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Letters to the Editor Saturday, June 18


Some still can’t see facts about Biden

On May 11, I wrote a letter to the editor (“Difficult to change minds about Trump”) praising Vince Dacquisto’s effort to convince readers that Biden’s achievements in office were considerable, notwithstanding his low-approval ratings.
I added, “I guess Republican candidates prefer to endorse political conduct that strikes at the very heart of our democracy rather than risk losing to a Democrat who has every right to brag about Biden’s impressive record.”
Ray Weidman took issue with the last part of that statement (“Biden’s record is nothing to brag about”) in his June 4 letter (“Biden’s record is not anything to brag on.”)
Among other sarcasm, he blamed Biden for inflation, for calling parents who challenged their kids’ education domestic terrorists and for supplying baby formula to undocumented immigrant mothers while American mothers are left wanting.
I’ll stand by my statement. True, inflation is biting into people’s budgets, but our inflation rate is the same as Europe’s and consumer spending remains robust while unemployment has fallen to historic lows.
Biden never called protesting parents “domestic terrorists.” That unfortunate term was written in a letter from the National School Boards Association to the Department of Justice pleading for help to protect school officials from parental threats of violence.
As for the baby formula nonsense, a 1997 legal settlement requires border officials to provide adequate food and water to children who have been detained. For infants, that can mean providing baby formula. The Biden Administration would be breaking the law if it did not supply formula and other food for people detained in government facilities.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills

Bunch of know-it-alls in Biden’s world

In what might be a continuation of ‘just how the frig did we get to be where we are right now’, let’s examine Joe Biden’s administration.
This won’t be an ‘in-depth’ examination; there is no need for that. It’s rather simple (like Joe Biden).
First off you have Joe Biden as president. There is not a lot to him. He’s not complex. And honestly, his actions both physically and mentally show increased incapacity at any level.
So there is your starting point on getting here. You have someone [who thinks they are] in charge that can’t complete a complete thought.
Secondly, you have an administration cabinet that all ‘know’ that they are correct as far as what needs to be done and in turn move forward their agenda, independent of anyone else in the administration.
Lastly, you have the ‘worker bees’ of those cabinet posts, and they ‘know’ that their thinking is the correct way to move forward, and go about doing just what they want.
To summarize, in the Biden Administration, everyone knows better than anyone else what needs to be done and how to do it and considers themselves the ‘chief.’
Gerald V. Marmuscak

Twisting of the truth is a major problem

A few days ago, I listened to an interview on WAMC, a local radio station. They were interviewing the person who was in charge of a Homeland Security Board, whose mission is to assist agencies and the public with identifying disinformation in our media.
The problems of mistruths, half-truths and outright fabrications was and continues to be a huge problem in our country. The sources are both foreign and within the United States.
Disinformation apparently is favored by groups more interested in twisting information for their own agenda. The Homeland Security person in charge had just resigned because of the distractions generated by accusations of a few of our elected officials as well as members of the public about her and the Agency’s mission.
I read in the June 12 Gazette (“Stefanik touts ‘counter message’”) about Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s promotion of disinformation as she dismisses the Jan. 6 hearings as unimportant, when the facts say otherwise — that we nearly lost our democracy if not for the bravery and steadfastness of the Capitol Police force. The vast majority of Americans understand this and will turn their backs on those that spread untruths.
John Van Patten


Life is about learning from our experiences

When we were born the process of learning began. It starts out very simple and develops as we mature. The process of learning is part nature and part nurture as we develop the system of learning that we use in everyday life.
Some learning comes naturally while other times it is more difficult. Sometimes we learn intentionally and sometimes it is by accident. We all make mistakes throughout our lives, and they are not always failures, but sometimes they are a learning opportunity in disguise. As we make mistakes, we should adjust our behavior and reactions to find a better way to progress and move forward.
If we make the same mistakes over and over again, that can be considered a conscious choice. In order to avoid such situations, we must be aware that there are many choices in life that we can control, and making the best choices in every situation comes from years of learning and progression. Thinking about our past mistakes can allow us to progress in the future in a positive direction.
The learning that we have done throughout our lives is incredibly valuable. The wisdom that we acquire is one of the greatest things that we can share with the future generations. My grandmother was a schoolteacher and she often said, “It is easier to learn when we pay close attention.” Now that I have progressed through life and learned continuously, I see how true that is.
Eddie Brush

Dems are destroying our great country

Does anyone still believe we are living in a civilized country? An inept president and Congress, who made huge amounts of money while in the government, are continuing to try and erase Donald Trump’s time in office.
We have pressing issues like murder, looting and all other crimes (up by 30% to 50%); attacks on Supreme Court justices and their families by crazed, drum-beating, costume-wearing idiots; no baby formula; empty shelves; and inflation at a 40-year high. And yet the Republicans are at fault.
The emphasis on transgender, BLM and undocumented immigrants has destroyed our country and the Democrat-led Congress and president are doing nothing to stop it. Why do we pay taxes if we can’t get food, and yet money goes to undocumented immigrants with a cash card. Stop it.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

Elect hard-working Democrats in Nisky

For the first time in memory, there are primaries for seats on the Niskayuna Democratic Committee.
Led by a small group of people who have helped elect Republicans in the last two town elections, they have targeted hard-working committee people they have deemed as not being able to control.
I do not support these wasteful and hateful efforts. Neither do most Democrats I speak with as I travel around neighborhoods in town in my wheelchair. The primaries have targeted a disabilities rights advocate, a senior citizen, a woman of color, members of the LBGTQ+ and organized labor communities, former and current elected officials, and the young woman who has fought against hate in our town by taking on a defamatory social media site. (This one is really making me wonder if there is a connection.)
All of the people being challenged have worked hard to elect Democrats. They’ve donated money, carried petitions and advocated for their campaigns. The same cannot be said for the challengers.
I urge you to support the hard-working Democrats who are working to defend our ideals and elect our candidates. Don’t be fooled by people who help elect Republicans.
Michele Dollar

Biden’s inflation and immigration hit us all

What’s on your mind this weekend? Mulling over the findings of the Jan. 6 committee perhaps? Fretting over the future of our democracy? That’s what the Democrats are hoping.
I think it’s a stretch. Seriously, at the bar. At the dinner table. At the beach, the cocktail party. At the golf course: Is Jan. 6 the hot topic? No, surely not.
It’s gas, and how you just paid $100 for a fill-up. It’s your $100 grocery bill that used to be $60. Your rent that just went up maybe 30% or more.
Money is important, and when you feel yourself going financially backwards, you take notice. I lived through the last inflation spiral and I can tell you, nothing concentrates the mind like a financial shock, and the inflation we’re seeing has come as a real shock.
Wait, there’s more: There will be another crisis hitting this weekend.
The arrival of a caravan of migrants. It is 30 miles long, tens of thousands strong and arrives in the next two or three days. It may not be a hot conversation topic, but, you’re going to see the chaos of our borders unfold on your screens.
The political reality is this: On June 9, the Democrats staged political theater about a riot. That was yesterday. Today, Biden’s crises take center stage, and they’re not going away.
Michela Dicaprio

Bring pickleball to Rotterdam park

Kudos to The Schenectady Daily Gazette for their May 17 story (“Looking out of bounds”) regarding seniors playing pickleball in The Boys and Girls Club. I am proud to be one of them.
We are an ever-growing group of senior residents who, in the past, applied for a city grant to reconstruct courts at Riverside Park in the Stockade. We asked Scotia to resurface, clean and replace one net on their courts in the beautiful Collins Park, where we play in the summer months.
I called and requested the town of Rotterdam add pickleball lines to the two existing tennis courts in The Eunice Esposito Park.
To date, our pleas have gone unheard or placed on the back burner.
Saratoga Springs constructed 10 outdoor courts two years ago, while ADK Pickleball boasts three locations for their residents to play.
The Capital District has a Facebook page advising places to play. One only need go on YouTube and search Naples MINTO Margaritaville Tournament to learn the community raised $7 million by hosting their annual event. Granted, the Capital District cannot compare to Naples, Fla., but we can most certainly generate revenue by holding a pickleball tournament, if only we had the courts to play on.
Surely, our county representatives in Schenectady can sympathize with their aging constituents who merely want to go to the park, play, exercise and be examples of healthy senior living.
Deborah DePoalo

Juneteenth wasn’t end of slavery in U.S.

Regarding “Juneteenth National Independence Day,” are politicians really that ignorant of history?
On June 19, 1865, Union Gen. Gordon Granger marched into Galveston, Texas, and announced that the Civil War was over and that slaves were free based upon Lincoln’s Executive Order, the Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863. But were slaves really free?
Gen. Granger’s announcement came two months after Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant at Appomattox, Va., on April 9, 1865, and Lincoln’s assassination on April 14, 1865.
The Emancipation Proclamation applied only to slaves in the 11 Confederate states where Lincoln had no control, and not to the 24 Union states, six of which still had slaves, including New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky and West Virginia. Lincoln’s order was primarily a political gambit to incite a slave rebellion in the South.
Lincoln’s proclamation was unconstitutional and led to the misunderstanding that slavery was the reason for Southern succession and the Civil War, when in fact it was because of high protectionist tariffs which benefited the North and severely damaged the South.
The truth is that slavery was not abolished until Congress and the states adopted the Thirteenth Amendment effective December 6, 1865.
Thus, Juneteenth isn’t based on truth; it’s bogus history, virtue signaling, vote buying, and another attempt to divide America and displace the 4th of July.
Robert Dufresne

Santabarbara always there to support city

When I first moved to Schenectady, I was determined to make a difference. I became involved with the Committee for Guyana Day and served on the Schenectady School Board of Education. I also learned about our Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. We have a lot in common. His parents are immigrants who also came to Schenectady years ago. Our families all came here in search of a better life, where their hopes and dreams could come true with grit, determination and hard work. And the most important thing I learned about Angelo is that he has always been there to support us.
I know how important our families’ well-being is to all of us, and I want to thank Angelo for helping Schenectady families keep more of their hard-earned money with common sense bills.
He passed a bill to remove the state gasoline tax, got property tax rebate checks for homeowners, expanded the childcare tax credit and utility bill assistance to help seniors in our community. Most importantly, he’s made sure the state budget is fully funding our schools to help lower our property taxes and ensure our kids get the quality education they deserve.
Junior D. Hitlall

McGuirl will be a fine Schenectady judge

I got to know Kate McGuirl when I was a member of the Schenectady City Council, and she was the assistant corporation counsel for the city. We had dozens of interactions over those four years, and I was always impressed with her thoughtfulness, her judgment, her temperament, and her attention to detail. When my term ended, I told her that I expected her to be a judge some day, and here we are.
Kate will bring a clear head and a kind heart to the City Court, and I know she will represent the citizens of Schenectady with compassion and sound judgment. I happily endorse her candidacy.
Tom Della Sala

Second Amendment is to protect rights

The Gazette has recently focused on “mass shootings.”
The style of rifle used in these crimes and the age of the criminal are cited repeatedly as evidence of the need for change in our laws. Joe Biden parrots the mantra: “You don’t need 20 bullets to kill a deer.”
In her May 30 letter to The Gazette (“Guns no longer used as Founders intended”), Marianna Tomasino suggests that the Second Amendment to the Constitution was written to protect flintlock firearms. Flintlock muskets (not rifles) were the state-of-the-art military firearm in the 18th century. A musket had a significantly greater rate of fire compared to a muzzle loading rifle. A militia man was, when drafted, expected to muster in with that weapon, a bayonet, and a cartridge box. If he did not have these items, the government supplied them, and the cost of the items was deducted from his pay. The citizen was expected to report ready to go to war.
The Fourth Amendment used to protect the people’s “papers” from warrantless search, and that protection was extended to one’s electronic devices. Similarly, the weapon a citizen would need to go to war today is not a semiautomatic AR -15 rifle, but an automatic rifle like the M-16s and M-4 carbines Biden gave to the terrorists in Afghanistan.
Those rifles are showing up in the Americas, along with the Afghani Heroin. The Second Amendment was included to allow citizens to defend the natural rights of a free people.
Art Henningson

Shine light on the anguish of dementia

There are 563,000 caregivers in New York for people living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia.
I am one of them.
June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month and a chance to shed light on this disease.
When I brought my mom home to live with me after a few horrid hospital and rehab center stays, she was no longer able to walk, couldn’t use the bathroom on her own, and was experiencing paranoid delusions and hallucinations.
My mother is very intelligent and taught in the public school system for 30 years, so to see her in this state was alarming. Slowly my mother is healing, and we finally have a diagnosis – Lewy Body Dementia. While it is lesser-known than other forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s, it is a similarly horrible disease that causes a progressive decline in mental abilities and cognitive functions.
I am my mom’s full-time caregiver, and it is a scary responsibility.
And although I could never have prepared fully for this role, I have received great support through the Alzheimer’s Association and the Eddy PACE program.
Julia Febo

Billionaires taking over control of media

When George Orwell published 1984 in 1949, he figured 35 years would be enough time to bring about that dystopia.
He was wrong in assuming that it would be governments that would create what Huxley called the “brave new world” of totalitarianism.
Central to Orwell’s prediction was the taking over of the media to brainwash the public into unthinking obedience to “Big Brother” through the propaganda, “Newspeak.” But, as we approach Orwell’s vision, it turns out that it isn’t government controlling the media but, rather, a handful of billionaires.
Billionaire Elon Musk’s plan to buy control of Twitter is just the most recent evidence. Musk, who is now buddies with Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Talal, claims he wants to make Twitter “a platform for free speech around the globe.” He also believes Twitter shouldn’t have banned Trump.
Speaking of whom, that record-breaking poster of lies and hate has plans to create his own social media platform.
By far the most influential media billionaire is Rupert Murdoch whose media empire includes not only Fox News but the Times of London, the Wall Street Journal, New York Post and publisher HarperCollins.
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Terminal influences readers throughout the world.
In Europe, the family of billionaire Axel Springer owns Die Welt, Bild, Politico, and Insider. And, of course, Billionaire Vladimir Putin controls all Russian media, punishing anyone with his “Thought Police” who dares to state the truth.
Welcome to 1984, 38 years late.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

Sooner Russia leaves Ukraine, the better

Last month, Russia declared a “victory” in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol after a three-month siege of the port city. The Russian attack reduced much of the city to rubble with over 20,000 civilians feared dead.
After the devastation, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported that the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol had been “liberated.”
By employing expressions such as “victory” and “liberated” in the context of their unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the Russians were cynically attempting to represent the destruction and death they had caused in “heroic” terms. This rhetoric may fool some members of the Russian public; however it did not fool the rest of the world.
The capture of Mariupol was not “heroic” but rather, it was a ruthless takeover of the city by the use of military force. It is Putin’s intent to take over the entire Ukraine using military force.
The truth about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was well summed up recently by Boris Bondarev, a Russian diplomat assigned to the United Nations, who posted: “The aggressive war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine, and in fact against the entire Western world, is not only a crime against the Ukrainian people, but also, perhaps, the most serious crime against the people of Russia, crossing out all hopes and prospects for a prosperous free society in our country.”
The only “victory” and “liberation” regarding the Russian invasion will occur when Russian forces are driven from Ukraine. We should hope that this will occur sooner rather than later.
Don Steiner

McGuirl has court experience for judge

Judicial Candidate Andrew Healey sent me political mailers containing variations of this blatant lie: “Andrew Healey is the only candidate with trial experience and experience in criminal, civil and municipal law.” This is not only misleading, it’s just false.
As her paralegal, I worked alongside Kate McGuirl during her tenure in the city’s Office of Corporation Counsel.
We gathered evidence and prepared witnesses for hundreds of trials. During complex trials, I sat with Kate. She helped residents, crime victims and city employees illustrate their testimony with the exhibits I handed her from boxes. She meticulously proved her cases. Kate’s trial success addressed and brought resolution to quality of life issues for residents of the city of Schenectady.
Kate McGuirl is the only candidate with the knowledge, experience and integrity to be the next Schenectady city court judge. Please join me in voting for her in the primary on June 28.
Tiffany White

Take time to study candidates and vote

With the upcoming primary and midterm elections, I respectfully ask my fellow New Yorkers to consider the following:
First, find out as much as you can about the candidates. Many local newspapers will give you some background information as well as the candidate’s stance on various topics.
Some candidates have a website which may provide useful information.
However, carefully consider what the ‘talking heads’ or ‘pundits’ in the media (both the right and the left) are saying.
Remember, they are paid to advance an agenda, to get you to vote for ‘their guy’ and not the ‘other guy’. Take what they say with a grain of salt and make up your own mind.
Second, after researching the candidates, carefully evaluate them, and perhaps consider voting for someone not in your party.
They may be the better choice for what you want from your local, state and federal representatives. If an incumbent is running for re-election, consider whether or not they’ve done a good job. If they haven’t, maybe it’s time for a change.
Third, voting is both a right and privilege, one not to be taken lightly or for granted. Please exercise that right and vote in the upcoming elections.
Karen Roarty-Dansfield

Support Working Families candidates

This month, we have an opportunity to propel two Democratic candidates, endorsed by the Working Families Party, to victory this primary season and on to the general election in November.
Justin Chaires for the state Assembly, District 111, and Kate McGuirl for Schenectady City Court judge.
In today’s cultural and political climate, we must take this opportunity to distinguish between mediocre, privileged candidates, who take positions of convenience, from those who have risen from injustice and inequity and who will bring their insight, determination and critical perspectives to elected office.
The Working Families Party endorsement is a true litmus test which helps to inform the general public about which candidates truly represent progressive values. Justin Chaires and Kate McGuirl are qualified, prepared and can represent all of us who have been marginalized for generations.
This primary season, join me in rejecting privilege. Vote to further destroy the glass ceiling and help Schenectady make history.
Do it for the little girls, the transgender and non-binary youth and the little boys who have never seen someone who looks like them in state level elected office representing the city of Schenectady.
Chad Putman
The writer is Schenectady County co-chair, Working Families Party.

Note who made the mess in Rotterdam

I have been to several Rotterdam Town Board meetings and think it is time to give credit where it is due.
1. Who approved a contract for Via-Port, with a downpayment of $1 million without a public hearing?
2. Who approved a contract to sell water to Guilderland at a lower rate than Albany or Watervliet were charging them?
3. Who agreed to get a new Water Withdrawal Permit to sell water to Guilderland with a mandate from DEC to install water meters in the town at a cost of over $8 million?
4. Who changed the well-established accounting practices in the town for over 50 years which created an accounting nightmare for the taxpayers of Rotterdam?
5. Last but least, who at the 11th hour changed the fee structure for water and sewers on 12/31/21?
Give up? The answer is: the previous Town Board.
And who has to clean up the mess: the current Town Board.
At election time next year, make sure you “Give credit, where it is due.”
Bob Godlewski

Capitol riot deniers will not get our vote

Anyone who denies what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, is just as guilty of attacking our democracy as those misguided people who did the assault.
First and foremost is Rep. Elise Stefanik, who we all know considers the former president her mentor; he, who fueled the attack on our Capitol, our democracy.
In our opinion, any person running for election who denies what happened on Jan. 6 will not get our votes.
Our only hope is that true Americans will feel the same way and vote the same way.
Vincent and Carol Carelli


Justice in America no longer about fairness

Federal (alphabet) law enforcement is playing cat and mouse with the protection of Supreme Court judges. Hedging their bets.
DOJ ‘intelligence’ knows who the agitators are.
The agitators are operatives of the Democrat Party, a protected class.
It would be naive to think that federal law enforcement does not do the will of the state, not the people.
When the state becomes the exclusive tool of one political party, you have fascism. This is where we are in America.
When a candidate for office has a legal issue pertaining to his campaign, the candidate goes “judge shopping.” That expression should put fear in your heart.
Justice is not blind in America, justice is AWOL.
The definition of justice is as follows.
1. The quality of being just; fairness.
2. The principle of moral rightness; decency.
3. Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness.
See much of this definition in the American legal system?
Silence in the presence of injustice is the essence of injustice.
Edmond Day


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christopher stater

Riot deniers  will quickly realize they are not members of the “team” should the traitors who failed in their first attempt succeed in the future as team Trump has shown there is no ethical behavior or loyalty among this group of delusional losers threy will turn on each other faster than Trump did on  Pence and America on Jan 6th.

Karol Newton

Gerald V. Marmuscak  Biden has a speech impediment.  tRUMP can’t spell a simple word, can’t complete a simple sentence, can’t read from a teleprompter, has to hold a glass of water with two hands like a child.  
Geri Krawvitz  don’t like it here you can always move to Russia

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