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Letters to the Editor Sunday, May 15


Don’t let drugs take down our country

Do we have to lose the war on drugs that is bringing our country down to its knees?
We all know this is true. We have to stop it one way or another, as drug and gun use is out of control.
Many countries and Americans are losing respect for America because we continue to let this go on.
If we love our children and our country and all that we stand for, this war has to stop and stop fast.
Don’t let the history books say once upon a time there was a country known as the United States of America. That this country is not around anymore, as they weren’t smart enough to stop the bad things that did the United States in. Don’t let this happen to us.
We need tough, tough laws for drug and gun use that are not legal. We need big prisons to keep these people for a long time. We need smart leaders of our country and judges that will do the job for America.
It is almost time to vote and get the bad ones out of office and read up on who is running and vote for the smart, good leaders that can save our country. I hope some of our leaders read this. God bless America.
Sid Gordon
Saratoga Springs

Government has no say in abortion issue

Abortion is ‘gift’ that keeps on giving. The issue defies rational conversation.
My spin: Government has no place in the abortion issue. It is a matter of choice. Choosing to abort does not get you off the ‘moral hook.’ You do not have to believe, but God believes in you.
In Jewish mythology, in the Garden of Eden, there is a Tree of Life, or the “Tree of Souls” that blossoms and produces new souls, which fall into the Guf.
The image and likeness to God in mankind is the ability to create life. A great responsibility blurred by societal expectations. Catholic explanations are weighted down with guilt and love of God through fear. People need to talk face to face, not with ‘machines.’ Being tolerant is not easy.
As for pro-choice people smashing a toy baby on St. Patrick’s steps in New York City, which is acting out: I have seen pro-life people use ‘baby’ props to make a point. The only point both groups make is that they are ignorant and intolerant.
As a child, I would dream of floating in an ocean of pillows or soft material. It is my soul in a prenatal state, not so much my mother but the Guf of souls. My ego had not evolved yet.
If you are unsure God created ‘man’ or man God, it is chicken or egg time for you. You’ll have a hard time figuring life out.
Edmond Day

Blame criminals, bad policies, for crime

I don’t know how many remember ‘wrong-way Corrigan,’ but Biden is a prime example.
My visual image of Biden is his back as he is walking away from a press conference after responding to maybe one question.
Recently, in response to the rampant crimes and murders in our cities, Biden ranted on and on about ‘ghost guns.’ Most people have never heard of them. ‘Wrong-way Biden’ did not address the liberal judges and DA’s releasing of criminals, often within hours of the arrest, only to have them continue their criminal activities.
New York City is still reeling from that horrific subway attack. If Biden’s policies are followed, the guilty will be released and guns will bear the blame.
The following is a quote from Adrian Norman, “Talking about ‘crime’ would expose decades-old policy failures of politicians from coast to coast. So instead, they talk about ‘guns.’”
Dr. Arthur C. Salvatore

Country actually is better with Biden

I am a proud Biden supporter, even though I never had a sign up before Anthony Wassil’s March 14 letter (“Country was better off under Trump”) inspired me to make a sign and tie it to my porch rail.
I did this to prove that he is the one who doesn’t know what he is talking about.
Everything in his letter is the diametrical opposite of the truth.
Joyce M. Cockerham

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christopher stater

Joyce cockerham we are truly blessed to have put the corruption of the prior administration behind us with the election of President Biden. I chuckle at delusional rantings about the glory of the corrupt Trump years thanks for the fact check. We’ve moved onto a better place as a country. 

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