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Letters to the Editor Monday, May 16


Abortion a personal decision, not public

Abortion is a personal religious issue at its core so, when required, it should be a concern of only the woman involved, not the public or the legal system.
Somehow, the pro-life movement has managed to transform it into a criminal act, akin to murder. Their success in forcing their beliefs onto a contrary public is surpassed only by that of the Taliban.
Edgar Lynk

Use common sense in immigration laws

I want to thank the author and screen play writer (Roger L. Simon) of “A Better Life” for putting a more humanistic touch on the undocumented Southern immigrant. The movie depicts the trials and tribulations of a Mexican father and son.
What I took from the movie was that the United States government has to provide an immigration policy that will be fair and enforced so that immigrants coming to our nation looking for “A Better Life” achieve it instead of providing false hope for such as an undocumented immigrant. We pay our elected officials a lot of money to work on issues like immigration to no avail.
For those seeking re-election or election to federal positions please do the job we elected you to do and not use your time in office using rhetoric instead of common/human sense.
There are many problems and issues in our country and to leave them alone will only add to them. Good luck and success!
William Wills

Ostrelich will stand for women’s rights

As a lawyer, a law professor, a mother and a woman, the news of the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning abortion rights firmly established in the laws I’ve sworn to support was terrifying.
The day after the news broke, the first thing I did was contact Michelle Ostrelich, my Schenectady County legislator and candidate for state Senate.
As a co-founder of the Schenectady Coalition for Healthcare Access, she is advocating for the protection of reproductive choices for me and our neighbors across Schenectady County.
If she is elected to the state Senate, she would vote in favor of pending state legislation to defend reproductive rights across New York.
Together, we rallied behind New York’s leading women: the governor and the senate majority leader, as they reaffirmed our state’s resolute commitment to serve any American in need of reproductive health care.
The end of federally protected abortion rights is imminent.
The women who will suffer the most are those who are minoritized on account of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or generational poverty.
Michelle is acutely aware. I hope you’ll join me in voting for her to serve as our next state senator.
Sarah Rogerson



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William Marincic

Edgar Lynk, two things, first if someone murders a pregnant woman even if she’s in her first month of pregnancy they are charged with two murders. Secondly and most importantly if this is overturned the only thing that is going to happen is that it will become up to the states to make their decisions and whether to allow it and to what extent to allow it. This is not something that the federal government should be involved in.

geri krawitz

i am so amzed at the extent the left will go to in their claim of freedom. they dont even know the facts but they are bullies who do  not want any reasonable society. kill babies and no bail no jail. mr. marincic you are of course correct


Yes, Let’s take Geri’s statement and turn it back around. 
I am so amazed at the extent the Right will go in their claim of freedom.  They don’t care about the facts but they are bullies who don’t want any reasonable restrictions on guns.  No red flag laws, no restrictions on private transfers, no limits on types of weapons that can be posessed, no infringement on this freedom even when every other right in the Bill of Rights has some reasonable limitations.  I guess poor women can’t organize and afford lobbyists like the NRA.
Oh, but our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of two mass shootings that happened this very weekend, as well as the mass shootings that have happened on a near continual basis since Columbine. Don’t touch the guns though that would be unreasonable.  Don’t do anything that might reduce these horrors. This is the very same political faction that won’t let women have this same right of self-determination and individual freedom to decide what to do with their bodies within reason? The same faction that typically still believes in the Death Penalty as well.  How’s that for Pro-Life?  
Just because a woman may have the right to terminate a pregnancy within acceptable limitations, does not mean she is going to exercise it, in the same way a person who has a right to bear arms does not mean they will own a gun and\or use it.  Just watch, the very wealthy and their offspring who ‘get into trouble’ will not be affected by this SCOTUS change one bit.  They’ll just go where it’s still available while poor women in states who outlaw abortion will suffer, and some will die in illegal ‘clinics’, because ‘once you outlaw abortions only outlaws will get them.’  That slogan sound familiar? Does that sound like a reasonable society? 
This also will not end with the states being sole deciders as some women will eventually get prosecuted for getting an abortion in one state, then returning home and being charged with a crime which becomes an interstate issue back to the Federal courts again. 

EVERY American deserves the same rights and that includes women. Most Americans want them to have the right to terminate a pregnancy, at least early on, and DO NOT see this a “murdering babies”, or whatever other attrocity you want to ascribe to millions of good people for shock value.
The logical antithesis, and implication, of “pro life” is “anti life”. Is it your position that everyone who supports the right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy is “anti life”?
The notion that an unborn fetus is a “baby” is a Christian one, not a scientific or sociological one and most Christians feel women deserve that right to not carry to term a pregnancy. This represents the pinnacle of what a radical fringe (where have we heard that before?) of the right wing wants to impose on everyone, much like sects of other religions aound the world would do. Their god is to be all of our god.
I like religions that don’t abuse their place in society by forcing themselves on others.


Remember all the scare tactics that Obama was a Muslim or the implementation of Sharia Law?  Just another example of projection from the far right who are determined to impose their “far right Christian values” as if THAT is what the Founders meant this country to be.

geri krawitz

do you know what abortion is? do you know the weight of a baby in the 3rd trimester? do you know it suffers pain
again abortions will always be availabel for medical reasons being to lazy to use contraceptives and still having wanton sex is not a medical reason

I’m afraid it’s you who are not up on the facts. 91% of all abortions happen before 13 weeks gestational age. ~1% are late term and mostly due to medical reasons. My observation is none of this matters to the religious right because it’s always their stance that the mother is bad for getting an unwanted pregnancy and it’s always the mother that should pay.
Find out more here:

Who Ville

Let’s stop calling them pro-life.  They are pro-birth, that’s it.  They don’t care about the life of the mother.  If your 13-year-old daughter is raped, she will be forced to give birth to that child.  Every GOP legislator should be asked the question whether they would comply with these newly passed abortion restrictions and force their daughter to carry a rapist’s fetus to term.    

geri krawitz

of course that is nonsense. abortion in hospitals has always been available to save the life of a mother or if the fetus has a problem. i dont think the 13 year old would wait till the 3rd trimester to abort

geri krawitz

perhaps the people who sanction abortion have it confused with cosmetic surgery. abortioin kills a living fetus
with the great number of birth controls available only the mosy wanton woman would choose abortion. she can have an i.u.d. diagrham birth control pills morning after pills not to mention contaceptives for men to use.
is sex so important that you would risk havin g to kill a child and that is what is being done now. the law was passed for only the first trimester now it includes the second and the third which is a viable baby. you think the aborted child doesnt suffer because of a stupid woman who will not protect or stop having casual sex. abortions have also been available in hospitals when the mother or fetus is in danger or in cases or rape.get a soul

Guy Varoma

It amazes me that some people think they know the “fetal death” laws from State to State. Also once a person is born..Republicans could care les about them or the mothers. The religious right have become dangerous.

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