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Letters to the Editor Thursday, June 16


Take steps to make America well again

The recent mass shootings are a sign that our country is unwell.
It is not surprising that gun control has once again become a hot topic.
Yet eliminating guns will not cure the unhappiness that is driving individuals to commit such crimes. We need to take steps to improve our American culture.
We need to improve the stability of our families. Parents are role models. They have the biggest impact in shaping the beliefs and behavior of their children. They provide discipline as needed, but always with unconditional love.
We need to support faith communities. Our country would benefit from more people attending churches, synagogues, mosques and temples. Faith in God encourages us to have compassion for others and to find ways to serve other people.
We must support our public schools. This is how the next generation assimilates into our society. Perhaps we need a greater emphasis on character education. Are we encouraging positive values like hard work, respect and responsibility?
Lastly, we need to promote healthier government. We need to have a greater sense of togetherness.
We need to work together to solve problems. We need to really listen to one another and to be able to compromise.
So while I agree that gun control measures should be discussed, I believe we need to look at the health of our biggest institutions as well.
We need healthier families, faith communities, schools and government for our country to be well again.
Raymond LeBel

Stopping at red lights isn’t optional

How did I miss it? When did this happen? I had no idea that red traffic lights are now optional.
It must be so because every time I drive in this area, I witness between one and four cars running a traffic light each time. I am now keeping track just to see if there is a pattern.
The Lisha Kill and Route 7 intersection is the worst. When I see my green light, if I’m first in line leaving Lisha Kill, I look both ways before entering Route 7 just to make sure I won’t get broadsided by someone running that light heading east.
Lower Union Street intersections are another area. Don’t forget State Street and Central Avenue. Red traffic lights appear to be just a mere suggestion to some drivers.
Although it may not always be feasible, please install more round-abouts for less accidents.
At least then drivers can’t run a red light going 50 mph. For me, I’ll keep stopping at red lights until I hear otherwise. Just my two cents worth.
Ann Parillo


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ANTHONY J SANTO June 16, 2022
| |

After listening to the 1/6 committe hearing today, with testimony from Republicans, many of whom had served in the Trump administration, anyone who doesn’t see the clear and present danger that Trump and his annointed represent to our country has closed their minds and do not want to be bothered with the objective truth. Judge Luttig and Mr. Jacob, legal adviser to former v-p Pence, deserve the deeply felt gratitude of a country on the edge of catastrophe. Their attempt, as well as the attempts of all other witnesses who are trying to convince stubborn Trump supporters of his evil intentions deserve unlimited thanks; I hope they succeed. 

Hooligans June 16, 2022
| |

Raymond Label: your suggestions are valid but we do not have time to wait for a sick society to heal itself while mass muderers are popping up daily in the schools, synagogues, churches, and mosques of this nation.  Take away access to the tool with which they express their anger, hatred and disconnection to the healthy world.