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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, April 5


Biden out of touch with our troubles

As a hardworking taxpayer, I find it infuriating that Joe Biden and the Democrats are out of touch with the people on the effects of high gas prices and inflation. They insult our intelligence by blaming gas prices on Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. The truth is they have been going up since Biden took office. To make matters worse, the only solution they offer is for people to go out and buy $50,000-plus electric cars. They wonder why people think they are out-of- touch elitists.
Isabela Goncalves

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Media misinterprets gender identity law

Here’s another example of how the media can misinterpret the facts. In the state of Florida, the “Parental Rights in Education” bill was just recently signed by Gov. DeSantis, which will go into effect on July 1.
This bill forbids classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.
This bill simply implies that there should be an age limit on certain discussions within the classroom, which I agree that this manner is not age appropriate for young students.
Kindergarten is a time when 6-year-olds are learning how to read and write their names, and meet their new friends. It’s not the place to identify your gender.
However, the media is missing the point and labeling this bill as the “Don’t Say Gay” act, when in fact, they are just recognizing this topic should not be part of the school’s curriculum.
If parents wanted to talk to their 6-year-old about their gender identity, it should start within their home. Sex education is taught at a fifth-grade level, so why do we need to push sexual orientation manner at a much younger age when this subject can be brought up in fifth grade?
In the meantime, let the kids be kids. The media needs to just state the facts and not label bills, as this causes chaos to an already misunderstood world.
Carmela Pasquarella

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Duanesburg YMCA officials let us down

I am sad to read of the permanent closing of the Duanesburg YMCA in the March 26 Gazette article (“YMCA branch closed indefinitely.”) I am broken hearted to know that finances ended up closing our facility that brought so much to our community.
The Y greatly disappointed me with its two-line closing statement. Our community supported this Y with its heart and soul. I believe the Y should have worked with its patrons to find a creative way to keep it open.
The Duanesburg Y kept its patrons patiently waiting for months, with little or no responses to questions as to the future of the facility.
To all of the great friends, workers and instructors, thank you for being there. To the YMCA that abandoned us and let us down, shame on you.
Barbara Petersen

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Pinkett Smith owed concern, apology

I have noticed that in all the hoopla about the big slap that no one is even remotely concerned about the real victim Jada Pinkett Smith. Chris Rock mocked her illness and humiliated her in front of her husband, her peers and the country just for a laugh.
But as usual, it’s all about the men. The Academy, run by a man, is worried about a man, not the woman he insulted. Shame on Chris Rock, shame on the people who laughed at his cruel joke and shame on the Academy for not defending Ms. Smith. As for Will Smith, at least he defended his wife even if he did it poorly. You may all owe Ms. Smith an apology. It’s still a man’s world.
Rita Smith

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christopher S.

Isabella Goncalves it’s importanto understand that all Americans are suffering with inflation and high gas prices It’s easy to strike out blindly in frustration at our government a better use of your energy might be spent researching and understanding the true facts of what is causing the situation we are in the Biden admin has taken several steps and continues to address the issues that frustrate you so. The warjn Europe is just one of the contributing factors. Buying an electric vehicle is one such option. Car pooling public transportation are others. Having lived through similar shortages in the past I can assure you we have options the sky isn’t falling and One thing I do know is the prices will stabilize inflation will be brought under control. At the end well all be proud to be Americans try to have a good day.

Guy Varoma

I’ve asked this before:

Can anyone tell me how President Biden controls “global” cost for a barrel of oil? Basically a barrel of oil costs the same for any country purchasing it. Crude oil is a global commodity.The only way crude oil will go down is to create a glut lie it did during the pandemic’s peak when crude was going for $0 per barrel.

Mr. Varoma, I can. If you allow oil companies in the U.S. to produce oil and investigate the leases without fear that the plug will be pulled on them they will drill and add to the global supply of oil and when you have more oil the price goes down. Secondly, if these anti American countries know we need their oil why would the lower the price. It all starts and ends with Biden.

christopher S.

Please provide the names of companies that state they are being prevented from drilling by the biden administration rather than the usual vague nonsense I don’t expect anything factual but I’ll. Wait

In the year since the administration froze new drilling leases on 26% of federal land and more than a third of the nation’s resources in productivity, the U.S. has been falling further from energy independence, putting national security at risk. There is no good reason for America to become more reliant on energy imports. It constrains our policy choices, forces us to cede our national security to foreign players and enriches those who would do us harm. This administration is working with the Saudis, Venezuela and even Iran to come to the rescue. Why?

Guy Varoma

Ok let me rephrase that. Can anyone give me an intelligent answer how President Biden controls global crude oil prices?

christopher S.

Guy the only way you’re going to get a response to that question is if you re phrase it and remove the word intelligent or replace it with fantasy world spin

Christopher, maybe you should learn to spell and write before you talk about intelligence. Nobody can understand what you are writing.

christopher S.

Sad no one else seems to have an issue with my posts maybe if I add in the name Hunter Biden you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy about it dude!

The Biden administration as you have been told multiple times is at war with the gas and oil industry. Who would spend millions of dollars to see if there is actual oil under a lease when the Biden administration wont give permits and can pull the plug at any minute. If a person was trying to destroy America they would do exactly like Biden and company has been doing.

christopher S.

I see yes yes maybe hunter biden is behind this I think you may be on to something.

Look at the graph. Domestic oil production has been rising since 2009 (hmmm who was president then?) and continued an upward trajectory until 2020 (hmmm what happened then to reduce production?) and is now rising again to pre-pandemic levels. So perhaps it’s the greedy oil companies that like high prices and aren’t rushing to spend money on speculative exploration as opposed to anything the Biden administration is doing.

christopher S.

Whoville thank you for providing the factual answer Zachary can’t I’m sure many of us that otherwise might have been misled appreciate it. I only regret we can’t start everyday with it posted front and center to prevent the daily drama filled rants! God really Blessed Americaxin 2020!

What issue does the “Parental Rights in Education” bill solve and why is it needed? Sounds to me like some performative political grandstanding by a governor with presidential ambitions. I have young children in K-3, and they’re learning to read and write, so not sure what’s going on down in Florida’s schools where they feel the need for a state law prohibiting discussions that aren’t even happening. Also, I thought the Republicans are the party of state’s rights, anti-big government, and local control, so shouldn’t they be leaving these decisions to the local school boards and not the state government? Someone please make it make sense.


“ Sounds to me like some performative political grandstanding by a governor with presidential ambitions”.
You answered your own question. It solves nothing. It does however create problems for parents, teachers and school districts. But you know Republicans gotta feed that rabid base.

Guy Varoma

You hit the nail on the head…It’s political fodder. Tell people that they need something they already have at the local level. This is why they have school boards to make decisions on what’s right for their local schools


Whoville, that is the trouble with DeSantis’ bill, it addresses a problem that doesn’t exist. It is a cynical attempt to create the illusion that Democrats support discussion of inappropriate sexual topics with elementary school students. It is similar to the tactics used by Cruz, Hawley, Cotton, and Graham who continuously questioned Judge Jackson about light sentencing in cases involving child pornography in a partisan attempt to pretend Democrats don’t care about sex crimes. After all, a good sized chunk of their base believe the Qanonsense that Democrats worship Satan, traffic in children, and cannibalize children.


I assume we all know that her sentencing, overall, paralleled that of other federal judges, both Democratic and Republican appointees. Cruz, Cotton, Hawley, Graham, Greene, Gosar, Gaetz et. al. have become grotesque caricatures of what politicians ought to be, concerned and interested in solving real problems, not creating “problems” to advance their political careers just as the abhorrent DeSantis has done in Florida with his “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Joseph Vendetti


I don’t like this bill because of the following possible scenario – say Billy has two dads or two moms which is 2000% ok, if a kindergarten (Tommy) asks the question of his teacher why does Billy have two dads? Or two moms? – per the bill – it forbids the teacher from honestly answering the question and telling Tommy – “some children have one mom and one dad, some have two dads, some have just a mom, etc” – that is what is wrong with the bill!! It has nothing to do with keeping anything sexual away from children, it is more about stifling the LGBTQ community and making them appear different or wrong!!!

While it doesn’t explicitly come out and say “Dont say Gay” – that is the intention and that is 2000% wrong.

And that’s just juvenile Whack-a-Mole since the issue could come up in totally unpredictable ways in a classroom.
The question is: does the Church have a right to meddle in the professionals’ practice. And you know it’s church-inspired, and you’re being disingenuous if you deny it. There has been no scientific evidence that damage is being done to children.

Chuck, it is a parents issue. I don’t want the state or the school teaching my three kids about sex of any kind. That’s my wife and my job. You want to use the excuse that it’s the church, obviously you didn’t remember the Georgia and NJ governors race.

Well you’d be in the minority then, and very much mislead.
“Sex” stuff isn’t being taught to K-3, and Health has been taught in schools forever, and should be because we cannot be assured parents are. It hasn’t been until recently when you religious loudmouths have been enabled to disrupt our educational system. An educational system that has done very well overall for decades.

You’re a minority.
You do not get to dictate what the rest of us want.
If you don’t like it put the kiddos in private schooling that suits your needs.

That’s where you are wrong, We are no longer the minority, Covid and the school shutdown taught us all we needed to know about how our kids were being educated. I know of at least 15 people that are running for local school boards. Get use to it.

‘That’s where I’m wrong.’

Show me a poll to back that up.
I’ll show you the results of the popular votes in the past 5 general elections, for starters.

I guess we’ll see, not only the November elections but the school board election as I said I know about 15 people personally running for different school boards locally.
The parents are United Republican Democrat and independent they’ve had enough of this crap with their children watch and see, you are amongst the 30% don’t forget it most Democrats are normal

Grab a fork…
April 5th, 2022

Christopher, maybe you should learn to spell and write before you talk about intelligence. Nobody can understand what you are writing.

christopher S.

Joseph I think you’re spot on I’ve always found my children were confident and intelligent enough to feel comfortable asking my wife and I anytime they had a question about something they learned in School we have never felt the need to be controlling. We’ve always encouraged the learning process. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. I’m not sure what not stating point blank what the purpose of this bill is creates such a problem for some.


The willingness on the part of autocrats to tell lies and scream hoax in pursuit of their goals is on clear display in current news. Russian Defense Minister Lavrov claims that the scenes of Ukrainian victims of Russian torture and murder on the streets of Bucha are fake, that they are actors trying to trick people into believing Russian soldiers have committed war crimes in their brutal treatment of civilians. Alternately, and with equal absurdity, the world has been asked to believe the Ukrainians did this to their own citizens as Russia withdrew to discredit the Russian military. All these lies are being told in defense of Putin’s goal, the establishment of a New Russian Empire.

We shouldn’t be surprised. At home we have the spectacle of a defeated president screaming that the election of 2020 was rigged, a hoax, and that he was unfairly denied a second term. For those who seek unlimited power no lie, no matter how obvious, is too big in quest of their goal.

We have Alex Jones, a far right monster, claiming the massacre at Sandy Hook never took place. He claimed it was staged by actors; what a criminal affront to the parents, relatives, and friends of the 26 victims. He lost a lawsuit brought against him by the parents of the elementary school victims and acknowledged he was wrong. But he got what he wanted: publicity, more name recognition, and likely more listening to the garbage he regularly spews.


We have all read about the cheating by voting twice among several Trump supporting residents of the Villages in Florida. The crime of voting twice has also been alleged against a former official in the Trump administration and current candidate in Republican primaries for a Congressional seat in New Hampshire, Matt Mowers:

April 5, 2022, AP reports:

“A former Trump administration official now running for Congress in New Hampshire voted twice during the 2016 primary election season, potentially violating federal voting law and leaving him at odds with the Republican Party’s intense focus on “election integrity.”

Matt Mowers, a leading Republican primary candidate looking to unseat Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas, cast an absentee ballot in New Hampshire’s 2016 presidential primary, voting records show. At the time, Mowers served as the director of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential campaign.

Four months later, after Christie’s bid fizzled, Mowers cast another ballot in New Jersey’s Republican presidential primary, using his parents’ address to re-register in his home state, documents The Associated Press obtained through a public records request show”.

It begs the question: where are all the Democratic fraudsters? Why are they always Republican, or Republican leaning?

One conclusion is it follows what we’ve seen from these Retrumplicans, to game and cheat the system any way they can, rather than provide a message popular to everyone.

Oh dear, on it goes…

Former Trump official voted in two states’ 2016 presidential primaries

A former Trump administration official now running for Congress in New Hampshire voted twice during the 2016 primary election season, possibly violating federal voting law and leaving him at odds with the Republican party’s intense focus on “election integrity”.

Matt Mowers, a leading Republican primary candidate hoping to unseat the Democratic representative Chris Pappas, cast an absentee ballot in New Hampshire’s 2016 presidential primary, voting records show. At the time, Mowers served as the director of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s presidential campaign in the pivotal early voting state.

Four months later, after Christie’s campaign fizzled, Mowers cast another ballot in New Jersey’s Republican presidential primary, using his parents’ address to re-register in his home state, documents the Associated Press obtained through a public records request show.

christopher S.

Anthony it was extremely comforting to watch that snake Jones get bitch slapped by the judge . We need more of that I pray for the victims families and hope they get some comfort from jone’s loss. If I was Green I’d be worried about running into that justice

I’m sure all patriotic Americans were impressed that three Republicans in total have agreed to support Judge browns confirmation to the Supreme Court so far i know I could post a spin on the oil shortage but I’ll go with something factual while I wait for the nonresponse to my earlier question . God blessed America in 2020!


I’ll just post these many times discussed and previously posted stories as to why gas prices are high. Inflation, world wide problem.

Oil And Gas Executives Say It’s Not Joe Biden Holding Back Domestic Production
Investors think they can make more money without paying for new exploration and production.
Why U.S. oil producers aren’t jumping to fill the world’s energy void

Lastly read and please and answer Guy Varoma’s question. Zachary, you have been on site way to long to submit that answer unless you truly believe your answer. Really!!


The media needs to just state the facts and not label bills, as this causes chaos to an already misunderstood world.
Carmela Pasquarella,
You provided the answer to your question in the statement I re posted from your letter. Please read Whoville’s short answer to your question, then please take the time to find and read the complete bill and you will have the answer. This state is short thousands of teachers and this along with allowing law suits by parents who might interpret questions way different then others to sue school district and individual teachers will only lead to more chaos you reference. I have no connection to any school distinct here other than paying taxes and this will further degrade Florida schools more than they already are.


The bill’s opponents gave it the label of “Don’t Say Gay”. The media just reported it as they should. Have elementary grade schoolteachers been teaching kids about sex? I bet they haven’t. It’s another GOP solution to a problem that probably doesn’t exist, like voter suppression, etc.


As Florida points out, your derisive laughter is a reflection of your unfamiliarity with Yahoo News and your knee-jerk, unsubstantiated reactions to whatever doesn’t fit your narrative, i.e. the “news” and “facts” you want to believe.


Zachary, Do you always react before checking anything out? If you did check Yahoo News is a site that re-prints stories from pretty much any media site that wants to join. Your beloved Fact Free Fox has many stories every day posted. You should read a few from say Associated Press and others, not all are about politics, so you might expand your horizon of what going on in the rest of the world, They even post stories that knock Democrats and Biden so you will feel safe.

Florida, when I’m in my office Yahoo is up as my email goes through there. I read lots of the one sided stories. Another Fake News organization that hid the Hunter story to tilt the election for Biden.


Then, what are you laughing at? The article Christopher posted is by a senior editor, very credible, informative, and well documented. Try reading it before laughing just to deride someone.

christopher S.

Why the obsession. With Hunter Biden why is it every question he cant respond to he pines for a relation of the story to Hunter Biden it’s almost perverted and creepy just my opinion

Because if the leftist media didn’t bury the story and put there finger on the scale for Biden he would not have won. The leftist media manipulated the election. The NY Post and Fox News the two news sources you all hate were 100% right. Maybe that’s why dems hate them, they tell the truth.

No, if the Republican Party wasn’t determined to jam their religion down everyone’s throats, the Republican Party didn’t place their god above our country’s Constitution, maybe they’d be more popular and win legitimately.
Everyone can see the driving force behind this loser of a party is to blame someone else. You do it here daily.


Zachary, I heard and saw information about Hunter Biden and his father spoke about it. We heard about it in debates, too. Go ahead and think your corrupt God would have won since it makes you feel better.
Please explain how 45 managed to lose the House AND the Senate, too. Never mind…must have been the liberal media.
(45 is not only hated in America, but all over the world!)

You heard Trump get cut off and shut down in the debates. Biden lied and you know it. He is up to his neck and the only reason they are not naming him is because NOBODY wants Kamala as POTUS.

No, what we all saw in the debates was a belligerent motor-mouth who didn’t want to play fairly and have an honest debate.
I cannot believe that you believe the insane things you say.


Zachary, OMG. 45 got cut off? He never shut up! He constantly interrupted Biden and went after his speech impediment, on purpose!
You live in a different reality if you actually believe that. 45 has no depth, no sense of history, so he just attacked with the rudest debate I’ve ever witnessed.


Chuck, it’s unbelievable Zachary said that. This is the problem in America now, where we can’t even agree on something so obvious!

It’s the progressive/liberal conundrum right now: are they outright lying, or are they really that stupid? Or maybe they’re just that stupid that they think we’ll believe their 2+2=3 declarations.

Guy Varoma

Saying you know everything about Yahoo News because you have a Yahoo email account is like saying I rent a car so I know everything about every car made.

Not what I said, I said that I read lots of their one sided stories, that’s how I know. No need to lie Mr. Varoma.


Zach, give us an example of these one-sided stories. Not a story you don’t like, but one that is not factual.


Zachary, Where is the lie in what Guy said? He is using exaggeration to make a valid point: you laughed derisively at an article from Yahoo News, Chris’ recommendation, that you seem not to have looked at. You say you read “lots of their one sided stories”, why not glance at this one before making a judgment and why would someone read lots of stories they believe are “one-sided”?

If the “leftist media” has such power in elections why did they allow Trump to win in 2016? Are right leaning people so easily manipulated? Don’t they watch FOX news? Don’t they read the NY Post? Both gave extensive coverage to the Hunter Biden story which is still being investigated.

Guy Varoma

What a great speech Former President Obama is giving today, Trump should take note on how a former should act and carry himself. It was so refreshing to see

christopher S.

Guy you are correct only thing that concerns me was his blunder calling Biden VP I’m hoping it didn’t confuse too many …lol Actually think I spotted Hunter Biden in the audience. God Really did bless America in 2020! WE REALLY ARE FORTUNATE. WITH THE ACA and Obama and Biden!

Isn’t it odd (to put it mildly) that while the young Madison Cawthorn blurts out scurrilous comments about Republican sex parties and drug use on an obscure podcast and gets hauled before Kevin McCarthy for a closed door dressing down, and further scorn from fellow Republicans (unheard of), while this Greene person can post this tripe for far greater public consumption with no repercussions?
Revealing what Republicans care more about.


”Any Senator voting to confirm #KJB is pro-pedophile just like she is.”

“There are MANY more qualified black women judges, that actually can define what a woman is, but Biden chose the one that protects evil child predators.”

“You are either a Senator that supports child rapists, child pornography, and the most vile child predators. Or you are a Senator who protects children and votes NO to KJB!”

“[Sen. Lisa] Murkowski, [Sen. Susan] Collins, and [Sen. Mitt] Romney are pro-pedophile. They just voted for #KBJ.”

Via Twitter
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
April 4, 2022


She and several others really ought to be ejected from the House and Senate but it requires a 2/3 vote and Republicans are so partisan they accept the likes of Gosar, Boebert, Cawthorn, Greene, and Gaetz in the House and phonies like Cruz, Hawley, Cotton, and the utterly despicable Graham in the Senate. Graham is particularly odious since he spoke out strongly against Trump’s nomination in 2016 and voted to confirm Judge Jackson to the DC Court of Appeals last year.

christopher S.

the Queen of the dimwits and her court seem obsessed with pedophilia for some reason I just don’t get it

Vice President of foreign policy at Heritage Foundation, James Carafano, criticized the Biden administration for its handling of Ukraine, accusing it of “cheerleading along with the rest of the world” as millions flee.

The retired Army lieutenant colonel argued “this kind of leadership” is not what the world needs as Putin’s brutal assault on Ukraine rages on.

christopher S.

fascinating citation oh there isnt one. bet its this Heritage Foundation
Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a right-wing think tank. Its stated mission is to formulate and promote public policies based on the principles of “free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”[1] It is widely considered one of the world’s most influential public policy research institutes. The Foundation wields considerable influence in Washington DC, and enjoyed particular prominence during the Reagan administration. Its initial funding was provided by Joseph Coors, of the Coors beer empire, and Richard Mellon Scaife, heir of the Mellon industrial and banking fortune. Its founders include Paul Weyrich and Mickey Edwards. The Foundation maintains strong ties with the London Institute of Economic Affairs and the Mont Pelerin Society.

with every one of this dudes posts..
i thank God for blessing us in 2020!


The HF likely drafted the questions and comments that Cruz, Hawley, Graham, Blackburn, etc. used for Brown at her confirmation hearing.

Its stated mission is to formulate and promote public policies based on the principles of “free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”

I can see where democrats have a problem with this mission statement. I’m sure you would like it to say works to erode the U.S. I’m sure you would approve of that.


By individual freedom do you mean the right to believe and behave exactly as the “make believe conservatives” want all Americans to believe and behave: to erase all mention of slavery or genocide of native Americans from school curriculum, to accept there is no systemic discrimination against African-Americans, to believe gays are “unnatural”, to believe there is no human caused climate change, to force young rape victims to keep quiet and bear their rapist’s child, to accept displaying the ten commandments in all classrooms, to keep the statues honoring those who fought for the continuation of slavery in place…and on and on?

Do you mean by “limited government’ and “free enterprise” that we should: allow the privileged to squirrel away as much wealth as possible, eliminate minimum wage, social security and medicare…and on and on?

By individual freedom do you mean the right to endanger public health by refusing to follow advice from the CDC and federal and state governments and the right to impose your morality on pregnant women?

By American values do you mean acceptance of the false notion our nation was founded on Christian religious beliefs rather than separation of Church and State?


Z, did you expect something different from a VP at the Heritage Foundation? He is discredited for his role in the Trump transition team and continuing support for the “loser-In-Chief”.

christopher S.

Raymond you are correct, i wonder if they are as obsessed with Hunter Biden, and the fallacy and spin of energy independence which are the two other hot button topics from today but especially Hunter Biden for some reason

D Wayne calls you all the “echo chamber”, I think I will call you all “the 30%” and I will change it to 20% when Biden gets in the 20%. It shouldn’t be long.

christopher S.

Zach in many ways Id almost want to see it because you want it so bad its almost pitiful
Just a shame it wont happen, nor will doddering Donnie be returning to the white House, only thing i think you know you can bet on is Hunter Biden doesn’t appear to be getting charged with anything..

What a shame God really blessed America in 20 20 and im real grateful


Ivanka trump, the princess, is answering questions today about her daddy. Jared was yesterday. Guess if there was actual privilege, they would have used it. Bannon and Navarro aren’t looking too good.
The whole scheme to overturn our election becomes even clearer.
Thank you, President Biden, for truly putting America first.

Guy Varoma

I think some people her have this covered

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

D Wayne P.

Article from CNBC today. “The average rate on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage just crossed 5%, now standing at 5.02%, according to Mortgage News Daily. This is the first time it has crossed that threshold since 2011, save two days in 2018. It stood at 3.38% one year ago today.” Bidenomics in action. A bunch of job sectors will be affected by this. Real Estate, Construction, Lending, Plumbing, Electrical, law, etc. etc. etc. The Fed’s going to get more aggressive in raising rates in May. The word on the street is it’ll be a 50 basis point bump and that will drive borrowing even higher. Oh but Trump…………..


D Wayne P: You actually don’t get it! I predicted this reaction from those belly-aching about high gas prices. The bitter pill necessary to tamp down inflation is interest rate hikes imposed by the FED, led by Jerome Powell, a Trump appointee that Biden kept on. By making borrowing money more expensive, interest rate hikes “cool the economy” and slow growth.


By the way is “oh but Trump…” the opening line of a chant in praise of the “Chosen One”? Could you write down more of the verses? I’m sure others on the left would like to join me in a good laugh!

D Wayne P.

I get it man. Stop gaslighting me. The article speaks for itself and it’s correct. You can have your opinion but it doesnt change anything other than your own ego. I see wth is going on and it’s not good. You’re in the minority if u think things are going well but have at it brother.

You’re dancing (flailing actually) around your own point, that it’s all one man’s fault. And it’s not and you’re being dishonest again.


I must have struck a nerve! That makes me very happy! Just for the h–l of it: you did not respond in a substantive way to any of the points I made. Why would my opinion change my ego? Some things are going well others are not. Being right is more important to me than being in the majority. I guess that’s enough “gas lighting” for today.

christopher S.

Anthony very true looking back I was ecstatic to get a rate below 5 a few years back

most people don’t have a problem grasping that rates fluctuate based on a number of factors as shown in the attached chart. Guess we should be able to understand the role of the fed a little better
I just wish the cost of whine would shoot up

Thank you, President Biden, for truly putting America first.

christopher S.

one can always take a basic budgeting class. just a suggestion. or better yet just complain about life in general.

Thank you, President Biden, for truly putting America first.

D Wayne P.

I work in the business and have been through this many times. I don’t need a budgeting class, Ive lived one for 30 years. You’re another gaslighter, this is terrible for those industries that I speak of and the 50 basis point bump is going to halt a ton of activity. Then the bump after that which will make the problem bigger. Terrible management by the current administration. People aren’t buying theirs and your stories anymore.

I have no idea if you need that too. I only know what you espouse here, and it’s either limited on knowledge or dripping in bitterness.


I think it is both bitterness and limited knowledge and in addition a very stubborn streak. I’ve just explained that raising interest rates to slow borrowing is a tool to slow demand and reduce inflation that the FED employs, not without negative side effects. It is a balancing act, an attempt to have reasonable growth without devastating inflation.

No, there was a global pandemic that shut down nearly the entire world’s economy. That’s not deflecting responsibility, that’s just reality.
What’s unreal is that you think anyone other than your little friends would believe it. Why else comment something mindless like this?


Alert, alert for Zachary, chrisopher s posted a link to Yahoo News and its about HB from the Republican side. Something for you to consider

ChuckD I did not read thru the recaps so don’t know it is included and made it into law about college students being surveyed on there political views or not. Was mentioned at one time, along with the university staff being surveyed.

Seen this posting someone else recently. Seems appropriate for the likes of Marge three names, Bobart and the rest of the nasty bottom feeders. . “Always remember every accusation is a confession” maybe a few on here . Just saying.

DWP, Thanks for the truthful and factual posting. Not good news but this is where we are. Although here slowing the real estate market may not be all bad. And as far as the effect on tradesmen and others connected with home building, there are not enough of those people now, so some catch up is not a bad thing. Slowing demand is good and bad news as we maybe can catch up the supply chains to demand. Windows, doors and garage doors in particular are the big items on short supply here.

D Wayne P.

Florida, it slows hiring, it causes layoffs. The Fed is hoping they can balance this but I dont know if they can and keep things in check. There’s to much turmoil globally to make their job tougher. A bunch of knowledgable people saw this coming and here we are. I hope they can pull it off but im not confident that they can. It’s going to take a good while to bounce back from that kind of correction.

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