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Letters to the Editor Monday, April 18


Trouble justifying conflicting views

I am struggling a little with understanding the “American Mind” as I look at some of the laws around the country. Perhaps my local paper and community can assist.
Speech and religion should be constitutionally protected when it means praying in school, or using public money to invest in religious programs, but not when it relates to teaching about racial disparities throughout American history or reading controversial books in schools, or even discussing transgender issues with children; those things should be illegal.
As a related matter, you can legislate how people feel when learning American history and limit that education if it makes them feel bad or guilty about what they learn, though I am not sure how such a thing can be legislated.
However, it is OK for people to feel bad about their history not being accurately represented.
Men and women should be able to determine what happens to their own bodies, refuse vaccinations, or having to wear a mask, even though it is as much about protecting the community as it is about individual protection.
However, that does not extend to the right of a woman to choose what to do with her body when it comes to having a child.
Well, perhaps this will make sense someday.
James Cimino

Don’t let WHO control our health

The World Health Organization is rapidly pushing for a global Pandemic Treaty which would be legally binding on all countries who sign it.
U.S. participation in this treaty would effectively allow WHO to dictate to treaty members how and when to react to any future health crisis without any recourse.
We cannot allow an unelected third party international organization like WHO to be able to dictate our health choices and responses.
Americans need to wake up and contact their elected representatives to let them know that U.S. participation in this proposed treaty is unacceptable.
Look at the WHO response to the covid pandemic; they supported a one-size-fits-all narrative of mass vaccination, rather than supporting the successful use of repurposed drugs and supplements in early treatment.
Had WHO embraced early treatment for covid, the pandemic would have been over last year.
We cannot allow WHO to make substantial health decisions for U.S. citizens.
Jim Shear



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James Cimino: Your “rights for me and not for thee” diatribe is pitiful and dangerous. It is steeped in the Christian, racist, homophobic, misogynistic language of the weak white male who is threatened by those who have been historically oppressed finding their voice and exercising their Constitutional rights. It also smacks of the idiocy of Trumps denial of the dangers of Covid.  You pack a lot of ignorance into a short essay.

Zachary Parker

That’s funny, weak white male. I didn’t see any weak white Republican males running for their safe spaces or crying because they were called a different pronoun that they identify, that’s all a liberal democrat thing. 

Zachary/Marincic: The Republican Party’s lies about a stolen election is a classic example of weakness.  It’s attempt to rig the election by voter suppression is another example.  It’s attempts to suppress womens rights is another example. It’s attempt to ban books that tell the truth about slavery and racial inequality is another example.  I could go on but hey I think you get the idea. It’s weakness pure and simple.  Bullies gotta Bully.

Anne Deiber

Religion belongs in houses of worship, your home and your heart. Schools are for learning reading,writing, math, science, history and how to make the most of opportunities. 

Guy Varoma

Except for the books that republicans ar banning. Florida banned 41% math books because they said they containg CRT

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