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Letters to the Editor Thursday, May 5


Please explain high heating oil prices

Can any of my government representatives out there explain why home heating oil, which was around $2/gal in the summer of 2020, $2.50 summer of 2021, and is $6 per gallon today?
Don’t fall over each other trying to answer first. The word Ukraine cannot be used in your answer. Keystone can be used.
Ken Jones
Ballston Spa

Drescher strongest in Nisky board field

A candidate is more than just a name or a face. They are the sum of their traits.
Niskayuna deserves a school board candidate that is selfless, ethical, and most importantly, consistent. That is Joseph Drescher in total.
Some candidates say one thing but do the opposite. This is not the case for Joseph Drescher.
He means what he says, and it is reflected in what he does.
When he says he desires to serve his community, he does so to the utmost degree.
His willingness to run into an emergency as a first responder, to help those in need of aid, clearly shows his allegiance to our district.
His unyielding devotion to his clients, as an attorney, to ensure justice and equity is served, is undoubtedly needed on our school board.
He is a man of faith, a devout husband and a loyal friend. Joseph is the strongest candidate running for the board of education, if anything, because he so deeply cares for people.
He is always there when you need him, will listen patiently, and help anyone through times of need.
Please consider voting for Joseph Drescher for Niskayuna Board of Education on May 17.
Erik Augspurger

Concerned about views of candidates

I have great respect for anyone who agrees to serve on a school board. I’m worried about four of the eight candidates running in the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake district. From their candidate statements:
Walsh: “I am against COVID vaccine mandates…”
Riehlman: “If we do not rein in the state’s unconstitutional and immoral overreach into our schools…”
Bird: “In trying to keep them safe from a pandemic, our NYS government overstepped their bounds…”
Barone: “I am opposed to COVID mandates.”
I hope I haven’t misrepresented any of these candidates.
None of these four candidates have indicated that they have backgrounds in public health, immunology, medicine, etc.
Yet they would oppose policies designed to keep the public safe in a public school. Masks work, that’s why surgical staff wear them. Vaccines work. The overwhelming majority of people who died of covid in the ICU were not vaccinated. The evidence is clear.
A school board member has responsibility for the safety and health of everyone in the five buildings in BHBL.
These four candidates promote ideas that go against sound health and science. I urge my fellow residents not to support Walsh, Riehlman, Bird and Barone in the May 17 school board election.
Larry Lewis

Tomisman will be fair and competent

Take a look around outside and it’s almost impossible to not see signs for people wanting to serve on their school board.
In my district, there are eight potential candidates, but I am not writing in regards to any of them.
Instead, I am writing to endorse Judy Tomisman, who is running in Niskayuna, the district I grew up attending and where my mother still lives.
I have known Judy for over 40 years, starting when I was still a student in the Niskayuna district.
She has always been fair and looked out for the best interest of the majority. When she needs to make a decision about something, she will do the research needed to make an informed decision.
If she’s uncertain about something she will say so and ask for more time before answering.
This is not to push aside your issue and hope you forget.
She will get back to you, usually sooner than later, with a very well thought out answer and potential solution.
If Judy were one of the eight candidates in my district, I would not think twice about voting for her. I encourage everyone to support her in the upcoming election.
Carolyn Huston
Ballston Spa

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