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Letters to the Editor Saturday, March 19


Cloak of secrecy has poisoned Regents

Why is the state Education Department’s office of assessment such a mystery to K-12 educators?
Why are Regents exams such a mystery to students? For decades now, state Regents exams have been treated like the Defense Department’s nuclear codes. My colleagues and I attended the  New York State Council for the Social Studies conference last week in Albany.
We were literally four miles away from the Education Department headquarters. How many department assessment reps attended in person? Zero!
There were a few sessions that were held remotely and scheduled specifically as not to allow for challenging questions about the first administration of the new U.S. history exam in June.
Teachers, students and administrators simply want information to help prepare kids for the exam.
The only information available is a single prototype framework with a small sample of questions.
This process, this intrigue, this obfuscation is completely unacceptable. I often ask myself what the goal of the Office of Assessment is. Is it to fool 16-year-olds into failing?
A team of educated adults who specialize in history should not be proud that they can fool teenagers into selecting the wrong answers.
The time for this archaic practice is over. Regents exams are fine as one of several measures of academic ability. They need to go away as a graduation requirements.
Years of omitting historically marginalized groups from curriculum, inequity in Regents prep availability (it takes money), and the cloak of secrecy surrounding the process have poisoned the well. Time to do better, state Education Department.
Christopher Ognibene

Let health officials make health rulings

Exactly why do we have government (federal, state, county) health departments?
For the monitoring and management of public health? If so, aren’t they manned by qualified medical and scientific professionals? If so, then it seems to me that when the public is facing a health crisis (pandemics, etc.), it should be the health departments that make the relevant decisions concerning containment measures, masks, vaccinations, protections, information dissemination, etc.
Why would public health decisions be made by political office holders? Would you have a carpenter make decisions about your cancer therapy?
Do our laws give public health agencies the authority they need to make and enforce decisions in a health emergency? If they don’t, they should.
Tell our lawmakers (our employees) to make it possible for the scientifically qualified professionals to do their job. Think about it.
Marilyn B. Guidarelli
The writer is a retired registered nurse.

Doctor’s lawsuit was unprofessional

Regarding recent articles in The Gazette regarding an Amsterdam doctor suing a butcher for refusing to sell him steak and his subsequent withdrawal of that suit, (Feb. 24, March 1) that’s a good way to get publicity, Dr. Kwiat. But personally, that would not be my plan of action.
Notoriety of that lawsuit was not the way to get your point across.
You hurt people, and that is not something a professional, like yourself, should be proud of.
Yes, we all believe what we want to believe. But I strongly disagree with how you processed that.
Needless to say, I am on the side of the butcher.
Helen Tatarek



Preserve trees to protect land, views

This is in regard to the letter from Russell and Marsha Chase (“Niskayuna should act to block project lights”) in the March 5 Gazette and March 11-17 Your Niskayuna.
We have the same issue on Van Antwerp Road, as most people between Balltown Road and Union Street have cut down all of their trees. And there are not only street lamps on at night every few feet, but flood lights that stand 50 feet tall in the Hillside school parking lot that fill my windows nightly with their glare.
The laws regarding light trespass according to, “Light trespass from a property shall not exceed 0.5 footcandles at the property line, measured five feet above the ground.”
And examples of shadows created by light trespass can be found at:
There is another issue as well; the trees also keep the river bank and hills intact.
Niskayuna residents would better be served by requiring independent review of projects and to follow codes regarding “character of the town” instead of allowing engineers hired by developers to say their projects are safe and legal.
Look at what was done in the area of Union Street and Troy Place when Albany Med and the private dentist expanded.
The so-called green space created to offset the expansion is just a drain basin for filthy road runoff that now has no place to go because of all the new concrete.
And the typically tiny trees that were planted by landscapers need 50 years to become the fans needed to hide light and create shade and oxygen.
Beth Jacobs

Don’t trust media when seeking truth

Location: college literature class.
The scene: Genesis, garden dialogue between the Serpent and Eve. Action: Wily serpent sets trap, Eve finds forbidden fruit pleasurable, sharing it with Adam.
Professor: “Did Eve die?”
“No,” chorused the entire class.
Professor: “Who lied?”
Sensing a trap, I watched stunned as the class unanimously chorused, “God.” Class dismissed.
If only I had the presence of mind to suggest we invite Eve for an interview, but I could only sit horrified that an esteemed professor would lead an entire class off the cliff as cleverly as a pied piper.
Perhaps he was playing devil’s advocate and expected pushback;
If so, he was disappointed.
Today’s pied piper is the media, firing mantras like missiles of destruction. Rarely held accountable when proven false, their lies live in the minds of the unwary. When forced to repent, the media merely whispers, in contrast to their brash, mendacious broadcast.
As a child attending public school, we knew the Ten Commandments; they were clearly posted. We knew it was not virtuous to bear false witness. We knew the press was protected by our Constitution for independent publishing of facts.
A once-sacred press has become a brazen American enemy. Schooled in perpetrating and perpetuating lies, obliterating selected targets and creating division, they engage in willful abuse of their protected liberty.
We must engage in wise discernment, conscientiously seeking truth, lest we become ensnared by our own complacency. Obliviousness to the eternal struggle between good and evil is a direct path to destruction.
Joanne Darling

We need truth about Russia and NATO

Somebody is lying about Russia.
First, NATO was created after World War II in response to a perceived threat from the Soviet Union. The number of member states has grown from the original 12 to 30 today, with combined annual defense spending in excess of $1 trillion. The NATO bureaucracy itself spends $1 billion to $2 billion per year from annual assessments paid by each member country.
Second, Russia’s annual military budget is around $65 billion, or about the same as the United Kingdom. According to Western media, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine suffers from lack of fuel and food for the invasion force.
Morale is also an issue, with The New York Times reporting some Russian forces have surrendered rather than fight. TV military talking heads conclude Russia will either lose the war outright or be bogged down for years fighting a determined insurgent force. If true, Russia doesn’t sound like much of a threat to NATO countries.
A more rational assessment is Russia will likely ensure Ukraine never joins NATO, while remaining incapable of mounting a credible invasion of Eastern Europe. That also means NATO is obsolete. The risk of a European ground war is low probability and distracts from the real risk to the United States, which will come from Asia.
Tim Connolly


Biden has unified the nation for the worse

Let me list the kudos for the man who was to unify our nation. In a sense, he has done so by solidly unifying Americans who wonder what the hell is going on in our country?
1. Gasoline prices: His first day in office, he stopped leasing on federal lands and stopped the Keystone pipeline. Brilliant.
2. Inflation: What can I say? He blames everyone else and never takes into account the massive social spending (Build Back Better.)
3. Afghanistan: We left many people behind who helped us while we were there, and perhaps the most idiotic thing was to leave the weapons behind.
4. No accountability: The press shows a blind eye and even a harmless question from Lester Holt brings a sarcastic reply.
5. Covid: Follow the science, they told us, until it did not meet their needs.
I could list more, but brevity tells me enough is enough.
Jerry Bubniak

Pro-Trump letter lacking in facts, logic

I’m responding to Anthony Wasssil’s March 14 letter (“Country was better off under Trump.”) His claim of Trump telling Putin “If you go into Ukraine, I’ll blow Moscow off the face of the earth,” has no verification. Apparently, it was a comment made to golfer John Daly. Where is your evidence? Especially since transcripts of Trump’s conversations with Putin are nonexistent.
During Trump’s administration, Putin had no reason to invade Ukraine, as Trump himself was trying to destroy NATO. Seems they had the same objective.
As for the disappearance of pro-Biden signs, rational people tend to remove political signage, once the election is over.
And, as an independent, I can certify that I now sleep better at night with Trump out of office. Are things perfect? No. But at least we no longer have a narcissistic, sociopath in the Oval Office.
Lastly, I’m skeptical about your objective, with your additional racial remark comment.
Jill Miglin
Burnt Hills

Hope for Dems to lose in fall and 2024

A recent article in The Gazette included the text that a certain leader had reasons that made sense to him at the time, and he really believed his actions were for the good of the country, but in hindsight was a total disaster.
Naturally it’s a quick conclusion to think it must be Joe Biden. Granted, the only real choice he gets to make on his own is what flavor ice cream he’s having today, but he is the president, and the buck stops with him.
We all know about the millions of undocumented immigrants flooding over the southern border, the Afghanistan debacle, his obvious mental decline and physical infirmity, inflation, gas prices, Russia and China knowing they are free to do as they wish, the covid masking nonsense, and the list goes on.
It’s clear to everyone his policies are failing miserably, and literally none of his policies have had a positive effect.
We assume he (his puppet masters) doesn’t mind destroying the lower- and middle classes to attain their goals. I don’t know how far he will be allowed to go with our ruination. Seriously, it is not a joke what they have done to us all while they live in their mansions (with walls and armed security). Hopefully, the Democrats will be voted out of office by a righteously angered populace this November and again in 2024. Oh, and that person The Gazette wrote about, whose policies looked really bad in hindsight?
That was Benedict Arnold.
Bill Denison
Burnt Hills

Purchase sustainable hiking, camping gear

It’s cold, but time to plan for all that neat car camping this year.
New sustainable gear is a must. Your made-from-bottles gear and efficient butane stove or wood campfire? Passé my friends. Sustainability has passed you by.
There are now portable wood stoves – no more gas smells and fear of burning down the woods. Too big, you think. Take a look at these cool stoves that cook and generate electricity.
Still having match troubles? Where are they? They are wet. Where is the striker? Problem solved. A real plus, too – a bright mini flashlight.
Any gear we buy new has some environmental impact. Look for hiking gear that’s gentle on the environment, avoids single-use plastic, and still holds up on the trail: bamboo cloth, sea algae, Merino wool, no-plastic water bottles, wheat fiber, reprocessed natural fibers.
Be sustainable, be chic and stay healthy.
Renate Reeves-Ellington

Socialists, media to blame for our woes

As I have seen our nation turn into chaos the past year, and now on the verge of World War III or worse, I think it is time for everyone living in America that loves freedom, and money in their pocket, to act, speak out now!
The socialist progressive Democratic Party with President Joe Biden and company leading them are responsible for inflation, loss of respect and fear from all our enemies.
Even the most liberal of them are saying enough, but Biden is hell-bent on pushing through his agenda, whatever it costs.
Think of all the millions of lives ruined by Biden, the Democratic mandates by power-hungry Democratic governors, the teachers unions, school boards, the FBI, DOJ, others. The southern border is not secure, with the help of our government paying the Catholic Church money for hotels, airfare, clothes, etc. This is treason at the highest level. Wow, no arrests, investigations, nothing. Why? You the people have to ask this question, and demand arrests for all involved – the president on down. The media is also to blame, TV, newspapers, radio, etc. Corporate-controlled. Boycott corporations and hit them where it hurts – money.
Albert P. Marvell

Too much money wasted on hot fusion

Hot fusion requires the creation of temperatures of 100 million degrees to fuse atoms. This also involves the transportation and burning of the most dangerous isotope in the universe, tritium.
Enough went missing (search under New York Times 1989, Department Of Energy, and missing tritium) to build a fission-fusion-fission bomb with 1000 times the explosive yield of Nagasaki or Hiroshima. Physicists want tritium to be ubiquitous. Hot fusion will always be the most expensive way to generate electricity.
Cold fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) at room temperature has yielded positive results from the very first experiments, but hot fusion scientists have poisoned the well springs of experimenters.
Just search under ITER to see how wasteful physicists are. If that money had gone into biology and chemistry, we would have a much longer healthy lifespan and over $10,000/year of extra disposable income for every family of four.
Richard Moody


Biden’s inaction is empowering Putin

How do you deter an aggressor? America’s reaction to Putin’s invasion in Ukraine is to do nothing that might anger Putin.
When Putin used the word “nuclear,” the Biden Administration was cowed.
Putin’s attacks on civilian targets prove that we are not deterring him. Rather, our hesitancy to supply Ukraine with MiG jets shows that Putin is deterring us while he commits atrocities against the Ukrainian people.
When reporters ask the president’s spokespersons to explain why we agreed to supply anti-tank missiles but not MiG jets, the answer is always that we would be escalating this war. Putin escalated this war from day one by purposely targeting civilians and attacking without provocation.
Matters have been made much worse both in this country and abroad by our energy policies.
his administration refuses to unleash our oil and gas industries to provide energy needed here and by our allies in Europe.
Instead, President Biden pleads with Venezuela, Iran, and Saudi Arabia to increase their oil output which strengthens their economies while weakening ours.
Meanwhile, our inflation rate is 7.9% and rising, and we are told that the president is doing everything possible to restrain price increases.
In fact, his policies are contributing mightily to the cost of all goods Americans depend upon to live.
Only now Biden can deflect blame onto Putin — rather than take responsibility for the downward slide he already had us on.
Richard Evans
Burnt Hills

Putin’s Ukraine war reeks of hypocrisy

Vladimir Putin has proclaimed that Ukraine was historically a part of the Russian Empire and cites that as a primary reason for his war to reclaim it.
Here is a parallel to contemplate: There is a region formerly known as East Prussia (its capital, Koenigsberg, was founded by Germans in 1255) that had been a part of Germany since 1701.
However, in 1945, following the defeat of Germany in World War II, East Prussia was split: the southern half was given to Poland, while the northern half along the Baltic Sea was given to the Soviet Union, despite the fact that the Soviet army did not conquer the area (the British RAF was responsible for that).
So, following Putin’s logic, my questions are: Shouldn’t Russia withdraw from the former East Prussia (now known as the Kaliningrad Oblast) and return it to Germany? If Russia refuses, should it be invaded in order to reclaim and return that historically German territory to Germany, and send the Russians packing?
Interestingly, it was reported recently that Putin’s mega-yacht is in Kaliningrad’s harbor, presumably safe from seizure because it is in Russian territory. Isn’t that convenient? Two birds with one stone, anyone?
Paul Deierlein



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christopher S.

Marilyn guidarelli excellent letter on public health as an experienced health care professional you are correct as the new covid surge comes I for 1 will follow the science as you suggest and not the enquirer.

christopher S.

Richard Evans I for one am thankful for bidens approach to this crisis so many people seem ignorant of the reality of nuclear war. As trump and his buddy Biden bantered about blowing each others cities off the map result of their ignorant plan becomes apparent. As the level of suffering continues to escalate it will be biden and our Nato allies who lead us out of this stronger than before Russia has 6000 nuclear bombs you only need 1. The US has Biden and NAto I’ll stick with them.


I’m exhausted from the wasted energy being spent arguing with and trying to convince people like Jerry Bubniak and Bill Denison that they are clueless contributors fighting hard to ruin America, and for that matter the entire world. Yes, I believe it’s that serious. They completely miss the big picture, repeating the same old baa, baa, black sheep, crap. Regardless of anything else they are incapable of distinguishing between good man and one of pure evil.

D Wayne P.

…..and they’re Americans, like I, who’re entitled to their opinion whether I agree with it or not. I am so fortunate to live in a free country where people can have have opposing views freely. God bless America!! – There you go Mr. Restifo, I finished it for you. You’re welcome bud.

D Wayne P.

….and, as I’ve said over and over, you’re not going to convince them. You can type until your fingers fall off and it’ll make no bearing on their belief system. If you don’t want to be exhausted then stop responding to their letters, it’s pretty simple actually.

Mr. Chris, I doubt that even the ignorant can be educated, you have been hearing the truth from us independents and republicans and yet you have learned nothing.

D Wayne P.

Only Lou knows the truth, very interesting Chris. I suppose the rest of us should put a muzzle on and let Lou do all of the speaking. Dude, you amaze me every day with your profound insight of the world. Thank you Chris, thank you. I have finally seen the light.

D Wayne P.

Welcome to all of those who took the time to write today’s Letter’s to the Editor. You have entered the Liberal Echo Chamber where opposing thoughts are slammed by the capital district’s most radical liberals. These members of the echo chamber believe Antifa is group of non violent freedom fighters and the Proud Boys are a violent radical group. They’ll post articles and graphs and will try and convince you that it’s fact and that your opinions don’t matter. They are Trump haters and carry water for the Biden agenda. Inflation is a myth, the border is stable, fossil fuels are poison, Biden has nothing to do with the high price of gas, food, shelter, soaring construction costs, supply chain issues, etc. When they get frustrated with what you write then they’ll call you a traitor to the country or whatever vile term that comes to their mind. They’ll say they’re trying to save the world from people like you and I because yes, we’re the ones that are ruining their fantasy land of unicorns rainbows. If you follow the Liberal Echo Chamber on a daily basis you’ll see that each day is groundhog day all over again. So again, welcome. Enjoy your stay and please take your shoes off before entering. Peace, love, and waterbeds baby!!

Mr. Wayne, I remember not too long ago Mr. Marincic copied and pasted this opinion page from two years ago and it was the same people saying the same thing. Groundhog Day indeed.

D Wayne P.

I do not. I read this page sparingly in the past but obviously I read it more now. That doesn’t surprise me though, I see it with my own eyes. Unfortunately I dont have a biased news article or a graph to confirm what I just said. Bummer.

D Wayne P.

You never said who the traitor is. You mentioned it earlier, you wrote “I know you’d rather clear the bench so you have the easy free hand to spread your nonsense didnt work for thecother traitor and won’t work for you” Who is this person that you slammed? That’s a strong word there big guy.

D Wayne P.

I have to say, thats a cowardly thing to do. Refer to someone as a traitor but when you’re questioned on it you lock up. At least JClark was transparent when she called someone a traitor, kudos for her bravery at least.

“Was it me?!?”
“Was it me?!?”
“Oh please let it be me! Pleasepleaseplease call me a traitor! I wanna be the traitor!!!”

Good God man, reign it in and get a grip. I swear you people get on here begging for abuse.
“Kick me, please?”

christopher S.

chuck D he’s so enraged this am the liberal micro blah blah blah something is raging but at least he’s not babbling about hunter Biden and energy independece ad nauseum yet

The Washington Post has published a pretty thorough timeline of events, with significant questions that still are unanswered:

There’s still much to ferret out on this, but critical to the story is the context. The story has been driven by the same contingent suffering from the transgressions of their twice-impeached leader, and the lackeys he surrounded himself with. Most important, in my eyes, is determining how much separation Joe Biden kept from his son.

FWIW, even then I was openly questioning the poor optics of Hunter’s engagements, and whether Joe had any talks with him about it.

Joseph Vendetti


Agreed –

I just don’t like even the adjacent tangent hint of connection between Russia oligarchs and any relationship with the white house. I knew improprieties existed with the previous President because he just couldn’t take a step before, during and after office that isn’t crooked. I just hope this is nothing.

If you’re talking about a Russian oligarchical connection to Joe Biden or any Democrat, I think that’s pretty far-fetched. Even in a world where we’ve seen some pretty far-fetched stuff, that seems off the chart, especially in light of the last couple weeks’ of sanctions.

D Wayne P.

For the folks who took time to write today’s Letter’s to the Editor, there you have it. This is what the Liberal Echo Chamber does daily. They do not respect your opinion if it doesn’t align with theirs and as you can see, the Traitor word comes out when they get frustrated. Hell, the liberal commenter doesn’t even have the gusto to own up to it. Like I said, nothing changes in here. Today is like yesterday and will be similar tomorrow. They want people like you and I censored, how cowardly. Personally, I want everyone to speak their minds freely, noone needs to be censored. There is no right answer to life, we all have a belief system that is ingrained in us for all kinds of different reasons. If you want to censor then move to China or North Korea, they love shutting down views that contradicts the government. Thank you for your participation and keep the letter’s coming, freedom is beautiful and it’s good to be an American. Hope you like it, hope you don’t. – John Anderson High School English Teacher and brilliant man.

Thanks christopher. Very cool.
It prompts me to offer also this item about the International Space Station: there’s been chatter about the fact that the ISS can’t function without the cooperation of both Americans and Russians, and indeed “the ISS is a joint project between Russia, America, Canada, Japan and several European countries. It is led by a US-Russian partnership that has continued for two decades despite fluctuating tensions between the two world powers.”
I’m pretty sure the chatter is just that, and that neither country would consider abandoning it over political differences. Astronauts and athletes remain above the fray.
BBC (among others) are reporting this this morning:
Russians board International Space Station in Ukrainian colours

Russian cosmonauts have arrived at the International Space Station wearing Ukrainian colours, in what appears to be a statement opposing the invasion.
The three men were the first new arrivals since Russia attacked its eastern neighbour last month.
They were warmly welcomed on board, hugging and greeting their fellow American, Russian and German crew.

“Congratulations on the successful docking,” a voice from Russia’s mission control said moments later.

A few hours later, two sets of hatches were opened and the three smiling men floated into the space station one by one wearing bright yellow space suits with blue accents.
The standard-issue Russian uniform is plain blue, and at least one of the men was seen wearing this before take-off.
The moment was live-streamed by both Nasa, the American space agency, and the Russian agency Roscosmos.

christopher S.

chuck that is a positive sign the more we see of that the more likely its a sign of shift in Russia I did try the chat on whats app it is secure i did do a Russian translation got no response but will try again later. have a firewall and virus scan on goes without saying

Guy Varoma

Zachary William and Dwayne must be delighted by the letters today. I can imager they screwed their MAGA hats on and went out and waved their Trump flags and celebrated. They should celebrate by eating a bid beautiful piece of chocolate cake. A chocolate cake like to one has ever seen in the history of the world.

christopher S.

guy i have no idea what he is getting so worked up about hes trying to spin the censorship tune now. kind of sad and really pitiful.


Changed my mind. Will post this for the third time. Have not had any response from the Biden weak crowd as to what they, the United States and Biden should do different.

In the weeks leading up to the Russian invasion, Joe Biden used his administration to loudly and transparently demonstrate that Putin’s irredentist claims were bunk and that the looming invasion was a premeditated act of aggression.

He simultaneously worked—quietly—with NATO and the EU to achieve a larger consensus than there has been on any military matter before the alliance since . . . well, let’s call it a generation.

Biden did not draw lines in the sand. He did not personalize the conflict. He did not turn himself into the star of the show. He did not allow anyone, anywhere, to believe that this was about America.

Since the invasion, Biden has been a full partner with our European allies. He has not pushed them into decisions. He recognized that having a united front was more important than any particular aspect of the response. And after only four days Europe came to the conclusion—on its own—that it would do everything the American foreign policy establishment had wanted. Biden understood that these countries needed to come to the decision to fight back on their own, and not be publicly cajoled into it.1

Biden also understood that the EU and NATO are actually very powerful allies and that when they work in concert with the United States, we represent a significant geopolitical force.

At home, by not being publicly domineering, Biden has made it much harder for Republicans to polarize public opinion over Ukraine. Because Joe Biden has not allowed Ukraine to become an issue about Joe Biden. This should make the continued prosecution of Russia more tenable in the short and medium term.

Biden has done all of this—a hawk’s dream response—without escalating the conflict or pushing the West closer to kinetic warfare with Russia.

The West is stronger because of the actions of the Biden administration and Russia is weaker because of them.

The last month has represented America’s best showing in foreign policy in a generation, and this with a president playing a weak hand in a crisis forced on the

In case you not up to date. Don’t let this influence you comments.

LONDON (Reuters) – Russia said on Saturday it had used hypersonic Kinzhal (Dagger) missiles to destroy a large weapons depot in Ukraine’s western Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Russia’s Interfax news agency said it was the first time Russia had deployed the hypersonic Kinzhal system since it sent its troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

christopher S.

florida2015 i resisted the urge to tell him to check his diaper because my 2 year old grand daughter usually has a load when she starts repeating that but your post below is much more constructive


Joseph Vendetti
March 19th, 2022
The tax investigation of Hunter has been known since 2020 I believe. What also should come into question as the story unfolds if true, the parts about the President getting 10 % of I assume money from Hunters dealings. Wouldn’t he also be liable for tax fraud since he and the First Lady reveled their tax returns as he became the candidate and maybe hid these transactions?

Speaking for you and your noise-maker caucus only. I’m pretty sure NATO and the rest of the world doesn’t see this “weakness”.

And regarding FL’s reposting; pure conjecture at this point, nothing more.

christopher S.

guy correct im not sure about Biden’s tax returns either but if he is involved he will be held accountable.
i would like to think hes not involved. in the interim he is doing a great job with NATO and our allies.obviously.Hunter Biden’s problems dont automatically transfer to joe Biden Hunter has issues thankfully hes not serving in the administration I believe hes painting in CA so I will relax until more facts come out. Hard for some to do. But critical thinking skills will help

christopher S.

Guy the other thing that occurred to me the orange dude has been gone for over a year and still has not released his returns. Biden released/did it right away had to know he could have stalled for years. The Hunter crap took place before he was even in office what was the guaranteed payoff? . doesnt quite add up in my mind.Not really sure why ole zachs so hot to suck the teat on this one. must be a slow day. gurss well go with the facts on this hot story!


ChuckD, That was my point. Why would Biden reveal his tax return, you know like others have done as tradition, well not all. Anyway seems like a careless way to do things if you have gotten ill gotten gains. Maybe why previous, not all, have revealed there returns because they also had nothing to hide.


For not going to post when I first came on I have another opinion.
Start with what D Wayne said few days ago. We were snookered on the WMD in Irag. For me personally my life was altered from 1966 till 1972 when I finished my commitment to the Navy. We had a draft then for you younger posters. Why? Read up on the the Gulf of Ton-kin incident which really bought us into the Viet Nam quagmire and was false.
For us to put boots on the ground, provide no fly zone will only bring another huge military blunder like the two mentioned. Tragic, tragic what is going on but for those who think we should become directly involved you are wrong. Who said it’s easy to enter into war but very, very hard to get out. We have proved that how many times already? Biden was handed a bad of dog s*** in Afghanistan then proceed to lite it on fire they way we withdrew. Check out our departure from VN under Ford a disaster. When will we learn?

Thank you, FL. Truly a voice of experience.
Our generation (I’m 63), owes you folks a huge debt of gratitude and apologies for the way you folks were treated. That’s coming from someone raised in a family vehemently opposed to the VN debacle, and who witnessed several times for Conscientious Objectors.

Mr. D. Are you saying you or your family refused to defend your country? What is witnessing for a conscientious objector? I’m serious so please answer.

Me and my family, and millions others, did not see the Vietnam War as “defending our country”.
As for what is a CO, you can look it up.

I know what a conscientious objector (draft dodger) is, what is a witness for them?

Take a hike? Isn’t that what you and your family did while kids were dying? You call yourselves conscientious objectors, back in those days my father and grandfather would call them draft dodgers, cowards, and traitors.

One final thing, you don’t get to decide what constitutes defending your country. I have trouble believing the audacity of you for the things that you post on here and attack others Mr. D.

christopher S.

zachary william you really are as deranged as that marinac dude. you look for fights. im not sure which split personality is the most unbearable


Hey genius, some people truly don’t believe in killing other humans, or don’t want to die for a cause they believe to be bull s- -t and can have legitimacy in being conscientious objectors. Yes, others may claim to be conscientious objectors just to avoid serving in the armed forces. Nothing is perfect.

Now Zachary, please talk to me about real bull s- – t, like bone spurs. I’m bet you duck run and hide or divert on this one. Maybe Annie, or Wayne can voice an opinion, they’re always ready to shove in their two cents when it suits them.


ChuckD, I was home based on a ship in Long Beach and we were advised to not even wear our uniforms off base in the 68-69 time period. Everyone knew us though because of our hair cuts. Went to Vancouver, Canada on a training cruise and received a heroes welcome from the civilian population. Strange indeed.

christopher, Thanks, I’m well aware of what Biden was handed by FG. I still think we could have done better leaving. One of the strengths of our military is its logistics and the execution of them. We fell short on that, then losing 13 soldiers made it even more tragic.

Effective today if I do come back to this platform I will not be responding to Mr. Christopher or Mr. ChuckD, their negativity is too much and I find myself acting like a fool as they are, I will just separate from them, they bring zero to the table anyways.

D Wayne P.

“Antifa in Seattle are continuing to call for violence at an upcoming conservative “March for Freedom” rally on March 26. They view it as an opportunity for revenge. Some of the antifa flyers call for a shooting.” Wish I could post the flyers here. Yes, they’re freedom fighters and peacefully protesting. Nothing to see there.

Denise Crisci

When do you know the progressive (AKA the Marxists party) has achieved their goal??? When they chase Amazon out of Seattle because of defunding the police, out of contoll crime, and so called bail reform laws. Coming to a neighborhood near you. Thank you so much all you progressive ( progressing to doom) people who hate America. Please tell me what part of what I have just stated is incorrect!!!!

D Wayne P.

In 2021, 12 major U. S. cities set records for homicides. All 12 cities have a democratic mayor. Oh but Trump……….

“Won’t someone please give me some abuse,..I mean, attention too? I can say stupid outrageous things too! C’mon, anyone? The sign says, ‘Kick me!’ How about a size ten and a half in the drawers? Anyone?”


christopher S.

Yeah I found that nut over on Twitter this the same riots you were talking about yesterday? Just from the Twitter account you can tell the dudes a white supremist. Not sure I’d put much stock in what hes saying as he can’t post the flyers either. Shame

D Wayne P.

This is another article from June 2020. These were 3-17-22, thats when all this was posted. Keep going Chris, start googling again. You’re getting closer to March of 22, at this rate you might find one around 2 -3 a. m.

christopher S.

dwayne p i have an idea Why dont you post your rock solid fact based info
from 3 17 2022-

christopher S.

dwayne never mind here you go your regurgitated nonsense from yesterday. problem is i dont see any more proof today than yesterday.

just more of your usual nonsense
D Wayne P.
March 18th, 2022
“Antifa in Seattle are threatening to shoot up a March for Freedom rally on 3-26 in Westlake Plaza. They put up flyers around the former CHAZ area featuring a rifle & a call to action against Nazis. They’re also organizing using Twitter, erroneously saying it is a @TPUSA event.” Hmmmmm. “extremism in the pursuit of virtue is not Fascism” stated a member of the liberal echo chamber recently. So the question is, is Antifa an extremist group? Does threatening to shoot up a rally quailify? Does using swastikas on marketing flyers qualify?

March 18th, 2022
“Antifa is not a highly organized movement, nor is it merely an idea. Antifa is a loose affiliation of local activists scattered across the United States and a few other countries.

The term “antifa” is short for anti-fascist; it’s used both by its adherents and its foes.

In general, people who identify as antifa are known not for what they support, but what they oppose: Fascism, nationalism, far-right ideologies, white supremacy, authoritarianism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia. Some antifa activists also denounce capitalism and the government overall.

Mostly, people aligned with antifa are on the left of the political spectrum. Antifa is not, however, affiliated with President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party or its leaders. Mr. Biden has condemned antifa and called violence “unacceptable.”

Antifa actions have included everything from tracking and publicly identifying members of alt-right groups to physically attacking adversaries.

“Despite the media portrayal of a deranged, bloodthirsty antifa… the vast majority of anti-fascist tactics involve no physical violence whatsoever. Anti-fascists conduct research on the far right online, in person, and sometimes through infiltrations; they dox them, push central milieux to disown them, pressure bosses to fire them…”

Wayne, I thought you might find this CBS report on Antifa interesting. I support their views and some of their methods. But do not support violence unless it is to defend against attacks by white supremacists against groups antifa supports.

D Wayne P.
March 18th, 2022
With that theory, if one supports what the Proud Boys believes, but not violence, that’s acceptable? Again, is Antifa an extremist group?

March 18th, 2022
Read what Antifa supports (the post above yours) and look into what the Proud Boys et. al. support. I see no equivalence. I oppose the far-right, fascism, white supremacy, Christian nationalism, autocracy, homophobia and xenophobia. I do not oppose nationalism when felt as patriotism, identifying with, having pride in, and being loyal to your country’s institutions and values. When expressed as a feeling that the people and culture of your country are inherently better than others and need to follow the dictates of an all-powerful autocrat to be united and successful it is extremely dangerous. This is what happened in Nazi Germany and what is happening under Putin in Russia today. Total control of the media in such countries is a powerful tool used to manipulate the populace. Real news outlets are called fake and severe punishments imposed on dissenters.

D Wayne P.
March 18th, 2022
I know what Antifa supports dude, its no different than any other extremist group. You’re showing yourself as someone who is carrying water for an extremist group by downplaying who they really are. You’ve done it repeatedly here. Yes maybe the true intent is what you say but their actions say they’re an extremist group. They are no different than the Proud Boys, they just have a different whacked out belief system.

March 18th, 2022
When crimes are suspected the perpetrators should be investigated and, if warranted, indicted, tried, and acquitted or convicted.

The group they are affiliated with is irrelevant. Often law-breakers, having nothing to do with the politics, take advantage of demonstrations and protests since chaos often occurs as a result of counter-demonstrations and government actions.

D Wayne P.

Im glad your putting this out here for the public to see. You’ll do everything you can to defend Antifa and somehow make them seem better than a right wing extremist group. Why in the hell would you defend either one of them or make excuses for them? They both use violence as a tactic to get their point across, that is disgusting. Portland and Seattle are the main battlegrounds for these groups in this country. They do so much damage to everything that is American and should be condemned. The fact that you want to paste articles, make excuses, minimize the threat that they are, tells the world who you really are. Today was a good day here in the Liberal Echo Chamber. A couple of members exposed themselves to the world and now we know the type of people we’re dealing with. Next time you drive by Colonie Center and you see the “Honk if you hate gas and Antifa is a myth signs” those members will be on the front line. Beep Beep!

D Wayne P.

What are u talking about? Im looking at the flyers now that you brought it up. It’s whats happening on the ground Mr. Chris, in real time. They were posted by a dude or group that labels themselves abolitionist / anti – fascist. These are the Proud Boys of the left, they are 2 peas in the same pod, with different agendas. Why do you, and another member of the Liberal Echo Chamber, minimize them? Why are you gents shielding the fact that they’re left wing extremists? Fire away big guy, show us what you’ve got.

christopher S.

Fact check: Antifa Twitter account that called for violence was fake do you understand the word fake
dwayne youre desperation to post fake information is pitiful; dude!

D Wayne P.

I invite all members of the Liberal Echo Chamber to copy and paste Mr. Chris’ retort. You folks need a new spokesman, this dude is dropping the ball.

christopher S.

dwayne stop embarassing yourself follow the link and read it. how sad

No, we’re content seeing what an attention whore you are. Chris is doing a good job letting you.

christopher S.

start at the top of the article scroll down to the end more importantly try to comprehend what it says!
False. Tweets calling for violence from an account posing as a national Antifa organization are false.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our work to fact-check social media posts here .

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

D Wayne P.

It didn’t come from an account posing as a national Antifa orginization. It’s a Seattle based antifa group.

D Wayne P.

Again, why are you minimizing the fact that they’re a left wing extremist group? They use violence as a tactic to get their point across. That’s what exremist groups do.

christopher S.

dwayne p just because the twitter says its a different local account use your head look at the screen shots they have no identifying information in the “flyers” read the additional articles looks like somebody failed once to pull off this nonsense now they are trying again. look at who actually did the violence its documented there

Guy Varoma

Zachary William I must try harder to make the no responding list. But your comment was a great woe is me ….Maybe one day you will learn facts matter and quit posting baseless comments void of facts….By the was have a great Lent


Americans who protested the war in Viet Nam were patriots and humanitarians. Americans who praise Putin’s “genius” and “savvy” for his terrorist attacks on Ukraine, who don’t think we should care, or criticize Biden for working with our allies to stop Putin are neither patriots nor humanitarians.

If people on the right want to understand themselves, see who they really are, what they really represent, they must read ChuckD’s final post on yesterday’s forum. It is why I am not posting as frequently. The Zachary’s, D Wayne P’s, Criscis’, Aikens’, Vendetti’s et. al. are the 1/3 and they will never change their minds.

D Wayne P.

I told you that from the start. What would make you think anything different. I’ve seen you dudes and ladies attack people who write letters for a while. You wanted to minimize them and take away their point of view. Your tactics are wrong and disgusting. The 1/3ds believes what they believe as does the 2/3rds. There’s nothing gained tearing each other down. That’s the practice here and has been for quite sometime, you dudes have controlled the narrative and snitched out a guy to get him kicked out (censored). Why be reasonable with people who aren’t reasonable? Why be reasonable with people who would rather censor you than debate you? This is the Opinion section of the Gazette, each opinion has meaning and typically comes from someone who feels what they type. They don’t need to be attacked or minimized for having a belief system different for yours. If they change the section to the Liberal Opinions Only page then you would have a valid argument. Peace.

christopher S.

Dwayne p showing someone fact based information is not attacking them. The difference is. People leaving you alone to wallow in your half truths is what you want it’s easy and it’s lazy . I’m less concerned about thst t than someone else coming along reading your less than factual information and believing it spouting ignorance is easy. Today we get Bidens a tax cheat Amazon’s leaving Seattle because of crime hunter bidens a perv antifas calling for riots in seattle
its not true because you want it to be true Trumps mantra was the louder the better doesnt matter if it’s true . Same as hitlers sorry dude facts are facts


Zachary, The comments you made about ChuckD and family were shared by millions as VN slogged on and helped bring it to a close . Thousands did choose to go to Canada,(now they were draft dodgers) which turned out to be right for them and all were pardoned by Ford. Fortunately many like ChuckD and family stayed and protested and pressured the politicians to end it. It was a politicians war, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy wanted to end it and was thought to be doing it once reelected in 64. Johnson stepped in it and was afraid Republicans and his own party would tag him as soft on communism. As far as who went and who didn’t read some detailed history of what and how the war was seen, you might learn something about the country you live in.Ever hear of Kent State?
I did what I felt was right for me and respected those those chose a different way to help end the war, thank goodness. Look to Afghanistan, after 2012 or 2013 no one particularly the military knew what the end game was. You seem to have a short in you wiring between your brain and you lips sometimes. Think before you speak and maybe you will get a lot less push back for your posts. Have a good evening.

I’m pretty sure he’ll never read that FL. ADHD, I suppose. But nicely put, and thank you. I was born in 1959 and through a quirk of fate never had to register. None of my age did.
My parents were very engaged in our church’s youth program (as was as our minister) as well as being popular public school teachers, so very much engaged in teenagers’ lives. Coming from a long line of Christians, we were very opposed to war of any kind, but especially that one. So when young people approached them for guidance, CO was discussed as an option. Moving to Canada or anywhere else was definitely not. That was a time , for various reasons, to live by your conscience and we did, as you did. I was young, but could see they were crazy times.

And I remember exactly where I was when I heard about Kent State: in the back of my Dad’s station wagon, southbound on the Northway, just before Lake George.

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