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Letters to the Editor Friday, May 13


Learn more about capitalism, socialism

I am constantly surprised to learn how many of my fellow citizens, who express anger at anything they consider “socialism,” also do not understand capitalism, and actually support socialism when it is in their interest.
Let’s take gasoline prices as an example. Capitalism is supposed to set prices, in a free market, based on “supply and demand.”
When the supply is higher than demand, prices should fall, and when demand is higher than supply, prices will rise. Those higher prices should, ideally, cause the demand to go down and constrain price increases.
Right now, gasoline prices are rising because, as we come out of the pandemic, demand has increased faster than supply.
However, due to the need to drive to our jobs, it is harder to reduce demand for gasoline than it might be, for example, dining in restaurants. This lack of demand elasticity has also allowed the oil companies to make astronomical profits.
So, what have our politicians done? They have reduced sales taxes on gasoline, which is both an anti-capitalism, pro-socialism response, and will do nothing to reduce the demand for gasoline, while also allowing the oil companies to increase their prices and profits further.
In spite of this, those fellow citizens who also claim to be strong supporters of capitalism are not criticizing their governments for these anti-free market, pro-socialism tax reductions.
So, when I hear people complain about “socialism,” I will assume this may be just another hollow talking point instead of a sincerely held belief.
Victor Roberts
Burnt Hills

The alternative to Biden is frightening

History tells us that the party out of power typically gained seats in both houses in the off year’s elections, which occur this year.
Certainly, one can argue that the current inflationary woes, fear of covid, border issues and the war in Ukraine give us all pause to consider if the Biden Administration and Democratic controlled Congress are capable of dealing with these concerns.
Most importantly, however, we must ask the pivotal question: What is the alternative?
Personally, while I believe the Biden Administration and a Democratic majority in Congress are properly focused on addressing the country’s tough issues, I am convinced the alternative is downright frightening.
Today’s GOP is not your father’s Republicans or even that of the Bushes. The current brand has devolved into a cabal of liars, hypocrites, conspiracy theorists, opportunists, crooks and insurrectionists.
They have distinguished themselves as the party of “No,” offer no substantive legislative proposals, and fall in behind Donald Trump, who has been revealed to be a dangerous threat to our democracy.
I pray that a majority of Americans recognize the dichotomy that exists here and will vote accordingly.
Robert K. Corliss


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William Marincic

I keep hearing that the GOP is the party of no and in a lot of cases you’re right. No we don’t want open borders and tens of thousands of illegal aliens coming into our country every week. No we don’t want trillions of dollars of our tax money being spent on programs that will be never ending. No we don’t want school districts teaching our children anything other than math English social studies reading and writing. No we don’t want a packed supreme court so that the Supreme Court loses all credibility. No we don’t want this stupid bail reform  where killers are let back out on the streets to kill again and robbers back on the street to rob again. No his Democrat party all the way up to the president is not doing a good job, if there was someone attempting to destroy this country they would do everything that the government is doing today . 


Excellent letters today!  We need to continue to push these messages.  The gop are really good at messaging, but bad at participating in a bipartisan way or coming up with solutions.  Remember all the hammering about Hillary and her emails, or Benghazi??  She willfully participated in an 11-hour grilling, and there were TEN investigations!  Now we have material witnessess snubbing their nose at the Jan 6th committee, thinking they are above the law.  Robert Corliss is correct when he says the alternative would be devastating. I believe if the gop take over in Nov, our Constitutional Republic will be over, and 45 will have succeeded.  It’s up to US to pull together!

Joseph Vendetti

Mr roberts – thats a pretty rudamentary description of supply and demand.  Difference between micro and macro economics.  There is policy, rules , etc that also change and impact price changes.

While I repeatedly try to post comments that are respectful and questioning, and my inquiries to the Editor go unanswered, there’s a hot mess of spam that’s been stewing over under the article about the Saratoga native who’s a sound engineer all day. Clean-up on aisle 6, please.
If you’re going to invite readers, paid subscribers, to comment you need to do better than to simply block and ignore. I get this is an added bonus, and I’ve tried to soften my tone, but silently blocking respectful questioning of this paper’s coverage and the situations it covers looks really, really bad. Certainly this can’t be the policy of this paper.

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