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Letters to the Editor Sunday, May 22


Stefanik sold soul for shot at power

Rep. Elise Stefanik chooses political power versus democracy.
Stefanik and other MAGA extremists have chosen to pursue power at any cost.
Stefanik has shown her true colors and has decided loyalty to Donald Trump and the potential for political power is more important than representing New Yorkers.
Stefanik is a vile and loathsome opportunist willing to turn her back on American democracy for a shot at political power.
Please think twice before voting for someone who sold their soul so willingly to an evil and ugly political ideology.
Someone willing to turn her back on her constituents and use the baseless Big Lie in the pursuit of political power above all.
Someone willing to use dog whistles and inflammatory rhetoric to signal her tacit approval of racism.
New Yorkers deserve better.
American democracy is on the line. Please vote on Nov. 8.
Don Maslanka

Roe foes are opposed to women’s choice

If the ‘right to life’ issue with Roe v. Wade were really a question of ‘murdering’ a fetus, per the new Texas law, the biological father would also be in jeopardy of accessory to a crime.
If Roe v. Wade were really a question of concern for the fetus, there would be laws prohibiting the biological father from not being responsible for raising that child: middle of the night feedings, diaper changing, taking personal or sick time when the child is sick, teacher/parent meetings, and being held responsible when the child does something wrong that society tends to blame on the mother.
If it were really about the concern for the child, each and every ‘pro- lifer’ would have an adopted child.
But obviously, this is not the case.
Those who are opposed to Roe v. Wade are really opposed to women having the right to their own biological bodies.
What the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade really is is war on women.
Pro-lifers, if you think a woman should have the right to choose for herself to give birth, then you are pro-choice!
JoAnn Sifo

Honor the officers who keep us safe

My friend, Kevin, and I had the privilege of bringing New York State troopers from G Barracks in Princetown to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C., where they honored their fallen comrades.
Every state is represented there, as they read off the names, over 600 officers who were killed.
Oh how I wish you all could meet their trooper from our area.
You would be so proud as Kevin and I were of these dedicated officers who keep us safe. My God bless them all.
Peter Grippo


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FRED BARNEY May 22, 2022
| |

The assertion that it is my body thus it is my choice is false! To see this note that renting out ones body for sex is illegal. Note that the right to obtain an abortion is not the right to use other peoples’ money to pay for it.

Karol Newton May 22, 2022
| |

Great letters today and YES Steffanik is nothing but a trump puppet.   She’ll  do anything for her master. She doesn’t care about the people she’s supposed  to represent…its all about her just the way its all about tRUMP..  Shes proven that over and over again.

Hon Bruce S Trachtenberg fJTC May 22, 2022
| |

    Don Maslanka is absolutely right:    Congresswoman Stefanik works for her own power, fails to protect democracy and Americans, and violates her oath of office and the Constitution.   We need someone in that office that is the exact opposite.

Zachary Parker May 22, 2022
| |

Look how quickly it went back to my body my choice, the government has no business making decisions about abortion, that belongs to the states and the voters in those states. If you pro abortion advocates are telling the truth then there will be no problem in electing pro abortion politicians in your state.