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Letters to the Editor Thursday, May 26


County must fix dangerous corner

Another evening, another violent automobile crash at the corner of Nott Street and Dean Street.

The usual sounds of the ambulance siren and conversations between neighbors trying to ascertain if help is needed fill the residential neighborhood.

As always, a vehicle attempting to turn left or attempting to cross Nott Street from north to south has been hit by oncoming east to west traffic.

The accident is human error, but any motorist attempting either of these maneuvers is required to track oncoming traffic from three directions at once and that is an extremely difficult task. The configuration of these streets is indefensible, and Schenectady County has left this unsafe condition in place for too long.

When motorists decide to use Dean Street as a north/south alternative to Balltown Road, they are endangering themselves and others — even if they are unaware of it.

On the other hand, the frequency of accidents at this intersection should make the county aware of the danger and prompt action.


Prom vs. game choice an outrage

I’m proud to be a resident of the Burnt Hills Ballston Lake School District for the majority of my life. I was outraged to read The Daily Gazette’s Saturday May 21 front page article (“High heels or cleats?”) that the Mohonasen girls’ softball players had to decide between their sectional game or attending their prom.

The superintendent, head of the athletic department and members of the school district who are involved in these decisions must be held accountable.

Everyone knows that attending one’s junior and senior prom is one of the most exciting times in a young lady’s life. A great deal of time and money is spent on these very special occasions.

To have pulling at their heart strings that they are letting their team members, parents and school district down weighing on their minds clouds their experience.

If I were a taxpayer in that district, I would be outraged. I pray residents of that school district who pay school taxes hold those who make these decisions accountable.
Ballston Lake


Want leaders who can speak off-script

Our government has increasingly grown distant from the 332 million people that it purportedly strives to govern. One reason is that our nation is big and multifaceted. Another reason is that we tolerate our leaders to read speeches and follow teleprompters.

The pontifications are prepared in advance by committees of speechwriters gifted in rhetoric. How different and more down to earth would our national dialogues be if done without notes with a give and take mano a mano approach.

Many leaders now appear as puppets hiding behind heavily crafted scripts. We seldom see the true measure of a man’s thinking; instead we hear politician-actors trained in oratory.

Good leaders are good thinkers who can relate to the masses, field questions, be convincing and make many decisions on the spur of the moment. Better if our leaders stand before us without notes and ear buds.
Ballston Lake

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Zachary Parker May 26, 2022
| |

RICK GREEN We had a leader that went off script and rarely used a teleprompter, his name is Donald Trump. He was attacked daily by the leftist media because he talked to us like a person, he threw out thoughts and ideas like a researcher would hoping that smarter minds could come up with something. He was attacked as if he was pushing Snake Oil rather than ideas. I miss him, I miss his economy, and I surely miss the $2 gas and mean Tweets.

Ignatious P. Reilly May 26, 2022
| |

Mr Green, the key words are ‘Good Leaders’. We have none. They serve themselves and their cronies only. They are not interested in ‘the people’ who are nothing but piggy banks for the elite ruling class of the USA which is supposed to have no ruling class at all, but is indeed ruled by the dollar bill and the greedy, immoral pig politicians. The answer is, as you can see by the actions of the brilliant voters, is to vote the same people back in time after time after time to insure they can continue to insider trade and enjoy their 100% covered health care, fly their planes and have estates that use more carbon powered electricity than a small town – of course, all the while preaching ‘Green! Green! (well not for ME, but YOU can suffer). Every politician, on both sides of the fence need to go, and the sooner the better.