Glenville approves new PBA contract


GLENVILLE — The town of Glenville and the Glenville Police Benevolent Association have reached an agreement that includes salary increases and a new base salary for officers with at least 10 years of service with the department. The new contract, which encourages officers to remain employed by the department for a longer period of time, comes as staffing issues plague many police agencies across the country. 

The town board voted unanimously to approve the contract, which will be retroactive to Jan. 1 and runs through Dec. 31, 2024, during its meeting Wednesday evening.

“We’re really happy,” said Sgt. Casey Greene, the PBA president.

He said negotiations to reach the new contract agreement took about two months. The union vote in favor of the agreement was almost unanimous. 

“Pretty much we got everything we were looking for,” Greene said. 

As per the agreement, trainees and officers with one to five years of experience will not receive a pay increase this year, while officers with six or more years on the job will get a 2% increase. 

Beginning next year, officers with up to six years on the force will receive a 1.5% raise; those with 10 or more years in the department will be paid a base salary of $89,500. 

In the contract’s final year, officers with up to six years on the job will receive a 2% raise, while the base salary for those with 10 or more years of service increases to $94,000. 

“We’re trying to encourage longevity,” said Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle regarding the new pay step and salary increases. 

The new contract also stipulates that anyone working overtime will receive an additional $3 per hour, up from $1, and that the field training officer will be paid an additional $4 an hour for time spent training personnel. 

Koetzle said the increase for field training officers recognizes that they have more duties. 

The new contract also reduces the number of sick leave days an officer could be paid out upon retirement from 360 to 240. It also shifts more costs for dental and vision insurance premiums to members of the force. 

This year, the town will pick up 90% of the cost of dental and vision insurance. Next year, however, the town is only going to cover 80% of the cost. 

“We worked hard to make sure this was a fair, but affordable contract for the PBA and the residents,” Koetzle said.

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