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Letters to the Editor Saturday, April 2


Russian people will bear guilt of war

The extreme killing and destruction in Ukraine will soon be followed by a deep wound of shame and humiliation for the people of Russia.
The Russians suffer from a bad habit of tolerating dictatorship and government control over public information.
Soon, they will hear and see the truth and they will be burdened with the profound guilt of being held responsible for the insane use of their military forces to murder civilians and destroy homes.
It is fair to hold the Russian people responsible because they have persistently refused to do the work that is required to maintain democratic control over government power. Now the whole world is faced with the threat of nuclear bombs in the hands of a frightened schizophrenic.
Russian society will carry this guilt for decades. How would we feel if we suddenly discovered that our trusted government bombed civilian homes in Canada or Mexico? What the Russians have done in Ukraine is like my neighbor saying to me: “We are old friends, and we belong together, therefore I will burn your house to the ground – with you in it.”
This is nothing other than insanely violent revenge.
The Russian Army has put on display its ability to kill women and children and demolish homes, but not so good at fighting other soldiers. As the cruelty of Russian violence unfolds, the world weeps in disbelief.
John M. Medeiros

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Push for energy independence bill

I agree with several points made in the March 24 Gazette editorial (“Suspend gas tax at pump, not by check”) concerning the fairness of the plan to temporarily suspend the state tax on gasoline sales in New York.
The average price of gas in the region is as high as I have ever seen and is hovering at $4.309 a gallon. Something needs to be done beside calling energy company CEOs before Congress to complain about passing along the cost of production to consumers.
There is another plan before Congress that could help reduce energy prices across the country, not just in New York, and reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil and gas.
Congress should pass HR6884 “American Energy Independence Act of 2022.” Surprisingly, our local U.S. representative, Paul Tonko, is not a cosponsor of the bill. There is a similar bill before the Senate, S3714.
If Congress wants to help Americans spend less and the pump and on home heating, it must send these bills to the president’s desk. If you are struggling with the high cost of fuel, message @RepPaulTonko and ask him to co-sponsor HR6884.
Dominic Fulgieri
Burnt Hills

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Zeldin showed he’s no friend of police

The Republican Party’s leading candidate for governor, Lee Zeldin, is running on an agenda of “law and order” and his supposed support for police officers.
Don’t believe it. Just look what the candidate did on Jan. 6, 2021.
On that day, an insurrectionist mob stormed the U.S. Capitol seeking to overturn the freely and fairly decided 2020 presidential election. This mob attacked the police officers defending the Capitol, and some of these officers later died.
The mob then broke into the Capitol, ransacked congressional offices and threatened further violence against those doing their constitutional duty to certify the election.
What was then-Congressman Zeldin’s response to these criminal acts at his workplace, acts which undermined the Constitution and the rule of law? He publicly voted against the police officers who had defended the Capitol.
Supporting the mob, he voted to reverse the election and install his preferred candidate, the one who lost.
If candidate Zeldin wants to prove his support for law enforcement and, more importantly, for truth, he should publicly apologize to the Capitol police officers who were attacked on Jan. 6, 2021, and their families.
Otherwise, he is just another insurrectionist.
Michael Moore
Clifton Park

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Grateful for support of youth athletics

COVID-19 has had an impact on nearly every aspect of our communities, including youth sports leagues.
Games and seasons were canceled, and organizations missed out on opportunities to strengthen and improve their programs.
Our league, Scotia-Glenville Youth Softball, lost its entire spring and summer 2020 seasons.
The fact that we are back and poised to have one of our biggest seasons ever in terms of participation is due to the businesses, families and community partners who have rallied to support us.
This includes the Scotia-Glenville Central School District, whose partnership makes the use of our fields possible, and Glenville town Supervisor Chris Koetzle and the Town Board for the “Youth Leagues for Parks” grant program.
This town initiative designated federal dollars for grants to youth sports programs to improve parks and recreational facilities in Glenville. The innovative and forward-looking grant program allowed us to invest in some badly needed field maintenance equipment.
There are so many benefits to youth sports for our children.
As we prepare to open the season, we want to say thank you to everyone in our community who helps make it all happen. Play ball!
Matt Leon
Jaime Riegel
The writers are the president and vice president, respectively, of the Scotia-Glenville Youth Softball League.

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‘Brandon’ flags reveal immaturity

I’m assuming that most people who display flags or signs publicly do so to get their opinions known.
There are times when the number of United States flags grow —election season, military holidays and other occasions and that makes sense.
What doesn’t make much sense to me are the “Let’s Go Brandon” flags.
What these banners tell me is that the owner is most likely a male, stuck in his mid-teens, who thinks he’s pulling a fast one —cursing out the president with a puerile meme.
Sadly he also thinks that it’s funny to curse out our president and sees no irony in the flag he so proudly waves alongside his Brandon banner.
What’s pathetic is that most of these flags are being flown in ways that defy flag etiquette.
Often tattered by the weather, they are neither protected from the climate nor lit at night, as required. These displays are neither patriotic nor mature.
They insult the president and the flag while claiming to be red, white and blue to the core. They are not real men. They are boys who will never grow up, and we all know where they live now.
I’m embarrassed for their children who are growing up without responsible adult parenting.
Polly Windels
Ballston Spa

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St. Clare’s retirees owed accountability

The St. Clare’s Hospital retirees are missing out on receiving a pension check each month, without the worry of working like they all have to do now.
The hospital took away the life that they were supposed to give to the retirees.
These wonderful, loyal, caring retirees have been left to live a life of torture at the hands of the hospital, the Albany Catholic Diocese and the state of New York.
If the people mentioned did their jobs properly and thought of all the retirees, the pensions would have been saved like it could have been.
All 1,100 loyal caring healthcare workers’ lives would have been able to be lived without the hospital’s worst case of abuse in history. All who are mentioned should share the blame and should be held accountable.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

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Accelerate pace for energy independence

The reason for the surge in gas prices is related more to Wall Street than politics.
For the last 10 years, the energy sector has been the worst performing in the S&P 500. During that time, major oil companies invested massive sums of money to increase oil production.
During covid, big oil and gas shifted their investment from production to profits and dividends.
In the first nine months of 2021 the largest oil and gas companies made a combined profit of $174 billion and paid out to shareholders $36.5 billion.
The Biden Administration is not restricting drilling. In January, overall U.S. crude production was up 100,000 barrels per day from the previous month. Since Biden took office, 2,400 drilling permits have been approved. At this pace, oil and gas permit approvals will surpass any year under the Trump Administration.
Meanwhile, despite being on a war footing, 60% of federal land use permits are not pumping crude and 9,000 approved drilling permits are not being utilized by big oil. Once they decide to increase drilling and production it will take at least six months for consumers to see any impact on gas prices.
Now that powerful oil companies are putting profits ahead of production, high energy costs are here to stay. The best way to end this recurring cycle of escalating energy costs and to save our planet is to speed up our transition to clean energy. Only then will we enjoy lasting energy independence.
Bob Karandy
Burnt Hills

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Publish articles for non-liberal readers

I realize you are basically a liberal based paper. How about doing the other half of your readership a favor by reporting (and following up on) other happenings in the world.
I have never seen any mention of this list of articles in your paper.
Biden’s laptop; it is real and contains factual info about Joe and Hunter. Read the New York Times article(s) on this one. John Durham’s preliminary release on Hillary’s actions regarding the debunked Trump/Russia collusion. Why our southern border remains open. The real reason(s) Cuomo was let off the hook on the nursing home deaths and assault of women he came in contact with, are there really that many gutless prosecutors in New York state? What is the status of the Americans (et. al.) left behind in Afghanistan? What about the ineffective mayor of New York City?
Please no more of Biden’s call for the United States to fight for democracy in Ukraine. Zelenskyy just outlawed all parties (except his) in Ukraine. We call that a dictatorship.
Why can’t you (The Gazette) stand up and request an unredacted/unedited release of the Biden/China call to be released to the media immediately? Be what Biden is not — a leader.
The last Biden slam I’ll offer is his nominee for the Supreme Court. He said (and I quote) “he would only support a Black female for the post.” Isn’t that considered a racist position?
Jim Banagan
Clifton Park

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Judge’s critics fueling racism and sexism

True to his promise, President Joe Biden has nominated an African-American woman, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.
Her nomination has been met with cries of discrimination by many on the right, who believe President Biden should have considered other qualified judges, not just those who are African-American women.
These complaints fail to consider the history of oppression and racism that African-Americans have faced in this nation since its inception.
The legacy of slavery and Jim Crow have led to African-Americans being disproportionately impacted by poverty, police violence, incarceration, inferior access to healthcare, and racial profiling. For Black women, these issues intersect with misogyny and sexism.
A judge since 2013, Jackson graduated from Harvard Law School and has clerked for Justice Breyer.
If confirmed, Jackson will also be the first former public defender on the Supreme Court.
Though several Republicans acknowledge her impressive credentials, media figures such as Tucker Carlson have doubled-down on the hate. When Carlson asks for Judge Jackson’s LSAT scores, he shows his true colors. I cannot recall Carlson or anyone else in the media demanding to see the LSAT scores of Justices Brett Kavanaugh or Amy Coney Barrett. Why treat Judge Jackson differently?
Judge Jackson is clearly qualified and will be a meaningful and important addition to the Supreme Court. Her critics perpetuate the racism and sexism ingrained in American institutions and society, both of which we must abandon if we insist on being the beacon of freedom and opportunity.
Sarah Chaudhry

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christopher S.

Polly windels when I see another of those silly boys waving those Purdy flags I thank God they found something else meaningless to skip around with instead of that
offensive confederate flag many of them loved so much . I look I chuckle and think to myself there goes another Member of the dimwitted club of America. God bless America and thank God we dumped the Trump in favor of our President Joe Biden. They cry a little bit everything they hear bidens name which explains the use of Brandon

Guy Varoma

Bob Karandy great letter. I hope those who are blaming high gas prices on Biden read it, comprehend it and store in their brains.


I agree Guy. Biden has also asked Congress to pass legislation that would charge oil producers a fee for NOT drilling where they have permits sitting idle. “Use it or lose it” is good policy. I bet the GOP will block such an idea because they want oil prices to stay high to hurt Biden.

But as Karandy said, ” The best way to end this recurring cycle of escalating energy costs and to save our planet is to speed up our transition to clean energy. Only then will we enjoy lasting energy independence.” The answer is not to increase supply (except in the short term) but to reduce demand. We can do our part by driving less, buying less gas and purchasing fuel efficient vehicles.

Finally, Biden is also requiring vehicle manufacturers to increase fuel economy to 40 miles per gallon from the current 28 by 2026, thus correcting Trump’s rollback of such requirements meant to help the oil industry at the expense of the public.

Joseph Vendetti

Guy – Chuck D – please repost that link regarding fuel prices/inflation that you sent me the other day – was probably the least non-bias account of situation.

Stop talking about 9000 leases – 4600+ tied up in administration paperwork, 2,600 ties up in sierra club lawsuits, 1800 no infrastructure

Denise Crisci

You do realize Polly the reason for the beginning for the LETS GO BRANDON??? Because fake news, could not be honest with the public during a car race of what was being chanted in the back ground about Biden. Even though every viewer could hear what was being chanted, she changed it to lets go Brandon. That is how this movement began, with the usual fake news. I don’t condone the disrespect of any President at any time, constructive views are all that is necessary. BUT, lets not forget the hell that Trump had to go through with bleeding heads by Kathy Griffith, non stop death threats, burning flags on a daily basis, people threatening to move to Canada (but never did) the daily barrage on tv both supposed news and night time TV. Now you may say that was good for him but not for Joe, well you know what they say, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. The liberals started this whole hateful rhetoric during his years and your set the tone for most Presidents to come. Unfortunately , Joe is now the recipient of a much less obtrusive reminder of how much people do not care for his leadership. Do you see anyone such as Maxine Waters telling millions on TV to get Republicans where ever you see them, in the store, at the restaurant’s? Do you see Broadway stars publicly humiliating a Vice President and his family? You can’t just have it all one way. You opened the flood gates and they are hard to close again. It is a shame it has to be this way, a divided country will not stand, so if you don’t think it is good for the country, don’t start it.


D.C. why don’t all the people using the euphemism “Let’s Go Brandon” actually say what they mean? Everyone knows it is a euphemism for “F—- Joe Biden.” So many people on your side of the political fence are Christian Nationalists, a cover phrase for white supremacists. Aren’t they appalled by profanity? Wouldn’t they be upset if the media reported the actual insult to Biden at this NASCAR event? Yet here they are, giggling like immature middle school kids over saying F—- Joe Biden in code.

The rest of your rant is a diatribe revealing your continuing support for a corrupt former president who was justly impeached for attempts to unconstitutionally hang on to the presidency. You write “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”, which in this case makes no sense. If Joe Biden acts unconstitutionally or commits crimes he would deserve impeachment. But unlike the crazed objections of witch hunts and hoaxes and stolen elections by Trump, Biden allows the justice system to work without interfering even when his son is under investigation.

Finally, many of the allegations in your diatribe are greatly exaggerated if they even occurred. Every president gets death threats but were they “non-stop” in Trump’s case? What does “non-stop” mean?
Who burned flags on a daily basis? You write “Do you see anyone such as Maxine Waters telling millions on TV to get Republicans where ever you see them, in the store, at the restaurant’s? Do you see Broadway stars publicly humiliating a Vice President and his family? You can’t just have it all one way. You opened the flood gates and they are hard to close again.” I never heard Maxine Waters tell anyone “to get Republicans where ever you see them.” All presidents have been subjected to harsh criticism often by Hollywood personalities. To say critics of Trump opened the floodgates is simply untrue.


You have to be kidding. I watched it. She referred to members of Trump’s cabinet, not Republicans in general and she never said “get them” whatever that means. She obviously was calling upon people to let Trump know how they felt about his border policies and particularly the mistreatment of children at the border. She even called upon people to harass Trump administration officials and yes the Secretary of Homeland Security met well-deserved protests at a Mexican restaurant. Trump is also shown stirring up hatred for immigrants by saying they are gang members (MS 13),just as he did when he said most of the Mexicans trying to immigrate to our country were rapists, thugs and criminals; he also said he couldn’t get a fair trial in the Trump University suit because Judge Curiel was born here, but of Mexican heritage. He had to pay out $25 million to the students he ripped off in that scam. Have you ever listened to Matt Gaetz or Ted Cruz savagely attack those who question their politics? Did you watch them ask the first African American nominee to SCOTUS to reveal her LSATs, something they never asked Kavanaugh or Barrett?


Many American Christians are indeed nationalists; many of them admire Putin as a nationalistic leader of white Christian ethnic Russians. From Christianity Today (2/3/21):

“You’ve probably seen headlines recently about the evils of Christian nationalism, especially since December’s Jericho March in Washington, DC, and since a mob of Trump supporters—many sporting Christian signs, slogans, or symbols—rioted and stormed the US Capitol building on January 6.

What is Christian nationalism, and how is it different from Christianity? How is it different from patriotism? How should Christians think about nations, especially about the United States? If nationalism is bad, does that mean we should reject nationality and national loyalty altogether?

There are many definitions of nationalism and an active debate about how best to define it. I reviewed the standard academic literature on nationalism and found several recurring themes. Most scholars agree that nationalism starts with the belief that humanity is divisible into mutually distinct, internally coherent cultural groups defined by shared traits like language, religion, ethnicity, or culture. From there, scholars say, nationalists believe that these groups should each have their own governments; that governments should promote and protect a nation’s cultural identity; and that sovereign national groups provide meaning and purpose for human beings.

Christian nationalism is the belief that the American nation is defined by Christianity, and that the government should take active steps to keep it that way. Popularly, Christian nationalists assert that America is and must remain a “Christian nation”—not merely as an observation about American history, but as a prescriptive program for what America must continue to be in the future. Scholars like Samuel Huntington have made a similar argument: that America is defined by its “Anglo-Protestant” past and that we will lose our identity and our freedom if we do not preserve our cultural inheritance.”


I have responded to your posts, Zachary. Would you do me the courtesy of responding to mine? Are there “Christian Nationalists” or is “Christianity Today” mistaken? Why do you think members of the KKK burned crosses on African American lawns? If you say the KKK no longer exists, I can assure you there are too many people who have the same beliefs.

There is also this concerning Christianity and white supremacy:

To paraphrase you, Read it if you dare.


I decided to post a short excerpt to “wet your appetite” for the full article:

“A close read of history reveals that we white Christians have not just been complacent or complicit; rather, as the nation’s dominant cultural power, we have constructed and sustained a project of perpetuating white supremacy that has framed the entire American story. The legacy of this unholy union still lives in the DNA of white Christianity today — and not just among white evangelical Protestants in the South, but also among white mainline Protestants in the Midwest and white Catholics in the Northeast.”

Guy Varoma

Zachary William I will not answer you anymore. I don’t want you to report me to the editor. All I can say is google it for your answer. I suggest you use the word outrageous when you goggle both of them. I wish you the best truly.

christopher S.

Guy I posted this link to a documentary yesterday I learned a lot of the confusion for me over where this passion some express is coming from while not as superchargerd as a Nascar race it is an exciting watch so i’m posting it again as always when i think of Biden I can’t but help repeat boy has God blessed America! We really dodged a bullet in 2020!

Mr. Varoma, I believe Mr. Mahoney made it clear to others that I’m who I say I am and to stop with the Zachary William or be moderated. I will give you the benefit of the doubt this time that you weren’t told or you forgot. Don’t do it again.


I’ll answer for you Guy. I understand and agree it will not effect Z’s opinions but others might see the truth. From the Los Angeles Times (3/2/22):

“Many people are outraged that Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) heckled President Joe Biden during his first official State of the Union address.

Me, I’m delighted. Not only was it an exquisitely shameless grab for attention, even by their generally shameless attention-grabbing standards, but it fell completely flat.

If Boebert and Greene had shown up at the Oscars wearing scuba gear, they couldn’t have more obviously misread the room.

I’m not interested in pearl-clutching over the sacred nature of the House chamber during the State of the Union; a president’s annual accounting of the year is not sacred and has, over the years, seen its share of heckling, audible groans and stony silences from both sides of the aisle. After President Trump delivered his last SOTU, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi publicly, with great fanfare, tore her hard copy of the speech into pieces (though at no point did she attempt to interrupt the president).

I’m not even referring to the absurdly inept timing of Boebert’s outburst. The fact that the president chose not to mention this country’s very messy withdrawal from Afghanistan is open to legitimate criticism, but Boebert wasn’t interested in legitimate criticism. Instead she yelled an accusation that Biden is personally responsible for the deaths of 13 troops during that withdrawal. And she did so even as Biden was calling for better healthcare for veterans suffering from cancer potentially caused by burn pits. Including his son Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

It was pretty shocking, but it was also kind of hilarious, in an “is Lauren Boebert actually a wind-up toy programmed with incendiary ‘own-the-libs’ non sequiturs?” kind of way.

It is possible she just had a Pavlovian response to the word “Afghanistan.” It’s also possible she read the speech in advance and still chose that moment to step on the president’s reference to suffering veterans including his dead son. She may not care what the press thinks, but Biden was discussing a terrible situation for many veterans, and interrupting that may not go down well with her base.

Many Republicans, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, were called out for appearing to pay more attention to their phones than the president. Which seems rude, but who knows? Maybe they were fact-checking Biden as he spoke, or communicating with constituents, or having child care issues.

Boebert and Greene, on the other hand, made it clear they had their own agenda, one that seemed to have little to do with current events — and by current, I mean of this decade. Boebert wore a “Drill Baby Drill” shawl (2008, come get your shawl), which did not even come close, in fashion or impact, to the “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket First Lady Melania Trump wore … in 2018. Meanwhile, Greene, who recently spoke at a convention organized by a white nationalist, actually tried to get an equally dated “Build the Wall” chant going.

Don’t they know Russia just invaded Ukraine and everyone is freaked out by inflation? No one is talking about the wall!!

In other words, they came spoiling for a fight — and stood out like sore thumbs in a room where stoking partisan divisions was not on the agenda. If anything, Biden’s consistent, insistent choice of unity over division left the two women looking outplayed.

Opening with a call for continued support of Ukraine, he took some credit for working to keep NATO united in its condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade a sovereign nation. But instead of pointing out that Trump and many of his supporters have often expressed support for Putin, Biden assumed everyone in Congress and the country was on the same page. America would stand as one to help end the spread of tyranny.

Biden did not mention Afghanistan, but neither did he mention the Jan. 6 insurrection, in which a Trump-supporting mob, buoyed by lies fed to them by people like Boebert and Greene, threatened the American government in the very chamber where they were all sitting.

During the portion of his speech devoted to COVID-19, he stressed the success of the country’s 70% vaccination rate, passing no judgment on the campaigns of disinformation from many conservative politicians that have kept far too many Americans from getting vaccinated.

He celebrated the 80 bipartisan bills he signed last year and thanked Republicans for helping to pass them. His only mention of his predecessor was in regard to “the $2 trillion tax cut passed in the previous administration that benefited the top 1% of Americans.”

There were some boos over that — and fair enough. Congress is and has always been divided on taxes. Like most State of the Union speeches, this one was interrupted many, many times by applause and standing ovations that came mostly from one side of the aisle while the other sat in grim silence. Again, fair enough, though Biden got more bipartisan ovations than his predecessor.

Indeed, the president’s speech was clearly an attempt to fulfill at least one of his campaign promises — to end all the partisan bickering, name-calling and ugly attacks that have been the hallmark of American politics in recent years. Political disagreement between the parties, and between Americans, is a necessary part of the democratic process. Personal vitriol, conflict-baiting and obsessive attachment to the notion of red versus blue is not.

He was aided in this by a general outrage over Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but Boebert and Greene obviously did not get even that memo. They could not even pretend for one hour to want a country capable of negotiating political differences without going straight to a street brawl. Some might say this is how they won their seats and please their base, or that one person’s heckling is another’s speaking truth to power.

But they looked ridiculous, in part because they were being ridiculous, but also because they were being ridiculous alone.”

christopher S.

Anthony and Guy both Taylor and Boebert are embarrassments Greene is obviously ethically challenged and beyond unqualified for her position a clear throwback to our racist south boebert on the other hand simply comes off as truly stupid every time she opens her mouth to try to start bellowing a chant.i imagine both have let’s go Brandon pasted on everything they own since they behave like 12 year I said we really dodged a bullet in 2020!

Mr. Santo and where is it that they said to get in democrats faces when you see them in public as Mad Maxine Waters did? I must have missed that in that diatribe above.


Z, What does “get in a person’s face” mean to you? Maxine Waters never used the expression. I interpret the phrase as a rude and anger driven attempt to force others to listen to your opinions whether they want to or not. Whether a specific incident meets that definition exists as an opinion of the observer and is, of course, a reflection of his own views.

D Wayne P.

So it looks like Let’s go Brandon is frowned upon here in this forum. Shall we use “The big guy” or “Celtic” instead?

christopher S.

dwayne P I like most patriots and American citizens have no problem using the appropriate mr President. not failed ex President or traitor or Putin a$$ licker. I do always follow it with boy did we dodge a bullet in 2020! God really did bless America in 2020!

Darn it, I only have a Lets Go Brandon lawn sign which multiple people have stopped and said they loved it or have given me the thumbs up if I’m outside. I really need to get one of them Flags to go below my rather large American Flag. I must live in a development full of Bubbas and Rednecks because nobody seems to hate my sign.

I’m sure your kids are beaming with pride.
Remember, the more paraphernalia on your front lawn blasting out your devotion, the more devoted you are! Just like the more Christmas decorations you have, the more Christian you are! And the more black people you keep around you, the less racist you can be!
And if you screw up and blurt out what you really think, no matter. Just go to church on Sunday and it’s all good!


Would you put a “F— Biden sign” on your lawn? Probably not. Your cute little euphemism for that phrase is applauded by people who would probably be appalled if you put up what you are really saying: “F— Biden”.

Mr. Fulgieri’s letter is yet another oily fanboy promoting a House resolution sponsored by two oily tools from Texas that is chock full of ideas on how to turn those drillers loose on federal lands. It is unabashedly a fossil fuel promotion, with no mention of promoting less dangerous energy technologies.
No question, fossil fuels will be with us for a while and given the dependence we have on them we do need to support them. But not promote them.
Not to mention, the whole idea of thinking the USA can somehow go off the grid from the rest of the world seems to this non-educated consumer a pipe dream and the continuation of the right’s isolationist fantasies.
But yeah, go ahead and try to use it to shame Paul Tonko. It’s a pretty clumsy attempt.

D Wayne P.

Mr. Fulgieri, don’t take a liberals advice on energy policies. Open your heat bill or go pump gas at Stewart’s and you’ll know what I mean. Celtic will have us all eating out of dumpsters if he has his way. If you really think about it, he’s the gift that keeps giving to the Republicans. The mid-terms are coming up and the American people will speak at the ballot. Let’s see what they say instead of a bunch of dillusional liberals oh here.

christopher S.

Like I said we really dodged a bullet in 2020. I’m betting on Bidens plans for a solution. May have some glitches but you gotta learn to pivot dude bitchin doesn’t do you any good now I for one am excited about the future maybe a budgeting class is in order for some that are struggling but Im also going to look into sponsoring a Ukrainian individual through our church if I can swing it I gonna check it out next week! Stay positive Dwayne keep singing way to go brondon! and Remember God really Blessed America in 2020! We really dodged that bullet!

christopher S.

Now Guy we liberals don’t wanna be accused of plagarism. I’m just hoping that go whatever works out better than that losing maga rally cry they tried the last two times it certainly seems to have more of a meaning for them

Guy Varoma

I just find it ironic that the person who claims he is being called names and people are mean to him. Has a sign on his lawn (so he says) with a derogatory name for The President ….I suppose I should lower myself to their level

I’m not claiming people are being mean. You all were told to cut the crap and yet here you are doing the same ole thing by attacking people and being rude. The crap gets old, normally adults don’t continue to act like middle schoolers calling names. I have asked you before now I’m telling you. Leave me alone.


Z, do you remember calling many of us “cowards, traitors, and liars”? D Wayne P just called us delusional because we disagree with him. Your post above is rude and the sign on your lawn reflects giggly middle school attitudes.

Mr. Santo the sign post was being facetious as most people would know but hey whatever. You are all so typical, I posted a while back that most democrats are cowards, traitors and liars, I never said you personally. You know the old saying “if it doesn’t apply, let it fly”. If you owned it that is on you not me. My post is rude because it again for maybe the 20th time I have asked you to not call me William that my name is Zachary and your response is that months ago I said democrats were cowards and that’s your reasoning….. Wow, just wow.


You were referring to posters who disagreed with you. I am not going to search for the post, but I remember posting that I would never allow you to complain about people calling you names without reminding you of the names you called us. I know you were referring to posters on this site.

I have never called you anything but Zachary or “Z” when I’m in a hurry. Why do you make such a big deal out of this? You can call me anything you want; I don’t care because I don’t value your baseless opinions.

Now gimme another “Wow!”


How do you “facetiously” call people “cowards, traitors, and liars”?

Denise Crisci, the Griffith atrocity was just that, and most Democrats and liberals and Progressives came out forcefully criticizing her for it. Few people condoned this grotesque image. The rest of your diatribe remains unproven or typically dramatic where no drama exists for the Republicans.

What caught my eye though about your disjointed, run-on sermon was your statement, “I don’t condone the disrespect of any President at any time, constructive views are all that is necessary”. And I’m trying to square that with what actually got everyone’s attention to Trump as a real candidate: his repeated, outspoken claims that Barack Obama wasn’t a legitimate President and that he had all the proof he needed once he got his birth certificate from Hawaii (which, no sh!t, some on your side wouldn’t accept as a real US state), even though he also claimed he was from Kenya…and not a Christian.
Whether you like it or not, Barack Obama was the legitimate first Black person not only elected to be our President, but then re-elected. The pain of that reality on the right was palpable and very much on display as the Republican Party made it their stated ambition to shut down ANYTHING Obama attempted. And I have no doubt you probably bought right into it.
How’d that work out?

Denise Crisci, do you have any idea how offensive and disrespectful that was to the people of color in this country, and the rest of us who support and promote their progress? And you have the unmitigated gall to claim you “don’t condone the disrespect of any President at any time, constructive views are all that is necessary”?
Do you think we’re stupid here? Are you that stupid?
No offense of course, just asking….

Mr. Chuck,
I have no means to prove or disprove Obama was born in Hawaii. I do believe Obama himself planted the seeds of the “birther” movement.

Fact: In 1990 Obama was elected the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, a student publication featuring analysis of important legal matters. The review’s student yearbook includes a biography of Obama, stating “born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

Fact: In 1991 Obama hired a literary agency, Acton & Dystel, to help promote sales of his upcoming book, “Dreams of My Father.” The agency published a promotional booklet listing its 90 client/authors, including Obama. His biography states “born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”


Your hatred and contempt for Obama really knows no bounds. You believe mistakes in the Harvard Law review and by a literary agent are more authoritative than an official document, his birth certificate? Why? What depths of irrational hatred does this ridiculous position come from?


Zachary, try getting a passport on the basis of your high school or college yearbook biography or in a publication put out by your literary agent. Think about that. Which is more likely to be the result of a misunderstanding, the biography, literary agent’s reference or your birth certificate? But hate sees what it wants and is not amenable to reason.


It is tough to keep up with your dodges and for today I give up trying to reason with you but I want to note, in case any one else is reading this, you never responded to my posts in any way. Because you can’t. 1) Christian American nationalism does exist. Read the article from “Christianity today”.

2) Christian white supremacy is real. See my quote from NBC coverage above.

3) Boebert and Greene were “in Biden’s face” trying to interrupt his state of the union address though they failed miserably and looked like the jerks they are.


Obama started the birther movement. That statement is too ridiculous to warrant comment. But I must ask you why you hate this man of sterling character, a perfect family man, still with his first wife and a loving father, but adore a man like Trump who spoke on Howard Stern’s show in a sexual manner about his daughter and said he can get away with grabbing p—y because he’s a star. You have evaded responding to my posts concerning Christian nationalism and white supremacy, supported by articles, one from “Christianity Today.”

Firtst, who does “I” refer to? Not you, as it looks like you’d have everyone believe. It refers to the actual writer, Todd F. Radke, Paradise (CA, I presume) of the opinion letter sent in to the Enterprise-Record.

It’s odd how nowhere is Obama actually saying he was born in Kenya. It’s always another writing a bio of him.

It’s also odd that, as Mr. Radke says, “Unbelievably no U.S. journalist had the guts to ask him about facts.” Indeed NO US journalist, right leaning even, had the guts to. I know this is the first time I’ve seen these allegations. But I’m sure there’s a Deep State reason for this. Some say they’re running Fox now. I don’t know of it’s true, but many are saying it.

But beyond all that smoke and static, there are his birth certificates which have been validated.

And there’s the blaring racist noise that a black man, somehow, can’t be President of the United States of America.

Produce an actual print facsimile or copy where this is and maybe I’ll give it more thought. But all you have is heresay. Again.

It’s been in our faces since he first announced his candidacy. Need look no further than the grotesquely racist memes that sprouted, and continued. That’s the canary in the coalmine for their side.


John M. Medeiros – Good letter except for one thing. Putin is not technically schizophrenic. What I think you meant was that he is a psychopath, an unstable and aggressive person with little or no conscience, lacks empathy, disregards or violates the rights of others. Schizophrenics on the other hand are generally not aggressive. It’s a complex mental health disorder that millions of people live and function with every day.

christopher S.

Raymond I agree I read a fascinating piece today on how he was a failed Hitler wanna be that would definitely fit. I’m going to backtrack and find that link. Why do you think Hitler is being idolized by these dudes coincidence or collusion?


Jim Banagan, great letter. You beat me to it. I would like to just add that The Gazette should retract all the stories about President Trump’s lies. I believe the NYT or Washington Post said it was around 30,000. This includes “The Big Lie”and the lies that the President orchestrated the January 6th protest

The actually Big Lie is that there were not any fraudulent and illegitimate votes or illegal voting done. Evidence is coming out daily of that but of course this paper doesn’t have the guts to print any of that.

Then there is the omissions that this paper and all the other MSM outlets have made. Most notably the Hunter Biden laptop during the 2020 campaign. And the huge lies from the government’s so-called heath experts about SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines. Those cost hundreds of thousands deaths and sicknesses that resulted in other more serious health issues being ignored and treatment delayed which led to more deaths.

One last thing the most recent lie by this paper and the MSM that they breathlessly put on the front page that the was some kind of 7 and a half hour gap in the President’s January 6 phone log. WRONG AGAIN!

When is this paper going to do some real reporting?

John Gaetani, ignore the haters. You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Echo Zone!


Zachary, read his post below. Is it not racist? If you don’t see racism in that post I don’t think you know what racism is.


Sarah Chaudhry, are you serious? People like you want to try to make us believe that people from Africa are the only ones that ever suffered slavery. Slavery is the oldest profession of human kind. Since the beginning of human life there have been slaves. There still are slaves today. This country eliminated and outlawed slavery in 1865.

Black people don’t have a monopoly on being slaves and being discriminated against. African peoples have enslaved people forever and still do today. Black women suffer
misogyny and sexism at the hands of black men mostly. Black poverty is not the result of the 19th Century slavery but of the 20th Century oppression by white liberals who created things like The Great Society which actually is a form of serfdom.

Black people who suffer incarceration only have themselves to blame. Same for inferior access to healthcare if that actually exists. I will give you police violence and racial profiling but those are only a result of blacks not taking care of themselves.

Yes, this country was racist and there are still pockets of it everywhere. But you know what it is a long way from 30 years. You act like this country is the only country that has these issues. I assure it is not.

Guy Varoma

When I see racists remarks I will comment on them…If your crying gets me censured so be it….go wave your Go brandon flag


Guy, I stopped trying to reason with him today. I advise you to do the same. But, your response is excellent!

Guy Varoma

Anthony I can’t let racist comments go by without saying something. If Mr. Mahoney bans me so be it. Opinions on racist comments should not be censured …ever….Maybe I’ll come back under another name like William did


Guy, Zachary is far more in “attack mode” than any of us. What is true is he doesn’t support his attacks. So, he feels frustrated and becomes increasingly angry. The truth escapes his consideration.

As for Gaetani let’s look at some quotes:

“Slavery is the oldest profession of human kind. Since the beginning of human life there have been slaves.
There still are slaves today. This country eliminated and outlawed slavery in 1865.
Black people don’t have a monopoly on being slaves and being discriminated against. African peoples have enslaved people forever and still do today. Black women suffer
misogyny and sexism at the hands of black men mostly.”

What a pathetic attempt at explaining and justifying America’s “peculiar institution.” Many slaves in other cultures and times had limited rights. American slaves were “chattel property” and their masters could do with them as they liked: torture them, sell their children before their eyes, hobble them by cutting a foot off etc.

“Black people who suffer incarceration only have themselves to blame. Same for inferior access to healthcare if that actually exists. I will give you police violence and racial profiling but those are only a result of blacks not taking care of themselves.”

Many African Americans were sentenced to long prison terms for possession of crack cocaine while their white counterparts who used powder cocaine were treated leniently. That was written into the law as reflected in far harsher penalties for crack cocaine, used mostly by African Americans, and powder cocaine white wealthier peoples’ drug of choice.

Blacks are victimized by police “only as a result of not taking care of themselves.”? What does that mean? Do whites take better “care of themselves?” Are we not all human?

christopher S.

guy i agree completely Gaetani wrote one of the most racist ignorant pieces of crap Ive read in a long time that is my opinion and a fact promoting racism is a dangerous position to support

Denise Crisci

You are absolutely right John. Some of the biggest supporters of slavery today are Big companies such as NIKE, and every big corporation who supported the China Olympics where slavery is used every day to provide slavery blind Americans with their over priced Nike shoes and equipment and just about everything we buy from there. But no one seems to care about modern day slavery. It might disrupt their buying patterns. Not only do these people live in poverty, but if they try to get away, they disappear. China is a slavery dependent country devoid or any kind of morals.


Nike paying starvation wages to overworked Asian children justifies America’s history of slavery, Jim Crow, and discrimination? I guess if Nike does it, it was ok in America’s past.

Denise Crisci

no one ever said it was ok back in the beginning of time nor is it now. Is it ok with you??? It certainly is not with me, so stop buying Chinese goods and if these millionaire athletes would take a stand on this instead of saying how horrible America is, we might get somewhere.

I remember not long ago that Trump was a Russian agent and anybody that said different was a conspiracy theorist it was proved that the liberals were lying and it was a hillary clinton thing. I remember doing the election that it was Russian disinformation and a conspiracy theory that Hunter Biden‘s laptop was real, turns out it was just liberals lying to get Biden elected. So Democrats really don’t have much of a stellar record when it comes to calling people conspiracy theorist when all of their conspiracy theories were proven true.


Zachary, read the above comment out loud to yourself. I am sure you will say “What?” followed by a confused “Wow!”


WOW! I can’t believe it “Hunter Biden’s laptop is real.” Tell me it’s not so! There was an actual conspiracy to prove Hunter Biden’s laptop wasn’t real! Z, thanks for the bottom line.


In case anyone missed Z’s post just above, I am referring to this excerpt:

“I remember doing the election that it was Russian disinformation and a conspiracy theory that Hunter Biden‘s laptop was real, turns out it was just liberals lying to get Biden elected.”


Gaetani, after posting his racist nonsense, which is on the record as long as this site lasts, has about as much chance of winning an election as Daffy Duck.


Not knowing who you and seeing a reference to running for NYS controller, I googled your name. The first heading in your biography was listed as your General Philosophy.

I looked but did not a see any mention of your philosophy in the information as having such strong feelings about slavery you expressed for happening for centuries, so get over it. Or for Democrats being responsible for on going issues in American with race etc. Did I miss that part or did you just not post those thoughts since you were running for office? Did your post reveal the real you?

christopher S.

Good God that is a truely frightening thought. great platform. maybe somebody can make him one of those lawn signs they were bragging about before with this tag line on it
“Black people who suffer incarceration only have themselves to blame. Same for inferior access to healthcare if that actually exists. I will give you police violence and racial profiling but those are only a result of blacks not taking care of themselves.

“So we pray. Father in heaven, we firmly believe that Donald J. Trump is current and true president of the United States,”

“Bless and protect him and his family from any physical, spiritual attacks and may his voice still the people to righteous action to bring godly men and women into elected office, in Michigan and across America. We declare that he will be back in office soon — very soon — in Jesus’ name,”

– Opening prayer at today’s Trump campaign rally, Washington Township, Michigan

So which Republican here wants to address this? Zachary? GAETANI? Crisci? D Wayne?

Your silence will speak volumes…


ChuckD, the above wasn’t satirical? Do they actually belief this incredibly flawed amoral man is the “chosen one”? Do they think Jesus would look favorably on this degenerate? REALLY!

Some people, and by that I mean far too many, have literally lost their minds and are totally in thrall to this grotesque caricature of a human being. Yes, righties, I am referring to Trump and I am insulting him. Respond to ChuckD’s challenge, if you dare! Justify calling on your “Father in heaven” to protect this megalomaniac, this narcissistic antithesis to everything that is good and decent.

D Wayne P.

ALBANY— The high cost of fuel is hurting vulnerable residents across New York, many of whom are struggling to pay their bills or cutting trips to the grocery store as New York lawmakers negotiate behind closed doors whether to suspend taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel as a way to help.

Democratic controlled state and Democratic controlled Government. Oh but Trump………..


Least we forget, this county was founded by slave holding white men and the founding documents were written without the following inhabitants having NO representation or even recognition. Native Americans, women and of course slaves to name a few . Sometimes I wonder if we have come as far as some think we have after reading some posts. I would not at all be surprised to see a post like there here, if that’s the conservative/rep view, glad I left the party in 2015.

I have noticed a few posts from certain RW’s on Saturdays with quotes from Bill Mahar knocking the Democrats and libs, and most are true that get used by FFF and promoted on here. Last night he said FFF should change the channel then proceeded to review some Republicans in Congress and especially some of the new candidates running and it was not pretty. If you have access on youtube or HBO his new rules segment is worth your time. So those that post knocks to libs from him come on be fair and give us link to Fri new rules and review of the Republican candidates.


D Wayne P.
April 2nd, 2022
We have the same problem here, BUT our Republican controlled state has decided because so many tourists come here they should not benefit from a gas tax break now. BUT what they have decided to do at the Governors request is give one state wide in October. I think that is the month before elections right? So be patient you may get tax break before I do.
As a aside check out the home insurance coming crisis here. Many companies are leaving or dissolving there policies. As a result the last choice company is called Citizens Property Insurance run by the state. They are having to write about 5000 policies a day coming in because of companies leaving or raising rates sometimes 100 % on home owners. If we were to have a catastrophic hurricane this season there is not enough monies in the CPI company to cover loses. Guessing you as a NY taxpayers to the Feds will have to cough up to help cover it. But hey we have Don’t say gay law so we are good. The special session called for by Gov in April is to justify his veto of the gerrymanded maps he wants that will eliminate two minority congress districts .
Ask me again how much Republicans care for there “subjects”.

D Wayne P.

No state is perfect but theirs a reason a bunch of NY people have moved to Fla. Are you paying 4.5% of the assessed value of your home in taxes? On top of every other tax that NY state has? Do you have bail reform? Yes the weather there is awesome but people are very frustrated here. If you want to change things in Florida then vote him out. For some reason, NY believes in the blue party and here we are. Our next gov will be a Democrat, groundhog day all over again.


Arguing with them is like arguing with me when I say the following;
I know it to be indisputable fact that the earth is flat. Nothing anyone can say or do will ever convince me otherwise. End of story.

I posted that sentence the other day and I’m obviously reposting it today.

I’d rather watch paint dry.


I know why you are posting less frequently Louis. It is getting boring to read the same pointless arguments from the right. It does seem useless to present facts as they ignore them as in Z’s refusal to accept he was wrong when he said no Christians are nationalists or white supremacists.

And the contemptible ignorant racist raving by Gaetani; the man sounds like a berserk bull crashing through a china shop. I have been advised by family and friends to get away from this site. I must give that some serious thought.

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