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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, May 25


Special treatment at park greenhouse?

My special needs son and I walk in Central Park and saw their greenhouse.

We saw that giant marigolds were being planted, my son’s favorite flower. We found out that we could buy them at the plant sale on May 20.

I went to the plant sale early to ensure getting some. As my husband and I waited, a woman who was allowed in 45 minutes early left carrying plants.

When we tried to enter, we were immediately barred and told that only master gardeners could do that. I then asked her why the rules did not apply to everyone. She walked away.

At noon, we went straight to the table with marigolds, but only small ones were there. I asked a volunteer if there were more elsewhere and she replied, “Only what’s left is on the table. The rest sold already.”

How could that be? We asked another volunteer, who checked a prepared sales sheet and discovered that there were several types of tall marigolds listed and none was on the sales table.

So, the question arises: Are the master gardeners the ones who built that greenhouse and pay for its upkeep, or is it the citizens of Schenectady who pay the taxes?

Are the master gardeners like the animals in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, more equal than others? It was very distressing to discover that what I wanted for my son was gone before the sale started.

I will now have to tell my son the sad news.



Put blame where it belongs – on Biden

I have been away from participating in this forum for quite a while. Just watching from the sidelines and observing. I read this paper daily, religiously (can I still say that?)

In disbelief I shake my head at the sheer number of columns that are still being written about Donald Trump. Are we not over that yet?

Did you folks not get the memo that we have a new president now? (cough) I admit the lack of daily mainstream media condemnation of what our president does may confuse some of you. Frankly, it confuses me. His gaffs are amusing, though.

Not accepting that Joe Biden has, in a year, placed this country in a very precarious position says to me you must be reading this paper in Braille.

You are either choosing to ignore the crumbling walls or ignoring it all so you don’t have to admit that this administration is quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

Take a good look around! What is good anymore? Gas prices? It is impossible to be alive, and conscious, living in the United States and think this president is doing even a fair job.

Sure, blame Trump. Maybe if you keep saying it enough, you won’t lose the House and Senate during midterms, right?

Biden’s successes? That is funny. There will be one, when he leaves office.

Keep blaming Trump, but 61% of American voters now disagree with you.

Burnt Hills


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Karol Newton

Mr Baldwin the high price of gas has NOTHING to do with PRESIDENT Biden….its the greed of the oil companies.. Try doing the actual research instead of relying on the lies the GOP  ( GREED OVER PEOPLE) tell.  I’ll  still take PRESIDENT Biden over tRUMP any day.


Biden’s party wants to phase out fossil fuels.   One should some credit to this policy for the price of gas

There is absolutely no connection between the World (not just President Biden) wanting to phase out fossil fuels and the price of gas. This is a fantasy in your mind alone.Thanks for playing.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Wait. No connection? What? So you are saying the oil companies and their political cronies are not seeing an opportunity to cash in before the (will never, ever happen) phasing out of fossil fuels? Really? You actually believe this? I have a super nice bridge to sell you, waddaya say?


We are coming out of a pandemic, which affected the whole world!  Other countries have high gas prices and inflation as well, so how is Biden responsible?  Brian Baldwin is wrong about Biden being the worst.  How can 45 be better when he tried (and is still trying) to end our Constitutional Republic? How can 45 be better when he botched the pandemic response killing tens of thousands of Americans unnecessarily? How can 45 be better when he promoted guns & violence and now mass shootings are a daily occurence? That’s why we still talk about him. President Biden is trying to restructure our society economically, use this opportunity to save our planet, and passed a bipartisan Infrastructue bill.  These things take time!

Ignatious P. Reilly

Spot on, Mr. Baldwin. I agree Mr. Bidens solitary success, still in the future, can’t come soon enough. This country is in a horrible mess and blaming Trump ad nauseum is not the answer.

Who Ville

You’re right, perhaps we should pivot to blaming bamboo ballots, Venezualan voting machines and Jewish space lasers instead.

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