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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, June 14


U.S. must call for ceasefire in Ukraine

The hyperinflation and $5 gasoline, sanctions, disrupted food production compounding world-hunger, millions of refugees with nowhere to go and use of increasingly deadly weapons is an escalating tragedy.
People of Russia and Ukraine have much in common beyond similar language, culture, ethnicity and religion. They were victims of murderous purges by dictator Joseph Stalin, followed by deaths and starvation resisting invasion by Nazi Germany and more loss in the victory over Germany and suicide death of Adolf Hitler.
Russian and Ukrainian people worked together within the Soviet Union in defense, space programs, nuclear power plants and infrastructure including building a 250-mile irrigation and water canal to the Crimean Peninsula.
By accident of history Crimea, that is historically and ethnically Russian, became part of Ukraine during the Soviet Union era. Conflict started with Russia annexing Crimea in 2014 and then leading to the current massive and somewhat stalled Russian aggression against Ukraine.
Russia can continue to destroy cities, but it is much harder to rebuild and occupy afterwards.
People in border regions have mixed preference between being part of Russia or Ukraine. Many would prefer separation and independence.
Meanwhile, the United States Congress with minimal deliberation has authorized $40 billion for support of Ukraine. It may prolong a situation where local battles are won in a continuing war with only losers. The wiser alternative would be for the United States and allies to call for a ceasefire and truce in place.
Frank Wicks
The writer is a nuclear engineer and emeritus professor at Union College.

Impeach Biden for dereliction of duty

Impeachment of a president is for: “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”
Joe Biden is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. He is not enforcing our immigration laws. His border policies by design are intentionally aiding and abetting the criminal cartels in human and drug trafficking.
This dereliction of duty is leading to American citizens being robbed, raped and murdered by illegal aliens. Thousands are dying from overdoses from the illegal drugs.
The American taxpayers are being financially raped by having to pay the excessive cost of the millions of illegal aliens unencumbered flowing into the country.
He is not upholding or defending our sovereignty. He is failing miserably in protecting American citizens.
We are a nation of laws, and when a president does not uphold our laws or Constitution by design he deserves to be impeached. Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House, do your job, impeach Joe Biden — no one has ever deserved it more.
Bernard Burns


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The southern border is always a hot topic.  45 made a huge deal out of it even though he inherited a 50 year low of undocumented immigrants.  Obama was nicknamed the “deporter in chief.”  But that didn’t stop 45 from lying about it.
Then 45 cut aid to Central America–making their living situation even worse, driving them to the border.
45 also purposely ripped babies and children from their families to deter them to come (cruelly with no way to reunite).
Presidencies overlap, and Biden inherited many crises: pandemic mishandling with millions of sick and dying Americans, an Insurrection threatening our very Republic, a collapsed economy, a stirred up public at each other’s throats thanks to 45s constant division, rise in domestic terrorism and crime, a southern border just opening up again, on and on…every other major country is having problems with inflation and gas prices, not just the US.
So I give President Biden some slack.  Maybe all of you who focus on the border could come up with some actual ideas…maybe encourage the gop to engage in problem solving instead of just attacking Biden for political points.

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