Schenectady Police: Tuesday night helicopter-aided search for fleeing vehicle leads to arrest

The car at the scene Tuesday night

The car at the scene Tuesday night

SCHENECTADY – A Tuesday night search for a car — reported to have fled from Colonie — led to an arrest, city police said.

A state police helicopter aided in the search, causing many on the city’s Northside to take notice.

The larger search began earlier in the evening when city police received notice from police in Colonie that a vehicle had fled from them, city police spokesman Sgt. Pat Irwin said.

Officers on patrol then spotted the vehicle at around 6:30 p.m. in the area of Nott Street; officers were going in the opposite direction, Irwin said.


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The officers then turned around and the car immediately fled. The officers did not pursue, according to Irwin.

Then, just over three hours later, at around 9:45 p.m., officers on a separate traffic stop, also in the area of Nott Street, spotted the vehicle drive by there, Irwin said.

Other officers then converged on the area and the state police helicopter soon joined in the search.

Flight tracking app AirNav Radar Box showed the helicopter circling around the Northside on a larger path that also took it just over the river into Glenville.

While checking the area, officers then spotted the vehicle pull into a parking lot off of Van Vranken Avenue. The driver then attempted to run into a house, but was taken into custody, Irwin said. The arrest came at about 10:30 p.m.

Irwin identified the driver arrested as Aaron Wright, 28, of Schenectady. City police charged him with unlawfully fleeing a police officer, issued several traffic infractions and then turned him over to Colonie Police, Irwin said.

Schenectady County Sheriff’s deputies were also involved in the search. The same vehicle fled from them last week, Irwin said.

Information on the Colonie incident and charges there was not immediately available Wednesday.

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