Travel Channel show filmed in Schenectady will air tonight

A scene from an episode of "A Haunting" on Travel Channel and Discovery Plus. (photo provided)

A scene from an episode of "A Haunting" on Travel Channel and Discovery Plus. (photo provided)

Capital Region residents tuning into “A Haunting” on Travel Channel and Discovery Plus Friday might just recognize the scenery.

The episode was filmed in Schenectady in July of 2021 and features glimpses of the city and certain historic locations around it. It also features a local couple. 

“A Haunting” is a paranormal series that started in 2005. Each episode includes first-person accounts and dramatic recreations of alleged exorcisms and ghostly encounters. At times, paranormal investigators, priests, shamans and psychic mediums provide insight into the encounters. The series is produced by New Dominion Pictures, which has a production company with hundreds of credits and awards in a variety of fact-based genres.

The locally filmed episode is titled “Nevermore,” and according to Travel Channel, it features a couple who “find themselves under attack by paranormal forces summoned by a jealous ex. As dark spirits grow more violent, they turn to multiple paranormal experts in an attempt to break the curse by any means before it breaks them up.”

The episode airs at 10 p.m. Friday on Travel and Discovery Plus.

It’s one of many shows that have been filmed in Schenectady over the last few years, including Amazon Prime’s “Modern Love” and Showtime’s “Three Women,” among others. This month and next, scenes for HBO Max’s “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” are also scheduled to be filmed in Schenectady.

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