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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, May 3


If slow in merging, stay to the right

I follow many cars merging onto highways like the Thruway, I-890, I-787 and others.
I do not understand when someone ahead of me merges on and then has to automatically get in the center or left lane, even if no other cars are around, and then not get up to the speed limit.
Why not just stay in the right lane if you don’t want to get up to speed? You are tying up traffic and not letting others go by.
It is unsafe because you are causing others to have to slow down and possibly causing an accident.
Scott Anderson

Enough inaction on officers in schools

I am very dismayed by the inaction and constant delay of the Schenectady City Council.
In particular, I am very displeased with the council’s inability to move forward with the Community Engagement Officers for the school district.
Recently, I have spoken with eight parents of 12 school district students aged K-11.
Not a single parent opposed the placement of officers in our schools. Additionally, I asked five college students their opinion. Each one voiced support of the pilot program.
The excuse we hear of students being traumatized at the sight of a police officer is pure fiction. I speak from first-hand observation, watching the children interact with excitement and joy when participating in the Halloween Trick or Treat, Steinmetz Park Family Fun Day and countless other events where police officers participate.
What would their trauma be if a serious event were to happen at the school without a police presence?
So, should the “community” hold their breath as we wait for the council to make a decision about anything?
They need to be far more prepared when attending a meeting in which their vote is needed on a topic. To think, we pay them for their inaction.
Camille A. Sasinowski

Institutions need green infrastructure

The Earth Day April 22 Gazette edition’s “Moratorium proposal on gas, electric rate hikes” news article mentioned climate temperatures affected recent increased use of electricity produced by natural gas fuel.
Our communities need to protect our neighbors’ health and safety with consideration for energy infrastructure systems at our schools, churches and emergency management agencies facilities.
As extreme temperatures and electrical blackouts become more frequent our community cooling and Code Blue facilities need improved reliable on-site energy technology.
Existing reliance on fossil fuel generators to supply power during blackouts increases poisonous emissions into our air.
The state government contracts with experienced energy consultants to conduct energy audits of buildings that can provide feasible renovations. The use of federal and state monies can cost-share improved heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
In addition, the state Battery and Energy Storage Technology Test & Commercialization Center can assist with innovative battery and energy storage technology for on-site installation.
Do you think our continued love-thy-neighbor consideration this election year will include improving our emergency management services infrastructure with reliable renewable energy resources?
Michael McGlynn

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