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Letters to the Editor Friday, April 29


City must do more about junk vehicles

About a year ago I sent an email to Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy’s office about a property on our street that had approximately nine vehicles in the driveway.
These cars and light trucks were in various states of disrepair.
They had numerous flat tires, broken windows and trash strewn about. The number of vehicles had increased to 10. I have not received a reply.
Last summer, I sent a similar email to the Schenectady Code Enforcement office. About six weeks ago, a man from the Code Enforcement office telephoned me in response to my complaint.
He stated they have to give the owner an opportunity to clean up the area. From 10 there are now eight vehicles in the driveway.
This is a residential neighborhood with several families with children.
This homeowner makes the area look like an auto junk yard.
Why can’t Schenectady do something about this eyesore?
James Kirby

Biden has rescued nation from Trump

Jack Hunter’s April 23 letter, (“Restore America by voting Republican”) is a fact-free garbage drop of false statements and disinformation.
He says that Biden’s first 16 months have been “…nothing short of a disaster.” Evidently, he has missed a few Biden accomplishments:
One, child poverty has been cut in half. Two, unemployment claims plummeted from 18 million under Trump to 2 million under Biden. Three, 6.4 million jobs have already been added under Biden, more than the total under Trump for three years. Four, an historic infrastructure law was passed by Biden, which had become a standing joke under Trump. Five, Biden’s $1,400 stimulus payments to 160 million households rescued our failing economy. Six, Biden restored and strengthened our European alliances, and he saved NATO from Trump’s blatant attempts to weaken this critical  alliance.
Trump, the high-functioning corrupt sociopath, was the worst, most dangerous president in American history.
He left Biden with an America ravaged by covid, polarized by hate and poisoned by his 30,000 lies and rampant corruption.
Trump’s crowning achievement was inciting the seditious riot on our Capitol.
Mr. Hunter describes Trump’s horror show as the “… good times we once had.”
If Trump is reelected, America will discover just how horrible the “bad times” will be.
Vince Dacquisto

City can have trees and fix potholes

I know many of us share Ms. Hwaszcz’s frustration with potholes this time of year, as she wrote in her April 22 letter (“Fix streets before spending on trees.”).
Unfortunately, it is one of the consequences of living in a cold climate.
However, let’s not make this an either/or situation.
The funding that paid for the tree management plan came from a source that does not pay to fix potholes.
Trees play an important role in our city’s infrastructure. They absorb carbon dioxide, provide cool shade and beautify streets.
The city of Schenectady is capable of fixing potholes and developing a tree management plan at the same time.
Suzanne S. Unger
The writer is president of the Stockade Association.

Trump made many excellent decisions

A response to Paul Sator’s April 21 letter (“Still waiting for the right to respond,”) it’s interesting that Trump haters continue to bash the former president.
Mr. Sator accused Republicans of persecuting pregnant women. It’s called illegal abortions. Late-term abortions should be illegal. Our granddaughter is currently in college. She was born at 24 weeks and weighed less than a pound.
I don’t fear the wrath of Donald Trump, as you stated. I don’t enjoy his personality; however, he did make many excellent decisions. I recently read “The Laptop from Hell.”
Trump directed the Department of Justice to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of Chinese companies for trade secret theft, economic espionage and offenses under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. As it turned out, it was bad news for the Chinese and the Biden family business.
How have your finances been since Biden took office? If you have a private retirement plan, check to see just how much it decreased last quarter. Mine went down over $10,000, plus what I receive doesn’t last very long with the price of gas and other items raising daily. I read recently that Biden found a way to reduce some of his taxes on his investments. Trump was a billionaire before politics, not after.
As for transgender children, they should be left alone to develop as they chose and not be led by union teachers. Florida got it right.
Norman Miller

Appreciate paper’s attention to racing

I enjoy reading James A. Ellis’ column “Racing Around.”
Your attention to the sport of racing is appreciated by the many area racing fans. Keep up the good work.
Leonard M. Van Buren
Quaker Street

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