.

Rather than paying a flat fee of $75, residents in the district will now pay $157.89 for their operation and maintenance charge, regardless of how much water they actually use, Dodson said.

In the past, residents received an ad valorem charge on their January bill for usage that was based on the assessed value of the property, said Robert Godlewski, a resident of Water District 5 and former town board member.

They then received a flat operations and maintenance charge of $75 in June.

“That ad valorem charge is out of here,” Dodson said.

So in prior years someone with an assessed value of $200,000 or less paid $128 or less, Godlewski said.

“In layman’s terms people under $200,000 in assessed value will be proportionally paying more than someone assessed over $200,000,” Godlewski said. “It will hurt most seniors.”

Godlewski also said that when the prior administration approved the resolution related to the fee, there was no additional charge if someone went over 75,000 gallons of water.

Homes in Rotterdam are not metered, Godlewski said.

Next year, water district residents will also see a debt service charge tacked onto their January bill for upgrades previously done in the district, Dodson said.

Dodson said there is fund balance revenue that will cover the approximately $240,000 in debt service for this year.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Water District 5 will have debt service associated with it in the upcoming years,” he said.

Dodson said the town wanted to get information out there as soon as possible to give people enough time to plan for the increase and will continue reminding people about the upcoming bill.

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