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Letters to the Editor Saturday, April 23


Restore America by voting Republican

Let’s tell it like it is. Joe Biden and his administration are a complete failure. “Build Back Better” is not working and the Democrat Party is in disarray knowing they are going to lose seats in Congress come November. Tax increases are not the answer, neither is socialism and Marxism. They just don’t fit here in the United States.
Biden’s first 16 months have been nothing short of a disaster. All you Trump haters better wake up and admit the Biden/Harris Administration has us in a downward spiral, and until we the voters step forward and make changes, it isn’t going to get better.
Yes, Donald Trump was at times arrogant and brassy, but he told it like it was. At press conferences, he tried to answer any questions thrown at him. We need transparency again. Biden looks stymied and just walks away. Not a fine example for a powerful world leader.
The Democrat Party is in disarray, and they are on the start of a long losing streak.
All of the carnage inflicted by Biden in the first 16 months in office has to be corrected, and that change has to come from you, the voters. We must bring back America to where it was and stop all this corruption and power ploys by the current incompetents in office. We must bring back the good times we once had. It all starts in November with congressional votes, and in 2024.
Jack Hunter
Ballston Spa

Don’t believe anti-health conspirators

Shame on the conspiracy spreaders like Mr. Shear’s April 18 letter to The Gazette (“Don’t let WHO control our health”) rebutting scientists and doctors about COVID-19’s cures.
Examples: Remdesivir has many adverse effects, shown to have little to no benefit. Baricitinib, another suppressor drug, showed the same, little to no affect. Dexamethasone has shown some improvement in patients, but only those already on ventilators. Ivermectin is a drug used for parasitic worms and those with lice, and has never been proven to help in covid spread widespread falsehoods. Hydroxychloroquine has proven only to be dangerous.
It’s sad that many people would rather believe the talking heads at conspiracy news organizations than scientists and doctors. The best evidence in preventing and helping you survive this terrible pandemic is to wear masks in crowded areas and get your vaccinations and boosters as needed.
These have documented proof that at least they help most people in surviving.
Randy Hayner

No more delays in help for St. Clare’s

Gov. Kathy Hochul remarked about the New York state budget for 2022-2023.
In highlighting many of the positive points, she stated, “This budget will put more money in people’s pockets and it would lift those who have been hardest hit.”
I have a serious concern regarding 1,100-plus former St. Clare’s health care workers who had their pension eliminated or reduced in 2018.
With the influx of federal money and higher-than-expected tax revenues, let’s be proud, caring New Yorkers and restore their pension now.
After four years of this fiasco, it is not the time for the church/state to point fingers. This is the time to correct the horrible way the 1,100-plus retirees have been treated. They, along with family and friends, will be listening and sharing on social media for a strong voice of resolve.
The Seneca nation recently paid New York $532 million. Can we spare $55 million to do what is right and just?
Lorraine Eaton

St. Clare’s retirees eternally betrayed

I see that our interim governor has allotted taxpayer funds to Mohawk Harbor for an ice rink and to Union College hockey. Not a penny to the St. Clare’s pensioners.
As the years pass, some of us, including myself, now in our 70s and 80s, will in all probability never see our funds restored.
Whether it be New York state, St. Clare’s board/corporate or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, the perpetrators of this crime and those who continue to perpetuate it are culpable.
Just as Judas betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver, these individuals in the name of greed, avarice and power stole from the unsuspecting, trusting, dedicated St. Clare’s employees. We emulated our motto: We put the care in St. Clare’s.
While we all have an earthly expiration date, eternity is forever.
The Fifth Commandment states “Thou shall not steal.”
Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. I have a dream. Christ standing at the right hand of God, the pensioners on his left standing in silent witness as the perpetrators are judged for the sin committed against us.
As a Roman Catholic, my faith instructs me to follow Christ’s example of love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy towards my fellow man.
I forgive you. May God have mercy on your souls.
Fran Underhill, BSN

Republicans pushing a dangerous agenda

The Republicans under Trump’s leadership have an agenda: unlimited power for themselves and the destruction of our constitutional democracy.
When a society is plagued by chaos, fear, hatred, economic insecurity and division, people will often be drawn to the flame of a populist leader seeking autocratic rule, claiming to have all the answers to their problems in foreign affairs, the economy and immigration.
The solutions are inevitably ineffective and simplistic: admire and fall in love with dictators so you can work with them effectively, cut taxes for the rich and investment will increase and money will “trickle down,” build a great wall to keep the criminal immigrants out, stoke racial animus by seeking the support of White supremacists, rake forests and drop nuclear bombs in hurricanes to limit the damage inherent in climate change, and consider bleach as a cure for covid.
Mitch McConnell said his primary aim was to deny Obama a second term.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott instituted a redundant truck inspection for vehicles crossing in from Mexico to create log jams in the supply line and exacerbate inflation, as a worse economy would help Republicans in the upcoming elections.
He rescinded this obviously unnecessary and expensive check under public pressure. It was costing the state of Texas over $500 million daily and the U.S. economy about $1 billion daily.
Vote Democrat.
If you vote for a Republican, at any level, be certain the candidate is not endorsed by Trump.
Anthony J. Santo

Controversial plan requires public hearing

In his April 14 article (“Controversial herbicide plan heads to vote”), John Cropley covered the Adirondack Park Agency’s decision whether to approve a permit for EPA-DEC registered herbicide in two small bays of Lake George to control Eurasian watermilfoil.
His coverage of the issues and the controversy was excellent. The APA has now voted, by a 6-4 margin, to approve the permit for application of the herbicide.
What Mr. Cropley failed to mention is that substantive regional issues of great public interest involving natural resources of the Adirondack Park, requiring resolution of complex environmental issues that may not meet regulatory standards — matters precisely like the Lake George herbicide — ought to be sent to a public hearing before a law judge.
That would allow expert, sworn, comprehensive testimony and careful evaluation of information.
From that hearing record, the APA could make a much more informed and less hasty judgment as to whether this herbicide application met its test of “no undue adverse impact” to, in this case, Lake George.
Unfortunately, APA did not take this issue to adjudication and, in fact, has held no public hearing involving expert testimony since 2011 — this despite approving large residential subdivisions, mining permits and now an herbicide that is likely to be applied to other Adirondack lakes. The APA needs to return to its former practice of convening public hearings on regional, complex, controversial applications. The agency cannot deny a permit without holding one.
David Gibson
The writer is managing partner with Adirondack Wild.

Waiting for mayor to move Lady Liberty

ln America’s current political life, indeed the world’s body politic, the concepts of “Life, Liberty and Justice for all” are being seriously challenged by the forces of “fascism.”
ln my mind, our American Experiment is being alarmingly challenged that our generation needs and must stand up for these hallowed principals or lose ourselves, our sacred honor and our cherished national identity.
There are a number of symbols honoring our national identity; among them are the American flag, the American eagle and Lady Liberty. Schenectady is fortunate to have a single Statue of Liberty, which was donated to our community by our Boy Scouts of America 72 years ago.
Currently, the Lady resides innocuously at the corner of Erie Boulevard and Union Street.
On Nov. 8, 2021, the City Council passed a resolution calling on Mayor Gary McCarthy to return our Statue of Liberty to its original home in Liberty Park aka: Gateway Park.
There were a number of us citizens present urging the appropriate restoration of our hallowed symbol, our silent sentinel to its place of dignity honoring our heritage of immigrants coming to our shores “…to breathe free” and reminding us of how fortunate we citizens are.
Mayor McCarthy, our long winter has passed and spring brings renewal. Please share publicly your plan to honor the council resolution.
Lance R. Jackson

Don’t celebrate Confederate traitors

The governor of Mississippi is proclaiming “Confederate Heritage Month.” Imagine celebrating the behavior of traitors that killed brave Americans who fought to abolish the enslavement of people and keep our country united.
Yet this is what Gov. Tate Reeves thinks is OK.
I would rather Mr. Reeves celebrate those brave Americans who traveled thousands of miles to save our country (the Union soldiers).
Yet, Reeves thinks it is alright to proclaim a celebration of ideas that tried to bring our great nation down while trying to preserve a system of racial enslavement.
Our former president thought it was OK to support a group of people that wanted to keep a statue in place in Virginia of a slave owner who led these traitors (Robert E. Lee). In my opinion, there is nothing to celebrate about “Confederate Heritage.”
I am sure that Union soldiers that fought in the war would agree.
We have politicians that believe it OK to praise and support these treasonous ideals of the 1860s.
Next, we could have a celebration of the “brave” Japanese fliers that attacked Pearl Harbor, or the rioters of the Jan 6, 2021, insurrection that attempted to pervert our election.
Of course these are ludicrous ideas, but so is “Confederate Heritage.” When is it enough?
When do we say to our Republican political leaders you need to step up and speak out against this behavior by “political hacks” like Reeves and Trump? That we need not celebrate “Confederate” ideals, but rather condemn them.
Jim Novotny Sr.

Power over climate change ripe for abuse

Some climate activists believe the climate situation is so dire that almost anything goes to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
Many are not talking about the continued use of nuclear power, and a few, most notably James Hansen of Columbia University, are actively promoting the most dangerous technology humans have ever developed.
Many pretend all hydroelectricity is beneficial. However, hydropower stations with massive reservoirs (some in Quebec are larger than Albany County) contribute to climate change because drowned forested river valleys can no longer remove carbon from the atmosphere and rotting vegetation releases carbon into the water and air. Flooding river valleys destroys rivers and wildlife habitat.
Some climate activists support the 2020 creation of the state Office of Renewable Energy Permitting that reduces or eliminates the ability of local governments to block gigantic solar projects.
Some activists are calling for governments to declare climate emergencies that would allow the president and governors to fast-track the development of wind and solar, but could also be used for dangerous technologies.
We should not grant our far-too-powerful governors and presidents enhanced powers that can be abused in many ways.
Yes, the climate situation is dire, but condoning or promoting destructive technologies while abandoning separation of powers and checks and balances in government are unwise.
Tom Ellis

Santabarbara letter on meters unwelcome

Beware of Santabarbara bearing gifts.
The “gift” in this instance is a letter mailed to all Rotterdam residents regarding water meters.
The tone of the letter was that the current town board was withholding information from the residents on this critical issue. Not true!
Let’s be clear that the current administration inherited the water meter issue from the previous town board. The current board has been left in the dark just like the rest of us.
What’s most disturbing is Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s comments to The Gazette, in the April 7 article (“Town pushing assemblyman for law to stop water metering”) quote, “I am pleased that my efforts have finally caught the Rotterdam Town Board’s attention to this problem they created, now that hundreds of residents have signed my petition to stop their plan to tax us for water.”
First of all, the current town board didn’t create the plan; the previous town board did.
Second, who asked him to start a petition on a local issue? In the 30 years that Paul Tonko represented our district, he never did.
Third, the town doesn’t tax for water anymore. The previous town board changed it to a fee structure in the last budget.
Assemblyman Santabarbara’s letter only created more confusion and frustration for residents. The plan he refers to was developed under the previous town board in 2020 by Prime Engineering.
A public hearing should have taken place before we sold water to the town of Guilderland and when Prime Engineering submitted the plan. First the facts — then the story, please!
Robert Godlewski

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