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Letters to the Editor Friday, May 27


Shooters bear all blame for their acts

Regarding the latest rash of mass shootings, anyone who can plot for months all the maneuvers that these massacres take, has no mental health issues that would get him off the hook.
He is the one who is corrupt and is the evil one to inflict these atrocities on humanity, not government, not our educational system, not any other perceived injustices. No one else to blame.
We are forever stained as a country. May God help us all, the only one who can.
Janice Evans Thompson

Can women get us to listen on guns

In light of the recent tragedy in Uvalde and likewise last week’s senseless shooting of the innocent in Buffalo, it’s clear we need to begin thinking seriously about individual rights vs. societal risk.
At least in these cases, it is glaringly apparent that it is a risk for guns to be placed in the hands of teens who are still developing their brains governing impulse control and judgement.
With one exception, virtually all developed countries strictly regulate firearms.
If there were any merit to the “defensive gun use” argument, you’d expect the one outlier nation — the United States — to boast much greater safety but that is not the case.
I noted on social media that there is an organization called “Moms Demand Gun Sense in America.”
Maybe it will be the women who will again demand that the ‘powers that be’ finally listen. (e.g. the Me-too movement and other recent changes brought about by women).
Ann Cotrupi
Burnt Hills

GOP shows double standard on guns

Some comments regarding the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas:
“If American gun violence is no longer surprising, it still is shocking.” (NY Times).
“Why are we willing to live with this carnage?” (President Biden)
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed legislation declaring Texas a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State.” There is an NRA Leadership Forum in Houston today (Friday), and the organizers have confirmed that because Donald Trump has confirmed that he will attend, guns will be banned from the event.
No guns allowed to be present when politicians gather, but school-aged children? No problem. Go for it. After all, it’s your right under the Second Amendment. Is it me, or does anyone else see a glaring inconsistency? Or perhaps at least a double standard?
Paul Deierlein

Toy assault rifle is inappropriate prize

This past Saturday was a gorgeous day for NiskaDay. Town spirit, parade, games, food, family fun, music, something for everyone, and topped off by spectacular fireworks!
What I did not need to see were children aiming an inflatable assault rifle at each other.
Was this a “prize” at a game? There appeared to be a variety of other prizes available (inflatable bats, stuffed animals, aliens, etc.) To see children playing and aiming a “toy” assault weapon at their friends was frightening and took my breath away.
So here we are, Tuesday, May 24, and yet another shooting with real guns at an elementary school in Texas. Nineteen children and two adults are dead.
I feel assault rifle “prizes” are extremely inappropriate, especially at a school or town sponsored event.
Linda Eldeen


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Anne Deiber

The inconsistancy is that there are many politicians who live behind walled estates with armed guards to protect them from the people they represent.


It is obvious that the gop are bought and paid for by the NRA.  In 1994, before the assault rifle ban went into effect, the US had about 400,000…Now we have 20 MILLION of these dangerous weapons made for war flooding our communities.  After the ban lapsed, we have seen an incredible increase in mass shootings with this weapon more lethal than any used by our soldiers in Vietnam. We predicted what would happen…what did you think would happen? Parents couldn’t identify their own children! The 2nd amendment is not absolute!  We need to ban this particular kind of rifle.

Karol Newton

Paul  Deierlein  the GOP ( greed over People) is nothing but a double standard ..they say one thing and do the opposite.  The want to ban abortions but absolutely will not do anything for children…no insurance…no medical care…no nothing.  They offer sympathy and prayers but will do nothing about stricker gun control.  Remember in NOVEMBER    VOTE   BLUE !

Ignatious P. Reilly

Oh yes because the Democrats are alwyas keeping promises and never lie. Oh yes. OH yes. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” “Every working American will save over 2,000 dollars a year with The (un)Affordable Care Act!” ” I did NOT have sex with that woman!” “Benghazi is an uprising and all Americans are safe!” “At this point, what difference does it make?” “We withdrew from Afghanistan correctly!”  How many lies do you need? how about “We won’t raise taxes on American workers”? I have lots more if you care to hear them.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Women should be at home parenting their children. When the nuclear family was intact, there wasn’t violence like this, was there. Do you know why? PARENTS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDRENS BEHAVIOUR!!! This is not a gun problem my good Ma’am. This is a societal problem, created by a mixture of social media, poor to non existant parenting, and politicians. If you think all those ‘other countries’ are so woke and awesome, please move to one before you make proclomations on the greatness of these countries. I did. Guess what? I came back. The United States Constitution can not be changed for reasons like this. If people are too stupid, and they are, to take care and raise children to be responsible, well then this is what you get. Sorry to speak truth here in Gazetteland where truth is mocked on a daily basis, but there you have it.  

Ms. Eldeen, I’ve got some news for you:
Read here about how you can now get the “JR-15” assault rifle for kids:
This ought to be a parody article from The Onion or The New Yorker, but it’s real. Because kids need to be able to not just hunt small animals, but violently tear them apart.
Just don’t get one of those kids mad! Whew, you’d never hear the end of it!

Zachary Parker

Linda Eldeen as children we played with toy guns and I have not heard of any of us shooting up anything. It’s not a gun issue it is a mental health issue. If a kid is bullied and he can’t handle it do you think it might be because once we stopped spanking kids and started giving them everything without them earning it that they became soft and disconnected from reallity? kids freak out if you call them a him or a her, liberals are saying men can have babies and there aren’t any mothers, just birthing people. Do you see how this new liberal bizzarro world can affect kids?

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