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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, May 18


Elite leftists want to destroy America

Donald Trump will not be tried for insurrection in a court of law. Hilary Clinton will not be tried for her part in spreading the Russian collusion hoax which was, in my opinion, an insurrection that nearly derailed Trump’s presidency.
Durham’s prosecutors in the Sussman case will try to connect the dots to show that the DNC, with the blessing of Hilary Clinton, were acting to bring Trump down knowing full well they were wreaking havoc on the country by lying about the collusion.
This is not the Democrat Party of JFK or even FDR, but rather of elite leftists who would like nothing better than to bring America down and replace it with some global utopian entity. Joe Biden, as should be obvious to anyone paying attention, is a puppet and a president in name only.
I suspect the lead puppet master is Obama, thereby effectively giving himself a third term as president. We don’t have a person in the Oval Office now who is doing his best to keep our country strong.
From the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan to the merciless lawlessness along our southern border to the pain at the pump, Biden has shown time and time again he is not willing to fight for everyday Americans.
He and the elite leftists have other ideas, the likes of which would make George Soros proud as he and others like him would like nothing better than to see our great country finally brought to its knees.
Art Pagano

Pensioner offended by Hochul remarks

I hardly have the words for what is going through my mind since listening to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s remarks at the University of Albany’s commencement ceremony.
Many of the St. Clare’s pensioners put their children through college and paid off all those college loans. I am so happy for the parents of the 2022 graduates as the parents are directed to take vacations.
Gov. Hochul’s words: “And first of all, to your parents, you can finally put away the checkbooks, the money is yours. You don’t have to send it off to this institution. Go have a good time, go to Disney World, whatever you’re going to do once these kids are gone.”
This infuriates me. My husband and I scrimped, saved and borrowed to put our three children through college. We finally get to a point in our lives when, hopefully, we were able enjoy a comfortable retirement. But no!
My pension was lost, taken away, mismanaged, somehow non-existent.
So again, just like we struggled when the children were in college, we are struggling again to keep our homes, purchase gas, food, copays and bills of daily living while trying to enjoy our last years.
Mary Hartshorne and the St. Clare’s pensioners have repeatedly asked for just five minutes of your time, just as we did your predecessor. Our request has never been acknowledged.
Cynthia O’Bryan


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Who Ville

Art’s letter is proof that Hilary Clinton is still living rent free in the Fox News-addled minds of Republicans everywhere lmao.  


Mr. Pagano: your letter is filled with debunked conspiracy theories.  I suggest you change your news sources. A diet of huckster generated pseudo news/propaganda  is bad for the health of this nation.  I suggest you speak to people outside of your bubble.


Art please please get the facts. Sadly it’s misinformationlike you spout that is creating violence in this country. If uyou really cared you would do something positive unstead of spouting the worst of Fox.


We voted for the party that has promised to abolish the use of fossil fuels and we are surprised the big oil trys to collect as much money possible on their forced march to oblivion.

William Marincic

Art great letter that speaks the truth. Even the leftist news CNN is coming around. They all see the writing on the wall.

Yesterday (5/17/22) this Opinion page and the humble Comments section were graced with the contributions of Kristin Christman who seemed to want to present the facts about these United States and it culpability, and duplicity in casting Russia and Putin as evil while ignoring our own sins and evils. As it happens, this isn’t the first time Ms. Christman has had her words in print (or video).I’m not quite old enough to be an “old hippie” but I certainly grew up in the thick of, and influenced by the movements of the ’60s, and I can be equally critical of the US and it’s policies and duplicity through the ages. I’ve called for the Bush Jr. administration to be tried for war crimes (and lamented our lack of participation in the World Court), just as I’ve called for investigation into the use of drones during the Obama administration.But Ms. Christman needs to be called out for a decidely lopsided presentation of this country, and a decidely softened view of Putin. It is easily possible to look outside our news bubble here and it’s pretty obvious that Putin is a clear and present danger to the world. Right now. Something I don’t think you could say about any US president ever. The USA for all its flaws, does not “enjoy” the benefit of consistant foreign or domestic policy as we switch leaders every 4 or 8 years, often from one end of the political spectrum to the other. We don’t “enjoy” the benefits of a dictator-for-life who the world can count on to be a bastard year after year.As Americans we do take the bad with the good and American citizens have proven to be good people overall. And what’s happening in Ukraine is an atrocity not seen in modern times (since WWII anyway) and it’s obviously on Putin and his well-documented fixation on reuniting the Soviet Union. Whatever US actions and sins happened in the past are important to remember going forward and we need to build off those lessons. But meantime and in this moment, Vladimir Putin and his ambitions need to be given the same attention by the world that Hitler and Tojo were.

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