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Medical office building proposed off Ushers Road in Clifton Park


CLIFTON PARK — A plan to construct a new medical office building off Ushers Road will go before the Clifton Park Planning Board on Wednesday.

The two-story, 21,400-square-foot building would stand at 303 Ushers Road, near Exit 10 of the Northway. 

Paulsen Development of Albany is behind the project. Among the details in its proposal:

  • About 3.4 acres of the mostly wooded 4.1-acre site would be affected by the construction.
  • A total of 128 parking spaces would ring the building.
  • An existing house and driveway would be removed.
  • The site is home to two threatened species of butterfly, the Karner blue and the frosted elfin.

Paulsen also said the proposal is a permitted use under the zoning that applies to the site, should result in no significant increase in traffic and would be consistent with the town comprehensive plan.

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Clifton Park Director of Planning John Scavo indicated he would make multiple comments on the proposal Wednesday, including:

  • A traffic analysis should be performed, since the driveway along Ushers Road would be less than 100 yards from the southbound exit and entrance ramps of Northway Exit 10, with consideration of anticipated future traffic volume and impacts of approved projects nearby.
  • The developer should agree to lay a conduit to bring power to future electric vehicle charging stations on site.
  • The aesthetics of the building and surrounding landscaping must be consistent with a residential area.
  • Hours of public operation will be limited to 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

The Clifton Park Planning Board is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Town Hall.

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