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Letters to the Editor Sunday, June 12


Blame criminals, not objects, for killings

Well here we go again; another horrible tragic event has occurred, and let’s sue the maker of the inanimate object to get a free pay day.
This time, it’s the maker of the guns that killed the Texas school children.
I don’t understand the process of blaming the object for the awful situation. With logic like this, why not blame the car in the drunk driving accident resulting in death?
The car started, was able to be put in gear, the gas pedal worked perfectly, never mind the mentally challenged drunk driver.
Why not put the blame squarely on the mentally unstable shooter?
I feel like the suing of the gun maker is an attempt just to get money or social media pandering to have a gain of some value over loss of life.
Will you be suing the whip for horse racing animal cruelty?
This reasoning applies, it must be the whip’s fault for making the horse run faster, not the little guy riding on the horse’s back.
What about in New Mexico, at the set of film “Rust,” the gun magically fired itself, not that Alec Baldwin pointed the pistol and had his finger “near” the trigger before the director falls dead from a bullet wound.
Suing object makers for the deaths of people shows no justification for the tragic events, it excuses the person of liability who actually performed the horrific act.
Scott Davis

Do media, politicians care about deaths?

The horror of the recent mass shootings deserves the attention of the media and political leaders, and I am open to well-designed gun control.
Example: juvenile records should be open and considered in gun license applications.
But in considering new gun laws, remember that only a small fraction of homicides have been committed with legally owned firearms.
This number is then dwarfed by ever increasing rate of suicides, and that number is further dwarfed by the tremendous number of opioid deaths.
These deaths are not less significant, and the grieving families don’t suffer less.
But neither the media coverage nor the politicians’ statements has ever approached the recent fixation on “assault weapons” as the root of all evil.
More homicides are committed with no weapon than are committed with all (including “assault”) rifles.
I also note the lack of attention given to serious root cause analysis of mass shootings.
Forty years ago, more people owned guns, and mass shootings were almost unheard of.
Psychoactive drug use is up. Family stability is down. Exposure to on-screen violence is up. On-line polarized communication is skyrocketing.
Some of these get mentioned, but without any concrete actions.
Example: suspend HIPAA privacy, perform toxicology, and report drug use by perpetrators.
Given all of this, it is hard for me to think that the point of the media and politician’s attention is primarily to save lives.
Norman Perazzo


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Zachary Parker June 13, 2022
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Let’s put it all in perspective, the leftist liberal media and everybody on the left was blaming Kyle Rittenhouse for shooting people, they weren’t blaming the gun. Why is that? And the only time that the person is responsible is when it fits the liberal narrative. Otherwise it’s the guns fault and you try to take guns from legal gun owners. What does China, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Venezuela, and a couple other countries all have in common? It’s simple, they took guns from their people and then murdered them. And yes we don’t have a chance against our military, that is if the military would go after our  people which I doubt would ever happened. 

Chuck D June 12, 2022
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From the “Right wing creates its own Comedy” desk….In chats obtained in late 2021 of the group Patriot Front:.“We’ve been trending all day since last night,” one member wrote. “Another news piece that mentions us,” said another. Patriot Front members rejoiced after being thrust into the national conversation. “We’re the news cycle, now. Everyone lean into your promotions,” wrote Rousseau.~~~~~~~~From everywhere yesterday:
Authorities have said they arrested 31 members of the white supremacist group Patriot Front near an Idaho Pride event after they were found packed into the back of a U-Haul truck with riot gear.The men were standing inside the truck wearing khakis, navy blue shirts and beige hats with white balaclavas covering their faces when Coeur d’Alene police stopped the U-Haul and began arresting them on the side of the road on Saturday.

Chuck D June 12, 2022
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To writers Davis and Perazzo, and gun-lovers everywhere: show us your plan. Show us how you will stop this trauma that your hobby is enabling. And do it yesterday. Meanwhile we’ll see that these tools for mass murder are more tightly controlled, or banned outright. Because we know that’s what works, and no amount of shrieking about your corrupt interpretation of our 2nd amendment will stop that, nor infringe on what it means.
It will be a campaign issue, defend the status quo at your own peril.