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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, May 24


Ignorant racists threaten America

If you believe in “white replacement,” you are an ignorant racist. If you think Jews are involved in a conspiracy to create a majority population of Black and Brown people, whom Democrats can control to their advantage, you are deluded and suffer from an inferiority complex.
You fear that the “others” will impose a racial system that will disadvantage whites and favor current minorities, the reverse of past laws and policies.
If you think there are no advantages to diversity and we are a nation rightly belonging to those of White Christian ancestry from northwestern Europe, you probably listen to FOX News and see Carlson and Trump as American heroes.
You are a threat to American values and democracy.
You don’t want to study American history to create a better future by rectifying past injustices.
You want to return to the past when immigrants, gays, women, Blacks and all “others” knew their place and role.
Politicians and television personalities who use fear of “others” to their advantage bear responsibility for the tragedy in Buffalo on May 14 and other mass murders that are sure to follow, as well as the loss of progress toward justice and democracy our country has made.
Anthony J. Santo

Santabarbara works to find solutions

I want to thank Assemblyman Santabarbara for bringing some much-needed common-sense to the state capitol.
With all that’s going on in our country right now, seeing his bill to remove the state’s gas tax passed is welcome news.
It may not sound like much, but the idea that Santabarbara got a tax cut across the finish line is a step in the right direction for the entire state.
We have certainly been through some tough times, and right now common-sense ideas like this are exactly what we need more of.
It’s comforting to see a representative like Santabarbara thinking outside the box to find solutions that make sense, and he’s one of the few that’s not afraid to vote no on things that don’t make sense, which is more than I can say for the rest.
Sandra Scott

Don’t panic over stock market woes

For those experiencing their first ride down the rollercoaster (stock market), relax. I am in my 70’s and have ridden the beast for decades. The first few down runs are the worst.
The key is not to overreact. In the very long run, most investors will do well to stay invested in quality stocks.
Stocks with earnings, assets and cash flow have proven to be tremendous wealth builders despite occasional gut wrenching down turns. Average Dow Jones close in 1974 was 759; in 2021 it was 34,055. Think about it –100 bucks became 18,000!
James Pavoldi



Grateful for help after fall at school

I fell after voting at Yates School.
I would like to thank the strangers who rushed to help me; from the gentleman who first asked if I needed help to the angel who held my hand until fire and rescue arrived.
It was an unbearable experience made bearable by the compassion and empathy shown to me.
And I am including the excellent care received from the fire department and ambulance crew and Ellis staff.
Thank you all.
Annie Deiber



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Ignatious P. Reilly May 24, 2022
| |

Let me try a new one. I love Joe Biden. I think he is the best hand puppet Mr. Obama, who is enjoying his third term,  could ever wish for. Hopefully together they can destroy this horrible racist country. They are doing a good job so far. I praise their efforts. Oh and Mr. Obama is not a racist at all. 

Ignatious P. Reilly May 24, 2022
| |

If Mr. Santos’ letter contains “hate speech” and you PRINTED IT then you have no right whatsoever to delete anyone elses comments for using the same language, Mr. Mahoney. I count 3 separate incidences in Mr. Santos’ letter clearly deriding Whites, Christians and others. Is it OK because he is a lefty? Is that how this comment section operates? 

jclark124 May 24, 2022
| |

Spot on, Anthony!  Unfortunately, racism is alive and well in the USA.  Things have gotten better over these decades, but the same tactics of voter suppression continue today as of old. At least 18,000 mail-in ballots (12%) were rejected in TX under a new law.  Some states require making a copy of your ballot and uploading it (which is unavailable or difficult for many instead of just mailing it back).  In our last election alone, some underpriviledged neighborhoods had polling places and drop boxes removed. Why in the great USA would ANYONE have to stand in line for SEVEN hours just to vote?  These tactics are because of fear–fear of the others–fear of the “browning” of America–fear of the loss of white domination.  We must fight back and tear down these obstacles for the sake of our nation.

“Thank you” Anthony Santo, as WE are not going back, on Women’s Rights OR Civil Rights!
Diane Sanders Hombach

Zachary Parker May 24, 2022
| |

You know the lefties are in trouble when they scream racism. Racism is big money and it’s the go to word for Democrats and liberals. A large majority of families in America today are blended families. Watch TV for just an hour and see how many multi racial families are depicted. There has never been less racism in America than there is today, don’t believe the dog whistle from the Democrats. Yes there are racists in America of all colors and ethnicities but they are by far the minority.