Truck hits railroad overpass in Glenville Thursday morning, this overpass on Maple Avenue (Not Glenridge)

The scene Thursday

The scene Thursday

GLENVILLE — A tractor-trailer carrying a load of cereal struck a railroad bridge in Glenville Thursday morning, a bridge on Maple Avenue, not the Glenridge Road bridge that has been the focus of so many strikes in recent years.

No injuries were reported.

The strike shut down that section of Maple Avenue for the remainder of the morning and into the afternoon as crews cleared the debris and waited for the all-clear to reopen. The stretch had reopened by 3:30 p.m.

Glenville police responded to the scene just after 6:30 a.m. for reports that a truck had hit the bridge. The bridge has a 10-foot clearance. It is less than a half mile from the Glenridge Road bridge, which has been the site of numerous strikes in recent years. 

Police identified the truck’s driver as John William Ladson, 44, of Billings, Montana, and the truck as registered in Indiana and owned by J.B. Hunt Transport Services. A J.B. Hunt truck struck previously the Glenridge Road bridge in April. 

Ladson was traveling north, likely heading toward Clifton Park to make his delivery, Police Chief Stephen Janik said. 

“Maple Avenue is highly traveled, but not by tractor-trailers,” Janik said. 

It is used as a cut through from Freemans Bridge Road to Glenridge Road to get to Clifton Park. 

Police ticketed the driver for failing to obey a traffic control device, which comes with a two-point penalty on the driver’s license and can have a fine with it as well. 

“That’s not good for someone with a CDL,” Janik said about the points on a license. 

Police also ticketed the driver under the town’s code for being over height, which can come with a fine. A stopped train also appeared to remain on the Maple Avenue bridge at 9 a.m.

Employees of AC’s Towing and Recovery worked several hours to clear the truck and debris left at the site. The truck carried boxes of Malt-O-Meal cereal.

Destroyed boxes of Malt-O-Meal Frosted Mini Spooners were pushed to the side of the accident. AC’s Towing removed the rest of the cargo and loaded it into one of their trucks.  

While Janik wasn’t at the scene to interview the driver, he said it appears that GPS might have been involved. 

“Ninety-nine percent of these accidents are related to following GPS,” he said. 

Many, if not all, the drivers that strike the Glenridge Road bridge have said their GPS takes them down the road. 

Regardless of whether a GPS was involved, Janik said he’s still bewildered by the fact that Ladson believed he could fit under the low and narrow bridge. 

“I get nervous driving my pickup truck under that bridge,” he said, noting two pickup trucks wouldn’t even fit without mirrors being taken off. 

Maple Avenue is a county-owned road, but a railway company owns the bridge, said Erin Roberts, the director of communications for Schenectady County.

“The road will remain closed until the railroad clears the bridge,” Roberts said. “At that time the county will verify that all debris has been removed and the road is passable before reopening it to traffic.”

Supervisor Chris Koetzle said he’s beyond frustrated by the latest bridge hit. 

“There are no excuses for this kind of careless driving which seems to have become and epidemic here in Glenville,” Koetzle said. “Although it’s a mess and there are significant impacts to travel in the area, thankfully nobody was hurt.”

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