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Letters to the Editor Monday, May 23


Too soon to give up gas-powered cars

There’s nothing inherently wrong with electric vehicles, but there are some huge problems with them that will take decades to solve. Until that day comes, most Americans will stick with gasoline-powered cars for the following reasons:
1) Electric vehicles are much more expensive than gasoline- powered cars.
2) You need a garage in order to recharge them at night. Those who live in an apartment or a condominium are out of luck, since you’re not allowed to use the cords on public streets.
3) You can’t drive cross-country. Even a trip from Albany to Maryland can’t be done without recharging.
4) You have to recharge the vehicle every day. With a gasoline- powered car, you might fill up once or twice a week, and perhaps just once or twice a month if you don’t have a daily commute.
If you fail to recharge an electric vehicle, it leads to….
5) Range limitation anxiety. There’s always a fear in the back of your mind that you will be stranded somewhere.
6) Long recharging times.
When you’re driving a regular car, and you need gas, you stop at a gasoline station. The fill-up normally takes just five to 10 minutes. When you need to “fill-up” an electric vehicle, the recharging time takes five hours or more.
There may very well be a time in the not so distant future, where the above concerns are solved, however that time is not now.
Kenneth Truman

Stefanik, Tedisco should be called out

Recently, Rep. Elise Stefanik was in Gloversville connecting herself to the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth.
Ms. Stefanik noted this activity on her Rep Facebook page.
The fact that Rep. Stefanik did not announce beforehand her journey to Gloversville is quite telling. Nor did she acknowledge the work accomplished by Gloversville Mayor Vince De Santis.
As usual, Ms. Stefanik tried to shift the credit to the Republican Party. Remember that Ms. Stefanik, as well as state Sen. Jim Tedisco, were not present at the opening of our library project two years ago. It is a pattern of behavior from Stefanik and Tedisco that should not go unnoticed.
Instead of both folks trying to help Gloversville and involving themselves in other issues like environmental concerns with abandoned factories, they instead hide from our community.
Remember neither was heard from when the water main broke last year. In fact, Stefanik voted against the Federal Infrastructure Bill. When is it enough from these two? Yet every two years they return to office. I for one think it is time to call out these two elected officials.
Jim Novotny Sr.

Many gathered  together  for positive event

On the last Saturday of April, East Front Street participated in a Schenectady neighborhood cleanup.
But it involved more than just picking up trash, bottles, and discarded masks.
Thanks to some student volunteers from Christian Brothers Academy (Hayden Engert, Marc Anson, Connor Brown, Aidan Rose, Brady Dubay, Thomas Scholtz), Council members John Polimeni and Doreen Ditoro, Andrew Healy (running for City Court judge), Dave Kopecki (Uncle Ben’s) and various residents, a small neighborhood experienced the power of unrelated people coming together to create something positive.
It was refreshing to witness the benefits of this joint effort by so many strangers, neighbors and friends. Thank you all.
Donna Dakota Wojcik



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Karol Newton

Mr. Novotny you are absolutely correct regarding Tedisco and Steffanic…both are worthless.  Tedisco should retire and stick to annimal rights and Stefanic  so just stick to taking care of her baby.  She’s nothing but a TRUMP puppet and will do and say ANYTHING in support of him.  Time to get these two out of office permanently.

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