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Saratoga Springs gauging interest in cordoning Caroline Street to stem violence; former mayor calls idea ‘crazy’

Gaffney’s Restaurant and Bar on Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

Gaffney’s Restaurant and Bar on Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

“It’s moving forward,” Montagnino said of the concept, which would be the new administration’s resolution to addressing weekend violence that has plagued Caroline Street. “It’s still in the planning stage. It’s not anything that’s been worked out in detail.”

Montagnino said he originally heard the idea from Mayor Ron Kim when they were campaigning last year.

“It will make for a safer Caroline Street,” Montagnino said, “and make each weekend in the summer a mini event with musicians and performers in the street as well. Kind of give it more of a party atmosphere than it already has.”

Kim said he’s aware of comments that argue the public security checks would violate 4th Amendment rights.

“It’s not because, basically, if you don’t want to be searched, you don’t want to be ID’d, you just don’t come to that area of the town during a certain time period,” Kim said.

“It’s clearly passed muster, constitutionally, because we do it in all sorts of venues now, since 9/11, in particular.”

The mayor mentioned Beale Street in Memphis and Walt Disney World as other places that have similar security protocols.

Kim said he believes the plan would make the environment safer for the police who congregate the strip of bars on Caroline Street and bar and restaurant workers.

But the officials said they’re open to input from the community.

“We’re going to have some discussions with the direct community on Caroline Street and the larger downtown business groups and get their thoughts,” Kim said. “But the intention is to try to do something to improve security down there. This is, in my mind, probably one of the most concrete ideas and here’s the other thing, we’re not using cops for this.”



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