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Letters to the Editor Sunday, June 5


GOP needs to own up to stance on guns

Being a gun owner, I feel that it is my duty to the average citizen of the United States to ask how any state that allows an 18-year-old to buy any firearm without any background check whatsoever can deny complicity in the death of 19 children and two teachers.
Tucker Carlson, with his replacement theory, should be held responsible for inciting young ignorant white boys to commit atrocities against any minorities.
Maybe when a private school is exposed to the terror and pain of an assault by one of Tucker’s terrorist youth followers brings home to the conservative elite and they feel the pain, things may change.
Replacement started when the European invaders arrived on North American soil. Native Americans were here first. Removed or annihilated, you choose.
Guns don’t kill people, ignorant patsies driven by incited hatred kill people.
The Republican Party only cares about their base of wealthy donations. I belonged to the NRA for a short time. I quit because of the political activism.
It is time that Republicans reap what they have sown.
Jeff Pelky

Our fallen soldiers:
Heroes. Americans.

There they lie: There are 200,000 thousand of them in Arlington National Cemetery.
Hundreds of thousands more are interred in private and military cemeteries in this country and around the world.
They speak no more; they are unable to smile and give thanks to their country. They have already done that. They are the men and women who served their country in time of war and in time of peace.
They are those who would never have taken a knee during the playing of the national anthem of their country.
They were white, Black, Brown, and every other skin color, which made them special.
But most of all, they were Americans. There they lie.
Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs

Constitution is clear on right to bear arms

We keep hearing from many people about our Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.”
I wish they would refresh their memory and reread the Second Amendment. The first four words are “A well-regulated militia.”
To me, that means the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force and all the Reserve components.
It does not mean that every Tom, Dick and Mary are entitled to maintain an arsenal of weapons whose sole purpose is to maim or kill other human beings.
James P. Kirby


Show the carnage to reveal true culprits

We, the American public, need to see the crime scene photos of Sandy Hook and Uvalde.
We need to see the horror, not just imagine it.
We need to see, digest and be motivated by the reality of the carnage.
That carnage is the inevitable result of providing weapons of mass murder to juveniles, to the mentally unstable, and to those filled with hate for other human beings.
The death pits of Auschwitz are there in movies and photos for all to see. Emmett Tills’ mother demanded that his coffin be open.
We need to see the blood to know whose hands are drenched with it: Gregory Abbott and Rafael Cruz, to name just two.
Bill MacTiernan


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Karol Newton June 5, 2022
| |

Bill and James  excellent  letters. The constitution refers to a “well regulated militia ” not some Ak 15 wacknut.

Joseph Vendetti June 5, 2022
| |

Bill MacTiernan – if the jewish people and/or regular German people had been allowed to have any arms this may have stopped a mad man like Hitler or the runaway Nazi party??

Zachary Parker June 5, 2022
| |

James P. Kirby The second amendment does not give us the right to bear arms, what the second amendment does it stop the government from infringing upon our rights to bear arms. Into your case of a well armed militia is in reference to the citizens of this country coming together to fight a common enemy