Schenectady County implements latest measure to staff Glendale Nursing Home


GLENVILLE Staff at Glendale Nursing Home will receive up to 30% more in pay for being scheduled to work evening and weekend shifts in an effort by Schenectady County to reach mandated staffing levels

The nursing home reform measures signed into law in 2021 require nursing homes to provide 3 1/2 hours of direct care per resident per day. The measure went into effect April 1. 

“At this time we are meeting the mandate about 40% of the time,” said Todd Zbytniewski, the administrator of Glendale, during a Schenectady County Legislature meeting Tuesday. 

County Manager Rory Fluman at the same meeting said that since he took his position in 2019, he has not seen the nursing home fully staffed. 

The county has 13 registered nurses right now, with three positions open, according to Erin Roberts, the director of communications for the county. Their base salary is $68,000. It has 31 licensed practical nurses, with five positions open. Their base pay is $48,000. It has 83 certified nursing assistants, with 19 positions open to fill. Their base salary is $42,620. 

Glendale has 175 patients, Fluman said. Currently, he added, the county is receiving help from six state National Guard members to reach appropriate staffing levels.

“We tend to use them Thursday through Sunday,” Fluman said at the meeting. “Those are our harder shifts to cover.”

Fluman said those members are paramedics acting in a certified nursing assistant capacity.

However, Fluman said Wednesday the county was told this is the Guard’s last rotation, and they will be leaving at the end of May. 

“Once the National Guard pulls out we’re going to be at more of a risk of not being in compliance,” he said. 

The repercussions of not being in compliance include a fine of anywhere from $200 to $2,000 a day. 

Fluman said it’s unclear right now if they will actually be fined if they aren’t in compliance, but said he wants to avoid it even coming to that. 

The facility is short on certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses.

“Right now our other positions are fairly full, so we don’t have as many challenges recruiting,” Zbytniewski said. 

The unemployment rate in the Albany area was 3.6% in February. 

Fluman said the county has been recruiting through the civil service office and job fairs. 

Previously, the Legislature approved providing a $2,000 bonus to new certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses of the nursing home after six months on the job in order to entice people into applying for positions at Glendale. All other employees received a $1,500 bonus after six months of employments, Roberts said. 

Employees also receive a number of other benefits. 

The new resolution is effective May 1.

Fluman said there may be some state funding to offset some of the local costs of providing the additional pay, but that is still being looked into. 

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