Violation harassment case against Schenectady detective ends with potential dismissal, attorneys say


GLENVILLE A violation harassment case filed against a Schenectady police detective has ended with the case’s potential dismissal, attorneys involved said Friday.

The case against Detective Brandon Kietlinski will be dismissed three months from this past Tuesday if no issues arise, called an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, according to Kietlinski attorney Andrew Safranko.

The resolution resulted in no admissions of wrongdoing or finding against Kietlinski, Safranko said. It also comes with refrain from orders of protection related to the two people who made the allegations.

Kietlinski voluntarily provided his phone and there was no evidence of the alleged text messages, Safranko said.

Kietlinski was charged in late February with two counts of second-degree harassment, a violation level offense, accused of sending unwanted messages to two people in Glenville, including one where he allegedly said he didn’t care about his job and that his employer “wouldn’t do anything,” according to allegations in documents filed in the case then. He was accused of sending the unwanted messages Feb. 26.

Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen, whose office prosecuted due to a conflict, there had been no allegations of incidents since the original charges, something they took into consideration. Prosecutors were also in touch with the victims, who were satisfied with the result, Heggen said.

Kietlinski was placed on administrative leave as a result of the charges. He has since returned to work, Safranko said.

Kietlinski has been with the city department since 2009, records show.

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