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Letters to the Editor Sunday, May 1


Stop giving away taxpayers’ money

I am just so tired of the free giveaway of federal and state taxpayer money.
I want my roads fixed. I was forced to get a car loan because the potholes in Colonie destroyed my “former” car undercarriage and would not pass a New York state inspection.
I am disgusted with my state leader “Kathy Lipstick,” who won’t lift the state gas tax for a short amount of time to help families make ends meet but will pander to her home base of Buffalo to the tune of $600 million for an unnecessary football stadium.
We have a “doddering old fool” federal leader who apparently sees ghosts or imaginary people who he tries to shake hands with after rambling speeches.
This “sorta/kinda” elected leader likes to give away billions of federal aid to a Ukrainian war effort while letting other countries in Europe talk a good game.
The metaphoric straw breaking the camel’s back, for me, is let’s give a free ride to federal college loans to tune of upwards of $50,000.
This giveaway, of all the money wasting, drives me crazy. I paid my college loans. I paid off my home mortgage plus two past car loans. I believe the free-ride students receive will be made up by tax increases for the middle-class families (not the 1% ultra wealthy who don’t pay taxes at all for some mysterious reason known only to residents of Pandemonium, the capital city of another name for Hades).Your loan, your responsibility not taxpayers!
Scott Davis

Now not the time to discourage innovation

During the pandemic two years ago, my father suffered a stroke and, due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time, my mom and I weren’t even able to visit him at the hospital until after he had already passed away. We weren’t even able to have a proper funeral and memorial service for him.
No family should have to lose a loved one in the tragic way that we did.
Unfortunately, many New Yorkers lost their lives to this terrible virus, and families throughout the state and across the country were left in mourning at home, alone. It breaks my heart to think of all that collective pain.
Fortunately, we now have multiple vaccines and approved treatments. I’m so relieved that we seem to be putting the horrific COVID-19 chapter behind us.
However, Congress is now considering price-setting policies that could stunt future pharmaceutical innovation, hindering the very industry that brought us vaccines, and decreasing patient access to lifesaving treatments.
To protect patients and sustain our world-leading access to medicines, we need to keep up the momentum that the pharmaceutical industry has and encourage innovation, not work to obstruct it.
Now is the time when we need our lawmakers, including Representatives Tonko and Stefanik and Sen. Schumer, to fight for innovation and support policy changes that protect and promote research.
I hope the New York delegation speaks out against these price-setting proposals.
Gina Lamagna

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