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Letters to the Editor Friday, June 17


Reasonable controls are nothing to fear

In response to Mr. Davis’s letter (“Blame criminals, not objects, for killings”) in the June 12 Gazette.
I don’t want to take your guns away. My husband has had guns all his life. He hunts to put food on the table and has done some target shooting. He was taught to never point a gun at someone, loaded or not loaded.
I know there are responsible gun owners out there.
Mr. Davis stated why not blame the unstable shooter. How can a gun shop owner tell that a person is unstable? What does the law-abiding citizen fear about having a background check done? With a background check, it should include some way to check if a person has had any mental problems.
I’m not sure if that can be done without violating a person’s privacy, but maybe there should be some exceptions. If a person wants a gun, they should waive that right.
Why would the law-abiding citizen worry or care about a waiting period before he/she can take possession of a gun? Are they afraid the gun will get up and walk away because it wasn’t taken home that day?
With all this, I can’t help but question if someone would give me a logical explanation why the average citizen needs an AR-15? Please don’t tell me it is your Second Amendment right. That is not a reason. It’s just a response. Think about it.
Deborah Bender

Tedisco should be ashamed of strategy

Shame on you Jim! Not only have you turned your back on Schenectady County that has supported you since 1983, by running in a district that you don’t even live in, you have ousted a sitting Republican senator in the district that she lives in. You are a coward!
It’s time for both you and Neil Breslin to retire. I don’t think he has ever been to Schenectady County and surely has no idea where Montgomery County is.
I moved away from Albany County to get away from the corrupt Democratic machine that still exists there today. I will be supporting Rich Amedure 100% to unseat Breslin and bring integrity back to Albany, something you don’t have.
Thank you, Daphne Jordan, for being true and authentic in your representation of your constituents.
It has been an honor and privilege in getting to know you and calling you friend.
Keely Robelotto Weise

Stefanik continues to spread disinformation

Thanks for the great article (“Stefanik touts ‘counter message’”) by Andrew Waite on the Sunday, June 12, edition front page on Rep. Elise Stefanik and her continued spread of disinformation intended to further her career.
Incidentally, her husband, Matthew Manda, is the manager of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation ironically headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murders took place.
Anne Trow



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Chuck D June 17, 2022
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Ms. Bender, as the son of a long, long line of farmers (and hunters) in the Mohawk Valley, I thank you for your words of reason. No one is seriously advocating taking anyone’s guns away, en masse. What is being advocated is a reasonable regulation of weaponry, especially that which has one purpose: to kill and maim as many as possible as efficiently as possible. There is absolutely no reason why car use and ownership should not be regulated, nor is there any reason why weaponry should not also. Both can be extremely dangerous if misused, and therefore both must be controlled. And anyone who thinks owning military weaponry serves as their “protection” against a tyranical government, you are very much diisconnected with reality. It ain’t gonna happen, and even if it did your AR will not protect you. It’s a red herring, it’s a straw man.

jclark124 June 17, 2022
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Thank you for great letters today. Our country is in big trouble with powerful weapons, a steep rise in domestic terrorism encouraged by our former president, and maga cult members with leaders like Stefanik spreading trumpism. Judge Luggit yesterday testified what I have been warning about…that 45 remains a clear and present danger to our Republic. 
Yet Zachary continues to defend the indefensible and thinks we were “better off” with the Insurrectionist putting a target on his own VP’s back. 45 was responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary covid deaths, Capitol police being beaten and killed, and a wrecked economy. Biden truly inherited a fragile democracy and huge mess.